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The Multiverse Begins at Conception

The Multiverse Begins at Conception
(or Being There at the Creation) L. Edgar Otto September 30, 2011

*The question of primacy of biological and inorganic systems of complexity.
*The threshold of integrative uniqueness of multiple cell systems.
*The reading and interpretation of codes and the "Chinese Room" questions.
*The self-doubt and its shell of external relations hidden as universal experience.
*the fall into limited simple manifolds cognitively and self-irreversible.
*the "Ship of Theseus" as intelligible only beyond a certain threshold of creation and at the level of the neutral scale of physical exchanges as meaningful. (To ask what came before the big bang is to ask where and when a unique individual begins.)
*The same concept tachyonically may be considered to apply to near death experiences.
*The open question at a threshold perhaps transcending evolution as we understand it as if cognition can program and change the universe, and if this is unique, maximum in sentient physical beings as the ultimate.
*The hidden symmetry action beyond direct measure as to how far the concept of energy and the persistence of entropy relates to the concept of scale.

This represents some general thoughts that come closer to resolving some of the paradoxes of my view of the physics as more of an organic model on many levels- I have not included the thoughts of the earlier pages listed in the last post- so much for this crisis and these notes that tend to solve it some- This also comes from conversations with students with personal concerns in the coffee shop. The central idea here is that the intuitive models are grounded within us predisposed to the psychology in a way we can imagine as in the reproduction of systems that say two branes intersect in a point is equivalent to copulation (and conjugation) so we can imagine a model of creation as this intersection of branes. The question then is what exactly is this difference of the single cell and multi-cell organism.

* * *

With sorrow I heard the report from the teacher in Japan who states that the intensity of radiation especially close to the ground over 600 km away is about ten times greater than the government will not politely say- and he predicts a mass exodus from the Islands. Food, in this closed food system is sold even if grown in the area of the disaster. His family does not eat fish anymore.

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I made two comments today on

L. Edgar Otto commented on Can Neutrinos be Superluminal? Ask OPERA!.


The issues of which you are concerned, due to the nature of number, seems to me a little limited, a borderline numerology really which in the end treats what cannot be distinguished as coincidence from the general picture of the importance of dimensionless constants.
There are many such relations of numbers which in the totality can seem miraculous to find or mere trivial artifacts. (Such discoveries are ancient also as in the sacred number of Plato 192 – rigid hypercube rotation?) or the 240 of Babylon as a sacred number rediscovered in 64 in relation to hypernumbers and the close packing of 8D spheres.

The feeling I get is that a young intern can autopsy a corpse and see the intricate design and say how great the intricate design of the Creator. This may be so (but outside the province of science so far) but in any case the living organism is much more awe inspiring and complex- as well the wider ideas of the universe that go beyond the idea of a lesser model of God.

But I do not mean to discourage anyone willing to dedicated their lives to the quest of knowing. There are much wider connections between these fundamental numbers than what some seem to find as group theory in its little rigid classifications and we should see such concepts as more a living system than that which has lost its life force for everyone.

Beyond a certain point no ghost of theories past can come back to haunt us.



I like your term everlasting for I may have posted it in relation to these neutrino ideas but certainly concerning the philosophic distinction between that an the term eternal- as in Eternal Inflation cosmology.

Yours is quite interesting theories with some conclusions the same as others have made. In particular where it involves conclusions that the fundamental, original and comprehensive theory of the universe, involves electroweak thus chiral influences as the grounding.

I have imagined two types of neutrinos more from a biological model and have reached a time of going back to the drawing board at this level of paradox. I am not sure these are the same entities of which you speculate.

Hope springs everlastingly…

The PeSla

* * *

L. Edgar Otto on facebook-

I begin to think that the physical model and the biological models of the cosmos are in a sense equal, that one does not come before the other. The biological model is much richer than the physics one, but this seems to reflect the limits of physics and the richer new physics to come. Still, from this new view the old paradox is there as to what is unique and ultimate- we living and mortal beings or still more beyond we have not dreamed.

Moreover, the difference in existing or not stands out all the more in contrast where on any level it is hard to understand the metaphysics or physics from what it may mean on which side of such an imagined mirror. I vaguely thought as per the comment that we have order from one cell to another or randomness and this is reflected in the ultimate chirality and its relation to lightspeed of the neutrinos and seems an analog to how in biological systems the mechanisms arise where a bacterium moves toward or away from a stimulus by the change of spin of its tail and it does not prove anything that nature stumbles on steps for such a machine as to if raw evolution is prime to describe the reality. So in terms of abstract and teleological motion between cells the concrete description, concrete for the obvious shared reality of whatever level of physics, the philosophy of existing still exceeds what we may think is possible still in the reality- not that I expected otherwise as some do.

And not to reduce things to primordial sexual functions on our learning on a lower level or subconscious level so much of our modeling of the universe may reflect the intuitions derived from the psychology but in a cleaned up reductionist form that bleeds over into methods of replication between species. But if the reproductive or replicative models apply here at the vacuum structure levels it does make sense to an intelligible world it part of the real. But on what level does this mean that in the end, living without understanding the deep process or making shallow things the reality such as culture without informational history- that we can only shore up the survival of a living form so far after all- as per the common beliefs of what it means that we are mortal- that and the learning and uniqueness of our spirits.

It is still not a given for me that we can integrate the totality based on the relative lifespan of creatures and particles. This seems the deeper question also of a level of vision such as that of TGD, Pitkanen who senses the need or question of such as if integratible theories. Asking such is far better science than those who assert at some level they have the theory of everything or undermine the old ideas without some sort of physicality of proof.

Yet I must say- my own explorations continue to find more beautiful models.

Replies on facebook:

Erion Bano Lee Smolin draws a comparison between biology and physics in his book, "The Life of the Cosmos."

Erion, yes some seem to like this author with his ideas of baby universes and some dislike the idea. But what I was meaning here is not so much seeing the universe as a living thing just having some similar principles (so thanks for pointing out his view may be relevant) I wanted a more unified view of the reality. What makes us distinct universes on that model? Also, is our mental models not well described as to what is advanced but too complex to handle. What in fact is the equivalent in the cosmic to methylation that in excess or lack contributes to the so call mental unbalances?

* * *

Maybe for October 1st I will present a more unified post on this as I am pretty much getting over the hard cold. I think I recall the important themes of last night but there is a chance I missed something. I suppose taking the tachyonic application a little more seriously and coincidentally regarding the "magenta colors of fractalenes" the important thing is like with the initiator and terminator codons the threshold of biological like physical laws begin after the standard model as so described as 25 or so of particles. This of course dives into the reality and familiarity with the higher dimensions of which M ideas like 10 or 11 are but the bare beginning. So what of the terminators of a cosmic and natural code? The information seems to apply here but not as if I can any longer regard physics as a branch of biology (certainly chemistry is the grail of DNA as a basis and the height of quantum relevance) Evolution as a fact more then than a theory is somehow where these meet in an ongoing independent or general life form. That is the change or meeting of these disciplines on an equal footing has deep consequences- and that for the intuition or what paths you cannot explore in memory because they are not part of what was once explored or collectively shared in a meaningful way. The mysteries deepen but they still can be viewed as mystery- nevertheless what we can feel we are certainly is not only in the main a survival code to some extent- it is more certainty as to how we rely on the reality of our sentience in finer detail. To apply the life models is almost too much a match to question it and too easy to dismiss as intelligible but not of the deep relevance we as humans may think of our mastery of the sciences and philosophy and what our role and place is in the real. But I find it unreasonable that such a seemingly precious thing locally as life would be so vulnerable in even its temporary existence and that this may follow from narrow visions of chance or the assumed exhausting of mechanisms and entropy. For this position while awakening us to a fair assessment of life will fix things to that assessment which for all it matters becomes the height of human truth.

But there is a very wide field of physics to find between now and the foreseeable near future to find- and that is the very precious thing of mind and life that is the concern of our scientists- falsified is one thing, reversal of fortunes another thing, but vanished and shown so absolutely and wastefully is quite of a higher order where the general idea of such replication from some origin or not- or in the mysteries of the eschatology as difficult in theological studies (the scientific part of this great higher symmetrical and dimensional chess game as the end game) that multiverse and universe is in a sense a false distinction- much like if we can get our head around it the idea for many-world- that in some sense we are the same person to some degree of effects. Still, I am not sure I made it clear with these consideration and theme that I have stated those concerns clearly.

