Thursday, March 25, 2010

Zephyr or Zifr Points

Zephyr or Zifr Points

Just a stray thought yesterday, not very well developed although I should not underestimate the intellect of say the Ancient Greeks by the content and progress of their studies. Is Plato really relevant? Are we?

I find it interesting, to quote the zero book, that Chiristianity chose the void over the Bible,which is to say chose Aristotle- and yet the Moslems chose the atomic theory, the atoms needing a void. It is perhaps precisely here where the idea of projective spheres (virgin and child) and the tessellations without showing the face of the Prophet meet somewhere on the complex plane. But of these two worlds where we have a region, more or less that of a point or things that may encompass a point or zero, for me the Natti point and the recent Martin points- these must also be a sort of unified theoretical model.

I mean, just because from the idea of the transcendental a point on the number line not being so is infinitely against then why do we take up so much mind and space and matter on such small integer numbers?

But the idea I toyed with and did not get any earthshaking impressive results was to take the prime numbers and put them in various binary quasic notations and see just where they wound up in the quasic plane. 2 13 43 241 ... for example. Now, let us conceive a wider connection between parts of the broken representations of tensors that represent the generations of say particles: We can also make sequences and notate them and find some place or pattern on the quasic plane. Of course we can mirror them.

But let us then consider the motion in such spaces generalized and so on. I thought I might call this the genrenome (Ggm) rather than a continuum. But I have not found a practical use for this yet- much as my early explorations of such things recapitulating as if from Greece my metaphysics, philosophy, and science as exploration. Yet, I feel this sort use of quasics can describe useful things about some of our more varied spaces, of points of sorts and not say just atoms as crystals, that being quasically the overall structure of space in the universe.

Natti Points x Martin Points = Zephyr Points - the gauge and strings = physics.

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  1. Pesla,

    How do you resolve the dilemma I posted in your section "The Collapse of Mathematical and Experimental Artifacts"?

    It's not like you to just ignore such erudite and creative ideas. You're being very prolific these days my friend. Did you swallow something we should know about?


    In retrospect, to fix Whitehead's "the mental is within everything metaphysics" we have to go back to Leibniz - as we have have discussed before.

    In Leibniz the mental/monad is within all substance but not as it is in Whitehead.

    In Whitehead all substance has a "phenomenal" aspect, in that we perceive its physical properties as something in itself whereas Whitehead claims them to be artifacts of the habituation of the mental.

    Whitehead is pursuing a "mental monism" whereas Leibniz sees different domains and a relationship between these mental and physical primitives.

    To follow Whitehead leaves us searching for a homogeneous "extensive continuum" derived from the mental pixelation of the world" which is almost as off the mark as trying to evolve the "mental" from sciences fundamental physical particles.

    We must, however, follow Leibniz’ more difficult metaphysical path which has two distinctly different "primitives". Unfortunately this harder path is the only path that can lead to whole truths instead of just half truths. In that sense, following the simpler paths is just shear self delusion that makes us think a simpler mathematics will suffice when it won't.

    A galaxy is not just some physically or mentally reducible entity. Galaxies are primarily the “physics” of physical particles harboring a “mental” aspect that cannot be reduced completely by a macro physical reduction. There needs to be a “macro physics” like we have but there also needs to be a different “micro physics” that governs the tightly bound environment within which “monads” exist. This micro physics associated with monads is a physical holdover from before the BB.

    The only possible interactions between these two macro and micro physics are through the technology of the micro monadic particles sentient inhabitants. The monads harbored within a different micro physical world connect to the macro world by generating electrodynamics at will to do work in biochemistry. This, of course, makes biologists think that macro molecules are capable somehow of “goal directed” behavior when, in fact, it is the “will” of the micro mental aspect acting on the macro physical with its electrodynamic technology to achieve control over its macro physical environment.

    There could be no simple mathematical scheme to unite the micro physical housing the monads with the macro physical primitives because there is “will” driving the physical relationship that the micro has with the macro world. That is, there are no standing forces emanating from the micro physical that can just be evaluated as known causes of macro molecular behavior. The “will” of the monads can turn these forces off and on to achieve things.

    This has happened, or come about, because sentience could not carry what they treasured in the world before the BB into this world without preserving the physical essence of their immediate environment in spite of the collapse of their cosmos.

    There is no mathematics of mental or physical particles that can breach this divide with a mechanistic paradigm uniting the micro with the macro.