Friday, September 11, 2009

Quasic Potential Proximity Principle



"now back from the distraction at a distance to the stars- I must be doomed to have to deal with unstable people- bless them."

The illustrations above is a combination of the square of golden rectangles and rectangle of golden squares (alternatively this plane or grid, phaneron and quasiphaneron vaguely hints of the zen garden of windows in the brick wall across the alleyway, hence the space and time and preserved distance between the observer and that observed, the lights and privacy of stars and Jen at her shower as the encounter at a distance evolves from peek-a-boo to playing doctor, each of us a universal center of invention, original ordering of the hidden and overt grounding and stability potentially in the planes of flexibility and rigidity, in physical nature and in the realm of desire.

* * *

Which grid, the quasic or complex plane, if we change the labeled stable centers of things around, is not the grounding but violates the idea of distances?

Such physics is not just about conversion of angles, momenta, vectors, phase or configuration views of space; nor the continuous or discontinuous shifts assumed to be the logical zero points between rectilinear Cartesian or complex number space.

In general the quasic ordering from some zero consecutively may initiate at any place. What is epsilon delta stable and located in the phaneron so to an analog which is dialectic to it in the quasiphaneron. Perhaps a key to dark energy or ideas of gravity and an application of algebra to the twists of elusive gravity.

In this sense the square root of two may behave as if rational (surreal calculus?)

In this sense also it is not just a fractal idea of space and dimention into some sort of Cantor dust.

The quasized phaneron has its own reality and formulas can be found to express the effects of such energy be it one of physics or one of that felt subjective.'

Thus this model suggests the reason for partial holonic and meditative theories, the idea of a near shadow world or multiworlds, super symmetry. An ongoing ontologic balance then of the stable general fields of reality and return to clarity of understanding of the subjective splits and intergration over time of mind and brain growth and event horizons located in the indefinite twistor place of self observation and discernment of our total psychological states.

Man, body and mind and perhaps spirit is a quasic substance in its overall unity where cognitive generalization can adjust and override chemical reductionism.

How much can come from such a simply stated fundamental logical principle! How much can the rigidity of our thinking tie up the progress of science if we hold it dogma!

* * *

In this informal presentation of an abstract concept and its consequences (these ideas unfortunately did not map yet into the Distar poem series so I wrote it as raw philosophy- it may be incorporated there later as a theme to the booklet) I would like to add that the distance in question in a square is of course the square root of two, and structurally the representation of a tetrahedral like object would of course smash or fall into a two space plane. Now, from the four and three space perspective the essential distance is phi or tau structurally -surely these are contiguous spaces that influence the configuration of discrete stable structures such as atoms and so on. In fact we can apply the group ideas of rigid and simplex space structures to relate these irrational numbers in useful formulas- it may be that the general idea of mass itself and explanation of gravity can have such dimensional and quasidimensional measure. Twistor idea for example is a shift through the e mu and tau states of quasic order of the three particle generations which as with the vectors and scalars three and one tend to organize our extension of space. Now in the phaneron as a potential quasic field we clearly have a correspondence accross the aleph of the n-dimensional plane with variations within that plane implied- that is we are looking into the internal structure of this notion of vectors as numbers in itself. Some amount of orientation and directionality is discrete and bounded and determined by these stereonomic principles as well as the usual abstract insight of calculus or abstract algebra where they are discovered rather than designed or deduced to be related.

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