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Teleoms and the Tachyonic Aspects of Memory

Teleoms and the Tachyonic Aspects of Memory

I think it is to be expected with new data there is a spurt of new speculations of which these may not be a solid as the papers to come a little later. I have been under the weather and off line out of reach so it is unusual or a change in the pattern not to post here or on facebook- which caused some worry with relatives. But I would have had three or so post if I had the energy but these concern the vague and more organic models of these tachyonic considerations- that is for me it is not making an adjustment to the new data others will feel the need to do so- but I have to make adjustment to the level of the next set of ideas and in the early days of it I too am subject to a little less certainty in papers. However, it is not easy to try to write a science fiction if some rather sound science ideas come through it first of which that is the more important. (I also would have said something about the sit com the Big Bang in a review but will save that for later).

This morning I finally got a good sleep and had a dream of sorts where I am rolling in the quilts and sheets in such a way I have to keep the sheet between me and the quilt but that does not keep me warm- so I make a tube (wormhole) and have the idea that I should call this "half naked singularity" rather than "bare naked singularity" (of course the "Bare Naked Ladies" sing the theme of the Big Bang sit com.

Still, there can be a crisis that has us pause. (I read two new sci mag links that relate to what I have not posted yet- that we can learn while we sleep- and that the atom smasher guys are abandoning the search for the Higgs and looking at the neutrinos, in the USA at least.) My crisis and it still not resolved, was the remarkable mapping of these ideas with that of an organism, the quasic cells as if the body cells. But this does not say anything about say a Creator, while it does suggest evolution as more than just a theory- but the prices is perhaps that we are not uniquely immortal potentially after all as a possibility (the purpose to so define uniqueness of a path and realities for the physics sake). The last idea is perhaps the absurd connection Lubos pointed out between the so called failure of Einstein and the Anthropocentric idea after all (that is these falsifications together seem to add up to the pseudoscience of global warming- see his thereferenceframe blogspot recently.)

Anyway, I may come back to this day here and post the old papers if one is interested more in the new creative philosophy than expect new creative science. As far as religious motivation goes I remark that it is not enough, say at an autopsy or resident in training to dissect a body and marvel how it is so intricate and fits together then say- Praise the Creator! The dynamic living body and not a dead one is much closer to any such design praise of said Creator worthy of the name. So to with the early mathematics of the String and M theories...

* * *

Well, other synchronous links to my current theme (actually the application of these or the implications of these new neutrino concerns... rather what we assumed all along for some of us) in the sci mags:

But I could not find a related article I mentioned last week. The first one here is of course related to the idea of deja vu in the delay of right and left brain perceptions but this a deeper question of organization of the structured vacuum to which this article does suggest a sort of stability yet a discrete organization.

I also refer to the Big Bang sitcom (and Lubos I understand was or still is the consultant) as the main character with a sort of nerdy friend that really was not a girlfriend they broke up over the issue of whose view of science was incorporated in the other- she saw everything through neurobiology- he from the string theory of physics and ultimately the theory of everything. They broke up and the main guy started keeping cats the first one Oppenheimer and so on- and the roommate Leonard ask after telling the cat names if he had adopted the whole Manhattan project and he said yes and had "given them all cute Jewish names." I wonder if these were explicitly symbolic of quantum cats?

* * *

Well, it has been something to sleep on and long enough for me to realize the posting of these speculations may be of some use to the new areas of theory. I do remark in these ideas of learning even in sleep (if you can find that article) does refer to the Teleomnium (Tlom) idea of a background in my philosophic continuum speculations of long ago. So I shall post them, maybe today, but just as a free and working enquiry I do not claim any of my fellow bloggers, scientific or otherwise, have any necessary negative connection with this. It is a creative enterprise to which the wheel is in spin and good luck to those with sound intuition and imagination. I guess at best we have raised the bar to cognition of ourselves and the physics and not surprisingly found the same old paradoxes there but more complex.

Oh, here is the link I referred to as to sleep and learning on a deeper level. Of course where I mention dream influences this makes a little more scientific sense:

* * *

Still, as the article points out the brain tries to organize itself intelligibly so it is difficult to work with partial and so many uncertain new views, at least initially.

That said: these will be the posts thus far to come:

Change of Density in Tachyonic Cell Memory 09-27-11

Polyhedral Iota as Biological Cell Teleomic Systems 09- 27- 11

Teleomnic Quasic Space Questions 09-27-11 11:48pm and 09-28-11

Subconscious Micro-time Travel Condensing and Expanding Motions 09-28-11 and the summer of 1953 (minor memory path revisited to which I may describe the wider associated memories).

Todays post- and a stray idea that asks of the relation with others as to their experience as independent, shallow or deep, connected or not, evolved or not, and why>

* * *

I checked the TGD site today- well, I suspose some of the bloggers can grow obsolete until they resolve some of their own new questions in a sort of vertigo. Or as with Kea we find solid work all along.

Matti and Santeri,

The infinite or finite aspect of such numbers, p-adic or otherwise can seem a relative point of view where the multiverse and manyworld concepts apply.

Of course the reality of the physical case would resolve in the universe if it is quantumly computed and thus more efficient.

But the quantum case is not the deepest explanation or level of what is our reality. The same with numbers and geometry.

Such things are quasi-finite (-infinite) where they can be said to cut off or continue- in any case I am not talking some sort of post modern relativism here but that which does make some of our reality scientific and actual.

This is a rather deep question and seems undecided at least in terms of philosophy when we do reach these higher theories of new physics.

The PeSla

* * *

It seems that for whatever reason that we are delayed a bit at making the great new steps of insight needed- This most likely would be very useful as part of the application of tachyonic clarification in the nature of such postulated wormholes.
As you will soon see posted- in terms of physical memory it is not so much the reading of a cell to sell but the micro time travel that causes an ordered region of quasic space cells to implode by multiple as idempotent or expanded by their simplification whether we see these as direct or indirect connected wormholes or not or for that matter some fictitious or real idea of some signal or gravity waves or not- but as Kea said these wispy neutrinos are after all known real... But if the standard theorists are slow... do we as a little faster than the standard value of light against some higher form of debatable Michelson-Morely data really solve the situation as to what the values of physical things are? It is hard enough to understand why I am so slow myself to react to ideas- had I not hold on to the so strongly once I understand and sift the wheat from the chaff in the popular winds of the winnowing by the fads of physics. Still, it is the last of our human concerns that falls if we fail to take it with a grain of salt and not seriously. For the standard guys- well, you can try to jump over the chasm or ride through some portal of ideas- at least try to imagine what theories you need to survive it and not like the Steeps horses blindly jump to the contests of strength of their masters.

* * *


This link you posted on the arvix blog talk...

The answer on is time travel possible in particular for some model and ideas on causality...

I get the feeling these kids do not know much about what they are talking about and see to be downright skirting around the issues. An hour of too early to say? There are no unified models to explain things?

ThePeSla let us expect scientists to do science not philosophy of as to how it may and not likely affect our lives. Maybe these scientists are slowly vanishing into an alternate universe and fading. Oh well.

* * *

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Queen's Knight to King's Bishop Three

Queen's Knight to King's Bishop Three L. Edgar Otto September 24, 2011

This title occurred to me for a science fiction story- in the tradition of doing so as did Fred Hoyle- or perhaps the new sit com "The Big Bang". I do this because it seems that such popularizations do convey something of the paradigms of physics. But first I must show the science part of it all, the math. Yet, it is clear that the recent discussions on the neutrino issue and data open up to a wider view that can contain fresh material and foundations for such speculative literature better than the usual fare. I roughly envision the time traveler of variable intellect from room to room playing a chess game of sorts with the space. In such a space it is not clear that once we divide the transfinite number of rooms into two that we can fit as many guests in- that is what prevents us from doing this all at once.

So in speculation and in the evaluation of the new data we have raises some interesting new questions- well, maybe resurrected some old ones- consider the Baconian theme in a story I read once in 63 where someone sits on a rock and describes the scene changing- the flora and fauna evolving before him but he is caught in the same room like location.

We find our minds seem to work like this also as well the recursion and iterations within the pattern space of our genes and that adaptable space our brain use to store the deeper phenomenon of memory and attach it to feelings and words- perhaps tell a story. When the connections fade it is much clearer that it is not simply a recollection as much as the being there in that place still in that time.

But the higher space can be a higher dimension to which some may opt out from the normal three space and materiality. This in a sense undermines the causality or the karma as in the thoughts of such religious balance. Do some in the desire determined or not who opt out face punishment, a new track and higher one to race upon, maybe to become like the angels in theory? Or is there a vanishing to this natural reaction and desire that ground the impetus for life and learning that for me the path is so found unique and sentient - and all the issues that raises?

* * *

Oh, I posted this to Kea's blog if she can make sense of it and deems it worthy to allow post.


