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Physicality and Symmetry

Physicality and Symmetry (Quasic Grounding for Alternative Theories) L. Edgar Otto
Aug. 16/17, 2011

I present the raw notes for my relaxed explorations of last night. Some things I had to reconsider and look at a little deeper, but beyond the squiggles and notations of simple arrangements my working thought found interesting concepts which I imagine are worth recording as stepping stones to possible later clarity and in communication.

Some other influences were synchronously involved- for example in both Kea's and Pitkanen's post today I see parallels of some themes.

As for Ulla and her comments to Matti I find the issue of a radio designed by a woman using LED lights modulated at very high frequency that is a transmitter and receiver at the same time such that as in (the BBC's article) use for jamming hacking medical implant devices the essential information can be sorted out and still transmit vital states of the health to those who are authorized to receive it. The lady who designed this revolutionary radio may have made another new revolution in our technology. This of course concerns signals and how many bits may be exchanged at the same time - all on something as simple as light. It can be used when in bright sunlight the LED's compensate for the brightness, yet to our human eye the on or off seems continuously on.

*23 - Hinton and Human Pattern Recognition (A problem that many seems to burden the attention and memory in the one human element over the computers for pattern recognition and evaluation as "insanity or confusion" on the face of it does tell us something of the connection in the negative with human cognition.)

*24 - The Interesting Linear Reduced Case of iotatopes (that is as in Kea's post and related links how many say octahedral points map to a linear line segment.

*25 - Different representations prove useful in the count of iota objects- this is especially true when we stack tetrahedra (or other contained simplexes in them) such that more than three of them exhibit handedness. In this sense we may look a little deeper into the grounding of alternative theories such as Pitkanen's wormhole connections say in the symmetries of space involving organic systems.

*26 - Google has a logo today involving Fermat's last theorem of which the arithmetic of it certainly still applies to the numeric aspects of these considerations of dimensions.

*27 - When we are used to the quantum concepts, even when they seem spooky and vague to familiar experience, these form a stepping stone to deeper concepts of grounding the various alternative theories. It is indeed a good way to advance better reasoning and developing a terminology for even more fundamental concepts of physics. As such we can cite the reasoning without it necessarily being a part of the quantum theory as reality nor any of its descendants or dead ends.

*28 - Perhaps such reasoning alone can lead to some description of the foundational concepts on space and dimensions, and the interpretations for particles, herein. One would suspect there are some methods that in some form of careful reasoning and proofs allow statements like a black hole spins the space around it. But it may limit certain formulations that do not seem to apply to the physical world like Weyl's gauge theory. Even for Einstein these too weird to apply - a weirdness maybe a little weirder than quantum mysticism to his distant unified monological God's-eyes). Like with Non-euclidean geometry the logic of our concepts of God of all such geometries stand or fall together.

*25 - The problem with the search for super-symmetry with the long standing grounding of standard and other physics traditions is that we are not looking so much for a new form of the processes of symmetry (for such evidence in the colliders for example) - a new translation, rotation, or their equivalences of total descriptions of reality, but our not looking for a better relation of these concepts of SUSY in the real space we are describing itself.

*26 - We can imagine certain changes in the area of Discrete Symmetry along these lines:

26a - In a spinning object in the xy direction we can have an invariance of color but a change of shape of the n-omnino structure and orientation.

26b - These changes can be there and influential in the background but not directly observable.

26c - Parity and Chirality are ultimately ill defined for higher space as it would seem there is a world where we can force a program or conclusion or prove some ensembles possible or not by the "point parity" of checkerboard colored cells. Yet we have to consider also the "line parity" where the unification is an iota point-string unity. This concept insures or grounds our ideas of wave particle dualities.

26d - Directed arrows on say triangular edges in a sense describe are more literal definition of spin or spin possibilities. Note, in the 8 point cube or the 6 point octahedron each of them can have spins and counter spins along the axis.

26e - The mysteries of the microwave vibrations of Methane are descriptions really of Pascal triangle relations and the null and complex of null singularities.

