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Fractal Super-Triality of the Tesseract

Fractal Super-Triality of the Tesseract
L. Edgar Otto September 7, 2011

This arrangement of quasic patterns suggests many new abstract concepts about physics and our conversation with the cosmos. The illustration pretty well stands alone for what it describes. I leave it to others to apply the theory, to interpret what this may mean for some sort of particle or organic system.

The title of the illustration refers to the idea of multiplication as a focusing of different ways to deal arrays that may reflect among other things probability paradoxes in totality intelligibly solved- just as the product of two lines will do this, especially the axiom of two planes intersecting in a point, we observe rather subtitle the extension of this axiom to more than duality of planes and players.

This inspired some philosophic speculations which I will soon include here among the stray ideas of mathematics along the way- some promising and interesting in the structures of numbers in number theory but a little strange until I follow it further and with no apparent connection to the theme of this creative and science posting today.

Also, some old issues came back such as the posting work on the philosophy chat forum by "pointloop" who asked how I understood what he was saying and no one else did and who decided not to waste his golden years in further pursuit. Others who have tried to express such alternative and creative wisdom also make a little more sense to me as to why and how they saw some issue such as how to see the micro-world as in the flow of things as if a future or a past state. Only on these frontier philosophic positions did I fined we disagreed and as philosophy the debate can get emotional even for those who claim intellectual and scientific objectivity.

I also conceived of a game of sorts based on the counting I style Odo216 for now and it is a two player game. Part of this is also the 27 cubes that consider only the six equatorial edges here with 9 colors (black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, gray from the resistor code for 0 thru 9, I tried other number systems but in this case the color system seemed a lot easier to write). This sort of cube is the anti-prism of 12 faces. This strikes me as a path that would predict much of what in the Bridgehead carbon idea we now find in flatland for light and in the graphene world of that new technology and physics.

Other older intuitive principles I had considered came to mind again (not to mention the idea of Lubos for information on the Czech keyboard as a system I looked at). One would be the intelligible count of my "Calyptic" cubes, generalized a bit to the higher number of colors. It is significant that in the unfolding of orthogons that there is one more element than the possibilities of distinct motion of stars of possible filling space via the knight like moves. Thus in four space the tesseract has 8 cube cells in a world where we need nine. But in the actual motion inside such a cube that loops in a cycle, moving relative to something else or not- linearly we find in effect a gate or wall (this informational issue not yet resolved) of a ninth element that does indeed confuse the past and the future state as we roll upon our own centers or go in to the depth of perception soloton-like.

Time travel has been suggested a folding of the space just before say a spaceship, but in this case the idea is more of unfolding at some sub-space element. Do we contemplate the simple fourth unknown from triality quadrants of quasicity and can this idea be extended or do we dance around what is no longer finite but boundless space or infinite and bounded gazing at our own navels?

This "compression" or flagelation of the tesseract, like the cube colored and arranged in the 27 as each a parallel and coherent anti-prism six fold when it does extend into the 7 implies and eight or eight implies a ninth virtual cube or wall in which we may penetrate or perhaps bounce back by the usual ideas of paths in four space and time suggests these can be harmonic spherical top (and also in a higher sense being structured but flatland) representations even more diverse across dimensions and ideas of motion than we have long suspected.

One stray idea along the way is my old thought that we can thus have a teleogical or directed system without necessarily having a goal as such, or rather an end. For at this level of being we have to find a reason from the inertial stance as to how things tend to move or change in the first place or in their cycle of rest and self enfolding manage to stay in place. Between them are gaps where in theory the mass of the universe is quasically continuous just as say the 9 cubes imply and relate to guages or fields of 7 or 11 more (this may be important for such virtual opaque matter notions insofar as the density measure of physical things in the universe is concerned so worth the investigation). What a strange general but narrow concept it is to evoke added dimensions in which something, say a string, that it may move.

