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Quasicality as the Cosmic Code and Independent Background

Quasicality as the Cosmic Code and Independent Background

Note: this will be a rather longer post so check back as I update it when I find the time for typing. Or I may break it up into a second part called A Word on the Projective Duality Between Lines and Circles. with addendum on the sphere and the complex plane and some philosophic speculation.

The accompanying diagram gives an example of two space into three space chess of two player but of course this can be extended to n-dimensions.

*1 The quasic idea, at third physics, amounts to the desired more fundamental and independent background for earlier quantum and relativistic physics.

*2 From this third unifying view the evolving concepts and concerns in retrospect leads to suggestions for what is felt as needed for a deeper and more complete physics and choices of pathways to principles, their states new or given, unified, complementary, or contradictory.

*3 In particular the nature of spacetime as crystalline generally, its directionality of actual or perceived scale; its resolving into discrete structures of unlimited or open infinite regress in
recursion that reclaims the indefinite continuity of our of empty space, also is the source of space, time and matter.

March 12, 2010 (to be continued...)

*4 In this quasi-continuity any particular order can be mapped to the quasic ordering which maps a particular existing but thought intrinsically random state or region of a "spacious" or "quasical" Now. Each state can be seen as defined a the lowest or highest existential moment of entropy.

*5 An experiment that reflects a motion function, linear or circular, which have equivalent descriptions, from a positive range finite or entangled, in the grounding independent background - other phenomena by restricted or hidden motions in higher space relevant to that space.

*6 The binary coordinates between two "pixels" linearly are everywhere inversions (consider Escher's butterflies as a group).

*7 The quantum loops of closed spaces or the stringloop spaces between quasic states of dimensions convert into linear entities also.

*8 The state of the Now, physics in complexity yet reversible as quasic background, amounts to the laws of arithmetic and intelligible uniqueness of numbers and all the unresolved problems of number theory, especially if the tendency inherent in the indefinite power sets arise from or exceed cardinality.

*9 The separations, or sub-pixels between ideal regions or pixels of quasic space are not necessarily explicit boundaries but are labeled as prime number directions between binary power grids.

*10 The concept of 0-branes is a higher order and deeper analog of these concepts with the same design paradoxes, problems, and transcendence's. This seems to require a "superduper-" prefix of the space like designs in further complexity, not just super- in point or string revolutions.

*11 No coherence across a quasic system needs be a necessary hierarchical or temporal organization.

*12 The idea of 0-branes in a hierarchical multiverse further generalized our conception of the complexity of reality in possibilities and concepts.

A Word on the Projective Duality between Lines and Circles

*13 By interchange or duality of lines and circles as representative of projective geometry as understood by Riemann - that the complex plane is a sphere, I do not mean this is that simple duality in the quasic plane. The quasic plane is an n-sphere and not just in a way that allows an insight or truth of geometric analogies between dimensions. It includes all forms of representation or space of the non-Euclidean geometries. It includes a discrete duality between adjacent dimensions. It includes ideal points at infinity as singularities and "essential singularities" where the values toward the microcosm wildly fluctuate.

*14 Moreover, in therms of the inverses and the indiscernible of discernible spin, the plane as flat and complex acts more like a mirror of both spins rather than a thin plane of canceled spins.

*15 Although we do not begin our mathematical properties needed as descriptions beyond two dimensions, such concept could be a project for research and development. Yet as we increase the natural dimensions in a system other representations of the design and restriction of models. of new motions transcendental and otherwise may in a sense be theoretically and experimentally possible to so formalize.

*16 Near a singularity as a quason (brane-like pixel) we try to increase the entropy of a black hole- its area expands, does it expand quantumly in jumps or is there some subspaces of quasitemporal connections or continuous resolution? Can the area increase by one pixel or some difference in squares by integer formulas of them? If at this level things are reclaimed continuity in that planck space may be meaningful pattering to our grounding familiar plane beyond possible histories, multiverses in multiverses.

*17 Here again, in the spirit of Cantor's Omega, the indirect possibility of a God (or at least a directed awakening evolving "force" certainly could be, as if a teleology and source, an intellible creative force in the world.

*18 Can such arithmetic additive and expanding with such geometry find explicit intelligibility in Godel and why would the God be so restricted in His Design if it not necessary for some idea of His Intelligence? An idea suggests the attribute at least in the human sense and image that He is quasi-limited?

*19 That the wildly unrestrained is indistinguishable as the non-necessarily from the strictly contained.

* * *
Added Thoughts after Sleeping on All of This

*20 The "utility" of information, especially where regions overlap as complex primes, is intimately tied up with the complex plane as also the hypercomplex plane.

*21 The equator of the Riemann sphere represents a set of unity root numbers "halfway" between zero and infinity.

*22 The recondite number properties as mentioned by Fermat, 4n+1 and so on, suggest a mapping of fractals directed in series onto a sphere.

*23 A loop in natural space may have a "force" relationship to a loop in quasic space, also this is true for the lines, and in a general relation to quantum pixelation.

*24 A crumpled plane of ambiguous spin direction around a fixed point or ideal point, a non-binary magic square of limited natural dimensions directs the totality to essential singularities as if a descending "micro time travel" of scales.

* * *

L. Edgar Otto thought posted this morning on facebook"
Perhaps, if the spirit of the Starbaby descends to the smallest pixel on the face of a black hole, he will not find a new universe of stars, but find his dreams.

* * *
Rev.4 [8] And the four beasts had each of them six wings about him; and they were full of eyes within: and they rest not day and night, saying, Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, which was, and is, and is to come.

Rev.5 [8] And when he had taken the book, the four beasts and four and twenty elders fell down before the Lamb, having every one of them harps, and golden vials full of odors, which are the prayers of saints.

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