Thursday, January 28, 2010

Divine Proportions of Symbolic Variations

Here I am asking an aesthetic questions about proportions and taking a deeper look at this gray area between what we in our rationality describe as the physics and what is the mathematics of some theory or reality.

As far as the calculus of this I feel I am not sure of just how to see this as we evolve in concepts of numbers and space - nor if anyone does although I strongly feel there is something there whether we get it or not- let us say this is one of those Tesla states of mind in us a few Edison's struggle with in doubt and admiration. Tesla, the conceived the cell phone and yes the way electricity works which for me is the principle so stated of how things reduce to some surface effect of what is the equivalent three space. So, are we to assume that in higher dimensions there is a space of so many dimensions one greater than the variables in the idea of partial differentials- or perhaps it is this sort of Fibonacci ration thing of irrational numbers- more so if we have the idea of partitions and strings. I suspect also that in this sort of dynamic variation of continua in space we can have complete continua as so implied (the Greek symbol San thus the San Continuum as in the poem below)being in this more complected sense an overview of lesser transfinite continua.

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