Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Quasic Logic Applied

Quasic Logic Applied
01-05-10 Leonard Otto

We may define the real, at least on the quasic level of physicality as our conceiving of the generalized idea of quasi-holons. The universe as tentative yet fact and not in a way torn between these as extreme foundations.

Does the universe begin and end, or has it always a presence? While the unity of physics itself can be called into questions of null or empty unsecured existence, even if the imagined extremes are somehow logically shown to be a meaning free question, mechanisms can be developed, tentatively unique, for a mechanics of the expression of these principles by at least geometric analogies applied evidently to subsystems.

Classical logic is a relation as if a subset of the mysteries of quantum logic which in turn has that relation to quasic logic. While the quasic logic is hard to see and pin down in the details -perhaps to imagine or develop ideas on the physicality of higher dimensions- it makes quantum ideas clearer.

We may stumble on some applications empirically as we refine our experiments with the very small materials and effects. Such seems the trend in our time for the large and the small. The idea of adopting a mathematical, logical, or empirical reasonable correlation evidence in terms of one and zero makes this interpretation diversions as method farther from the fundamentals. Zero as the impossible and one the certain that leaves all in between as a matter of probability is but one grounding method. Logic seek false and true beyond debate in its own scope. Math explicitly proves where it itself is paradox. The empirical is open to dawning revisions when all inputs are at first considered.

Admittedly, what I am about to suggest as possible applications of quasic theory is on the speculative frontiers of engineering; my abilities to know and even learn from experiments and thus expertise. Not that I have claimed otherwise in this noble exploration in life but a caveat I feel should be seen as that spirit, albeit creative, within or potentially within all of us- not so much the idiom and argument by accepted cliche mediocre for those who would aspire to science.

*1 We should explore further technologies (also a limitation of the age into which we are born and a passion in dispassion for aspiring scientists who consider the utility of such thought)in the nano-scales with complicated architecture of Casmir effects.

*2 Quasi-crystals may apply as methods of systems of such effects for computation. In the organic realm, Fullerenes, beyond the mono atomic layered dimensions, due to their aromatic properties, could clean and store coal emissions.

*3 Clearly nano-layers could navigate quasic space or alternatively the exploration and integration of space as consciousness. Thus logic's that cover a wider spectrum of the real that have some boundaries and restraints, closer to human intuitions might refine what we are and can be, expect of deeper love accumulating the real manufactured naturally in understanding with wider hope by dreams and faith in ourselves- we lesser archetects of the worlds and souls.

*4 The nature of time itself, ans space which may open up a new level of sources of energy (and density as if nutrients for the universe)may be a richer design than heretofore.

*5 Philosophy and Science (perhaps authentic art and religion) periodically come together as if the idea of branes, but locally in a way that seems unique transcendence beyond present cycles to so reach such an other higher maybe final place and alas their separation again until the next enlightenment.

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