Monday, March 1, 2010

Creative Quasic Flux

Some ideas we now have the notions to distinguish may from a wider view prove to be the same sort of entity or appear so, like "snutrinos" and say dark matter- or a photon before its cosmic phase change as if say a monopole or even a gravon due to higher states of generations. A Higgs may not just interact with natural fields of relative acceleration to define mass quasically save intermittently as if a point particle at some ideal comes in and out of existence. Is not there equivalence as principle for gravity and acceleration? Have we not shown the grand unified theory elusive- perhaps because we do not understand properly the relation of such forces such as the balance of the strength of gravity and the steady state number of protons which in a sense would be irreducible- even to the point where those that survived the big bang are of such energies (and as a sort of reverse red shift seem to gain energy or mass) from states of the multiverse before now. I speculate on this to show something is wrong in our world views as true as some paths seem reasonable to pursue. Surely, the inside of a spinning sphere being a negative space in actual concrete representation not exceeding its outside area is but a principle that we may relate to things like the holographic and the cyclic models with a nearly fractal but positive quasic idea of space.

The quasic grid is a universal pattern that applies to many scales independently and dependently on its content. (Thus a quasi-relativist or quasi-Machian stance.)

Statistical methods can calculate the mass and resonant frequencies of particles without the experimental results supporting ideas of symmetry breaking or explicit focus or location in space and time of so called "compact" or diffuse hidden dimensions.

Quasic symmetry, by the inclusion of bounding sub-symmetries, not just reversible mirror images, logically, intrinsically has a direction of its matter symmetry which is after all an acknowledge of a dynamic process or flux despite questions of origin. Things have opposites and yet no opposites as zero and positive. Between Leibniz and Hume we desire to balance all or no inputs and give good weight in a Lockean model. So time and temperature, entropy, has a general direction which can be cyclically closed or open a>b>c>a (a less than zeroth law of thermodynamics) as some threshold of complexity. The strength of gravity if observable as a wave at all could leak into its self contained focused dimensions, not just vague ideas of them.

Just like from the most primitive amino acid (gly) to the most complex and massive (pro,cys) the quasical ordering and diagonals of the grid determine mass for still and spinning objects like the Higgs and for the observed styles and mainstream stars.

The general binary power set to at least sixteen dimensions of lower dimensional gross grids correspont to the 24 located vector variations (covariant etc) as well the fine tuning of solved probable locations of say electrons in wave quation solutions. That the natural dimensions interestingly give us negative space solutions in five is a quasic ordering property of this ten foldness cycle of recondite natural numbers- and as Klein the solution, icosahedra and equations of the fifth degree.

The existing design of reality as quasic could evolve to a superquasic (a forth of nth physics perhaps needing a helping artificial hand to nudge into a phase change from existing design) maybe constrained by ideal superdimensions of which some properties such as bare charge of an electron may be accessible evidence on that level of applications in a creative or destructive sense by experiment. Clearly I can imagine a further level of the physics which pales our so called achievements such as special relativity in retrospect. We need to understand the nature of such constraints and go beyond them if we can, and as it seems my speculation has come to the limit of today's state of knowing my acceleration was from others who supplied the inertial and gravity frames of beliefs stating obvious or fanciful ideas as if they were a foregone fact, or dismissing what is sound in our dreaming.

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