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Atomic Fission of the Soul (Non-standard Consciousness)

Atomic Fission of the Soul (Non-standard Consciousness) L. Edgar Otto August 12, 2011

Today, having reached another stage when all that can be said is said for now, my roommate reported his mental state under the new medication. So, I present today mainly a creative philosophy post but it did lead to some interesting thoughts on structure, in particular the 24 cell without a center along the lines of the point centered projection of the tesseract in the above illustration. In effect I took the alphabet of which I used the same symbols so have to keep clearly separate and found a link between them such that I might use one alphanumeric encoding.

It is interesting that I would not have come here so readily if it weren't also for the links I have encountered recently- the idea that when a quantum system is off it does better calculations or that upon awakening the system changes paradoxically the nature of the probabilities itself and other quantum weird notions. Also for pictures I recall as a child in Ocean View Amusement Park in the Tidewaters. One was a picture of the atom bomb splitting apart the earth, and the other was the two-headed man. The post war world and the entering the atomic age had different effects on its generation of kids as that during the context of war time.

Of course there is a question as to what the psyche or soul terms means if it can be metaphorically distinguished from what we call consciousness. And that what does it mean that there is a self consciousness that is unique- and as say quantum information is it not trapped into a black hole but can go elsewhere or even is invariant and conserved? My roommate, who bought a lot of new art supplies that has gone anywhere yet, the style of his art a deep indicator of his state of mind, says he did not like this aspect of his "self" hearing the voices but they are different and seem to challenge and bring down God Himself.

I tell him, "You know you have not had a lot of people around, the winos and the schizos, you just think they have been around when it has just been you and me." He laughs having understanding and a sense of humor always. So I proceed to explain to him the game of good and evil I posted of late called Nucleon. I point out how his resuming meditation has seemed to help and how paradoxically on this med it actually seems the beer helps (but I suggest it just helps him sleep so raise up the quantum link of the last week where the computer while off does better than its calculations while on to solve some problem) From there the conclusion is or the implication is that most people are asleep and one day could wake up to find their paths or destinies changed- and he is not getting enough sleep always awake and worrying about his state of mind. Thus randomness seems to have a moving dynamic structure in these quantum terms as so grounded in quantum weirdness.

I suggest that he buys a lot a books he cannot read or understand at the moment on the math and physics (for after all this what have they learned anyway?) and have someone else read them with your purpose of understanding and making your self or soul mentally more of a well being, for obviously the greater mass of humanity are the ones asleep and not evolved as much and conscious as if awake are the crazy ones.
But this would ironically be the case if indeed any of this philosophy shed light on the split atom of our soul or mind (he of course does know well his books, half of them on Buddhism) and it helped him since I have worn out his collection of science books.

Another interesting link was the one suggested to Pitkanen by the authors of the News before the news and a Norwegian lady making prophesies predicting many things and among them the coming of Christ before the last war when only a remnant of humanity will be left the soil contaminated- and the current reaction to outside immigration which did not exist as such say in Norway but is in the news now. I thought, well she was still around 65 in 48 during the world war- or whatever the ages how the events of her time must have affected her visions and dreams.

My roommate is less afraid of the so-called anti-Christ under this proscription regime.

On of his books is about Nash in a beautiful mind. Now toward the end Nash had this strange 26 base alphabet of which he saw a lot of things in words and some of it when put back into solutions of singularities had deep and true statements about numbers it turns out. What I saw this morning was he was missing ten of them of which I added 1 2 3 4 5 6 to my 24 cube rotations or the 24 cells of a 24 cell- that is the count would have to be 36 base for my correspondence of the 30 cubes or axes of them (or the cases where 4 of 6 at a time but this more or less proved a dead end last night for all its complexity of a simple table of 15 x 15 bi colored letters.) Of course these structures may be only the background to what is the conscious part of pattern recognition, or in effect the mirrors of voices can be real and ultimately that which does make our selves unique over mass and spacetime.

