Sunday, March 21, 2010

Metaphors and Translations, Diseases of Intelligibility

Metaphors and Translations
1. Special Effects as Simple as They Used to Be
2. Diseases of Intelligibility as Undecided Mathematics
3. The Parrot Fish Crunching Coral Though No One There to Hear It

L. Edgar Otto on Facebook today: Would you, at the borderland of discovered Love and Truth, not have to first translate your own poetry?
* * *

Special Effects as Simple as They Used to Be

Jesus wept and His teardrop spread
across the seven seas and the world's four corners

All the fisher folk agreed He the apex of
time and space, invisible awhile His resurrected center

Or in the naked longing in their hearts only
did they know their dhows and skiffs tsunami

Not so the crash and wash of souls by the shore
endless beach, echo ring of fire to distant coasts

While casting nets full of sunspots and glass bobbins they fought
the spiraling school, fell overboard, plank stoked the furnace

The flotillas in His name fragmented each others navies
made claims on the great harpooned whale of Being

I, but a crystal seed of salt met him halfway in the nothingness
my holy raindrop and His blood a flood against our hellfire

* * *

The tides shift with the vanishing of the moon in but\
a blink of an eye and a spiraling that takes forever

My faith denies its roots and spin, empty the imaginary
yet positive in the cloak of night outpacing the jet stream

Yet time's chariot catches up to me its ocean of storms, icy second death
where we cant see beyond Earth and stars in syzygy and Mayan dates

That conspire against the paradox of time's healing mirror arrows and
fitful paths of pendulums, we counting ourselves as fallen sparrows

* * *

Diseases of Intelligibility as Undecided Mathematics

Under the floor, the crawlspace above dark foundations, our prison, cave, yet infinite descent and no end in sight of the the expanding balloon frame of the house of mathematics, we find the mold and dusty cobwebs, tunnels of termites and carpenter ants, our paralyzed cocoons of silk that pepper the last living fluids of our dreams we keep at a distance to admire the hourglass and steel blue black beauty of eight eyed and legged self crucified weaving widow spiders with nine wounds.

Sure, the empty space is full of filaments as if with a life of its own. Its succession bridging cycles and seasons and spider egg cases opened from within by the strongest in the struggle - or from without yet if the mother taken the back riding siblings, although snowflake unique, intertwine with matted hair and legs, vanishing as if one tangled ball of belly button fuzz.

Their light between each other seems complete, moving across an interval of infinity contained, each as prime and a unity, wave or particle conceived, integers the multiplicity of light yet the signature of discontinuity that it too may be more ordered than we think, as much free, originality and dreams discovered possibility, and as yet or even forever undecidable the pattern in the digits of pi - the light itself through higher variance above number worlds of trivial zeros, irrational sequences beyond the real, such motion of the quanta themselves quantiz3e, circle-ray-circle-ray alternatively that outside our grasp of imagination, intuitive or non-intuitive, we at once and in an infinity of steps - but could chaos and the primes be otherwise?

Therein we rebel at certainty, grow nauseous in a wider sea of information saturated unto blindness with nostalgia, that our hopeful brains may survive this instar and fly into the sky on silk rope kites to new land, risks to drown at sea, knowing such dreams may unravel our selves if we suspect the signs to change and thus decided so unravels the sky itself.

* * *

The Parrot Fish Crunching Coral Though No One There to Hear It

Your poetry is extraordinary
so full of youthful love and
meaningful its destiny, expectations
but your longing heart or wounded spirit of
Tragic loss, of universal laws of righteous indignation
play peek-a-boo between us stuttering in
translation implied misunderstanding
not even accessed and the custom
Cherished of our human imperfections

You are so shy in your coy nakedness
at a distance as our gazes linger silently
together, thoughts vanishing and awakening
in the main more alive than not, that higher thought
Love a dance exists in steps between us, time's coral sand and parrot fish
* * *

The right to love someone is not the right someone to love.

* * *

Yes, the predators wait in the shadows
color blind to speak to you, your open vibrant ocean colors
the fry burst out from the swirling herds in sync
easier for the devil to take the hindmost and

Where Lucy is without fur one finds the Lucifer...

In the main find safety in vegan symbiosis and numbers
craftsmen of love as if its first discovery
round them up through hardships the raw hide cattle drive
low tides and crossing the Red River reaching neural railroads
As mice sleep with the feline insectivores
love's family of mixed metaphors and emotions
in flatland or perspective drawing the blurred
lines of your still photo suggest motion and
We must flee or follow fleet for the shake of chase
Not so your first admirer who truely sees your face.

* * *

Our self reflections share recipes, intuitive experience the measure
Ranting to ourselves for others expertise and stammering spill our guts
in laborious leisure.

* * *

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