What these authors and others have failed to see despite the brilliance of the insights is that this 26 (or 27 or 28 depending on the inclusion of centers) is a pattern that goes across all dimensions and the so called sub-spaces need not be zero. But from a more general view as this is a vague property of numbers too, as in my "Borg" theory- "resistance is futile" or it seems just as well to be irrelevant.

The next level of such group considerations would of course be 81. It is not enough to show there are no "ghost like fields" or particles less than this Pythagorean grounding multi-brane three space centering to show if these are physical. And for the lack of your concerns of asymmetry of it all such static systems only seem to move at any speed. This is why these sort of brane theories like string ones have not pinned down the essential idea of mass or gravity.

Each sub-region of the space has he pattern also and so on...

The PeSla

* * *

Part of the origin of these ideas was the n-dimensional case idea of the Conway Matrix and the crude attempt for a better notation which in the end I had to choose a coordinate system beginning in the center of orthogonal structures in quasic space (that is the upper left hand corner) which follows somewhat the very principle Kea refers to in her quotation I commented upon. It is very odd that so often I find citing in papers recent and rather old that come so close but have not begun to understand the quasic idea. I must believe we are past the post modern era and that in general we all are seeking and expect some sort of concrete general design for an intelligible universe.

So here is the extension into other multibrane spaces with a center in the triangular number sequence of an orthogon to an echo of the 24 dimensional shape. I then decided despite the advantages of the A-O the P-Z then the civil war cipher then numbers with a degree sign- that a sort of quasi grid or cell epsilon-delta idea of a string-point compromise could be a notation of two parts (however, it slows me down to shift the letters from what is clear in what space and as to what I have committed to memory. But the notation will improve- I show this crude draft as it is on the way of casual discovery and may convey the more complicated ideas of how we may see dimensions in such sub-sub-spaces.

I note of course in the heading illustration that there is no move from the initial position so described but a few moves could make it possible- and so from a gender or symmetry view as the Knights can make a circuit on the natural board as to the parity these land one (changing color not the same color as with the bishops) to give an idea of the higher hidden symmetries in abstract motion involved in the plane- of which it is not clear how many can be coincident or intersect with regard to what center singularity.) I also suggest from this ED notation that only at a certain level of complexity do we begin to see the role of the tenfold higher spaces that can be mapped onto the 600 cell and 120 cell polytopes of four space. Again, from what I can tell the views of space seem less rich than geometers seem to understand and on the other hand some things are not all that hopelessly complicated.
If the knight can so move (a mirror to the orthogonal queens move) why not in a sense that numbers do this- including the decimal in the computation of frequencies and length having perhaps a form, almost cyclic and independent in nature regardless of where the decimal is.

Green Bay 3-0 in the games I watched (and the Superbowl last year). Maybe just a jump over some Knight path in a hyper cell as the games are harder with some of the options limited or excluded than the full game itself of chess. Or the idea of applying the icosahedral solids to the DNA in 67 independently- I mean about as strange as falling into an adjacent cell where say you fumble the ball or make a chess blunder not quite the self you are used to when you look into the mirror- all these the question again of uniqueness between spaces of wider order- and if not quite all things possible in a somewhat limited universe we cannot doubt that some ways to see the world can be radically different from a design reality- who is to say that my creative artistic roommate is not the sane one from the future or is that also my awareness of him and proximity. Well, I am trying to teach him how to be middle class and what in new physics shows his art beyond both its modernism and post modern senses. You know, take your eyes away for a minute and the other side winds up scoring a few points, so it seems.

* * *

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Conway Matrices of the Fifth Degree

Conway Matrices of the Fifth Degree L. Edgar Otto September 25, 2011

I see even those physics bloggers I rarely visit are on board to discuss the tachyonic neutrino concepts. I only feel like half posting today, was going to just do the notes of the rather strange representations moved into five space (ten Euclidean = Four Einsteinian) but a lot of ideas pepper the page- some of which explain many questions we have asked about the standard model. In some ways it shores up the speculation and research spent on these models. Form this chart in the illustration (and the symbols for the letters in 5 space in a 9x9 or 10x10 quasic grid are the civil war cipher) but it is clear that we can produces only a partial or half set of the mirrors of the types of particles. Why indeed would the neutrinos not have the same properties of the other particles? This is also why for now I do not call them tachyons in the extreme although tachyonic, but teleoms- that is the more local phenomenon taken into account in the design structure of things.

This is not a post modern confusion (but I do not mock the natural vertigo one can get in the encountering of new world view or the confusion in our language or symbols with what is real and what is fancy) for in some sense there must be a modern or neoteric design as the leader of progress and not just an end to such philosophies and "isms" into a cloud of confused, vague diversities. So my teleoms are closer to still carefully to be viewed particle-wise as philosophic tachyons. This of course does not say that the radical concept of tachyons devoid of time was ever something to be treated cautiously and not tentatively indifferently as in the interpretations of antiparticles going back in time.

Of course it will be a rush to the panhandle of confused platt coordinates where the new experiment (and would the theory carry weight or make the impact without such an experiment that it has as well the rumor of other anomalies have?) so that we have the staking out of new settlements until the region is clear in the speculations and the claimed territory falls more under the civilized consensus of laws. One might weigh the value of a theory proposed as to how well it predicts some future discovery and stands when that result reaches a vertigo of confusion if not free fall until we learn to fly. It is not the retro-diction or retro-engineering of our speculations that sustain the worth of a new theory but insight and imagination that has gone beyond that and in the tailspin its concepts have survived. Some of our cherished beliefs in the end still stand but only when we can view things from higher space as they intrinsically decay in orbits or are changes from outside. In no case can a theory asymmetrical or even symmetrical alone, nor an equation or some idea of fractions without mirror inversions implied or real form a complete explanation beyond some vague disembodied field that only thrives on reasonable lack of detail. That said- I still do not know from where most of these ideas, like poems come if not a picture of some sort of teleometry of our minds. In some ways the man makes the child and it makes some sense that the rain is there because the flowers drink it. That this seems full of contradictions shows our lack of a deeper understanding of the role of time, at least philosophically, in relation to the ideas of the constant or invariant velocity of light.

I feel strongly that one essential and simple geometric principle hard to see is the place in some constructed and more foundational or fundamental description of physical reality is the note that says a teleom is a combination or interaction of a tachyon concept with the general chirality concept where in detail they work out the physicality of the concepts of physics that apply clearly grounded in our physics. But has this not always been the case? Have we go ahead and not been aware of these deep assumptions we made and applied without enough proof and used as a reasonably intelligible if not self sustaining or destructing theory or idea.

In time and turns it may be that theoretical physics, like the impetus and expression of life itself, makes sense only in the living and it can be expressed only when we keep the structures separate as to their parity in higher lattices so that the understanding of such can show where the parity, general concept of structure class, and dimensions can be sorted or mixed.

Do we have time to explore these things? Is there really a sense of time running out and thus of some measure beyond the individual of course? In the general theory we have the Totem makers and note- as in all such spiritual leaders of the tribe the secrets of the story of the totem is known only by the carver in depth- this will guarantee his employment as a carver and place in the tribe. So too all you whose vision walks with the animals of the roles and clan- passed from father to son or not or our names passed from mothers to sons as that of the clan. The stars are not fixed in constellations in our minds and hearts- we adapt as does all life, and at least in the near humans and humans to a uniform or neoteric experience of the world.

But I mention this because I may use some of these terms, clan, totem, as they may be needed in the new physics context. Note, I did not go beyond the 5th to any depth which is implied (as it shores up Einsteins grounding as well as some of the standard theory and some of the sting ideas and some of the quantum formalism- and some of those with theories not well known or mentioned) of the possible case of representations as distinct which would map the Borg Cubes themselves in hyperspaces if that is a distinct situation and generalization. What do you think?

For now it seems clear where those struggling to see a more unified and general picture state there is or that reality of space is ten dimensional. This gives a reason in the 5 fold space or at least an alternative explanation. Not that we can sit on the idea that space is so limited to 10 or so dimensions.

Or that the concept of a string in a nucleus cannot be five things even if as five quarks in the fifth case these much symmetry break not to define one higher particle even if in the brane intersection with branes a string of five points (quarks) is possible.

Color here requires so many in a natural dimension in order to describe any reasonably continuous path of non-jumping motions. I have naively assumed it to be nine such forms in four space as the seven diatonic ones in three space based on analogy to music theory. But we need a tenth color to extend things into more euclidean like lattices over such collections of possible privileged centers. For the same sort of naive reasoning that if a string is to vibrate it needs a further dimension or two so to vibrate within- in this quasic focusing we need such additional colors or dimensions so to locate the center of some structure within.

