Thursday, August 4, 2011

Social Gravity on Badger Care

Social Gravity on Badger Care L. Edgar Otto August 4, 2011 AF14871466

Our souls were once more than shadows of
each other, merging, crossing paths
As our eyes kept strait forgetting or
not caring the way, glances half aware

The State owes nothing to the indigent
of its failed promises, veterans
Faded away coming home to homelessness
or lost in dreams and elixirs, even
Moved beyond all paths - Shhhhhh, acceptance
of the peace of light between rejection and the tunnel

Yet if you seek again the arms of Badger Care
all your silver asked to play, no refund, guarantee
I sit by the husks falling apart, pulling
their own teeth, enduring memorial parades
The half asleep to pass unrequited pain

Our shadows once distinct, remote in hibernation
merged as we fail each other, our lives
Passed before us read but once only before oblivion
yet I am all that is awake as the banners
Wave,their shadows on the streets and sidewalks
without colors to be blurred.

* * *

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