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Discrete Dimensions

Discrete Dimensions L. Edgar Otto

The following essay was written at 5 to 6 am this morning as the weather was warm and I awakened from an uncomfortable sleep Clingon style on Bonpa's kitchen floor with some rather lingering cosmology thoughts I felt I had to write down. So here I am at 1:46 pm posting and have just read a relevant article from the blog I follow called The Reference Frame and a post by Lincoln on sciencechatforum on geo-neutrinos. These reassure me of my approach which seems to me to have entered a more general state of speculations. Of course it all seems reduced to two points and something like length or distance between them in the formulism of physics so to follow the long tradition of debating Zeno and contemplating what is zero and infinity. An atom with its shells to me is as much a series of fractions unto the 120 element ordinary matter limit as it is rigid zero probability shells and so on. But this theory I propose here, rather realize here, is ridiculously simple were it not for the fact that I still cannot ultimately pinpoint a source or quasic flux or thermodynamic laws that satisfy my curiosity- nevertheless, and not just in an idolatry of mechanical admiration, even without a Creator the universe is mysterious and amazing as well what and who we ultimately are, and speculation does not diminish this if it is sound and sand speculation. My concepts surely exist beyond my personal viewpoints as if a language not lost in the poetry with translation. Time in the jumbled science news where ideas recur that were only speculation if not ultimately fallacy is not always a matter of current events save to those who have not heard such news and are naive to believe the unqualified statements as facts and not reasoned speculations. Consciousness is more than that it can in the system seem an illusion- but is some sort of entropic arrow enough for it? God as creator is at least an invariant perhaps vanishing in scale but as so is the final dimensionless distance between the physical and metaphysical worlds- which is to say that He should be greater than our physics pictures no matter how comprehensive the universe seems nor how beautiful its intricate design.

There are times when the discipline of physics pushed to resolve anomaly or seeking breakthrough in needed periods of theory development - the goal humble and yet defiant in making accessible vague unknowns applicable and intelligibly brought down to Earth useful laws of reality- that physics is the high and vital discipline.

But there is good theory and poor theory. There is the solid theory found in ideas that can obscure general concepts. There are bottlenecks and dead ends and wasteful wrong theories. Some methods and concepts come hauntingly close and are truth in fiction that puts aside the smoking gun and mirrors they make incomplete.

The state of our vision today, where so many of our brilliant theories, say of cosmology given finer experimental eyesight, fall short of the disciplines of mathematics and logic and slips into the realm of unclear systems of equally reasonable philosophic principles of concepts which dominate less than complete by fiat or truth which may or may not absolutely be the case so to apply.

But to those aware in this time of fake measure and deteriorating education of our young, we are telling ourselves nothing new. Science of the last century is still a struggle of classical language and learning with the enterprise of propaganda and journalism. Society and politics and in general involvement with global changes by individuals who are dragged along or as if an ideal of independent and objective science secure their familiar lives and views do suffer the core ideas of unfocused energy and entropy.

The metaphor of today's vision in science that seems to me to apply is that of the young paleontologist observing fossils in stone then meticulously examining them, eggs and primitive snakes in stone, discovers, concludes, behaviors of that era of species.

I propose here an underlying fundamental notion of quasic discrete dimensions. It does not banish our ideas of human scale Aristotelian ratio. It regards simply, more simple than cosmology as fire and ice phase change analogs, entropy and energy as the geometry of boundaries with contiguity - the void and the infinite as well the dimension as near the fundamental foundations. Perhaps this is overly simple saying more about our meta theories. Sometimes such meta theories show us something by the denial of them where they express or imply to our intuition an anti meta theory.

So the little lizard hips all come to a large field and lay clusters of loosely covered eggs the leave the field of potential feast. The string like primitive snakes wait potentially for it but cannot swallow whole (that ability not yet evolved) and cannot beak the eggs. So they wait for new hatch lings to spiral around and constrict them. But in the main they survive if they rapidly grow too large to eat as long as the snakes are delayed in evolving- evolution simplified thus is principles of geometry.

A lot goes on after the hatching between individuals in there co-existent dependency of predator and prey. Systems can impose too much compound interest on the inflationary hologram environs. Where does the discrete dimension of species and individuals end and begin? Surely the saddle shape simple artificial space of five dimensions some proposed does individualize a quasic entity beyond finite eggs. An increase in order is simply the matching contiguous faces of geometrical objects much like our problem solutions accelerating as they are solved. Energy is the count, fission, separation of faces, partition and mirrors of fields at and through extended zero.

Where what is outside the egg and a nucleus balances the discrete dimensions of the whole and beyond that its breaking yet grounding zero as virtual freedom with the count of its structural parts. (surely two four spaces and one more is the same model as two ten Euclidean spaces and one more when these intersect as a point. Let us distinguish when two quasons which are pixel like sub cell branes of infinite extent but limited bounds intersecting in a point on any scale we find two types of results- the entropy crunch and the energy crunch- a thing reflected in our understanding of the role of stars and black holes, configuration and phase space differences in the universe in general. We thus in the quasic space distinguish energy branes and entropy branes.)

How does this modify the idea of entropy in a closed system?

A torus form, like a sphere in a sense ultimately flat although in the familiar scale say a torus bubble is unstable and becomes two bubbles with a face between them, can cancel the effects of boundaries as a simple matter of group arithmetic and ratios. A cylinder halfway does this and limits the invariance to the plane. But I remind you the quasic plane of whatever extent and projection into generations is n-dimensional. These contiguity matters logically exceed that and explain how some things can be in the context or field as if a whole unique in the void of structures.

A quason point becomes an iota or string with quasi-location in jumps and does so smoothly- mass collapses relatively forming gaps, the gaps an ideal intelligibly fixed distance as energy.

Imagine ink drops in water to imagine the development of tori trees and chaos of these quasic branes and the ground as more a Brownian motion as the squrare root of the time beyond quantum ideas. An iota or quason string can to the eight dimensions have generational resonances, the fourth or shell of the three as if a fourth generation (but different ideas of natural dimensions here limit the great variety of string theories to these lower discrete dimensions. The volume of the orthogonal grid of space and the spherical grid being equal at eight dimensions.

In the accompanying illustration I use the Soma cube as an example of what we have on the outside in patterns to count what is in the inside of possible configurations. If we add a dimension of color we see four mirror images, the handed pieces of both hands and both colors. We invent negative and imaginary numbers to extend the number line, this symmetry is a similar idea of what are the discernible of indiscernibles. 26 squares on the outside of the six tetrahedral pieces and the smashed or flanged dimensions and yet there is one more, logically on the inside that balances out as a matter of contiguous count.

Lastly as we now listen to the interior and surface music jazz or classical of the quakes of sound in the sun, and on this earth a few earthquakes lately, certainly such theories will aid us in predictions.

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