Lastly, the idea of what a singularity or singularity complex is and the central quasic one (of which it should be important in star structure evolution) I imagine the iota particle or point strings to be intimate with this timelike arrow upon the focus of such a single singularity that may to some degree correspond to the central or quasic apparent singularity between the one of limits or absolute nothing and the one of growing spans- complex or simple and yes, quasi-finite in between. Dare I ask where the point and the string end and begin in the iota itself- what answer other than perhaps it does grasp the whole scale of the universe on all scales. And let me add that the 137 comes up at least on this fifth level as a background but there has to be more to such classical Eddington like backgrounds as well for the more Diracian view I encounter the old 32 x 32 and the varieties of 5's and 12's.

It is harder to distinguish between originality and trivial ubiquity than it is for even a true believer in post modern philosophy of science to distinguish the fantasy from the reality- or rather in the face of reality not suspect there is a difference.

* * * *

I will now shorten this post to watch the Green Bay and Chicago Bears football game- not that I really mind which teams win if they are in Minnesota, Illinois, or Wisconsin but go Packers! (Steelers were OK too last year btw) I have suspected but it feels stronger that our involvement viewing such games is influential- that we are part of the proper universe under observation- but this is most likely something in my part Amerindian blood where the shamans on both sides tried to hex the game.)

* * *

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Thoughts of the Notion of Tachyonic Neutrinos (Teleoms)

Thoughts of the Notion of Tachyonic Neutrinos (Teleoms) L. Otto September 24, 2011

If there are tachyons (my position welcomes the idea as it falls into themes of my long time discussion- and I have trusted my intuition enough to be surprised I welcomed and internalized some idea as if proven almost without a doubt or taking thought only when other people with my humility to respect their experience, expertise and position- or their work) but as this illustration suggests the idea of yesterday of the Borg cube can be generalized- so such particles in the span and depth of space will show various perspectives and perceptions to formalize the higher physics. But it is not that we have to abandon certain ideas. That may include certain reasoning's about the paradoxes of two photons in opposite directions and their relative speed- something I call displacitivity (is this not a question of virial laws?- considering the one who accelerates solves this simple paradox, that is can in the next level of gravity like concerns we exceed the two player game of 2c? Some particles are invisible yes in terms of some exotic particles proposed in the new particle zoo? Is it not fundamental that we simply cannot add to the maximum invariant velocity of signals? That is can we say that any formula that c + v can make sense without caveats of the grounding physics? The implied next dimension idea or the implied numbers not only has reasons for the need for more than x colors but this drives the teleology into the indefinite past future structurally which makes for an open or extend aspect of a universe.

It is not enough to raise the issues of the uncertain in quantum fine effects for say a thought experiment nor to do so with appeal on some scale to relativity although both things are possible to do- save maybe doing both as unification of the physics. But enough of this, I did not mean to continue post as much yet the news of this tachyonic neutrino has certainly attracted the attention of a dozen diverse people in the coffee shop even if only a couple of them can begin to see the implications. For my readers, what few there are, I have to emphasis there the philosophic implications of all this from the creative science view. I make a few assertions in these three papers above which I post raw because of the value these may have. I am asking myself this moment- even as eye candy- will anyone realize what this picture of the 6x6x6 hypercubes mean here as it does not seem that different from other graph drawings- when we consider these as the surfaces and depths of hypercubes then we have the 8x8x8 (x8) case.

Perhaps the idea, not a new one really, again finds resistance and caution by the established scientists and science writers which to me takes a lack of imagination and sober thinking, classical or not. But even if tomorrow an error was found that was not one of theory- the systems I have described will still stand and be still more general than even the concept of a pure string theory.

I note that Kea mentions 26 and that keeps coming up usually as condensations of 13 and certainly multiples of 120 come up many places especially in four space. So now I see someone else beginning to speculate on the idea this somehow explains how supernovas may indeed create the elements (up to the 92 in 3D or 120 in four space Z number). The creative scientist can see such ideas before some news or rumors of news from concrete experiments break- and the true scientist will not believe certain things no matter what overwhelming magazine or journal makes the claims loudly but retracts quietly in the back pages- the 200 year bicentennial birth of the USA has been a few decades back now-that the unintentional hoax of bicentinuum is past while no one yet has seen elements even to 120.

What this probably means is simple that at the other end of this communication process are rather ordinary people, albeit with exotic interests and in strange concepts of our generations and ideas of time. We have in the end a human enterprise.

But perhaps there is nothing to judge how we have spent our light.

* * * *

I saw the usual crowd I follow and decided to post there today.

From a more general view scale matters on this higher space effect, That is space scales. The idea of such relativistic invariance applies in the higher reaches of analogs to relativity. This reminds me more of old Steady State Cosmology of Hoyle's creation fields of which the materials of a planet are much the same near that more general event radius. These were in their day Minkowski derived. It does imply a certain directionality based on the string theory mentioned in Kea's post update recently from 2002. As many suggest this solves the new problem of how certain higher elements are made in the novas. This is a whole new world that needs more imagination and awakening to the simplicity and greater relaxed freedom of the views. If we restrict ourselves to what seems to make sense of how dimensions and group can be applied no matter how impressive the formulas and arguments we will miss a lot of the physical and the philosophic implications. Do we not imagine that stars go nova in the first place via the rapid emission of neutrinos whereas the photon from a stars center takes an order of time equal to that to the so called Big Bang?

It is time that the rest of the academic world climb up from the sea and walk upright with some of our alternative bloggers- and they too should clear their eyes and ponder the stars.

The PeSla

* * *

A stray thought I will include here: The black and white of things, like a television transmission, can be easily decoded into the colors PROVIDED THE COLOR INFORMATION WAS TRANSMITTED IN THE FIRST PLACE. A way to decode it is to have a motion of alternating black and white changes- without this qualitative effect of which one half the brightness is reduced so is also a quantitative effect- we have nothing but the random background white (or pink) noise. While in theory in the white noise on a television screen turned down we can occasionally see specks of light evidently from the big bang background radiation- I wonder if something forbids that these specks can contain color information from all deeper space structures based on information and persist on some level on the whole positive where the universe has created and vanished quantum field real and virtual quasi-continuous physicality of the vacuum. Or is this a frontier where this question itself remains as open as it is closed? Does information exist even in the case where no sentient creature has seen even a single photon of it? In the wider picture of the Omnium is philosophic color as vague to qualitative measure as sentience itself?

It is hard for me, even in the slow struggle to comprehend existence and the world, not to rejoice at the awakening and almost certainty of the new in this great enterprise of enquiry we are perhaps driven as if upon the calling to the arrow of the positive in time that may ground our consciousness as much as that faculty we seem to have a little more than the lower animals- to imagine and plan, reason out, something in the future- and yes, literally by the stability of our evolved dreams imagine and change what we so can see. But such things while less than some greater concept of Heaven are still a little more than our science and philosophy can now imagine. If God is thought of as all knowing in this sense- the radical grounding and guaranteeing of ideals by sentience, this to me is but evidence in our claims of omniscience that we are still shaking off our shells and skins of the past- for only a mortal would think to coin the term all-knowing and think there is all there is even if they need the faith to assert one day we will explain and know what it is. Science can progress and thrive on such faith- but it cannot long endure with blind dogma.

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Dear Lubos:

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Friday, September 23, 2011

70 and 7 or the Borg Cube of the Beast

70 and 7 or the Borg Cube of the Beast
L. Edgar Otto Sept. 23, 2011

299,792,458 730 km 18m Here are some values to consider: I suspect from my view of taking a condensing literally that these numbers of neutrino differences with regard to light and the inverses most likely take literal the coordinates in structures in higher (four) space which involve the golden ration.

Tuesday at 3:12pm

L. Edgar Otto
No one has grasped yet that we actually time travel as we travel in time- so with a lot of effort things can change to some better point of departure if that is really what you find you wanted. We do not loose the past in our virtual world but we an lose the constitution- if we forget Franklin and shun books and newspapers and like in the movie the Postman privatize it, close stations, more workers unemployed and our congress only imagines they have money and power.

* * *
If in some sense the ground point iotas on a wave are faster than the signal and we an have a duality of particle and wave- is not not clear these roles can be reversed as adjustment to some invariant concept and general global laws of physics? But how far does the depth of levels of an expanded relativity (exxene) go? It seems to me that even our great bloggers were rather too cautious lately in their evaluation and speculations on this level of things- but that is part of science training. Now, we can begin to imagine what it means for a quantum jump or tunnel, beyond the post modern philosophy of science, less confusion as what is the Cave or not of Plato.

