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It seems my project to make things read simpler here, and the lack of access to a computer when it gets so cold we have to stay in during the Wisconsin winters- and the holidays - who reads this anyway and in the dark hours of the night I know that such knowledge can be dangerous in the wrong hands in this era of stupidity? Thus, as I catch up here and on my other blog poetry sites I still write obscurely. So in the interest saving space and with denser meaning I type the post of Jan. 03, 2010. Some of this came from three peaceful nights of dreams but the connection was very hard to see the evolving significance deep in the absurdity and ordinary symbols interpreted.

Quasi-holons 01-03-10

*1 There is a finite number of arrangements of sub-cells of independent five fold metric rotocenters in quasi-xtal space.

*2 These "discs" may be said to spin or be at rest at some maximum (virtually infinite) rate of relativistic acceleration.

*3 Two discs may intersect (at a point, brane-like) with different zero spins, a region self-enfolding unto a zero boundary as if an expanding or boundless totality.

*4 The disc as alpha-n quasic planes may project into n-dimensions.


*alpha - The contents of an individual mind may only partially reflect the traits and tendencies of other minds.

*beta- The variability of independent arrangements of thoughts (traits) measured statistically may contain zero information as description (pre-decoherence principle, see final item posted as these tenents.)

*gamma- Many discs may intersect or coincide and interact in a region.

*delta - A particular path of arrangements, as if transfinitely linear, may form a "biron" (a quasi-particle neither point nor string)

*epsilon - Within a quasi-half region, a totality n-dimensionally at rest, the orientation of a picture may be directly apprehended in a totality unto the maximum spatial dimensions of apperhension. [In theory we can immerse in a video the full experience of at least three space if we knew the interface code- not by mere ideas of frequency differences]

* * *

*A - The quasic environs, locally and universally, at the cusp of katabolism and anabolism converts (also implies as dark systems pressure) linear to circular motions in tltal or partial byron dynamics.

*B - These "discs" as quasi-holons (truncated or co-extensive planes, membranes) impact relative and persistent self-evolving "mass" (or gravity as another force to consider using this conceptual mechanism)

*C - The mathematics informally here goes far to explain the processes of "friction" in a plane to plane quantum and other Casmir effects (ie quasi-Casmiric lattices- see recent friction article in new scientist).

*D - Extended Idempotent Particles - In the uniform quasixtal lattice the regions may repeat patterns in a probabilistic manner and outside the regions probabilistic calculations may apply. This may be the mechanism and origin of relative and intrinsic spin, literally and abstract.

*E - But unto infinity any particular pattern may persist or vanish as independent cycles of bryons.

*F - A Byron (an iota particle quasized and relativistic) thus allows for lost or permanently recurring patterns unto the paradox of the universe (multiverse) itself as quasiholon. A particle as "Icibeshi holon" allows (guarantees the possibility) a direction of evolving (devolving) state changes at least if the universe is byronlike (that is it too may only relatively spin).

*G -Logically two or more progressively shelled universally interacting quasi-holonic byrons may be preserved and lost simultaneously and at the same time relative to similarity as identity.

*H - The sum totality of possible and actual paths of bryrons may integrate the extended joint mechanistic and statistical effects by virtue they are spatial iotas and not just point or line sting moving particles.

* Null - Clearly the description as science of particle behavior (an alternative to the conception of forces unification and symmetry breaking evolution is quasi-metaphysical and quasi-physical (theoretical or applied philosophic principles) for reality of interpretations. Political divisions and territoriality with economic systems follow suite such as insurance and spy warfare as quasi-holonic systems.

* Double Null - (01-04-10) *Have we enumerated the possible hyperbolic quasi-xtals?
*These Qx null factors in cosmic backgrounds as Euclidean akin to gray group computations? *The intersection at a distance from singularity of coherent branes and byrons? *Is the spin effect explainable leaving the singularity into event horizons far from rest?

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