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Conway Matrices of the Fifth Degree

Conway Matrices of the Fifth Degree L. Edgar Otto September 25, 2011

I see even those physics bloggers I rarely visit are on board to discuss the tachyonic neutrino concepts. I only feel like half posting today, was going to just do the notes of the rather strange representations moved into five space (ten Euclidean = Four Einsteinian) but a lot of ideas pepper the page- some of which explain many questions we have asked about the standard model. In some ways it shores up the speculation and research spent on these models. Form this chart in the illustration (and the symbols for the letters in 5 space in a 9x9 or 10x10 quasic grid are the civil war cipher) but it is clear that we can produces only a partial or half set of the mirrors of the types of particles. Why indeed would the neutrinos not have the same properties of the other particles? This is also why for now I do not call them tachyons in the extreme although tachyonic, but teleoms- that is the more local phenomenon taken into account in the design structure of things.

This is not a post modern confusion (but I do not mock the natural vertigo one can get in the encountering of new world view or the confusion in our language or symbols with what is real and what is fancy) for in some sense there must be a modern or neoteric design as the leader of progress and not just an end to such philosophies and "isms" into a cloud of confused, vague diversities. So my teleoms are closer to still carefully to be viewed particle-wise as philosophic tachyons. This of course does not say that the radical concept of tachyons devoid of time was ever something to be treated cautiously and not tentatively indifferently as in the interpretations of antiparticles going back in time.

Of course it will be a rush to the panhandle of confused platt coordinates where the new experiment (and would the theory carry weight or make the impact without such an experiment that it has as well the rumor of other anomalies have?) so that we have the staking out of new settlements until the region is clear in the speculations and the claimed territory falls more under the civilized consensus of laws. One might weigh the value of a theory proposed as to how well it predicts some future discovery and stands when that result reaches a vertigo of confusion if not free fall until we learn to fly. It is not the retro-diction or retro-engineering of our speculations that sustain the worth of a new theory but insight and imagination that has gone beyond that and in the tailspin its concepts have survived. Some of our cherished beliefs in the end still stand but only when we can view things from higher space as they intrinsically decay in orbits or are changes from outside. In no case can a theory asymmetrical or even symmetrical alone, nor an equation or some idea of fractions without mirror inversions implied or real form a complete explanation beyond some vague disembodied field that only thrives on reasonable lack of detail. That said- I still do not know from where most of these ideas, like poems come if not a picture of some sort of teleometry of our minds. In some ways the man makes the child and it makes some sense that the rain is there because the flowers drink it. That this seems full of contradictions shows our lack of a deeper understanding of the role of time, at least philosophically, in relation to the ideas of the constant or invariant velocity of light.

I feel strongly that one essential and simple geometric principle hard to see is the place in some constructed and more foundational or fundamental description of physical reality is the note that says a teleom is a combination or interaction of a tachyon concept with the general chirality concept where in detail they work out the physicality of the concepts of physics that apply clearly grounded in our physics. But has this not always been the case? Have we go ahead and not been aware of these deep assumptions we made and applied without enough proof and used as a reasonably intelligible if not self sustaining or destructing theory or idea.

In time and turns it may be that theoretical physics, like the impetus and expression of life itself, makes sense only in the living and it can be expressed only when we keep the structures separate as to their parity in higher lattices so that the understanding of such can show where the parity, general concept of structure class, and dimensions can be sorted or mixed.

Do we have time to explore these things? Is there really a sense of time running out and thus of some measure beyond the individual of course? In the general theory we have the Totem makers and note- as in all such spiritual leaders of the tribe the secrets of the story of the totem is known only by the carver in depth- this will guarantee his employment as a carver and place in the tribe. So too all you whose vision walks with the animals of the roles and clan- passed from father to son or not or our names passed from mothers to sons as that of the clan. The stars are not fixed in constellations in our minds and hearts- we adapt as does all life, and at least in the near humans and humans to a uniform or neoteric experience of the world.

But I mention this because I may use some of these terms, clan, totem, as they may be needed in the new physics context. Note, I did not go beyond the 5th to any depth which is implied (as it shores up Einsteins grounding as well as some of the standard theory and some of the sting ideas and some of the quantum formalism- and some of those with theories not well known or mentioned) of the possible case of representations as distinct which would map the Borg Cubes themselves in hyperspaces if that is a distinct situation and generalization. What do you think?

For now it seems clear where those struggling to see a more unified and general picture state there is or that reality of space is ten dimensional. This gives a reason in the 5 fold space or at least an alternative explanation. Not that we can sit on the idea that space is so limited to 10 or so dimensions.

Or that the concept of a string in a nucleus cannot be five things even if as five quarks in the fifth case these much symmetry break not to define one higher particle even if in the brane intersection with branes a string of five points (quarks) is possible.

Color here requires so many in a natural dimension in order to describe any reasonably continuous path of non-jumping motions. I have naively assumed it to be nine such forms in four space as the seven diatonic ones in three space based on analogy to music theory. But we need a tenth color to extend things into more euclidean like lattices over such collections of possible privileged centers. For the same sort of naive reasoning that if a string is to vibrate it needs a further dimension or two so to vibrate within- in this quasic focusing we need such additional colors or dimensions so to locate the center of some structure within.

Lastly, the idea of what a singularity or singularity complex is and the central quasic one (of which it should be important in star structure evolution) I imagine the iota particle or point strings to be intimate with this timelike arrow upon the focus of such a single singularity that may to some degree correspond to the central or quasic apparent singularity between the one of limits or absolute nothing and the one of growing spans- complex or simple and yes, quasi-finite in between. Dare I ask where the point and the string end and begin in the iota itself- what answer other than perhaps it does grasp the whole scale of the universe on all scales. And let me add that the 137 comes up at least on this fifth level as a background but there has to be more to such classical Eddington like backgrounds as well for the more Diracian view I encounter the old 32 x 32 and the varieties of 5's and 12's.

It is harder to distinguish between originality and trivial ubiquity than it is for even a true believer in post modern philosophy of science to distinguish the fantasy from the reality- or rather in the face of reality not suspect there is a difference.

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I will now shorten this post to watch the Green Bay and Chicago Bears football game- not that I really mind which teams win if they are in Minnesota, Illinois, or Wisconsin but go Packers! (Steelers were OK too last year btw) I have suspected but it feels stronger that our involvement viewing such games is influential- that we are part of the proper universe under observation- but this is most likely something in my part Amerindian blood where the shamans on both sides tried to hex the game.)

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