I would have liked the number of these colored cubes in four space to be something manageable like the 30 or 20 cubes of six colors but alas there are way to many. I repeat that this involves simple arithmetic beginning and certainly not excluding 8 dimensions (for at each of the jack which in effect are folded or unfolded hypercubes we can imagine them all placed on a 6 x 6 x 6 cube). If we can make the chief axiom of higher space as the intersection of two planes at a point- could we not have the breaking of those planes apart, a sort of anti-axiom where what is more or less conserved is the structure more than our perceptions of how time flows or not. We can have a grounding of a structural reason, a material cause for causality. In any case we can compute the possibilities as if of eight objects we divide them into the four objects x four finite objects. Here the significant and simple biomnial expansion definitely relates to 1 28 56 70 (of which some papers seem to take an interest in or 7 as if we are dealing with but seven dimensions in this sort of counting.

In the chart above we find a matrix (color matrix) of nine items 3 X 3 of the permutations of the 4 + 4 colors involved. We note that half of them are in the part of the quasic square of 6x6 or Conways Matrix such that even with indistinguishable color substitutions we find sets of 15 cubes. These are from A to 0 in my working labeling while the P to Z represents the "Platonic Walls" of four space. By the symmetry of so many things taken n at a time we have a correspondence of the exclusion of two colors leaving six intelligibly.

From within this 3 Conway space as labels, a sort of reduced theme of the permutations, I put BNH* and its two variations shifting things in the four space. Every real 3-con jack has a 4-connection. The axes are in an order but this does not have to be the case as well as the parity at a point. The point or w axes is in reality more a string in the early particle theory sense where it is composed of three things and which is the center is not not clear, a condensed string.

I also made the discovery that in the transformations of this space treating color as if these are information-ally the coordinates (that is not logically looking deeper into the binary) that the 20 cube notation BDK-GIN or AFB-MON falls out for the description of structure arranged in such cubes. Lastly two cubes which make distinct sets of black and white colors kkww or **** as a mix of the gray and in the upper right corner is the hypercenter of this higher way to see elements in the 4 x 4 x 4 representative arrangement. Conceptually we may entertain the idea of gray groups but these are not clearly distinct or essential for the physics.

Lastly, as we are dealing really with more standard physics on a higher level such as the exxene level of relativity I give you the FRACTENE plane which states that two planes may become one coincident plane and the separate properties such as charge I imagine (which obeys lesser or invariant light speed time frozen and free of tachyon concepts) the color (not to be necessarily confused with standard use of the term color or flavor) can also merge. What we can get is a lattice similar to graphene with all such properties there we imagine. Things can in a sense be said to peculate chemical or electrical oscillations much like in the complex arrangement of formulas to show how (Fourier) heat transfers but here we have higher space and even mirco space analogs to be expressed in those spaces primarily as analogs to the heat concept. Term from holoGRAPHene, and fractal-ene.

* * *

60 nanoseconds sooner

"They're smart people, these are not crackpots," Sher agrees. "But as the old saying goes, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. This is about as extraordinary as you get."

This of course is an inherently illogical statement. For the least ordinary would be quite extraordinary would it not? Still, this may not do such a great violence to our worldviews as some think when given a more unified picture.

We will look back on this and see the physics way to conservative and some of the predictions wrong and the emphasis on such things as momentum and phase space too vague to be of foundational value. Not that these things or methods do not have their place or that they are radically different from the old relativistic views. Quantum gravity is perhaps a dead end catch all or working speculation.

I found it interesting that colors can be placed in a spectrum and that shift by the gravity in GR space- or what I saw from Lubos blog recently- that black holes of higher mass and structure exhibit more a continuous spectrum of values. So such color things do question to what extent in a uniform color space in higher dimensions we can match color to ideas of phase and frequency.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Systemic Teleoscoping

Systemic Teleoscoping L. Edgar Otto September 22, 2011 Enter Another Autumn

Facebook status today:
L. Edgar Otto
Our hearts like the universe can be open or closed as we get trapped into our own self or fall into the trap of the call of the others... Life is a sane balance- in cosmology I am forever Tycho Brae- I mean who can tell if the earth moves around the sun or the sun the earth when you get right down to it?

I had little to post and did hardly anything last night- I did consider a little the underlying general sense of things, with perhaps the cosmology in view, by what I am assuming if we exchange one color for another in a jack of six or eight colors. So early this morning I wrote some of these general thoughts down which are so foundational to the general systems that they are questions it may have not occurred to anyone to need to ask as some sort of axiomatic foundations.

Forgive the term teleoscoping as it first arose in the study of classification of musical themes and the DNA code at an epiphany of insight in 74 of which I recorded the exact time as I worked it out on the steps of the philosophy building waiting to see my friend back from the Vietnam war and now in ethics class.

I do not know if I conveyed the general system and its caveats to describe physical systems as a branch of such quasi-applications of general theory. I think it automatically includes certain observations and issues in relation to how we think of the relation to our general cosmology. For example the dialectic between entropy consuming entities and those producing like stars- a structural explanation. But as I come here today I see this article: and is one of the few blogs I feel very solidly scientific that commands respect- this seems to me certainly worth investigation as with other proposals by this scientist I have read from time to time. This strikes me as intelligible questions for an intelligible systems structural approach that can be seen in itself or in a more general physics. But I mention this just because of all the things I may encounter reading usually after posting that we find a certain synchronicity of the things I already written. If I find before hand some comment I am also likely to post it because the effort of what I type would be repeated so I do for the better reason of shared dialog with others and the universe even at a distance or just implied. As always the professors of several departments pass each other in the hallways or elevators and rarely know their work is in similar areas. The article's author astutely begins to question the very Bayesian methods of which I also try to make sense of in the way we analyze data and include in the paper proper here:

* * *

Systemic Teleoscoping:

*What happens with color label substitution from a self-looping at nodes and the branching at quasi-system views?

*To exchange so many colors, say red and black, (as I am sure there is a vast literature on this sort of group permutations and so on approach) may have significant as well as irrelevant privileging effects, qualitatively or quantitatively as continuous or discrete, color mixing or averaging or none of the above.

*To exchange red for black of 8 colors in a 3D color system (the jack stone with an indeterminate singularity or simply connected centers) is to relate to the general system a 4D+ directionality. But this physicality may become in space or time a 3D system and still react to the influences contiguous or near other natural dimensions.

*This centering view (as if the assumption of the Big Bang cosmology) allows the expansion of all branching possibilities enumerated but limited by the applied formulas in the dimensions of the or describing the connections.

*Looping, with its independent or isolated contained virtual or physical systems is also a result of the condensing or even the seeming compactification of practicalities.

*Once higher dimensional systems form such a precipitation if loops (as practicalities or forces or distinctions of substances) these may accept or eject other inter-dimensional systems or parts of them and eh isolate mult-dimensional loops may super-expand as if there are influences of super-teleoscoping systems.

*The general notion of this systemic teleoscoping space also can make analogous higher (or lower) systems to some grounding level to which its forms, parts and processes are quasi-coincident as a general quasi-teleoscoping description.

*Color, in a sense, involves at leas teleoscoping planes or (mem-)brains as well as those seeming qualitative effects of consciousness.

*The counter to this systemic (really here quasi-systemic when you take in to account what we decide are holographic or fractal boundary effects including our ideas of conservation laws isolated or not) is not necessarily complete by the physics of indeterminacy co-existent with the accompanying quasi-degrees of freedom.

*We seem to be able to generate this systemic theory to our simpler ideas of questions that arise from notions and relations as of the many-world or multiverse relations to the general cosmology.

* * * *
Bruce Duensing just posted this interesting link to some papers. Now the more reductionist emphasis is good to explore whatever the probabilities or possibilities of things in our existence. I have seen some of these theories before in relation to grounding things say on electromagnetism alone. But I have to ask from the most general view on unidentified phenomena- "But is the Plasma shown to be a Psi-plasma especially as some sensing or awareness in my metaphysics does involve light speed."

* * *

Generally the frontiers of topology takes years to find applications in the real world and as such is always a theoretical investment. What do we think of this paper the authors ask? Well, I am sure that there are many things in it of great utility to physics if we decode the symbols and notions and it seems a rather advanced use of our brains- but for me in this case it is clear that it may take years before such topology enquires and systems catch up to quasic and omnic ideas although I see that the systems do begin to recognize things like Kea's approach or ideas like the Branes as orbitals as in TGD theory- but the insights as to the tenfold symmetry is as old as Klein at least in our finite or quasi-finite considerations. Is this ultimately not the taking serious of the great Coxeter, and yes, trying to go beyond him at a time after such ideas were not so taken? In any case the status of 8 seems missing from the notions of this paper.

