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Discerning Intelligible Notions

Discerning Intelligible Notions L. Edgar Otto
AF14871466 August 6, 2011

I may not post all of these notes today but I will summarize so of the key points and observations and include a rather obscurely written post by the same title as a matter of the philosophy of science. In particular I have commented on the theories of two theoreticians (and it is apparent that galatomic theory becomes more relevant to a general system as these things develop.) I will try to find these theoreticians again- one essentially tries to show (and by experiment) gravity a result of the radiation or heat from the sun as an attractive force. The other has the general notion and computer programming of what he calls negative gravity using the standard formulas for things like the stability of systems of which he tries to explain ideas of "Dark Matter". Today I see Pitkanen and Lubos in a debate at a distance about the ideas around Cold Fusion- a real effect according to chemists in University of Minnesota who took a look at it but as far as I know no claims the energy comes out more than the systems taken in. In any case this too is worthy of some philosophy of science investigation especially if we have to go a little beyond its quantum theory showing that such is possible in theory (even perhaps without neutrons free as a result.)

Principle 1 - We have an intuitive sense of Natural dimensions but this should be modified in the sense that a figurate structure of the intelligible count of the ways to arrange points into arrays and lattices (here I found many of the important numbers but in a way that seems remarkable and coincidental and rather distant yet from the applications to these as physics theory). If we have say five points that determine 4 space as the structure we might imagine in a natural dimension 4 we can enfold or unfold its subcells to make a shadow or a pattern- but these are a dimension less- it reminds me of particle decay and is a more intimate idea for the origin of our notions of symmetry breaking. However, in the lower dimension in a quasic field it is not clear that the folded entity is in a lesser or greater dimension. This accounts for the differences in structure and mass between what seems the dualities of such representations in at least a four way deal. So in fact we can have a notion of radiation as a sort of heat and gravity, or we can imagine there is a negative gravity of sorts. We can also imagine that the old E=mc^2 can be viewed more generally as to what we mean by mass and energy- perhaps to actually include ideas of anti-matter and matter reaction measures- or say to give a good reason that some phenomena like cold fusion exist with the expected neutrons not there where things are at some null state of useful information in a cosmic background on all scales. We should further note that these concepts as a more refined mathematics than the simple discrete counting even with elements in multidimensional arrays where the geometry matches the arithmetical intelligiblity, that what can be a variation in our standard varieties of matrices as quasic fields can so be represented by various merges and quadratures of the elements in those submatrix sets over all possibilities. These, somewhere establishes the ultimate possibility of directionality or magnitude, and variety in the universe yet an overall unity for local and non-local information and meaning conjugate to zero, unity and potential infinity. This establishes the generalization of uniformity and diversity paradoxes as a sort of quasi-holographics independent perhaps of the intervention outside such a relaxed total universe theory or at least the non-utility of information where it applies to physicality.

It seems clear to me that the brain-mind is organized somewhat to this extent and more than the enfolding or unfolding as the quantum or GR view of how we regard these evolving structures as abstract quasic motions in our mind, that is where there is evidence of some general relation to the organization and bilateral n-dimensional (condensed, shadow, flanged) symmetry.

The Obscurely Written Essay:

* Natural Dimensions, Euclidean or not, Quasic or not, in a general background of structures of intelligibility, can reduce to enfoldings or unfoldings as if a holographic root of a lesser dimension but as lesser or greater abstract quasic motion dimensions (thus energy differnces and mass as well is suggested).

*Thus here for a general theory, comprehensive or not, we have at least four derivative general theories that are founded on intelligible notions seemingly complete or not.

*The conceptual link between these theories require nuances of what is the general meaning and methods of core terms and foundational mathematical metaphors.

*While the information between these terms often have a kinship suggesting identity and equivalence as with all vector bases as group forms, invariances and so on... the conceptual intuitive differences may be invisible or appear as empty and unintelligible notions.

*Metaphysically, Creation outside a general realm of useful information, totally determined (as example DNA bases of the same letter) or totally random (same example of random bases that may not ultimately relate to structures nor convey local or non-locality information) grounding can only be assumed or asserted as an original creative principle needed for the relevance of intelligible useful theory.

*That such a theory may be so seen as the case requires it to be or to face this same metaphysical questioning and as a factual notion may provoke or invoke emotional reactions.

*The entire apparatus of how we do physics is in general now surpassed and not just the shift to our new physics if we see science from a still higher level of concrete and creative comprehension. But this should not be seen as a threat to any existing theory but an opportunity and hopeful future, a rebirth for the usefulness of science and the advice it is wise not to abandon the desire for such a project of human intelligence, that it not be abandoned to those outside its realm or those those who hoard the treasures from the common good of man.

*Politically, whether one wants to think of a Creator with a capital C as say gravity or matter or space as if a monolithic law or of randomness, energy quantum flux and so on- or just the math of it all, God the geometer- Perhaps there is some notion between us all here in the survival and struggle of ideas, that some deep hell or vanishing awaits for all who have worked a lie in this world that desires its revelations and the responsibility of such wisdom.

* * *

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