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Teleoscoping Mathematical Quasinduction

Teleoscoping Mathematical Quasinduction (Teleoquasiduction)

I continue to expand these ideas. In my speculations throughout this blog on matter pair production (the note about reading the observed nova yesterday to be posted midway between this post- yes, mathematics can also be wonderful and terrifying to our sense of self on the frontiers of speculation, nay even sanity) if you want the standard and computed view which I had not seen heretofore:

Yes, teleoscoping comes from teleology at first a philosophic principle the Teleomnium (Tlm) thus I continue some pondering's from the last few posts.

* Information may be reduced from one higher to a lower shadow natural dimension, the flange may be a linear theme of the actual as a sequence but it may not behave without the ambiguity or compressed shadows as to what of a location in history preceded by x can be followed by z. Is the choice of some history a unique function? In any case our central but relative experience of a given state or sequence can be a relationship rather diffuse and relaxed to some design of functions.

* But the teleoscoping of information can be imagined to contain this information by successive quasic planes distinguished as to the design of information in a pixel or quason region in relation to its vertical or horizontal code read span.

* The information equivalently determined by the coordinates across the quason universe of discourse while an equivalent amount of information of the surface or volume holographically- the differences nevertheless in both directions of dimensionality seems to gain or lose information over the universe of discourse.

* Fundamentally,(not an empty science sounding word but more like Eddington's use) beyond the two player binary games of the quason (you may read brane or brane-like background here)in question the discorse factors by four states of the directionality, neutral to a fifth direction linearly both in the quasic and natural dimensions.

* A given quasic universe of discourse of shifting initial sequence may be closed in the binary quasic discourse universe and that preceded by what at a "now" and followed by what can be multipaths (not necessarily of an infinite quantum history).

* In general a quason pixel may default to an Archemedian commensurablity of what are telescoping irrational and transcendental numbers to bases of approximations of scale to some quasic depth of discourse. These measures as probability, also closed as some level of discourse as if in time as to origin may interact teleoscopically.

*We tunneling blindly between constructed shadows eutactically may only know upon completion of a circuit or circumference that the method of design was sound and corresponds to the mathematical procedure within a flat balance of given laws of space.

* Quasic space at times, beyond the comprehensive but less useful information, may be more accurate in output quasi-finitely (and in entropic measure at some level) if some intelligible chaos ensues in the computation (see recent newscientist articles on relaxed computation of inputs which relates to this long time speculation)toward intelligible solutions.

* These reports yesterday in newscientist, as in the drawing above the supernova and gamma pair production as anti-matter level of energy (actually that we may infer the stats have no metal Marshall as earlier stars is an interesting theory of quasic state and atomic levels of structure of physicality evolving.)here discussed as holon generational levels before the fact in this synchronous sequence as if I create synchronicity somehow synchronized with posting, publishing sequences and clocks. L. Edgar Otto on facebook:
Not that where and when we are matters but where it matters we might not know when and where it does.

* Note: teleoscoping and quasiduction where always part of my understanding of the gene code reading and origin of the idea cerca mid 70's (the exact time and date somewhere in my earlier papers). Of which there is no surprise of an overgenome reading on various levels (methyl groups, epigenes?) although as with the nova can be explained by say probability or other physics as well in a non-synchronous non-creative manner. I doubt anti-matter the explanation of this sort of gamma burst anomality.

Indeed, what explains teleoscoping asymmetry of the ratio of matter and antimatter save in some exotic subatiomic processes? Surely not merely the arising of chance regions statistically (or even from the complex plane amplified from the microworld)that leads to runaway scales and endless size?

Otherwise, understanding black holes (these can move as if clear points in a fixed space being brane-like or spinning also)and pair production could indeed go haywire where in terms of energy generations and dimensions this is not the case as an artificial likelihood. Such chances less than zero and infinitely greater than the roots of unity.

Maybe as I bring new learning into the world (alternatively find a limitation to the labeling or inventing of new ideas such as those contained by words)and physically alive, by what I randomly and do not see, this too beyond the transcendental continuum of aleph-2 perhaps. Yet it should be clear my sense of self and reality is stretched thereby, or it transcends the economy (yes some rather interesting economic applications of teleoscoping too)involved as greater soundness, but I can say my teleoscoping sequences are uncertain beyond memories as to if my or anyone's life path be said destiny.

* On some level the existence of anything can have great improbability or be seen as a probability of zero if we use statistics, but certainly statistical factors may cancel out in some from of reference. (just as the vibrational aspects of the brain on both side orientations to a physics may make intelligible the relationship and perhaps illusion of time and consciousness in an awakened state).

* The GR and Qm formulation can in a sense each be true and complete and independently so as sub-dimensional factors of the quason plane of the next higher dimensions or phenomenon as such, unification may be achieved only by quason teleoscoping of general freely ordered or non-linearity.

* * * A Little Later:

* If we divide a sphere into five parts (see Tarski) the micro-boundary unclear, it can be reassembled into 2 to the nth (to generalize his idea a bit)spheres in some n. This applies to neutral background independent quasic space and its conception.

* The descent, base 2, into vertical directions of pixel teleoscoping amounts to a coordinate position pixel in natural space (or time closed to the generation or dimension of the 2 to the nth continuum power of subsets.

* The surface of the psi-plasm (mind) being a holographic difference (also with the branching numbers of brain nerve structural design as holographic) between levels of this principle of levels of dimensions may cyclicly contain up or down the locality of consciousness and thus we "dream" and the natural extent of the mind is generally denser toward a center of diffusion not clearly say, skull bound in its perception nor some function of projective reaching out to a measured ideal infinity.

* Such phenomena of looped and binary consciousness can linearly transmit (like with electromagnetic antenna and what is thought to be by some gravity waves)but the unity of transmission uncloned multiply is shared in the teleocoping field of discourse as entangled equifinally by the usual quasic principles of inversion of the coordinate notations. (which is also to say we as conscious are at least self-telepathic).

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