Saturday, March 6, 2010

Entropic Thoughts

Was a theory I feel kinship with, entropy on my mind recently but on a deeper level than say just the geometry - more perhaps on the nature of numbers where these are part of our idea of space. Yet as with other theories mentioned I do not see it so far out there as not to hold some of the truth of a unified picture of physics.

Certainly the statistical view is something to work our more precisely as it is part of the picture. Gravity as a part of the nature of space itself has appeal, one deeper than say some idea of that between higher dimensions or quantum like gravons as mediators. Again it is how we see our equations, especially of series, and how we ultimately define the idea of dimensions, spatial and material.

My quasic notation does not have to convert equations to the logs of things to describe fields in different dimensions and coordinate systems. This is to say that it is a given that such laws are associative intrinsically. We do not have to find some fixed point solutions that are not explicit thus only resort to the general feel of the functions as a sort of primitive phase space. The quasic coordinates are a part of the material structure as well as a particular frame to which we need to combine separate things and convert back and forth to simplify the laws. On the other hand intuitively the simplicity of the design is a good ground to imagine wider and more concrete scenarios. Physics should not be food for thought for restaurant or movie critics where no possibility but opinion exists.

Now, part of the idea is we have at a fundamental level with the inclusion of zero and negative integers a series in flux on some early or later level of divergence or convergence and so on. Yet there is no reason to assume this flux the only reason we are here statistically. Such flux can be the same as the highly ordered emptiness. Even with randomness involving these alternating series we can have a direction toward some constants, fundamental ones- a sort of arithmetical entropic arrow flow of time over the proximate complexity of space structure. I think the constant in question is 1.13.... by V? but I cannot readily find the reference this morning. Again the hologram idea as a global thing is an intrinsic tendency involving thermodynamical ideas in complexity- only from the quasic view it is as if the assumed three space inverse square law is turned on its head as something that say a ray of light falls into and branches into deeper structures of the equivalent normal space. In a more general space, of wider patterns than the fractals and phase space loops, we have certain fixed or even independent points which would make complicated non-linear things much clearer where we tend to average these special points as statistics or a vague global leveling without detail- when in fact both views can occur.

Our inversions, which uphold and do not undermine the idea of the associativity of the Lorentz group, say clearly the representation model of invariants can preserve the creation and annihilation of measures of entropy and energy- in terms of order and disorder past or future, downward inverted into or upward expanding, we from our quasi-centered slice of experience, and that perhaps of the multiverse as if a whole, the thermodynamic laws, being intrinsically geometrical, hold in all directions- save perhaps the uniqueness of reality equivalent to a better definition of what we mean by scale and boundaries of our spacious moment of view.

Oddly, this post reads somewhat clear when it was not clear the complexity of what I was going to talk about- as if the conversation reached a certain point of entropy. Yet the poetic rime of all these beautiful theories fit together both we the creators of the poem, and the observers of the poem. But one should not get from this post a sense of completion from the sounds in it but ask rather what frontiers of these issues are bothering the author at hand- and perhaps what new science and philosophy awaits the creation past our own pet conjured demons for all practical purposes real in the face of what should be the best beauty of our dreams.
I almost think there is more in this direction to be said, I predict we may say it.

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