Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Source, Sink, and Supergravity

Source, Sink, and Supergravity (or ekagravity? eratzentropy?)

I have a few loose ends from the speculations of yesterday, ends in the sense that I have to some vague and unclear frontier of debate where we can continue predictive chapters of possible consequences of a path of theory.

We seem to know the our sun will not blow up because the neutrinos change their identities thru the generations. But what happens between the changes? It is quite possible that (and these particles have less colors than the other leptons in perhaps a zeta function sense) this interval as if between microbranes is a quantum like flux of some sorts- that is is can be responsible for hidden effects as if an analog to gravity. Things may in this vertical vibration mode stages of complexity as if of the universe itself. This potentially creative force can also act as a restraining force.

Of course this is the same old philosophic reasoning but with a twist. Aristotle's idea would be there is only circular motion for God could not move things in a line because that would leave a nothing or void. (which of course is the case of a line of light). But what was not a problem was a spinning object such as the Earth as it did not require a vacuum to move (and this no longer the case in some senses). But the quasic idea converts the circular into the linear and conversely as a matter of notation and structure- long before we have to accept the duality of creation and anhilliation (in the physics sense conserved) of particles and waves the same description. (true creation is akin to a bounded fourth generation as source of gravity rather diffuse.)

Now if the neutrinos were to leave a star in great numbers the ash of stars, Iron, would break into helium nuclei. This is a source of energy for a star going nova where the neutrinos do not shift. But it is greater than the lesser source of energy of fission and fusion. It is like the snowflake groups of the iron atom is a configuration rather than phase space and a positive not complex one- that is the dimensions of the nucleus of an atom 57 and not 248 dimensions (but this needs a great deal more clarity in thought and should check existing maths)

Still, a greater source we can imagine of those in our limited dimensions of the universe- as if five natural dimensional matter- a quasar source of energy where these can make other entities such as galaxies. What we see as gamma burst may not be a fourth level of gravity effects- that is the creation of baby universes that replicate, but areas on resonant generations of the creation or not of more complex structures than the for all practical purposes irreducible protons.

If this speculation is a possibility then surely we can tap some deeper sources of energy in this world and reduce the entropy of structures. Or with these clues develop a better idea of what can be accidents than blind exploratory experiment.

In a sense also from the newscientist article of yesterday the issue is the analog levels of behavior of the Darwinian struggles of gender. The sperm (and yes we do not need to be a rocket scientist to understand things in replication terms nor be experts to work in the field so we do understand these natural things as if we made a popularization of them.)can influence the development of the genes and not just the egg in terms of an analog to child rearing. But is it not the case that an geocentric world is more egg like and the vast inflation explosion of sperm more Heraclitean as a choice of space models. The action of this world is both philosophically and scientifically described as both our influence as we become wiser from our female mother and male fathers (although some grounds can be mirrored or reversed and a balance can be a bad thing as much as isolation of a child or his exposure to conflicts. Again this is the ratio idea as if golden ones of world states or ages, and it is a sort of balanced dominance from some level of our roles. It is a series of relativity's and quantum theory with different generations as indeed the parent, adult, child divisions of our time translations and transactions.

Again, these scale mirrors of opaque intervals where the generations of brane like things relate to entropy and release as if linear or circular of energy may have a role in the creative of things at least as something to understand where our physical world is at least contiguous to itself as somewhat finite.

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