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Dark Massive Numbers

Dark Massive Numbers L. Edgar Otto September 11, 2011

Again, the growing complexity of this creative enquiry makes further leaps- at the cost perhaps of even more distance from the average pursuits of my friends and neighbors. It seems to me that the notions or consequences of some of our theoretical directions are things we can make intelligible sense of for the underlying structures. How many among you ask yourselves what are the foundations of your own growth and assumptions on foundations for your intellect.

The illustration raises the issue in rather simple terms with surprising new ways to view some things- perhaps a little way beyond my abilities save it is after all a study of creative science and philosophy. Even immersed in the flow of such notions I still cannot tell or predict what relation there is to their origins. At some point we cannot abruptly grow beyond ourselves, but we can mourn growing distant from our own time and others.

Perhaps the frontier of number theory is a problem that is rather difficult- now the most difficult- those that are concerned with the Hitchhiker number 42 after 2 what is the next number? Here I present a failed thousandth attempt to find the reasons for the uniqueness of the primes as written in relation to the Fibonacci numbers and the quasic space ordering- and it evokes some strange new ideas and understanding. In a way all theories of physics are alternative theories. So what I intellectually keep as an open mind I have to add that on this next stage of speculation that we can show that Inflation like theories (and some like Smolin's) and the emphasis on the holographic boundary principles- are also intelligible theories. (In the comment to Pitkanen I for some reason said such ideas were ridiculous- but why did I feel no reasonable doubting the proof or systems was there?- but yes, I see better alternatives and maybe from a little higher perspective- but let us not demean the great theoretical work of such people and their dedication, these pioneers.)

*The understanding of the Binding force of the nucleus is vastly more complex to explain than we have imagined and may exceed even the organic system analogs.

*Of course we may think that the heavier metals in the earth's crust are from debris later crashed into the earth- but one idea, about surfaces holographically, is that if we allow some concept of cold fusion like things as dark matter we can go to the next step in the Hoylean (and btw with Minkowski formalism) creation field to assert that as certain punctuated state changes the atoms themselves may evolve like any organic system. Again the mechanical artificial and natural general systems are in a sense a hierarchy of qualitative differences where these may not be ultimately distinguishable save the growing order and direction of an ensemble of matter or notions.

Some ideas or notions still in the realm of the supernatural seem intelligible and these I state as creative philosophy so far. One consequence of the higher level of intellect over the physical body is the idea of the "soul". For in these higher and structured (4D+) states and symmetries we can find an analog of the cycle of membranes which common language can designate as "superwormholes" or tunnels.

After all stature is not intellect nor perception in itself- an article yesterday pointed out Lucy in the Sky without Diamonds is a sort of missing link that found human attributes but the development of a larger and smarter brain, as in the case with human children, took time to evolve- as well the primate soul. One cannot know if another has a soul or brain as such- that is we have some idea of differences in the endowments of animals and species after all. But we are primates and not dogs going to symbiosis to gain a "soul" in human domesticated and socially connected cultural heaven. Other than potential we see these dependent people who cannot think on this level for themselves yet- domesticated for some end as if they were a second level or generation of one or the other political side's anti-intellectualism - hence the Czech word robot- perhaps zombies or slaves.

In easy and affluent times conscience can correspond to the state of the soul- or it can be a guiding force that attracts the direction of human curiosity- and that force can be interpreted as other worldly or even evil in spirit as the coyote paranoia of street and jungle survival dawns on an individual. So too the healer can convey this sort of spirit to heal others or be the source of what is higher and good in human interaction itself.

It follows too that there are levels of comedy and tragedy in a generational difference (the super-quasic particle generation difference)- Let us not memorialize the personal tragedies of the masses as individual only- for this is all the world to their uniqueness in the immediate space and time of things- not hold that on a higher political level that there are higher tragedies and comedies to which it does not matter really what ritual we make to bind us to our cultural icons. Just as the immune system of individuals start to fail after a defeat- so too the retreat of the greatness of an empire or nation despite bravado whistling in the dark and restrictive rationed measures or marginalization of certain real and demonized groups or influences of groups of people.

We have grasped the idea here in the very lowest dimensions, and the lowest of these abstract generations of natural but higher symmetry breaking on its own level, that the higher structures of space and those gone a little higher may restrict the nature of the physics such as making some influences vanish from the mix. What I suggest here is that it is also a possibility, and likely, that in these complexities restricted or vanished or not we find a wider freedom of physics and action in the design of this world. This has always been intelligibly restrained.

*There can be dyslexic inversion of digits as to their massive qualities. Thus we have a sort of quasical non-commutativity of wild-card ( 0 v 1, * ) notion which of course is the gateway to a sort of analog of healing as if a psychic or mental induction as with the lower metaphors of electromagnetism.

*I find it interesting that Lubos connects some things on the issue of global warming to the solar flares and the cosmic rays- in a sense this is part of an intelligible application of string theory notions yet it opens a wide door to other notions such as the nature of things as if the surface of the earth was all there is to be treated with the physics of holography only in the Spinoza like spheres. It is but another step to speculate that the structure of something (that is if we imagine the Frio like singularities of black holes in the core of planets to have an inversion thru the center relation to the abundance of the fixed and only elements encountered in the universe- that the creative evolving of atoms on its crust is connected in some ways to such singularities- a sort of cycle of the old "where does the -quantum- information go? Yet spiritually this is not outside the Judaeo models of the candle flame in the tent or the coherence of tori smoke rings. Again our metaphors if examined might tell us something about the physical structure of the world.

Also, as explored by Ulla and TGD this concept of primitive imprinting on water certainly connects to the cosmic rays and the clouds holding so much more or less of it in their contribution to climate theory. So, although these ideas are rather dismissed or abused by the die-hard sacred geometers- we have to say that such ideas are also intelligible as alternative theory- so should be objectively explored if that can be reliable as an objective science (beyond the metaphor of matter or dark matter). After all, these issues are raised by the composition of stars over the history of the universe. In any case the structure of a molecule can adsorb a sort of relative weight by the hidden adsorption of radiation which can be tested- but the results are not clear without more theoretical grounding.

*Again, this quasized hierarchy of branes with perhaps measurable mass weights and their intersections suggest at least a limited set of Planck values generation-ally.

*Let us note then the special place for 21, this goes beyond the 15 of six colors and as the natural virial doubling or halving is 42.

*Let us also note a finite TGD like concept of primes involved that would suggest such a hierarchy of recursive and iterative Planck values when the sum of the first 36 x 64 quasic grid elements is the number 89.

*Did I count correctly that in this field there are 21 primes?

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I find this especially relevant and interesting despite lack of speculation in the article:

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