From the entropy standpoint these may represent a foundational case and not one in the complexity of an ensemble of entities where the "null law of thermodynamics" applies- that is as in the syllogism idea of relative premises or the dice labeled with higher than the seven numbers the play flows in a loop such that a>b>c>a & a>b>c>d>a with even more combinatorial variations and so on. This of course will define what we mean by temperature more fundamentally and make the concept a viable one to apply on the scales of black holes and particles in a quasi-continuous manner.

* * *

Conversation with the Cosmos

The higher reaches of the geometry and arithmetic of the new and unified physics, once the concepts are internalized, become familiar for higher spaces, the feeling is one of a certain logic and intelligibility of the design of the universe and of physicality, perhaps close to frontier ideas of what is uniqueness, and of the Universe's design and possibilities- whatever its reason for being and source of its coherence.

This quest is difficult but among the few things that seems to raise our intelligence and yet may disorient us into a regression away from vertigo- in any case the thinking on this sort of thing, in a stable mind at least, only tends to enhance and build up yet free up our state of mind as if an assured awakening.

We cannot simply explain it by a vague appeal that if it were not so tuned we would not be here to contemplate or even experience the design. But as a general principle it can explain on one hand our desire to know, enquire with philosophy and science. On the other hand we feel unique with a sense of belonging and rewarded with communion with others, Nature or some intuitive idea of God as if this a purpose and destiny we can choose or fall into as our own when we are first explorers in freedom.

So the living of our lives, on whatever level of the familiar, whatever depth of taking thought, whatever the sense of finality of a timeless brief awakening, is this higher sense of the familiar and real - only when we question what of the world may strike us as illusion or other souls and natural events disturb our continuum do we briefly glimpse the reality of being which cannot be grounded here or in some hereafter on physicality or its uniqueness alone.

In the normal thinking human who has discernment, control of responsibility for his actions and the character presumably of his soul, and some sense of the real, walks in conversation with the cosmos and its God, in tribute to life, in supplication or for divination and guidance- these cannot be mocked and demeaned lest it undermines the reality and freedom of the very heart and soul of the faithful.

How we suspend disbelief to accept experience of exploring by dreaming, the play, as a philosophic stance with consequences, is not so much the issue but how when re-entering sober reality we react to it as a positive understanding of our consciousness.

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Two Posts on Pitkanen's Blog Today:


It is possible to do foundational physics that does not depend upon the cosmology at all but is intrinsic to matter etc...

The big bang and its ridiculous brother of the inflation models as the only cosmology is now very much considered old speculation.

The Hubble observation is not the cause of space expansion- we would know this better if we understood galaxy evolution better.

What makes us think we can understand gravity waves or even see them when we do not ultimately understand gravity? What makes us think there is a Hubble scale that is fixed to some idea of the microworld?

The PeSla


What mystery? As the world changes over space and time we should expect that conditions we think of as earlier would become more rare but be ever present as actually there is no origin as such like the big bang save by a partial point of view.

This does not mean we cannot take the old tired idea of clouds of matter at random determining what makes the stars- as they in general are less producing stars over time since said origin.

The ratio of helium to hydrogen is of course the stuff of the so called first stars- but the idea of Lithium is a new level of what we can discern of the geometry and yes the super-symmetry of ideas.

I supplied lithium model in a diagram on which Ulla commented it was not about the geometry and it is not if we think of that alone or hold it more than a tool of pure physics views if we want physics. I rather see things more like Ulla's view of the importance of carbon in chemoinformatics.

And we have a serious problem that supernovas cannot make some elements beyond a certain point- that is no known mechanism- so a new idea is needed. So the issue is deep into the higher elements (up to 120 I imagine).

This is not to say that your insights are not essential for the bigger picture. But of course in this bigger picture the ideas of entropy (if not the metaphor of dark energy-matter) certainly applies. And we need to show how but such a notion does follow from these local or cosmic concepts of entropy.


* * * Hans Mikelson shared this interesting link when I posted the philosophy part of the above on facebook today:

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