Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Science and Philosophy of Creativity

The Science and Philosophy of Creativity

Newscientist.com has another significant article today, and as usual such things are in a strange synchronicity with events and my areas of thought. In fact the article mentions the research of a "Jung" :-)

Part of understanding others is the understanding of ourselves (I make an immediate new post because I do not seem to edit and add to the previous one which for my foreign readers refers in the title to Scott Toilet Paper- perhaps in poetic connections of metaphors- "Please don't sqeeze the charmed quarks.")

Check out this article!

Clearly, a lot more is going on, and dialectically so in our human psyches. (Look, I could write an awful lot in the experiences of but a day or so. I also saw the movie
Men Who Stare at Goats) Perhaps in some sense the universe does not exist if so then how would we know if some micro black hole ate up the universe? I mean is this idea any more absurd than the ideas of nature never reaching some infinite singularity in the cosmology or time conspiring to prevent say the discovery of the Higgs or something?

Do we not all have to decide what is demented and what is sound thinking. I mean it is as if between humans we have a further classification of inter-intelligence, a multiple intelligence in the sense of Creative Intelligence. Do we not develop and adapt to these things in ourselves, and how is it we sometimes intuitively feel that for example depressed people are creative, the price and influence perhaps of our crazy artistic temperment.

For example I have tended in past to vary my main work between the poetic and the math and sciences as they seemed to balance things out mentally- and yes in my hard poems there is an atempt to integrate science say with advanced mathematical metaphors. Now some who were around me a lot noticed that in my periods of poetry and math the amount of hair growing on my balding head dependend on which study!

The accompanying illustration is a sheaf of wire spread out like Einstein's remarkable hair style in his day and echos the illustration in the newscientist article. Again, those slow may in the end be more advanced in some areas- and clearly we in theory are capable of making human intelligible decisions and developing our white and gray matter in reason and emotions, science and poetry and maybe should heed and feed both. Well, maybe not for those with quadrapolar disorder!

On the bus coming down here I did not get that revolutionary feeling of Lenin passing thru the front to lobby the prols in Russia to leave the war- It was just a ride from one place to another. Heck, you have to go far beyond walking distance just to reach the bus stop, no longer the heart of the city. And we could ask the french fry gal at mcdonalds about the schedule and bus tickets- next the drive by window hmmmmmm. Last time I felt it amazing a young nurse I spoke to could call back and forth on her cell phone free between two cities. This trip was about three hours of some dudes chatting up their babes and loud ring tones upon texting. I finally moved more forward and so did one lady and we had to share the open seat and we had a great conversation about vitamins and statins and so on.

I went to an art store to see if I could find some acrylics of the primary colors and met a Spanish girl working there who really was very interested and helpful finding things for us after I noticed her tattoo of Beardsley and commented on it. I later thought she knows her stuff working there- I mean not just the creative aspect of artful earings and clothes - but a very well informed intellect with effort of expertize to know all the brands of tubes of paints- and what purpose I wanted these paints that none there would work.

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