Thursday, August 25, 2011

Some Principles of Polytopal Duality Fields

Some Principles of Polytopal Duality Fields
L. Edgar Otto August 24, 2011

:- 1 As quasicity is the defining states of particle generations difference the polytope (of general dimensions) duality defines the asymmetric direction between them.

:- 2 In an ensemble of nucleons these principles show the division up from Tritium of fission products unbalanced intelligibly.

:- 3 In the intermediate state (as if inspheres) of duality transitions the field has an intelligible set of ambiguous points of path departures.

:- 4 Because the 8 anorthogon octant defaults to excluding 1 or 5 colors, six things taken 5 or 1 at a time, the orthogon-anorthogon polytopal differences condenses to space as 3D.

:- 5 These orthogon-anorthogon levels of 15 triads, so two generations apply of the pattern of 36.

:- 6 So viriality is a centered field (C2 group responding not so creating the physicality or field) over 36 if the 2^6 space such that the 28 4D elements imply the four space.

:- 7 These 28 can be quasi-transitive over (organic) cell differentiation on the 64.

:- 8 The remote states of a 2^n continuum symmetry privileges the quasic quadrants
that mass and field structures behave intelligibly.

:- 9 The accumulated uniqueness of a developmental field may endow certain privilege to entropy and the arrow of time to intelligibly distribute mass weights reflecting general physical history of the universe. (Locally, the energy or mass is not creatively spontaneously renewed.

:- 10 In a quasic polytopal quasi-continuous duality field the concept of "bits" of information, while intelligible, is fluid and dynamic across the range of dimensions of physicality.

:- 11 What does it mean to ask "Where does the information go?". That is this defines the general details of an Omnic background (Phaneron).

:- 12 The concept of number, vectors, are intrinsically dynamical fluid.

:- 13 The fluid logic explains organic physical systems clearly but is there an analog qualitatively to mental (cognitive, conscious) systems? Which may lead to the asking of this question of any physical process that may appear to have sentience, purpose or meaning, intelligibly.

:- 14 The descent in the contribution of the value of Euler's constant intelligibly relates to the exponential or logarithmic grounding four thermodynamic and fluid information structures for remote continuity - this does not

:- 15 Mean physical information defaults forever or beyond some sort of asymptotic freedom or limit forever into say the concept of mini black holes.

:- 16 The fluidity of number systems suggest concrete repeating decimals in a sea of transcendentals.

:- 17 We can extend (to fill space) the anorthogon and orthogonal color matching contiguity's into a lattice.

:- 18 There can be external or internal implied centers thus in the cubo-octahedron and octahedron as a space filler if no center exists or does so exist, Rowlands's metaphysical notion or insight has an analog in the gammas (ortho) and betas (anortho) of these dual polytopes through natural dimensions.

:- 19 Quantum shell integers and the inverse square law is grounded foundation-ally as arithemetically and quasically.

:- 20 Lord Kelvin's space filler as a 5D shadow has a slight volume difference in three space 48 + 24 = 72 such a symmetry which is one tenth of six factorial.
48 x 15 = 36 x 20 = 24 x 30 = 12 x 60...

:- 21 In general the wider matrix of square 64 subsquare objects follows the progression (seemingly trivial as counting) such that other prime powers are introduced to the value of products (linear inverse square law) save these are binary powers when the product or compass of quasic squares are themselves binary.

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