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The Intelligibility of Abstract Theories

The Intelligibility of Abstract Theories

L. Edgar Otto September 3 & 4, 2011

1* A Structure can be that which imposes a topological restrain on the compass of its parts.

*2 The combinatorial, p-adic, and quasic informational theories form a unified description of structural possibilities.

*3 An abstract quantum is the set of simplexes within and between the several dimensions.

*4 The representations of simplexes may consider their embedding in higher spaces, point, edge, face and volume centered vectors and so on that makes distinctions in the physical expression or that observed.

*5 For the 4D 5-cell polytope (singularity, string edge or iota) centered structure exhibits vibrational ranges of uncertainty.
* For example: the Wolfe theory of NH3 between synapses while true is spirit is not asserted globally as is any theory with this limitation or defect of Quantum Theories.

*6 In the 5-cell there are two 5-linkage circuits that if no two colors are adjacent at a point then the sequence is a b c d e and a c e b d
*6x5 or 30 of these.

*7 In even dimensions where the sum of substructures is zero in real or virtual as odd dimensional centering it is two, we imagine a dialectic or dipole duality where
*two planes (branes) intersect in a point or a brane decays into two superimposed points.

*8 The spatial location of a "soul" or "psyche" that there is room for such beyond the familiar compass and dimensions of physical space, intelligibly, these coordinates full or empty as with general ideas of space (charge) itself, if we can somehow determine that it is actually full, this idea should not confuse the content of consciousness or spirit with the topology even as with mass there is physical link.
*(Notation added today on Lubos ten new time idea post: He needs a conception of how to compare time when it is a continuous value to other discontinuous objects. Perhaps to define what is actually the continuity involved in pure strings or points.)

*9 Color substitutions (just as that of group permutations and multiplications, rigid rotations etc... which btw is scaleless as far as general asymmetry matters) on a more foundational and informational level, two colors alike at right angles as edges and points for a total of 15) is 4X or 2^n quasic bit space.
*The matrix representations of the 0's and 1's levels are intelligibly structural, as does these mathematical formalisms relate to or define and co-determine physicality structures and states. Ulla

*10 Ramsberger suggests after color levels of a quantum (lepton actually) come the psi-effects, this still debated as a notion or interpretation may nevertheless describe mental states or its global trends and situations, even if such effects are not in fact supernatural, ultimately.

*11 The distinction or directionality of ambiguous color states is decided by whats is inside or outside or neutral in the extension across a quantum state. 12 in the illustration above.
*This difference may drive the global Omnic entropy directionality including abstract mirrors of so called dark symmetries and energy mass that may appear as an artifact of the p-adic concern with absolutes in physical and arithmetic systems.

* * *

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