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Super-hyper Information Space

Super-hyper Information Space (& Vector Intelligibility in Natural Dimensions) L. Edgar Otto Aug.21, 2011

That two planes can intersect at a point as an axiom of higher space, this is an axiom also of quasic and informational space, and phase spaces in higher dimensions. Without such a core understanding of simple combination's of axes and so on, of the lower dimensions in a vast sea of them we may try to force things into what we think of as six space and compactification and not the Eight face representations. So in these abstract analogs to 3 space structure, xy and z, we understand as if natural expressed vectors inductors and condensers of such information supercolor space. But it seems to me there is an awful lot of deep geometry and formulas built around such a simple counting of our first few fingers. Perhaps even a cave man cannot understand.

I would like to add that these consideration of natural or traditional and alternative ideas of space and dimensions suggests to me their applications to ensembles of the so called particles we are attempting to explain or describe-that is such symmetries my apply to atomic structure (indeed how is it we can double the neutrons to the protons in a nucleus?) And do we extend the periodic table even further than the combination of generations of quarks? Dark nucleons- do you mean this Matti? And it suggest to me another revolutionary level in what we need to understand the information if not the mechanism of the dimensions of the genetic code. But gene revolutions are becoming ordinary lately.

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PeSla said...


I would be interested in what you make of this paper.

It was on The Reference Frame blogspot.

Does this scientific paper tell us anything? Is it scientific?

The PeSla
August 21, 2011 1:32 PM
Bruce Duensing said...

As a conceptual projection of various scenarios based largely on the variability of human nature, it is a fair and balanced presentation with all the required caveats in regard to it's own critical assumptions. Where I would criticize the paper, is that it is incomplete, in my view as it is flawed in how the scenarios are arranged into good bad or indifferent effects. The complexities of human life in community ( which is the paper's context) is not characterized or experienced by any such simple means in terms of valuating effects and origins which create our own contradictory behaviorism's. It could be and more than likely be in aggregate sums some entangled variation of effects from each column, of which there would be "good effects" and "bad effects" and "no effects" By it's nature, it is made of puzzle pieces that fit more than one way, yes? Also..the road to perdition is based on critical assumptions in the form of good intentions that do not translate as evangelical postulates in an non human or non alien culture, and so my read of this from a non human perspective, is it ( the paper) is laudable in the sense that it serves as a sensible argument for taking a stand off approach, and that any inferred or presumed control of effects from contact is laughable, and a warning to keep one's good intentions at bay as accidents, unpredictability..all under the umbrella of the unanticipated are more than probable to arise. The cure might be worse than the disease as far as tampering goes. However, if the tact is to promote any insight that is arrived at toward our own make up by our own efforts and not their own, this tact would seem to do the least "damage" and may in fact be what is occurring. If so, that does not mean it will "take." or have any significant effect, as most of the effects to date from a presumed provocation are patent nonsense in the human community.

In view of this simple observation of natural dimensional axes one can imagine that applying Fourier analysis to compute say the density of matter in the universe is a less than adequate method and we cannot just throw away small contributions of a series or differentials... the mortar between this hierarchy of material bricks where it is not an integer also needs the contribution of levels deeper than the Fourier. Not to say we do not get an approximation and think the final values are but a small modification of the equations away.

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My Facebook status today:

It may be that it is not about jobs... the social disability system is insolvent and seems to implode along with the boondoggles and bureaucrats of that industry. What they do not understand in investment in the people is that such systems merely pass on the bad debts to those on the bottom who cannot honor them but would do so. Insolvency is the highest and worst form of taxation and not a game that should be played beyond the community.

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Although it is hard to see or believe, in a universe where in theory we can radically change its past if someone enlightened enough will choose to do so, it does take awhile to follow the depths and possible truths in a theory. Some of these in reaching out to try to understand, and yes to the homework in the symbols and notions they see as the unique core and contribution to explanations and total theories, that I have found several alternative view of others taking a very long time to find the heart of its meaning, and its wider significance in the nuts and bolts of ideas to which we if honest will intuitively soundly gravitate towards.

One consequence of this is that ideas of which I gave little faith more than the courtesy of consideration (which is to my and all of our benefits) is that some of the ideas we can clearly see as inadequate- but more so that some of them are clearly beyond the scope of things that are considered the ground of theory today and nevertheless are a reality at least in our near futures.

This is perhaps right up there with my general ability to pick a song that will become very popular and influential to the point those who balked at my prediction have often come back and apologized saying I was right about the song and musician.

But for those whom I in my politely held doubts, I am the one who owes the apology and the responsibility for showing their paths had great substance after all. This would be a pointless statement if not in the apparent shortness of a life the restraints of this issue were not still with us in our own time and incarnation in a world where if life were so precious and so short we would not have time for some common sense things like our tribal instinct for false flags and prejudices.

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