What of the idea of a super symmetry involving the new ideas of super relativity's? Well, at least as an historical note you can find these things already in my post- we do not know really, even if our lives are dihedrons with no volume, how at the balance of structures and geometry in ideas of planes of infinity and nothingness we have been influenced by or have influenced others. Even the idea of a meme does not have clear scientific substance in the face of the wider new physics.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Further Vulcan Space Speculations

More Vulcan Space Speculations
L. Edgar Otto September 21, 2011

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An interesting pdf from Ulla and a comment to Pikanen's blog: This strikes me as useful speculations that can lead to some solid technology designs for quantum systems computation.


That was a great pdf article from 2010. It begins to see the higher picture beyond quantum formalism in the way we can understand information and the process proposed of the changes locally or globally in such information as qubits etc. In fact the issues are part of the general questions of Penrose's quantanglement and Majorana information transmission as well as Bell et al.

If Matti is proposing the higher membranes as also like orbitals I think this is right on and compliments my more detailed speculations.

I can see why in a vague intuitive way one can imagine the teleportation like DNA imprinting on say water- and also why TGD will answer some of our questions some have not yet decided to ask.

One thing for sure it is a little naieve to just apply string like or wormhole like or dark matter like theories now conceived to the deeper functioning of matter and life. It requires a more unified theory but is a good start.

Matti should also consider more than the manifolds but at least of all three curvatures as to what is the nature of the physical and finite.

Interesting how many of his and my formula values show up- as if these authors are almost at the end of the quest. Still, we need such work to light the way.

The PeSla

* * *

Higgs Particle - The Planet Vulcan of our Era

Higgs Particle - The Planet Vulcan of our Era

L. Edgar Otto September 21, 2011

We are in a situation today where the Higgs particle is debated if seen as the planet Vulcan, now thought a sun grazer, was before the era of relativity.

Nothing much last night so I explored the notion a little more of counting the possible connections between space structures of the orthogons. But from this I found some more general notions of how we could represent and experience space. For one thing much of this depends on idea of how we color certain graphs and that I understand is still a wider area to be solved and explored. My friend K. Martin had a way of viewing space which no one commented on I imagine because they did not understand- but that system was able to answer questions with the answers I had expected when one tries to work the structures in a more classical way. But we could not call it Martin Space so he called it Regulus Space.

Because certain aspects of his system involves the duplication as well as a projection of points or lines I regard it as the principles of one color. So this new idea I dub "Vulcan Space" (hey I am out of terms and polymultitranstopotrishedraltope - well even I have to look some of those various named things up. 5-cell is easy for me but what does that mean- perhaps it is a little better than something like gluon- yuk- still the next level of naming could well be "crazy gluon" - In any case this is our era of culture in the speculative fiction of which many know the notions and terms- otherwise we just divide things in some sort of imaginary space- I call this procedure "Clingon Space" -
you see they have two hearts (I knew a lady once whose brain told her she had two hearts when she had one- what could I say but too bad one of them was not for me. Let to myself I would have this structure a "variably perceived quason" or a quasiquason, don't like that combination- more relaxed quason for the role of probability is as essential here as in any other part of the underlying philosophy of reality.

Well, the vulcan planet and higgs particle quote actually came to me in a dream as I was waking up this morning- anyway, Martin if you are reading this remember our days on the philosophychatforum when we talked of a higher level of the relativity's I called Exxene? That name out of the air, you know it seems to me a few people are toying with that idea now.

Anyway, multiple branes and membranes aside the structure I present here is concrete in that it touches the deeper mechanisms of what happens beneath the quantum view and in the lower dimensions at least it translates all this into a dynamic shell structure like of course that of the electron configuration of atoms and atom-grazers. It is simply not all of logic for the context of space or numbers not to resolve or leave the remote aspects of time as indeterminacy to ask exactly where and when something is emitted from an electron. Perhaps in the end what we can discern as mass, be it quasi-unstable or not, is this very probability difference over time to which there does seem to be expected exceptions that surprise us as if the grounding or underlying substance of the universe is "all is anomaly"

* * *

*0 From a quasi-finte view for the topological concept of distance let us include structures whose difference is the square root of n as a more general scope of polytopes we can define as "regular".

*1 Lt us also include phi and certain if not all quadratics or some irrational numbers if not all as also "regular".

*2 Perhaps we can intelligibly go beyond these for certain numbers making for regular and symmetric structures including those in a relaxed sea of transcendental numbers or even absolute probabilities.
(Because a particle may arise in the vacuum in the context of all that is not that particle, it does not mean that in general the arising of them will be a constant regardless of considerations of entropy.)

*a Unit (distance) for f of 2^n construction principles - that is we extend an orthogonal element by doubling it- a square becomes two squares thus a cube- but on the way it may just extend the four or less linear elements of the iota point-string.

*b Regulus space is the duplication of a single color in this Superreguluspace SRS.

*c Quasic shell theory - where the structure of a quason can be centered hyperorthogons and the intelligiblity of such counting is chromotropic SRS. The relaxed concept of a Big Bang is such a view of the quasic shell structure of space.

*d Between shells and intelligible binary number of iotas may make jets or condensed adsorptions of particles as to when and where and at what shell level or its inverse imaginary shadow a particle may be quantumly emitted. (*g imaginary shadows Clingon Spaces)

*e An iota itself may be self dual (merge qm theory with quasic structure here) in that it has a shadow like porjectivity and

*f We need at least delta-4 honeycomb 5 cycle in supervulcan hyperspace but an iota may emit energy quanta from the SVS structure by these mechanisms... the iota itself may virtually duplicate or condense the flange of the adjacent dimensions so as to measure mass or gravity (as well the idea of the internal abstract motions and whatever instability we so imagine there) beyond its own self containment and duality. [There are more things this general concept will foundationally apply to in philosophic and scientific issues.]

Part of this relates to the culture of our time where there is an adjustment between what is hardware and software as disconnected shared methods- that is we have to understand where our world and our bodies and thoughts are truly digital or analog, finite or continuous or intermittently so as this shell quason shows when we combine the point or line (and beyond) aspects informationally of the coordinate iotas.

*h This general 6D like configuration may alternate (vibrate) into the linear one - a "superwave" on iota like subparticles. Where the time of decay, adsorptions, is uncertain in this sense the shell quason can act as the mouth of a wormhole. Purely viewed as points and not purely as stings this aspect of the iota is a sort of absolute zig zag penrose type particle of intermittent vibrational potentialities.

*i There is a class of vulcanization where the orthogons can make simplexes if the end point of an iota ray is shared by two suborthogon elements- in a sense this solves the looping problem in the Feynmann diagrams and such problems in general when we compute nodes upon themselves.

*j Given a set of iotas in a quason, in motion, rest or relative structure, any of these may form constellations. If the four hypershells of a quason donate one if their 24 squares we can have an emission over this get arrow between them that outside the events of the quason it is itself a four space orthogon as a particle.

* * *

I posted this if she accepts it on Kea's blog: My hopes we raise the bar on the debates- certainly to insist a chirality difference in neutrino speeds as tachyonic or not is to try to analyze things from Peter Rowlands foundational metaphysical existence principle that explicitly stated it does not address tachyons. So these issues can be resolved many ways, but to observe such interesting anomalies in the neutrinos should not be surprising to the extent our ideas of a high level chirality is said to exist as to what is relevant to the structures of the energetic world. So I note the count of the iota points in the diagram above is 192, and one can find the old 136 around there also as if to state the idea of such cosmological related dimensionless constants. This suggests to me of this illustrated structure we need to make it wider in its duplications to explain particles simple and compounded to begin at least into some sort of 16 dimensional deeper structure. The title of Kea's post could also read- "The great rumor of the last century in physics."

* * *

Kea, Mitchell,

The big bang concept or expanding of the universe (inflation) is a useful concept but only one part of a more general view that explains mass and energy for example. So the question of if there is a steady state or big bang cosmology is but one of perspective. Nature is not so confused. For that matter we can say that indeterminate past and present time is also a limitation of our perspective.

There is no good general reason to assume that on some other side of a mirror we find negative values that are physically significant- it is but a convention.

I do like the idea more like Weyl of the historical significance of mass in the variations.

In my view the creative focus of what can be changes of our physical constants due to our units of measure only like h or c, this can be creative as in Leo's or Frio's creative cosmology as to what is foundational in physics.

