Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Faith and Fear in the Inner Hominid


Faith and Fear in the Inner Hominid

L. Edgar Otto I sit in the coffee shop and have no new thoughts today- and that feels as strange as all the thoughts and days of intense writing. I barely notice the crows flying doing what they do nor they not caring or noticing what I do. Sometimes we cross paths in this wider world but it is much wider than our planning for environments of conflict.

L. Edgar Otto Wow, had to come back late at night because this facebook post lead to some rather interesting thoughts called Faith and Fear in the Inner Hominid (my roommates phrase this morning.) Of course it is far out but what do any of us have to lose thinking about this intelligible world? One man's aliens are just an other's annoying crows.

A model of the universe as intelligible design as in fact an intelligible mathematics at extreme conditions and speculation can go far to explain the intellect of an intelligent species be its psychological state sound or not.

Nor at the grounding levels can we hold that consciousness is an independent given or can evolve or be more than the design. Yet, where intelligible, for whatever reason and interpretation, our raw intuitions and metaphors have in the main, coarsely, fit these intelligible models. Moreover, rational or not, the adherence to such a cosmic encoding of behavior has proven to aid survival more than be just an anthropocentric fact of longevity for our species as improbable as that seems.

Physicality can be described as an endless, progressive and for all practical purposes non-cyclic model as materiality and mental irreducibles of intelligible principles.

The great cosmic line of the continuum as potential infinity, if we can assume it reachable, a barrier to go through or can be crossed (surely in the child and the childhood of mankind we feel more sensitive to such feelings)may be approached in more than one way. As with M.C. Escher's art the representation of the totality may be his circle series, a finite region of infinite negative hyperbolic space. Or as some treatment of a general plane - Euclidean-like,as if a temporal, even Heraclitean, commensurable flow of time.

After all the consensus of cosmologists for the geometry of universe itself abstractly has the three curvature possibilities in complicated dimensions. Yet we can add another of an essentially positive view far from the flatness and homogeneity of unified brane intelligible space, that is the quasic model, two squares or a torus of clashing branes.

If this seems beyond the abstract as supernatural then one has not understood enough despite our vast details of the mathematics of intelligible spaces.

So, take the rest of this post essay as fanciful - we share the same limits of truth and comprehension, incomplete experience and experiment, communication of learning and its evolution as if progress of a universe of intelligible design. But as creative science and philosophy we also share the same desire to enquire.

* * *

I have heard others suggest that when we finally understand what the UFO phenomena is in our speculation, perception or experience, as aliens, ghosts, angles and the like, the explanation will not conform to our current ideas of space and time, measure, even stellar location. We may dismiss it as psychological artifact, chemical, or as an appeal to bear fear in a hostile world. Yet he nature of the supernatural may be it vanishes only after the fact, or the facts future determined by our awareness in retrospect of these extra-sensory past choices. Generally time as well as space require quasi-measure, which also asserts weird time and space possibilities are also intelligible.

If in a sense our consciousness collectively exists only on the surface of this Earth, where is the corresponding (hologramic) points of its interior but only a past tense of non-living rock? Do some not imagine great fleets of spaceships and bases underground? Do we not imagine the mirror of vanished souls reaching infinitely out into space beyond our atmosphere? Do we not imagine the molten core of earth as if an ekpyrotic hell? What is more is that occasionally such seeming (our shared inheritance of memories perhaps echos in us or they real guides beyond our inheritance our collective souls the end of gravity accrued and the storage of this worlds stable entropy- such are metaphysical inferences from some of our way out current physics theories) parallel beings, as if matter itself can materialize, the demons conjured made real and we the airy creatures.

Intelligible mathematical mechanisms can be suggested as underpinning for our real and intelligible dreams, limitless or in levels, methylated genomes and dancing chromosomes passed generation to the next generation by spirit or dust, the control of the egg by the female her levels meeting the homunculi in homunculi in infinite regress of explanation of the contribution of the male who travels for her love the shelled atomic design of rather finite Dante through heaven and hell.

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