Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Game of Nucleon

Two gentlemen lost in the Siberian snow as the weather gets colder have a knife and no coats. But they come across one and debate how they will use it. It will not do to cut the coat in half for in that case both of them will freeze. So they decide that it is better for one of them to gain rather than both to be lost. They could fight over it and the decision left to the winner, the fittest, the luckiest, or to the gods.

The question is if they are both given an equal chance or opportunity, and will obey the outcome, will the cast of a coin decide the issue. Perhaps, not, for in the many world view each of them from their own view and paths could win and continue on while the other expires by knife infliction for the self or the other, or being a hopeful and lazy species loving to lay in the sun, one could await a miracle, hang on until the last moment, or fall into a peaceful sleep.

In these issues of global warming baring some rare change in the climate we find that the world has been here a rather long time, that the complaints of change in the weather are withing a very short range of human adaptation with what there could be of the accidental or fine tuned states of temperature and matter. We do not expect the thermometer to reach the boiling point in the shade, nor fall to absolute zero as if under it all there is an averaging out of such symmetries of what is the shade and what the light. When we add things up we might ask as a matter of geometry really, "Is there more shadow in the world than there are surfaces of light?" This is not a trivial question when it comes to the role of cloud cover or of snow cover. In a sense the concept of dark matter has its simple analog in our familiar and generally persisting parameters of climate on earth.

In pondering these things from an abstract mathematical and physics method, the "let their be light" when and where the concept of mass and energy become distinct and the stars first take on their light and the universe builds on it in a sort of quasi pattern of its complexities. But there are unexpected things in the world we try to insure against and we should not expect the worst, theories like the ultraviolet catastrophe, ideas of an ultimate entropy, the evaporation of the last mini-black hole before the endless undifferentiated night. These are like the ghost stories around a campfire to entertain children and the ghost of the child within us when we are reminded we are part of a wide and wild nature again. Answering such things as the stability and ultimate source, or uniqueness of our general and individual reality is still the greater part of mysteries to what we have struggled to make known. Perhaps we need to look a little further than these cloudy remote dreams.

* * *

In the beginning the dark and the light nucleons were balanced and the universe was at rest in the balance of nothingness.

Then things got out of balance so that the good and evil forces so divided at the awakening of stars tried to find the truth again and waged the first and last of wars.

Each side then subdivided the firmament and the dust and water within it and placed on the right or left hand their preference for what is saved or wasted in their fall.

The developed angels that flew high to begin the atomic age resolving the world war.

The several faiths justified their causes and crusades with their several gods who seemed to intervene although they were so remote as to appear shadows in shadows.

Until one day when the last and first of wars to settle what is good and evil, what is the sea and the land, the replete and the emptiness beyond the signs, the last game was set and the structure reached deep into the integration of asymmetries, and the world broke through the balanced skies to begin the super-atomic age where the dark and the light of matter covered most the sky and earth.

And the remnant of the denizens and flora had a chance to begin again as their first battles were not as complete a victory they had hoped which ends in final war.

But how the dice role for such an outcome known before time began is as yet known only by the gods.

* * *

In the Game of Nucleon we have two sides, as with all such initial two player games and it is played upon an 8x8 chess board. Each of these checks are further divided into four and eight according to the depth in depth of the frame of play, and it plays quite independently of the slogans of span and span beyond the reality of space.

Each player is given 30 multi-colored dice of six colors (or more if we are to include play with 8 colors possible on these dice).

The players arranges these on the diagonals and places them in the various squares according to certain rules of proximity as to if they command such a square.

Each player has the three space axial representation of a B-17 of WWII, the one that applied the initiation of the atomic age. Three of the cubes are placed on these for the X Y and Z direction.

A player may place a cube or its inversion on either side of the diagonals of the board so as to solve patterns of what match or not.

There are three styles of play:

1. The General Relativistic - This is when three cubes that match surround a forth cell and the four cells are thus part of who has so surrounded it. One can block the formation of such controlling pattern at the sacrifice of one cube.

2. The Quantum Game - In this case the dice are oriented at random and the players must use the orientations to the extent these can solve the game.

3. The Phase Space Scenario - Of the set of 42 cubes of 8 colors a player can choose a set of 30 cubes of six colors and play against the other player who may make the same choice.

If all orientations and colors can match then the game itself is a draw and ends but also we find the vanishing of the board itself.

* * *

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