26f - And yes (Kea et al) we have in a sense triple points of such spaces which of course can be reduced to Feynman diagrams of objects like triple quarks and so on.

* * * *

A note for a song (on face book):

Some have promoted Dylan as a poet the master of cliche- and that seems true. Welcome to our dystopia as we are now in a large dysfunctional technical future looking back somewhere between the junk cars impossible to finance and a few years more become classics. I tried to take a break from the physics to get back to song writing again, playing in the open mics. So I give you this rough draft of thoughts for a song and the hanging on of ideas only those who lived in or mimic that decade will understand what changes have occurred in the world culture. So we cannot really say how such thoughts may be seen in the future where our personal lives are after all a sort of comedy of cliche we hold as tragic. One has to be a royalty to admire bonds from afar, or one has to be poor with obstacles and simple purposes for love- but in the end we strive to find what is universal and timeless in love as the human condition. So far no one can tell us how to live but living on one's own path can be a lonely way to live. Those who inspired this are really a collective of a few others in these changing, hard, and interesting times.

Luke and Laura
L. Edgar Otto August 16, 2011

It ain't me you miss babe

though I miss him too

As you with your pouting smile

cat caws in the dark

stories to make sense of tears

Love walks now on clouds of lies

that then and now destroys us

Broken wing revenge, unbelieved alibis

As if I can't give you what you miss

never had, its touch too late

Lie to them while sharing lonely hate

empty now that you lied to me

'Till nothing comforts, even all those fish in the sea

Harpooning the whales and bony bottom feeders

caught in my lesser dreams, a poor man's dish, cuddle breeders

I would not have give them the time of day

when I kept you very well, a life hung over

You lighting candles for our Jack-o-lantern

Looking, feeling trapped, drawn to a distant

pumpkin grin, half afraid of of brighter light

Our Luke and Laura game, days of our lives

gone stale, afraid of the empty hour glass

Before our but one life to begin to live

* * *

Google stats on traffic sources: who is reading this blog?

I found this interesting result

Which shows enquiry into the arithmetic nature of primes and also has a picture of a sphere of sorts of which in the compression to a length mapped to infinity we find the one half value. In many ways all the bloggers in the know seem to have a sense of the physics applications of the numbers and topology. But the question is still what happens at such remote points of ideal infinity- for we tend to think that from the 15 things left in four space the four edges to infinity from them extend outward in a world where it is not clear nature so views the nature of space- in fact if such as possible must necessarily be imbalances while parts are indeed asymmetrical.

And this is only concerning the lower dimensions.

* * *

Well, I had to address Anonymous on TGD Diary blog again- I hope my comments are of some use here:

ThePeSla said...


It takes a very high horse to make high grade horse hockey- so why the remarks as if you are in the know so feel morally justified behind a mask (save perhaps your spelling of foton)?

Hofstadter is not kind to his students and his strange loop idea is wrong or barely relevant even from a physics viewpoint.

This is a post that asks us to consider some deeper points of logic (of which Hofstadters is a little dated if it applies anymore at all).

Does pi not arrive independently from statistics and not just a circle diameter ratio? Can given any 9 digits of it we predict the next 9 in hexadecimal? Sorry the concept of numbers (Pitkanen's strength and originality in my opinion) as hierarchies or such concepts as animal magnetism are popular when we do not fully understand magnetism.

You seem to have no idea that in the physical world as finite we can have a duality of circles and lines drawn beyond loops of our comfort zone of infinity. So your ideas on this are not deep enough for even a layman to understand.

A true intellectual, honest scientist, and layman should try to imagine there are things he may not know (outside of Godel, Escher and Bach) of which he should do the hard work of showing if it can be done why he makes such comments.

The second question I give you this: the key is how things connect in the wormhole like idea between organic molecules like DNA of which from a metaphysics standpoint one could certainly say consciousness and its asymmetry of necessity exceeds the velocity of light. Certainty you have experienced the hand faster than the eye?


* * *

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