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Physicality Beyond the Two Player Game

Physicality Beyond the Two Player Game L. Edgar Otto August 20,21 2011

Today on Kea's update she links to a paper which concludes quantum information theory goes both ways to elucidate particle physics. What I find remarkable, even though we are talking about the metaphor of color here of which it is debatable if these, like abstract spin, are not literal and the same word and concept, especially lately and where nature may indeed have different ways to see some particles, and that these are in a sense composite when thought point irreducible. Iota's anyone?

In any case other than the actual measure of mass of which the formulas are somewhat successful, the old bricks with a small amount of mortal between them, and as Kea points out the place in the matrices and so on where integer numbers are involved if not explained their place in quantum worlds, I see in the paper the same conclusions as in my alternative suggestions as far as the numbers go - only, I feel from reading what I can of this paper that the insights have not come from awareness of a more general theory to which what is found to me would not be reassuring had I not a long alternative view of space, color and dimension. Still, the convergence and confluence here of coincidence should reassure us of computable paths as long as the world is intelligible with numbers, that we are solidly on the right track.

Today I will just post some minor general observations on theories of games which includes quantum concepts, again along my theme of physicality. I will also add a philosophic point on the nature of God as the most general of inertial systems in that our attitude to this concept is the modern issue of what we have a tendency to look for in those notions we call unified theories. (please forgive the complex language as I wrote these early this morning.)

* * *

*1 - an (n-dimensional game greater than or equal to 5) may play itself and may play it in a few different ways.

*2 - a two player game may win, break even, or draw.

*3 - a two player (consider all such duality here as in the C2 group, viriality and so on...) my only win or draw in the relation to initial moves and conditions.

*4 - the scientific part of the chess game is the endgame.

*5 - a (finite) n-dimensional chess game may introduce expanding and only locally predictable choices and paths, loops and terminations.

*6 - the choices made within a range of a game may non-linearly affect those of another game globally including no choice made by the first game.

*7 - the physicality of such choices may physically affect other choices where the response is between entities and views of the physical.

*8 - No sequence of choices must necessarily be unique or that all sequences of choices contribute as foundational to the general state.

*9 Clearly the duplication of a board of a certain representational range between odd and even dimensions or that numeric distinction quasically in the plane perpendicular to that, in symmetric binary states, may distinguish as the not commutative of the natural binary states of representation of those dimensions and of those dimensions (such as thought of as powers of two as the dimension) and in general these relationships are intelligible as physicality.

*10 - a unique present state and evolution direction is not necessarily irreversible and may vanish or arise locally, and creatively beyond its notion as a field to some more probably higher level to make on the whole a persistence of a physical entity.

* * *

As a model of Creation being more intricate than many reduced scientific and philosophic systems allowing a more comprehensive and inclusive, beautiful unity of phenomena, the idea of God as well human nature and the structures and processes of the universe, should not be as rigid as to have us insist on conservation of anything on the level we strive in physics to so define it.

Only on the level of an ultimate Being as the background inertial system of space can the assertion: "God is neither created or destroyed," even begins to make physical sense.

On the other hand, all such supernatural and pseudo-random systems cannot be simply unified by an underlying interaction of everything and every phenomenon connected in nature to everything else -or there there would be no unique games and relations between competing entities, no useful or real meaning that is a balance in unified theory, no enduring design or evolution, and no moment as certain causality in what we imagine the personal and physical.

These notions concerning a more religious perspective are nevertheless at the heart of how the philosophy of it colors our theories of everything. We have the Distant God who dwells in receding mystery and forever expanding with our understanding. We have the God Incarnate who paradoxically falls down into the physical world and can return to the higher realms again as so humans in His image. The Catholic and Protestant views seem parallel here. We have the New Age God, of light- of late sensate mirrored evil also of his ascetic rule of vengeance and conflicts the norm until the age we are in seeks oblivion or balance again. The New Age God to the monological others even when the division of the trinity suggest a certain pluralism again, a just and Democratic God, the transition parallel to modernity and post-modernism. Civilization returns to its tribal roots or earlier views as to if a system is unified or diverse for time and space are in this sense quasi-relative and what is the physical fact of things after the fact adjusts to the fact as the real in the face of the freedom of what might have been. In this sense the game persists and seems conserved but only in a quasi-physical sense of the reality.

Yet we must find such Gods beyond the scope of our notions of the day so as not to allow them to work against the very structure and purpose of our unique existence if we choose to create such. In this respect we observe that the God of Our Cognitive Awareness and total Enlightenment forthcoming as to some better model of our uniqueness- is also in the greater unity and reality of things, maybe just a stepping stone to other states of lesser or greater being.

It may be that we do not ultimately die alone at some place distant from our reaching out to others or being a part of the world- But the play begins and the resolution one on one we who know and see the gods and thus become part of the god-game.

* * *

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