The structure I present today takes account of such views as relative and if we want some idea of reversing but mere formality of signs or complex dualities as if the notion of tachyons. The post is called:
Higgs Particle - The Planet Vulcan of our Era

In this reaching for new physics in such matters we are were we where a hundred years ago- before the concepts of relativity.

The PeSla

* * *

I should perhaps point out- as this quason representation can be represented as if a 6D object of the 2^6 arrangement into a cube of which its four slices in one linear 3D axis are hypercubes, that the notation of the coordinates as a structural analog bitwise to 1 and 0, the KLMN for 00 01 10 11 as if a doubling of the dimensions in question information wise, in some quasic but variable ordering, is essential for the concepts involved in the perception and dynamics such a structural approach suggests including the recursion of this dynamics between the various spaces and views of what makes a negative or complex space. In these matters is seems a given to me that it is not only what is on either side of such a mirror but what is on the mirror itself that bedevils our concepts of where the continuous and discontinuous meet and in what sense that which is real in the physicality persists. Alas, the level of the arguments are way beyond some debate of this seemingly complicated exploration of but two generation like dimensional contexts- as some begin to discern beginning with the ideas of 8 space (the E8 group ideas) - but these are only a beginning of what is needed to explore general omnic effects and dimensions. I also realize that we will find intelligible results from interpretations and things like value mixing as a matter of statistical spaces- this should not be such a surprise as it is part of the overall creative and scientific picture - that too perhaps a beginning beyond the realm of what seems a comprehensive and secure view of physics describing the natural world. But by itself any such one sided descriptions without stating its limitations cannot be a theory of everything as we imagine we want to know it at least in what is useful in our experience of reality.

* * *

Can we not explain this by seeing a creative object like a black hole observing the general structure of a Quason? - but I am not clear that it is more than the intermittent instead of all at once reduction or exclusion of excess energy in the structure- that is to what extent we imagine more emptiness created in the process that may result in the existent's of something from absolute and timeless pure nothingness. It is clear however that we certainly may find an intelligible general system to generate higher atomic matter (beyond the supernovas) by this process which some in their raw intuition may connect with the idea of dark matter or dark energy and so on- a vague but intuitive step in the greater picture as perhaps this analog to such a vague question of conserved quantities but on a deeper level.

I should mention also, again, the center or not of such an object and the nature of the several concepts of singularity as simply connected centers in any dimension or a few of them is the open question as to what is surface or not- such singularity as a complex or some sort of point like absolute or as even absolutely empty is the next level of exploration of physics to which for now it is a matter of philosophy.

Those who say that energy comes from a parallel universe and debate as if it is immoral are really still talking vague ideas of speculative fiction to make a myth to explain how something may seem to work or convince one of some reason it does.

* * *

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sensing or Feeling Second Differentiations or Not

I am just putting up the raw informal and somewhat experimental counts to which some notions are evoked instead of an explicit illustration. After this I did some coloring and trying to find the implications of the unfolded 3D cube- this led to an interesting anticube stacked cross candle design - it is has been a long time since the geometry leads to new areas of design whereas the study of space in the making of candles had led to new conceptions of how space works.

Now, in the mass of scrap paper I am surprised I generated I had one idea so far from todays page it may be hard to find (as it is I cannot carry all this excess weight so usually file it away somewhere- but working with notebooks makes it a lot easier as would a more disciplined and formal approach so as not to make so many counting errors- but I give you the direction and the search for a proof of things if wanted. That idea uses the yin-yang as a symbol for the quasi singularity complex as a unit of energy (the concept) or as for mass as a unit in the idea what in existence is described as the grounding iota particle. In his respect we cannot simply take the inverse of some value as if a fraction say 1/2^n... but with this multi-dipole or dialectics of matter and our metaphor of dark matter, [it is here that I take the general title of this post for beyond the iota point sting concept we now enter into the second or brane or statistical dimensions of things to which that these exist as non-linear is not always the rule with such a wider inversion of the fundations of what exists and the pragmatic down to earth restrictions that are not imposed but part of the fabric of existents and existence] of what is the relation of positive and negative entropy in relation to time, or what we may think of as to view such things as tachyon-like, that this also shows the formalism of the relation between mass and energy or is another way to define energy among the quantum or relativistic like others.

I have the stray thought to that in the Odo256 chess game notation with all the interdimensional virial variations that the 4 base numbers as we reduce from say 8 dimensional notations to 4, we derive a sort of orthogonal periodic table which is folded into itself such that the K L M N and beyond that the O P Q R electron shells add of course to 120 elements on this level of particle-mass generations and maybe ends there- This certainly can be enhanced as a useful tool including what we may imgaine the structure of the coexistent nucleus to be in the higher analogs of how we may want to see them as super relativity super quantum extensions of our usual methods of physics.

|- " If a physically existent creates the non-linear vacuum non-existent - then the only relevant physicality paths are as if only linear or polynomial in time the physical existent. Or that near and immediately via quantum matrix methods which may also imply immediate near external space realities in the general cosmic vacuum.
Now, if there is something beyond the sensing or feeling, even perception of these inversions of real or shadow differentiations over also implied connections and an ambiguous time that in some cases may seem tachyonic, these still a possibility and usually outside of science or experiment, these could be very powerful in a still greater description of reality- as if the creative force is a God-like one after all, that is the terms we now grasp in our narrow view of such a higher reality or Entity.

Sensing or Feeling Second Differentiations or Not

Apparently such a concept as in this title, that some particles can experience or be invisible to certain ideas of derivative velocities and accelerations shows both the power and limitation of our calculus. But many agree Newton was our greatest physicist- as Lubos hinted if there are tachyons then the Higgs may be one for after all this is the God particle in the half serious metaphor- so Newton was right in assuming his work was the glory of some idea of the praise of God- well, in the general metaphorical sense to which others with probability theory have given us a sound threshing with reductionism as to which way the planets go. So many today in that safe world of materialism and science in the midst of further cult and religious chaos or its reaction such as the absurd and unscientific work of Dawkins, well maybe it is scientific if it is about God- from a sort of anti-god sense.

Newton then tried to find a general theory beyond the reach of his classical levers and gravity- that is he was our last great astrologer really. The mystical principle of as above so below- unfortunately to this day such an assumed God or the stars suggest that certain territory on this world is special and God given with the right to occupy it or take it - even in the case of some towns by intelligent people like the Serbs and Croats- yeah, how do we explain this intellectual breakdown of civilization? Yet in that case the victor does not always get the city in the end.

Newton also searched the bible code- now let us not look at him and only take what we can understand of his genius and bury the rest under the rug of eccentricity or temperament. It seems to me in our day many are looking for such codes that are in a sense scientifically distinct from some fundamentalist view of a religious text.

Now it is clear also that the economy of the USA and parts of Europe and other developed powers is suffering such predictable behaviors of its people in relation to technology. (this blogger has a synchronous article today where I was thinking about such things: although I begin to look beyond the wisdom of the quotes that illustrate his work such as of Godel. Yet I understand his long worked out conclusion that what is happening is not just a question of the supernatural- our down to earth problems seem to be in trouble of sorts.) Yes, jobs, some are bringing back outsourced companies- for one thing the China policy of one child per family and the influx into the towns is drying up of workers, the products are becoming more shoddy and the demands are there for higher pay and so on- but this is predictable of human behavior- China ahead of the United States for it starting later in the industrial age gained the advantage of more than hand held tools. And the next tech level will also surpass the earlier ones.

I have my doubts that the virtual electrification age we now live in with the superficial anodyne or placebo of a drug culture can lead to general progress even if we do resolve the dementia and obesity and diabetes among the old and children of which the medicaid now is burdened with 25% for this type II diabetes. But one thing for sure it will change the context of our constitution. To loose so many postal service jobs and close post offices, as well we are losing the newspapers and libraries (books) is to mock the brilliance of Franklin as a founding father. Yet some can say, as in the industrial revolution as technology rejected by the Amish, such as the zipper and automobiles, that we would be locked in a very obsolete world of heavier labor and confining values and a withering by lack of diversity in the blood and in general. We may long to but cannot go back to land lines and AM radio and so on without this analogy to be made for holding back or making progress in a new era. In either case the society or people behave as if but a number.

* * *

Before I posted this note I read and posted in context of today's post to Pitkanen: (sorry Ulla, I do not always have the computer time to both try to engage in dialog and post as if isolated lecturing to the the anonymous sea of space and students.)

ThePeSla said...

Welcome back,

This post I find very clear and again remarkably connected in notions of the frontier, especially of our alternative physics bloggers and again part of the theme of my brief thoughts of last night- this confluence of thought shows that even in our trivial considerations in the right context- some can take things to the logical deeper conclusions. (Then again some cannot seem to do it in the academic and funding state of things- yes, unifying the standard model too seems right on.

