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Quasized Standard GUT Theories (Quasi-SUSY)

On the Quasication of Standard and Grand Unified Theories L. Edgar Otto Aug. 11, 2011

Back a little while later- this illustration and the forthcoming one a result of working with the super depth Conway computation graph of my next to last post.

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In the dim light counting things I missed some at first- but it led to a question really, if nature only encounters certain counts of particles for some need not be there but only potentially, how might this affect the count in the actual physical case? Nevertheless, although counting and structure is ultimately a quasi-real phenomenon or method as is symmetry- we find some surprising and exquisite symmetry in the quasi-symmetric universe. I imagine from Kea's post of yesterday that the privileged axes or the z axis as concerns vectors and general math ideas and has a name is similar to this observation here in the sense we should consider half dimensions. So much of this view of space as the depth in and beyond the depth as matter or the span beyond the span as spirit is quas- x, x = condensing, compactification, parity(sign), inversion, iality (as in the duality of viriality), ality (as in n-ality itself), and in the end metaphorical counting and symmetry. There is also in this method of non-necessity and not an exhaustive list- the idea of a quasi-null unity of hierarchical theories.

In a sense we have quasi-factored holography counting fintely or partially but it seems to me a great principle involved in the local and non-local super conway graphs deals with Multiplicative integration like it seems to apply to biological integrative systems as quasi-totalities.

Then, in an attempt not to give a prefix and overuse the term, well this is a social question too- Quasi-priority of the claims for a theory and its ownership by peer review or publishing. Even the string theorist are on the right track of higher theory and all the alternative physics seems to talk after all about particles and SUSY ideas. So culturally it seems, or politically, that we see ideas in others which are the same or similar but in a different language or style of things to which the truth of things is quite independent of such considerations if science.

We may one day begin to appreciate the quality of those minds who undertake to explore the abstract foundations in the context of their creative journey. We with a new physics are entering a new and optimistic world and redefining what we are as individuals- it will be a wonderful place beyond these insane times- if we do not still blow ourselves up first or unravel our biological foundations- baring some natural disaster there is great room for the endurance of even our individual spirit and wide and justified optimism.

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note: a few interruptions in the coffee shop with some peoples personal problems and situations that may have changes the flow or coherence of the above writing- what is left out or not that will leave the leaps of insight for the hard work of the reader.
But people are more important than theories in the final analysis. Still, from the few jottings of my notes they did seem a little sparse despite the complexity to the point perhaps not only the global view is helpful but the need to imagine a more standard way to set things into the formulas. We look for a total theory but it is clear some distinctions should be worked out- for there are false symmetries and real ones of which the sorting of them is always a black box.

I find it odd that England is trying to curb the influence of facebook at a time when China for the sake of economy is trying to encourage it. In the end what is the belief or truth discerned in the virtual world should be taken with a grain of salt- for such an issue between the state and others is that between the individuals and society where they have like concerns and false privacy and less than solid claims for the priority of discovery by what philosophy seems to justify it.

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Again, we cannot say if a positive attitude helps us handle disasters better than a negative one, these sentiments are relative. So some worry about things that do not matter, and others are not aware of the thing to be worried about. How can we sort the prophets who equate prosperity with happiness from those who would render unto God what is God's in life, liberty and the pursuit?

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May you live long and prosper!

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Lately the old synchronicity again, working and finding the same sort of numbers as the reassuring posts of Kea to which I make another comment on update 100:


In case you have not seen it my new graphs have reached many of the same number relations although I don't see how people do it without a picture.

In retrospect the idea of mass and fairy fields and SUSY seem a small part of the concepts- not to those bloggers with sensible imaginations. I like to count the empty spaces also.

The PeSla

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Sci Mags today:

there is also one that says info may escape from black holes- well there was not much to the article yet.

But this idea origins and inflation, many-world and so on... at least the idea of probability paradoxes (what gravity not a fundamental force of nature?) Well, it seems these guys are catching up a bit to the more speculative issues and concepts we bloggers have creatively posted here lately.

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I am quite a fan of Prigogine and admired the new openness and fresh view of beginnings and ends of things.

This is a good article- keep this up and one day the bloggers you now praise and admire may all have to to look up to your insights.

I wonder, what ever happened to the question of a decade ago "Where is the chaos science in quantum theory?"

The PeSla

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