Friday, January 15, 2010

Backlog of Theories and Poems with Related Ideas

Backlog of Theories and Poems with Related Ideas:

Please come back as I have so much lately after a rest for other projects, I have cold feet about posting things so openly on the blog or so deeply personal in the poems- for the love of simple physics I will post here the following articles and poems eventually in this backlog:

Modern Creative Myths of Trans-dimensional Systems of Physicality 01-15-10

Teaching My Robed Lady Chess for Souls Weighed in Privacy 01-12-10

Mystiny Lost in the Third World 01-12-10

Athletes on Steroids and Viagra 01-13-10

I Know I am Well Loved 01-15-10

Images in an Infinity of Mirrors 01-15-10

Loves Inductions and Seductions, the Universe its Dialectic Constant 01-15-10

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