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The Integration and Differentiation of Intelligent Design

The Integration and Differentiation of Intelligent Design (ID)squared
L. Edgar Otto 01-25/26-10 and Quasic Space and the Prediction of Earthquakes

By intelligent design I mean the general idea of the term as used by Fred Hoyle like his term "Creation Field" does not necessarily make a statement about Creationism.

I'm sorry for the photo where I think I do not look that good- but I have been trying to adjust my diet lately in this Wisconsin winter- this month I did not buy meat. Despite the tradition it was the most depressing day of the year, the last Monday in January, I was in a rather upbeat mood- not so of many around me and to some extent we affect each others moods if not our sanity. In any case in trying to help my son with beginning physics I brushed up on the books in the photo and found that for me and others the theory I propose here- rather the realization of the overall importance of this theory as a unifying them of current physics- most definitely has an effect on how we view our mental (consciousness or intelligence) states for my own self concept and if understood how it seems to help others in all psychological and social experiences, any, even some religious ones. Physics I have said I would or will post they last writing scrolled up and promised here as an informal paper on the beauty of that language- even though I continue to outgrow the thoughts rapidly. Still, I have come to realize how difficult the ideas as simple as say Newtons laws of motion are for new students if they first encounter the ideas in college instead of me who in the fifth grade was late for school as I stopped on the way in the park and thought about them in a flash of interest.

I want to add also that in the analysis of what I call our supernatural space concerns as a mental phenomenon and as the series of poems to be posted I call Between the Hoarfrost and the Rime I will add those poems to the post just before this one for an ongoing visited reference.

But the Insight from my dream of night before last that in reading the books in the photo and pondering the themes in these poems this principle I have taken for granted stood out, perhaps as one of the quasic laws of motion:

Qx1 - Linear diagonal motion through a three space of two variables is a circle in a two space of one variable.

Qx2 The coordinates of quasic or natural space exist as to the uncertainty of which is real or primary while each can seem a complete description of the state of motion. In this sense quasic motion is more general than quantum and relativistic methods and models.

Qx2 - The logic of things can be overly restraining or excessively disordered and it mathematically involves our conception of the types of numbers as applied to a real situation or physicality including vectors as a generalization of number and the transcendental assumptions of using trig in complex spaces and physics theories.
When and were exactly does a photon leave an electron and on what scale down into the shells of an atom? In truth the distinction is that diagonal or circular motion or potential is not a change to convert its energies in an inertial frame manner as much as these states are uncertain in identity in the first place and we make the distinction by our specialized rules of whatever physics.

Qx4 - Clearly, we should not mistake the quasic and creative applications of such space as fields (with perhaps added axioms to the concept) with non-Euclidean ideas and certainly quasics can be Non-euclidean even if in a sense Non-Newtonian. In the restriction to spaces of one variable, as perhaps the surface of the sun, we can understand from a thermodynamic viewpoint and this principle why things are "hotter" and at what point the surface seeks its three space form.

Qx5 - Yet in general these are questions of not only group theory where it stands dimensionally or not properly between or beyond the ideas of the infinite and finite as something to distinguish, but also of the nature of numbers as to their proof of transfinality. In a deep sense this more general idea of bits of information in the coordinate systems as if a doubling or excessive generation of the information of entanglement allows for a better integration of systems with such logic be it those mental or physical or not. Dark matter-energy may not just be some complex space or diffuse ideas of chaos but as in the recovery of memory that vanishes and by this first principle is collectively recoverable also, but can be this wider view of geometry as a quasic space wherein say black holes as if having an inside, or particles for that matter, a form of at least quasic structure.

For my more advanced readers I add that it is not clear to me that there are only the three physics, qlassical (including relativistic), quantum, and quasic involved in integration and especially the creative forces where they are in this world.

If we understand these concepts, short of some totally guessed or random foundation for the world as if it ends at some quantum flux or perhaps some certainty as a ground of the nothingness (we really yet cannot say things about a Creator scientifically can we?) The one to one mappings of quasic and natural space may certainly predict the stresses and releases in a mathematical model of say earthquakes on the surface of the earth where the circle (as if say a ring of substance in our minds) as a complementary concept is potentially kinetic as well as even not in a vibrating state is kinetically potential.

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