A further thought was the man whose brain was smashed against his skull with a great emptiness or fluid and still his brain functioned. This is like we have only applied these alphabets to the holographic surface without a needed physical center but that implied in the totality of a brain much like the homunculus mapping of the control of body parts and functions. This sort of primitive philosophy of consciousness or soul btw does seem to me to explain a lot about what we call the experience or states of say "autism" and I am not so sure computation detracts from our awareness of the general foundations and principles of mathematics- as in an article in the science mags yesterday that some children solve great calculations by the picture of an abacus in their heads- I mean trained children- it is clear if an idiot savant uses the 60 base system and there is evidence for that- he would of course find all these background connections of numbers where they interrelate to the properties of 64 and 24 or in the wider view of dualism as we do not see easily Descartes point on its depths, implications, and confusions in its primitive terms.

* * *

The illustration above suggests there may be a centered form or analogy to the 24 cell (I of course left out the swallow tail international flags as a code for them that is A and B (and possibly the mirrors) with our without a higher dimensional center. Of note are the choice of colors for here I have modified the primary color values from 255 to 192. I have found such letter patterns and pieces for puzzles before but had not realized their possibilities for uses in formal physics theories.

In the exclusion of A and B flags this suggests to me the epsilon - delta of the grid can be in the same space and not strictly distinguished as number or space relations of the quasic grid spaces or matrices.

Also before posting this morning Scott, our best chess player and I talked about the nature of the Nucleon Game and of various new insights he had on the beauty of the old games and if those who knew math and science in a sense played better- something he will check out with the exception of Lasker who we know much about but who also played checkers. When indeed, does some game begin with the first white move and end. win or break even?

* * *
I did almost work on a purely scientific thought, some intuitive way to see math that is not actually presented in the books which usually do not show the logic of historically development of ideas, which ones needed to show new ones in the general context. I did this thinking about distances crossed condensed multidimensional cubes in terms of the frequencies and , Plancks constant, the velocity of light over some particle length like for Dirac application to quantum theory the relativity, and the Casmir effect likewise.

Well quite by accident I slipped through the cracks for night school at UNC and managed to take one class on trigonometry. A young professor was impressive whom I met by chance in the library and he said hello so I sit down and asked him about something he said about "zaps and duds" that some students try to count all the cases instead of finding a simple formula. Showing him my simpler matrices of the time all he could say was "It has been a long time since I have seen the world that way." Which in retrospect now seems to me a way to say he did not really understand. But as things feel apart and I risked being called a drop out I had to tell him I would no longer be attending the class. He asked me what was the problem as trigonometry was just all about the identities after all as if to say I should try to attend anyway.

But so much for the conversation as well, I had then became homeless for the process from the Veterans Administration had fouled things up (for the first time). Then he talked about what a wonderful thing Riemann had did as that was what he was reading in the library at the moment- and he explained to me as best he could for a young and still inspired teacher what it meant. Eventually I understood the beauty and great insight of it beyond the simple mechanism of the mapping- this of course had to involve the issues of the complex plane.

So, in the zap and dud game of it, of to what extend the formalisms of math and of the touch or geometry of counting should legitimately apply- or to how some abstract mechanism such as trig should declare or relate to physics from that formalism just what is the case and interpretation of physics, physical reality, for example the duality involved in the idea of viriality, the doubling and halving, the grounding of three space (Rowlands) is after all just a formal background to which it is too soon to declare it an explanation of a physical theory completely at least, I ask that how is it in the divisions of our our ideas of set theory and infinity that the case is sines and cosine intervals are twice as long as the tangents? Can we be sure in applying this to our phase space it not just an artifact of the way we count and view the apparently equivalent coordinate systems such as the useful polar? No wonder this sort of doubling or halving mistake has occurred often when we do not keep in mind the differences in the kinetic and potential values of things. But such a simple question I would rather know my lack than not of such fundamentals.

* * *

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