Friday, January 29, 2010

Parallel Histories?

Parallel Histories

I tried to look up some things in analysis from books last night and still am not sure what I am asking is in advanced texts (where it says beyond the scope of this book) or whom I might ask if I know- or for that matter where to google it. But this playing with series and golden section seems to have advanced my uneducated understanding of the calculus (analysis). A lot of things such as the density ideas of triple integrals seem to relate to what is going on in space- and the FT ideas we use to try to understand our first few harmonics of dimensions. I especially liked Newton's use of differentials to approximate the limits of irrational values which seems to me (as the beauty of waves as superpositions and so on) to suggest to me the idea of limits has outlived its frontier thinking usefulness- that in a way the ratios suggested by the notation equal to potential infinity can make that some sort of number after all.

But in the wider scheme of things just where is a point on the number line which is the limit- perhaps the limit is a moving thing, an indication of parallel ideas of the worlds rather than something fixed for our approximation short of the continuum expanded. I continue to question so much in these texts I would have taken for granted as the truth should my education had been standard. For the primitive flag art studies I may go into those ratios that involve pi and e as well as phi. In the fanciful flag above I try to extend via symmetry the area ratios left and right as if to see into a flat space the next higher space like those cross eyed photos and to show that left or right brained so viewed the music makes something concrete as well as an illusion of self or something in the center.

The physics part of the poem below, posted today, involves some of these concepts of waves and space as touch and sight (defining thus geometry) called Touch and Sight Deflecting Love and Light. I continue to be amazed at how hard for some people the idea of space is especially if we desire to try to view or think about things in the next few higher dimensions.

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