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Informational Foundations of Physical Theories

Informational Foundations of Physical Theories L. Edgar Otto September 16, 2011

Basically, we use metaphors such as a rather loose pattern of color labels to intelligibly describe the underlying arithmetical information. In some ways it is easier to explore notions in a relaxed way, perhaps subconsciously. But it is that we do need, like nature herself, a global picture or more informed counting and sorting decision process- ones that do not always show us more than one solution or path to a problem.

I will post here this realization of the structure as different, as are the duals of polyhedra are different, these along the lines of Kea's combinatorial studies which I for a while designated as Arquasic, compared to the quasic. I seems that my evolution totally miss the underlying informational structure of this view as I had concentrated on the orthogons (not the anti-cubes) which seems to me the rest of humanity has so missed explicitly.

These are after all problems of potential and kinetics, energy and matter, touch and sight, abstract and shadow motions and substance. Two iota singularities can form a string view or a point view in indefinite dimensions. So the iota landscape is much richer than the string landscape or the description of all things in finite points. So as with my friend K. Martin and his "Regulus Space" I apply what if I saw even an edge in a certain way for condensing or duplication of the given entity? From the idea of information as a basic binary these iota points, two of them may act as the end of strings and they can have no directed connection, be joined as if two rays become one. This joining can be neutral, one sided, multiple, and may describe the attractive or repulsive "forces" involved in such carriers of the idea of mass or other forms of inertia.

In duality as it seems the binary information involved is 0 v 1, then 00 11 10 01 in the lower symmetries that interplay between the arquasic and quasic lattices of space we immediately see we have a four way structure as well the difficult grasping of the structures algebraically only or from some arbritary but not necessarily global placing elements in a matrix such as a Karnaugh graph or adjacency matrices and even these without deep understanding generalized to higher "topological method" space. But this Regulusian viriality (duplication and halving) of iota point strings can go well beyond the idea of duality even when our initial experiments suggest on the higher levels where the chaos arises and the symmetry is only partially influential (say where the icosahedral symmetry breaks down) may nevertheless extend intelligibly into higher regions of n-ality and information systems.

One blogger today has taken a second look at nano devices on the molecular level as to these can make a small engine. But is the principle not one of a difference of surfaces like the simple experiment of randomly bouncing sphere hitting a fan with differences on each side leading to spin motion? Martin is skeptical too of the arising of such spin or motions although limited on this difference of centrifugal and centripetal devices that in effect allow high impact one way and free floating the other way. I understand Martin's argument in the global picture of what happens in a gravitational field- that as with many scientists today limited within some system of imagination (who unlike Martin are not creative writers or poets and whom we have not finished with this argument) that there is really no centripetal force as such).

I went on, casually, to look at a couple of other ideas still not redone or resolved where I posted them on this blog- one is the alphabetizing of the 30 color cubes. My original method was rather labourous- how can some intuitively do it with ease like two ladies who helped solve and play with my puzzles. Yet with these recent awakenings to some other side of the geometry I can find a systems from a truly internalized system view- of which I wish things were less difficult for solving a few minor other system problems.

So one alphabetic arrangement is ANK BHN CLH DGL EKG FME GBO HEJ IJD JOA KCI LAM MIB NDF OFC , of which we can now easily by geometry see that global relation and the number of such solutions considered as combinatorial possibilities. We are not necessarily seeing further but clearer. Of these I chose the ANK cube which stands alone in the center of pairs of the others arranged on the edges of a cube and obviously determined for a face by the choices of colors. So there are the 7 axes and one fertile center that is the portal to many structural things which may result in forms of replication on a foundational physics level, and the social level of thought and life, and a certain resoluteness for physical law that endures despite the chaos and chance that in lesser integrated systems is not sure the rebooted memory of the organism as a new individual among the 256 or so, will take. I thus chose the symbol ANKh for that ancient symbol which reminds us also of our female sign, Venus.

(Egad, it is a strange story really if all of this is in the books in some form- and somehow I carry on the journey and when encountering other turtles find we have very close ideas and sign language. And I am glad I am of an age where my IQ is not lowered as God made so we can get into and adsorbed by the business of reproduction- that is the three ladies last night seeming to behave in some sort of universal law as if not concerned this is a common behavior- well, this stuff gets old and I was nevertheless able to concentrate on my work. I think it is a seasonal thing really. Some are so bloated they only show their full frontal's, some are so thin they only present their Dairy Aire, but the key is in there somewhere although the drive to show differences in the vessel is overcome by the desire to replicate even if the lady does not know why her instincts are this way- the power of ANK or Life Force.)

The illustration today is such a vibration theory along the lines of Wolfe's that involves the NH3 and NH4 geometrical arrangements. I eventually reached a level where I was considering still higher quasi-symmetries and just where these foundations really meet the foundations we generally hold as quantum theory. It is clear to me that in 9 dimensions there is a quasitope containing 1024 eight dimensional simplexes. As nine points, three in the center of three face attached tetrahedra, these form a unit of the tetrahelix so important for DNA structure but it also, on that level of dimensional complexity, is the beginning of chiral possibilities in spin and directions.

Then I had a stay but relevant linguistics thought that my description of time beyond a concrete and recalled point-loop history as if a 9th or center singularity to an orthogon of the right dimension, that most languages likewise are confused and do not always obey the textbook rules of verbs of tense.

And after my realization of better drawing of certain ball and stick cubes on paint I realized perhaps a better and easier way to diagram the symmetries of these cubes in general as if they are unfolded with the possibilities of color pairs if not the alphanumeric labels for the eye. I may post examples today here. And I may add some of these things to my working graph paper blog of July 2011.

One more thing, the analog to these better geometric labels put into four space is rather beautiful and a strong statement about raw global symmetry in higher spaces.

Lastly, on the way to the coffee shop to post I took photos of the building next door I passed a thousand times and never noticed the brick architecture which now seemed appropriate to the color cube space theories in question. But I thought, wow the old guys really put art into the decoration of these early century brick works but who notices it - well, I am sure the brick layers saw such beauty back when.

I also found some interesting sequences or squares of numbers such as 1 5 10 10 5 1 that in a square the diagonals make 1 10 45 120 210 252 210 120 45 10 1 = 1024 and an odd sequence: 319 subtract 1 and divide by 2 = 159 (do he same)= 79, (same), = 39
(do same) = 19, (repeat) = 9. There must be a known simple formula for such things. This encountered from the 1024 + 252 where if possible divide by two first. But this still highly intuitive direction needs further exploring in the general multiplication and divison within even higher matrices of said dimensions. In any case again in the two player 4D chessgame 1024 or 8x8x4x4 seems a justified intuition where I imagine the 32cell quasitope...

* * *

Before all this on September 15, and with nothing new to say so I thought, I was in the poetic mood and wrote this poem:

A Teacher Laments the Hollow Shell of the Blind and Deaf Young Soul L. Edgar Otto

You cannot see, how wonderful your world
of tomorrow could be
For you have saved the bodies, survived
stood tall, passed the germ seed along
Ready for a thousand generations to grow
nourish the mind, build awareness in your soul

We cannot forever be content, in knowing things
to dwell imprisoned in a clockwork sky, your own heartbeats
But dreams, real or imagined, draw you beyond seasons to some end
beyond a fitful start, and chances of the draw
That strong be your heart as you ride the chaos
nothing can take back your touch on the cosmos

Your soul is for now only as absolute as you hold it
Or care for that of others along the way.

* * *

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