Saturday, January 30, 2010

Forty Years Since Forty Billion Dollars

Forty Years Since Forty Billion Dollars

I have waited forty years for laser technology to catch up with hot fusion, the plasma pinching problem and all... and even then nations had spent 40 billion dollars in pursuit even back then. At last a breakthrough economically and who knows how it will affect the worlds economy. I first read of similar methods like this in the Titusville newspaper near Cape Canaveral. (that more like a three dimensional ice tray.

* * *

Of course the poems below called Between the Hoarfrost and the Rime is about such concepts of physics as much as analogies to love and its light. My posts on the ratios of phi seem a little unclearer to me as to what I meant in the fit of purely intuitive speculation although it worked- I may come back to this post and show what happens with another such constant (the square root of 11 plus or minus 1 divided by two, a sort of dihedral angle in four space or more.)

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