Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Climate and Monochromatic Color, Economic Justice

Climate and Monochromatic Color, Economic Justice

Strange that today there is an article posted on The Reference Frame blogspot that seems to be in tandem with my afterglow of speculations of my post yesterday.

But it was also a point of philosophy in relation to the influence of some model, especially of economics and government. And of course wave mechanics. One would do well to google apod recently on the gamma ray data of the Fermi lab survey of such objects- an interesting term is micro-quasar, and so is the labs logo. I do not see a quasar as such as involving "jets" but then again metagalaxy is a term used for a group of galaxies, all such terms though more encompassing than the mathematics formalism can be compressed and limited in the coining. In any case the general solution, perhaps logically, seems to be converging in our thinking and scientific speculation perhaps in the wider seas of gravity we doing it independently- or perhaps this is a rather Jungian idea of some historical marx like or teleology of convergence- or the old firmament of ice that is a finite conception of some of the strange interpretations of the world as an ancient biblical garden- an ontological idea of a sheaf of ice, a bare charge, an event horizon, a recurring in history seen and projected to the future of our variations in the essential singularities beneath the sines with computable monochromes,

In a sense then there seems to be some relation to the teleological, cosmological, and ontological proofs of God or a model of science and manifest determined yet contradictory destiny. The free and determined and yet the random and fixed, the mechanistic and statistical, even the teleology of the ateleology or antiteleology.
The question then can the models of government be closed with the poles that of something like freedom and slavery? But then not all things are closed in random walk over some square root of time.

Let us not forget the wave front can go faster than light as well empty space may be said in some models to actually so expand- given an Euclidean and dimensionless Eddington metric assumed to some tensor like zeros the question is how much faster and how can we measure the intensity of the density of such torque loops so they teleological over time?

I have looked at a grid of the critical strip and how they form a series of points which do relate to the symmetries we are familiar with in the dimensions and what physical model of say a polyhedron can shuttle and shift the raw integers- I call these Martin Points in the Martin or Mist Continuum (which hovers above that of the lines of a Riemann globe.

So, utilitarianism, egalitarianism, libertarianism ... Rawl's, Marx ? Do we as aiming for good weight with Liberty's Lockean inputs balanced not have to first understand what good weights are in the various modes of gravity? We can argue many ways about all this very close to how we are dogmatic in some model about things like Health Insurance or the leveling mandate for individuals across all states- or yes, some idea of the role of individual hearts and minds and the cost of living or doing business in relation to some wave collection of politics and climate. I was naive to think science free from this or had objective solutions for all this barring there are no ultimate, but maybe best solutions.

And yet it occurs to me that in my personal explorations as I learn more of the advanced mathematics, do I comprehend what though technical, is already worked out by those on a higher level I cannot see- or is there some new discoveries of which I as a modest man am not sure anyone has yet achieved in the enterprise of enquiry?
Again, we might ask if there is a myth of genius and if not what does this say about human expertise and intelligibility?

I want to add a technical point: the mirrors of these Martin points suggest a sort of supercomplex space or numbers expanding the quasic unity of logical addition and multiplication- in many ways Penrose has a good principle of twisters to those general related problems.

Still, in a model of physics where we cannot ultimate distinguish what is above or below, in the practical reasoning of it all, our needfully normalized measure should keep in mind that top down or bottom up alone creative forces are incomplete.

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