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More Quasi-topological Physicality Principles

More Quasi-topological Physicality Principles
L. Edgar Otto August 18, 2011

I will return here later with principles *27 to *40 of various considerations that have come up in no particular picture. Perhaps, cover the idea in an illustration of the color representations of the 24 cell as if a quarter of an inscribed octahedron and so on (another way to relate the 24 squares in a notation to those of how we color code normal space. Can we use the associahedra ideas or some such asymmetric principle to sort the field and shapes of the n-ominos?

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This odd dialog from anon nee santori on the TGD diary blog continues:

Dear Santeri,

Nice name by the way.

I think you may have got the wrong end as to which way the axes goes, the horizontal or vertical.

Sex is a good way to make understandable what to the masses is otherwise obscure physics.

But quantum physicists are drawn to the mountain tops and so fall off sometimes.

But what is a pyramid but crude compression compared with our cathedrals of the flying buttresses and fan vaults?

Where does the worm go in half a higher space apple?

And if we strive for the mother's milk of the mountaintop- is she but the nursemaid or is the nursemaid the mother?

ThePeSla, but a Layman by the way.

* * *


Matti, everyone,

I have some problem with our interpretation of physics as if a too restricted "monological" view.

I mean even where we duplicate (that is our core idea of group duality) some ensemble say at E8, I see not reason to regard the copy as that indicating gravity. There is much more freedom of the relations as such.

So quantum gravity, especially where it strives to find a monlogical relation to the Planck energy as in string theory is not a general enough theory. The idea of these dimensioned or dimensionless choices of our measure makes more sense if we allow concepts like a hierachy of Planck values as TGD asserts.

There is no reason in general to prefer pi or its multiples other than convenience of the formulas of our systems, to force a mathematical principle on the cosmos over other ways to do it.

In a sense there are infinitely more transcendental numbers but we have proven but a few of them. So from a wider view, in these paradoxical matters of singularities all such seemingly non-linear relations of numbers can be set down as algebraic if the information is real and useful.

I think the burning questions of what happens say if we have infinite levels of p-adic numbers will vanish as an issue if we strive to behold a wider ground. But in the meantime we certainly need to develop our methods and systems as best we can.

And the issue of zero point vacua should be considered from a little more relaxation view- not to say that in the world of varying things gravity and mass may on the whole be constant.

It has been said that the ratio of a diameter to a circumference could encode somewhere the encyclopedia Britannica or works Shakespeare could have written. Or anything of some possible cosmic reality. Does this come back after some cosmic year? But how much richer would these sequences interact if in the possibility of differentiation of flat things that as the computing of the next higher dimensional volumes we have to square pi itself?

The PeSla

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BTW because of using paint program there was some difficulty with it locking up today which caused problems in the explicit coloring of the graphical objects- I think I have it right but consider it a draft of the general concept.

*27 - Given 2 directions to an ideal point at infinity there is no reason to assume it is the same point or coincident points nor the distance from point zero to one mapping of infinity is not mirrored, or that at a point there cannot be n>5 and so on upon these points.

*28 - interestingly, C. Howard Hinton used my same number ordering of the cubes in the 3^3 ensemble, a quasic like ordering.

*29 - in color coding the "faces" of a hypercube, Hinton does not distinguish the direction inward or outward from one "cube" to another or the consequences globally (as far as I can tell).

*30 - His alphabetical wording remines me of my attempts at applying quasic theory to language and its logical structure in abbreviations or words.

*31 But I (not yet fulling understanding his system perhaps) do wonder about his use of the 12 layers of colors as perhaps a halving or doubling of the 24-cell.

*32 - Assuming the faces themselves can be ambiguously and entropic-ally oriented (each a membrane matrix in an ensemble) 2^24 dimensions apply in binomial counting.

*33 - 4^12 also in relation to ideal points omega for time-like dimensions and mirrors of which we might regard this as 6D squared or 8D squared, 64^4. So even in the three and four space these 64 in relation to vectors (Eddington's fundamental theory) we have the 2^8 in various interpretations of representational dimensions.

*34 - Imagine then replacing the 24 squares with octahedral thus 480 faces of the 24-cell = 12 x 192, 48 x 24 = 1152, interestingly to color code with 24 colors the 24-cell along Hinton's lines (and the reuse of my letter notation cdef-wxyz ...

*35 - Gravity as a general measure needs not be dependent on its expression as a totality of some complex or mirror group edifice analogous to duality, but may be transitive over its determination as if on the whole a constant (algebraic sum) locally varying- as in the case observed and as in the freedom of separating and rearranging material inertial objects, or the notions that we intelligibly do so.

*36 - Let us reconsider the Odo64 game of abstract quasic motions 2D into 3D of the 64 chess cells. In the local dimension and color space as if these vacua are mirror divisions equal or not of its products and ensembles these compared spaces of motions and excluded motions (to which we might so color code the quasic f-of-n or change of binary coordinate functions themselves for a notation system.

*37 - From two local iota the "pointing" to an omega ideal point at infinity implies they may find or reach out vaguely to the unknown other, as in the abstract color limited motion functions of L and non-right flagellum of bacteria as xy an z orientations (a free orientation in stimulus and response, associatopeic as if that as asymmetry as causative may organize geometric structures and paths. Such space as a scaleless or dimensionless principle only "potentially" vacuum filled but at some null point these spaces may reverse abstract motion rest and roles- One tenth as in unitary 5D may apply here to somewhat orient the chirality or so allow exceptions some decide is the measure of mass.

*38 - From a coordinate center, the axes held invariant undergoing general rotation, the vector magnitudes may intelligibly dimensionally vary and may flatten into another dimensions eutactically (polytopal shadows). Usually over irrational roots of 3n for the iota particle-string array or and invariant if directionality is unitary over a range of natural dimensions with some gauge mirror possible.

*39 - the sub-bonds (iota sub 1 see illustration) between discrete orthogonal entities correspond to the iota sub 0 points or bonds numerically.

*40 - The symmetrical intelligibilty of the count of entities in a discrete ensemble balances the asymmetrical degrees of fereedom of quasi-scaled locality field magnitude and directionality of coherent change. (thus a general principle of quasi-symmetrical physicality.)

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