I have long thought we can have what seems differences in the light speed invariant and I suppose this idea connects to that of a many sheeted so to speak hierarchy of Planck values. But at this point by super or sub luminal I mean the same thing. For we have to understand these things from a wider perspective than rigid classification and separation of the Non-Euclidean geometries.

What about those conclusions early on that inside a quasar light seems to move at warp ten? Are deep into the heart of visual illusions explained at last?


* * *

Kea also is excited about this (still I think there are ways to compromise with the work of some of the others in things like string theory and where it applies to biology- but certainly if this is a result it is harder and harder to claim there is no general conceptual problem when one claims authority from experiment.)

It is quite evident that the wave front of light does go faster than the light?
Now if Pitkanen can solve these more relativistic ways of measuring mass in the hierarchy problem and Kea the more combinational ways and these match- now we may be on to something!

* * *
After long blogging and an objective open mind for the paranormal it seems that this blogger addressing the technology issues sees higher problems too here and now than in the supernatural issues:

* * *

Here again, if he decides to undertake the effort- a clearly level headed scientist seems to also address what needs to be done to resolve some of this new context of things:

* * *

Well, again a beautiful post here with quotes by this blogger, as always- this mentioning of Newton and the language of geometry I feel relevant to my mood today.

* * *

Whatever considerations of last night I meant to post, well if I were going to post today- I will put up as just in the accompanying illustration.

* * *

Monday, September 19, 2011

Clifford Dimensions, Tachyons, Tipper Points and Combo-computations

Clifford Dimensions, Tachyons, Tipper Points and Combo-computations L. Edgar Otto September 19. 2011

From my casual researches of last night:

A way to color a cube as an octagon of three colors JOA COF GOB axes.

An attempt to divide a cube into 20 instead of the 24 triangle regions for 3 parts and not the 4 for an overall 20 triangles of the "20Chromodo cubes" or "20chm"

The way to better see by color the possible combination's of the four axes of 8 colors in such a way that obviously 48 x 32 = 4 x 384. This can be a square within a square in which we make different permutations of one square.

A way to represent the 3, 4 or 8 hypercube symbolism as beta4 octahedral analogs and the connecting them with such extra connections for the 56 items of the 64- this applies to pre-chrial genetics and with the 24 of the "tachyonlike Higgs concept- (I also have just read Lubos's article that is rather advances but in any case should be pointing at last to some of the new ideas of the new physics.)makes the 56. That number is of course twice the 28 of the P-Z notation above.

These straightforward applications of condensed orthogons and relations also reflect in the finite part of the universe the Clifford like dimensional considerations. But if I lived on some island or planet I would not need these terms or notions second hand for such universal evolving notions are there if we look for them and if we have the inclination we will independently find the same notions- and if we are lucky sometimes we will see it from what is the backwards or wrong side that turns out to be the closer truth and beauty.

As Al Gore said- as we try to defend a dying idea we encounter stronger resistance to changing it (Lubos does have a knack for a way out with his intellect for a careful analysis if not an emotional tipping point of some political emotions that I find hopeful in the new generation where people simply have to build walls or trust each other beyond the scraps of paper we call treaties.) I am not sure the Tipper point applies as we get smaller and things are so more unstable as Lubos asserts in for micro world. I find his paper delightful really.

But Gore, or Perry... their stances are rather disturbing as to what is the truth that seems somehow beyond the solid science. What is a critical mass or tipping point anyway but the old idea of what it takes for a general system like living things to reach a certain point of replication (as in Space Odyssey) and coding and going beyond the limited world of a mere few dimensions or super-symmetries considered the real or not? That is the fear of the free lunch of fractal branching and so on- ideas to which pure string theory does not address any more than it can really in detail explain gravity or mass. Gore says this is a moral issue and blames the recent changes and costly disasters on man made and monopoly corporate made global warming. It certainly is a moral issue in the sense that whichever side is so using science with the effects on the rest of humanity is pushing a lie we can say they are immoral and if there is one they can rot in hell. What is the carbon tax on a human being made of carbon- is there a cost to his living at all? Should he not have a choice in how to live as if his own idea of venture capital to invest in a better future for us all? The rule of law cannot stand if a people needs freedom. As the corporal said "When I hear the word culture I reach for my gun." I understand what he means with all this family destroying Marxist objectivity not held but playing either side of things reaching some oppression of a tipping point of politics like programs of domestic abuse as the state herself abusing families. For example. The mentally ill are not served well by denying they have a problem nor that they have one when they do not. Maybe we will reach a tipping point where there are riots as someone said on the news when an education that promises jobs does not and puts students into lifelong debt, or a critical mass by those that think they have been educated and have the right to determine the wealth and well being and destiny of others. The universities and public schools for most in my family and community as far as math goes has made them stupid.

* * *

Facebook status today:

L. Edgar Otto
The school system seems to have made everyone more stupid and poorer, (with of course some rare exceptions in the sciences and wellness .) So if ignorance is a sort of bliss as families and employment becomes a more remote as any real power of the politics or our nation- you should probably get more schooling.

Newscientist had an article on Gore with showed his recent presentations less that getting stellar reviews:

Sciencedaily in relation to what bacteria do call it the "dark matter" of biology- and a concrete example of life mixing its metaphors incorrectly: see what happens when in a world of normal matter we do not try to understand non-Euclidean geometry a little better?

* * *

Well, finally something interesting and not already discussed on the sciencechatforum :

Discovering Conformational Sub-States Relevant to Protein Function
Arvind Ramanathan1,5, Andrej J. Savol2,3, Christopher J. Langmead4,5, Pratul K. Agarwal1*, Chakra S. Chennubhotla2*


Internal motions enable proteins to explore a range of conformations, even in the vicinity of native state. The role of conformational fluctuations in the designated function of a protein is widely debated. Emerging evidence suggests that sub-groups within the range of conformations (or sub-states) contain properties that may be functionally relevant. However, low populations in these sub-states and the transient nature of conformational transitions between these sub-states present significant challenges for their identification and characterization.

Methods and Findings

To overcome these challenges we have developed a new computational technique, quasi-anharmonic analysis (QAA). QAA utilizes higher-order statistics of protein motions to identify sub-states in the conformational landscape. Further, the focus on anharmonicity allows identification of conformational fluctuations that enable transitions between sub-states. QAA applied to equilibrium simulations of human ubiquitin and T4 lysozyme reveals functionally relevant sub-states and protein motions involved in molecular recognition. In combination with a reaction pathway sampling method, QAA characterizes conformational sub-states associated with cis/trans peptidyl-prolyl isomerization catalyzed by the enzyme cyclophilin A. In these three proteins, QAA allows identification of conformational sub-states, with critical structural and dynamical features relevant to protein function.


Overall, QAA provides a novel framework to intuitively understand the biophysical basis of conformational diversity and its relevance to protein function.

From the beginning this issue I tried to discuss when a member of the forum- in the passage above for those interested in the math and biology can we not see the methods of quasic math and physics even if they also involve the statistical elements? But what is the quasic landscape for the substates but a QUASIC Anharmonic Analysis (which of course will apply on the informational level of the codons too. QsAA ! QED and :-P~ biochemists and others on the forum that banned me for no reason I can tell and when invited to join this was one of my main issues :-)
actually, anharmonic is not a clear term here- let us say Quasi Informational Analysis QIA and it would be interesting to know about the individual researchers behind this- sometimes such work is done blindly and those doing do not really realize the implications of their work despite its expertness they cannot see the relevance when suggested to them- the unfolding of hypercubes by that gentleman from Toronto is a case in point from my interview with him by land line in 95 or so. Well, I hope this suggests what the article hints:

"Emerging evidence suggests that sub-groups within the range of conformations (or sub-states) contain properties that may be functionally relevant." But I must mention that the focus on the super statistics alone may cloud the rate as which we can understand and apply such emerging evidence.

Interesting this comes from the Department of Energy.

* * *

I came back to the coffee shop to post these pics that struck me artistically on the way home: See full resolution on my other blog. More Around Eau Claire.

New Missoni Fabric Designs sells our in hours at Target stores:

Target sold out of this design line in hours the other day- as art reflects society we long for a deeper zig-zag meaning of physics than mere quantum abstract painting or some form of cubism and surrealism. Not the barber pole look at the rest seats in Randal Park of which as to see clearer the black and white zig zag pattern I put for a yacht flag for Menona Bay seems to remind me of this in nature all along. If as Penrose says the zig and the zag we may as well call particles then these are in a sense an irreducible ground for my iota point-string concepts.

* * *