Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Quasicatomics and the Inner Avatar

Quasicatomics and the Inner Avatar

Since the theme of this blog is the creative in science and philosophy and I came to a dead end or new level of imagination, again to come to the coffee shop without fresh ideas, I thought about another early intuition of my creative principles - namely that there were quasic regions of the world where the laws of physics are not generally uniform- that is the principle said that locked up in something like the quasars is a higher state of matter. Now I do not think this is exactly a string idea nor one of the standard theories but it does quasically give a hint of why of the partition generations of our natural dimensional space.

When thinking about this first creative principle (after all in the steady state theory atoms can be formed so far from say the sun such that a planet like Saturn and its moon titan can be made of the same range of atoms- creatively from some sort of density of space (nothing supernatural assumed) It dawned on me that perhaps cosmic like rays from such regions would also come in three generation forms and in fact these are as if three levels of structures as if each were element 120 (Terranium). Before these decayed into the directions of the four cube group and moved into the three space group, that is 384 and 48 (in a sort of sur-arithmetical finite calculus) So the numbers made intelligible sense. After all the question of what is material or not and what vanishes or not when once considers the levels of space dimensions hologramically in the last post is a seed of this insight as a question. Our inner hominid? Our inner dust? On a greater level in a wider picture of a creative universe (perhaps wider still) where there is a wider entropy which raises a further question and paradox (the direction of reality in a sense where we have inner avatars of spirit or a true avatar can bring back the dead and what does that mean? Surely one would have to crash into the sun on faith to say you would move on by design mechanisms to a better place! But it is not so clear in our dreams of metaphyics and physics if you think about it.

But this further speculation suggests to me a level where the need to adjust our physics to exclude some idea of tachyons, a teleological stance, is a false need- and yet perhaps in a sense our inner avatars and true avatars even if they are not somehow a materialization of some greater space of spirit may sense the design of things as if teleological. We do imagine such super beings becoming Clark Kent changing the big S that can magically fly in a phone booth, or when the widest sense of our philosophic idea of time is pondered in all its general relativism background Leibnizean, we find that the Lords of time also use a kiosk as a Tardus!

I would like to add that in my discussion and correspondence with galatomic on the issues of time or of consciousness and all this that his assertion of the ecotoms as creative micro-beings are a physics as well as metaphysics on the complexity of this level of discussion of the design of the world and awaits further levels of understanding to bare out his visions or the source of them. Of course not of this sounds sound with those without faith who are asleep, hopefully they will catch up and be able to debate us convincingly. Let no one wish the truth away nor bury their heads in the sand as if we a different species are meaningless ghosts to them.


  1. Pesla,

    In a dual aspect world, mental and physical, where the mental is not derivative of the physical we must search for the continuity of the mental through all the physical transformations great and small, including its relationship to the physical before and after the BB.

    The BB is a physical restructuring that brings the old galactic centers of a dying universe into close proximity under a new physics of interaction.

    Life, clothed in the old physics, harboring the treasures of meaning from all preceding universes carries on after the BB by wrapping the atoms of the new universe, its old galactic centers, around itself in a new symbiotic relationship that protects the old values and projects them into the new world.


  2. Hello Friend,

    New Scientist today has an article on Roger Penrose where he is coming around to a more cyclic view of the universe. Of course he is a mathematician, Platonic one. I note that he considered some of the current views in mainstream science as not intellectually and emotionally satisfying. After all if all matter becomes radiation in the end then time stops. So too we reaching the speed of enlightment as we age- perhaps to continue or return again the memory and meaning somewhere and somehow...

    Thank you for your post and its insights.