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Experiment and Reason (What if the LHC Finds Nothing?)

Experiment and Reason (What if the LHC Finds Nothing?)

We certanly have had a couple of decades of the flowering of theoretical models which it is hoped the LHC may tell us some things about particles and some of the models. The idea of dimensions has attracted what seems the boldest research, will we make micro-black holes- some have computed the dimensions (of measure) and say at the scale of energy of the LHC it could come close, the same with micro black holes or with say a "particle" of dark matter. And of course the great mystery of the force of gravity compared with other "forces" and what gives things the measure of their mass. Some new surprise or phenomenon as a gateway to deeper physicsw would be welcome- but my Quasic views without appeal to the supernatural presents a model that may not depend on our crude idea of dimensions at all. And as dimensions of measure what exactly do the empiricist physicists hope to measure? If things are closer to say Eddington's fundamental quantum relativiy then we seem to have the answer for the bulk if not the tweaking of mass and our mathematics already.

What else could I mean on a more intelligible level than this when I suggested that the phaneron or brane, the quasic plane has a "metric"? Of course having such an answer from a scientist's view is a sort of theory of everything (please, use the word Omnium coined by myself and independently by Penrose) may seem too complete and confining to some, at least emotionally. But really, in a unified theory how can we expect to explain the cosmos before we understand the deeper workings of our mind along the lines for example of the last posting here? Sure, it is the work without clear measure of how sound it is on the face of it- peer review or not from one thinker to another. Will the colliders get us closer to these ultimate and independent phenomena of our mind? Will it even if all is explained in physics ever demolish the mystery of being alive?

Yes, there is an impressive amount of data many times over that of the total information presently on the internet. And the events are relatively rare of all events and yet it is quite a bit to interpret. I hope some enterprising physicists will look at this level of data from a more unified view say to see if somehow considering all of it that perhaps, just as that view of the mind of parallel and coordinated thoughts, or between molecules, or the hiddeen symmetry of the expressed genes and so on- that some events at a quasi-action at a distance may indeed be unique and cloned, that is we reduce the spooky particle zoo to a few parallel forms. Yet, this is one converging idea for an answer like reaching collectively the frontier of knowledge in that we may not have evoloved enough nor can we if the scales are just beginning to open up to our microscopes- as if the quantum physical and so call consciousness interpretations correspondingly converge- or that in the analysis of such data to model and learn the laws of particles we must program the computers with such laws- if we truly believe our reality is intelligible.

But I must say, as far as the geometric dimensions at least, including ideas of n-dimensions, I resist abandoning them as a tool of long use for what seems a pure and sensible theory of the dimensionless yet not cloudy view. Then again like with the germ of truth in our developing ideas not all of previous theories are abandoned.

Thank you for reading the Ottonian view- all I can say is that in the main I do have a sense of the unity of this world in these models and it can be yours if you are able to understanding it - conceptually as well as programmed sensible free will. If the world would understand better there needs be no fear of those who would use the new physics and tools of physics as madmen- to say science can be so in the main is a lot more of the sky is falling idea of things than say some object eating the solar system. I think that those who would misuse science are not intrinsically capable of understanding what could be done but they think they know- not only nature may heal herself and be a censor to wounds of unintelligibilty, but the cosmos itself, if you like as if some external agent in the present invisible nothingness of destiny and intervention to prevent ultimate evil as if philosophically things should neutrally not matter anyway despite the beauty of this world- our psyches also are censored by such laws perhaps- even if not the universe in its ends and beginnings. Then again in the Postmodern age these old models of experiment and reason are still there to deny our children doing better than ourselves and the ideal of making this world a better place (religious ethic or not) and this is well known or felt to be some half truth of our intensions of the cry for and use of education.

In this illustration I want to convey the sense of mass as if counting only a system of subunits (imagine if you will an idea of compact dimensions on the bark of a tree but it is more like a birch tree with jagged fractal bark). The issue is not say some spirit or god surrounds and holds an atom or universe together nor that from some atomism or quanta view we need a void of space in which they can act. So in a higher sense such entities as ecotoms may have consciousness in a quasi-real analogy to the equivalent idea they execute as will as if just matterial physical particles (and the quasireal certainly is the field or space not full not vibrating in flux or detail and yet not the idea of void or vacuum in the usual measurable dimensional sense). Quasic space, a dynamic dialectical and possibly a living thing as a background gives both the substance to matter and the place for it to move.

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A comment on the idea of Higgs mass posted just after this one in the blogspot THE REFERENCE FRAME:

BTW, it is conceivable that should they find the Higgs that its mass value would be in a neutral quasic range of one of Eddington's 256 sub structures, after all such a theory in itself conceives (and this is as far fetched as looking for the Higgs itself) is already from my view quasically that which in eight natural dimensions, octonions wherein it is actually an advantage to lose the mathematical laws through ther plateau regions great and small that Eddington imagined an exact number of protons in the universe. Here of course we encounter questions of the multiverse and so on.

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