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70 and 7 or the Borg Cube of the Beast

70 and 7 or the Borg Cube of the Beast
L. Edgar Otto Sept. 23, 2011

299,792,458 730 km 18m Here are some values to consider: I suspect from my view of taking a condensing literally that these numbers of neutrino differences with regard to light and the inverses most likely take literal the coordinates in structures in higher (four) space which involve the golden ration.

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L. Edgar Otto
No one has grasped yet that we actually time travel as we travel in time- so with a lot of effort things can change to some better point of departure if that is really what you find you wanted. We do not loose the past in our virtual world but we an lose the constitution- if we forget Franklin and shun books and newspapers and like in the movie the Postman privatize it, close stations, more workers unemployed and our congress only imagines they have money and power.

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If in some sense the ground point iotas on a wave are faster than the signal and we an have a duality of particle and wave- is not not clear these roles can be reversed as adjustment to some invariant concept and general global laws of physics? But how far does the depth of levels of an expanded relativity (exxene) go? It seems to me that even our great bloggers were rather too cautious lately in their evaluation and speculations on this level of things- but that is part of science training. Now, we can begin to imagine what it means for a quantum jump or tunnel, beyond the post modern philosophy of science, less confusion as what is the Cave or not of Plato.

I would have liked the number of these colored cubes in four space to be something manageable like the 30 or 20 cubes of six colors but alas there are way to many. I repeat that this involves simple arithmetic beginning and certainly not excluding 8 dimensions (for at each of the jack which in effect are folded or unfolded hypercubes we can imagine them all placed on a 6 x 6 x 6 cube). If we can make the chief axiom of higher space as the intersection of two planes at a point- could we not have the breaking of those planes apart, a sort of anti-axiom where what is more or less conserved is the structure more than our perceptions of how time flows or not. We can have a grounding of a structural reason, a material cause for causality. In any case we can compute the possibilities as if of eight objects we divide them into the four objects x four finite objects. Here the significant and simple biomnial expansion definitely relates to 1 28 56 70 (of which some papers seem to take an interest in or 7 as if we are dealing with but seven dimensions in this sort of counting.

In the chart above we find a matrix (color matrix) of nine items 3 X 3 of the permutations of the 4 + 4 colors involved. We note that half of them are in the part of the quasic square of 6x6 or Conways Matrix such that even with indistinguishable color substitutions we find sets of 15 cubes. These are from A to 0 in my working labeling while the P to Z represents the "Platonic Walls" of four space. By the symmetry of so many things taken n at a time we have a correspondence of the exclusion of two colors leaving six intelligibly.

From within this 3 Conway space as labels, a sort of reduced theme of the permutations, I put BNH* and its two variations shifting things in the four space. Every real 3-con jack has a 4-connection. The axes are in an order but this does not have to be the case as well as the parity at a point. The point or w axes is in reality more a string in the early particle theory sense where it is composed of three things and which is the center is not not clear, a condensed string.

I also made the discovery that in the transformations of this space treating color as if these are information-ally the coordinates (that is not logically looking deeper into the binary) that the 20 cube notation BDK-GIN or AFB-MON falls out for the description of structure arranged in such cubes. Lastly two cubes which make distinct sets of black and white colors kkww or **** as a mix of the gray and in the upper right corner is the hypercenter of this higher way to see elements in the 4 x 4 x 4 representative arrangement. Conceptually we may entertain the idea of gray groups but these are not clearly distinct or essential for the physics.

Lastly, as we are dealing really with more standard physics on a higher level such as the exxene level of relativity I give you the FRACTENE plane which states that two planes may become one coincident plane and the separate properties such as charge I imagine (which obeys lesser or invariant light speed time frozen and free of tachyon concepts) the color (not to be necessarily confused with standard use of the term color or flavor) can also merge. What we can get is a lattice similar to graphene with all such properties there we imagine. Things can in a sense be said to peculate chemical or electrical oscillations much like in the complex arrangement of formulas to show how (Fourier) heat transfers but here we have higher space and even mirco space analogs to be expressed in those spaces primarily as analogs to the heat concept. Term from holoGRAPHene, and fractal-ene.

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60 nanoseconds sooner

"They're smart people, these are not crackpots," Sher agrees. "But as the old saying goes, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. This is about as extraordinary as you get."

This of course is an inherently illogical statement. For the least ordinary would be quite extraordinary would it not? Still, this may not do such a great violence to our worldviews as some think when given a more unified picture.

We will look back on this and see the physics way to conservative and some of the predictions wrong and the emphasis on such things as momentum and phase space too vague to be of foundational value. Not that these things or methods do not have their place or that they are radically different from the old relativistic views. Quantum gravity is perhaps a dead end catch all or working speculation.

I found it interesting that colors can be placed in a spectrum and that shift by the gravity in GR space- or what I saw from Lubos blog recently- that black holes of higher mass and structure exhibit more a continuous spectrum of values. So such color things do question to what extent in a uniform color space in higher dimensions we can match color to ideas of phase and frequency.

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