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Iota Particles and Time Structure

Iota Particles and Time Structure L. Edgar Otto September 11, 2011

(A Case for Intelligible Theories of Higgs-like Mechanisms and
Quantum or Other Faerie Fields)

Technically, even in the supposed separation in the inverse square formula of gravitational and mass (inertia and relatively separate substantial continua when we account for distinctions and asymmetry of time and spin and so on... The shadow information of the implied extra condensations and time-like directions, these in a sense indeed and integrateable quasi-finite therefore no natural and artificial distinction along the lines of NP hard type general situations, is probably what has led so many and some at the end of LHC experimental and other data- to suggest the notion of dark matter-energy terms as being like the metaphysical notion of black holes to some conception of structure or looping or entropy of surfaces or not. This idea in the new physics, more of a parallel super-symmetry like idea, more like the distinction into pure strings or pure points as substantial is not an omnic or iota like idea and not necessarily beyond information-ally sound relations if we base things only on one such very low aleph, 0 and 1, of the transfinite. This is what I feel confirms the general intuitions here as difficult as they are to grasp- that is how I would understand that some sort of probability and other considerations, as in Kea's post- would eliminate WHIMPs.

Now the level of the line in Pascal's triangle is the power of three... and it represents the number of cells in a simplex such as 1 3 3 1 for the tetrahedron. But this also represents the points encountered from one edge to another of an orthogon such as the cube 1 3 3 1 seen in the natural dimensions. The point is that these levels can be multiplied intelligibly, 2 x 2 = 4, these as if the 2^n idea of the dimension which is the power in finite or continuous conditions. We note also that the sequence for some of the regular higher solids needs not be ascending to the center of the values from the 1s at the ends and that as far as I can see these do not clearly relate to say the 120 cell stacking and the 120 atomic element shells which as these solids exist we may expect some sort of connection and possibility only not as clearly rigid. But since we have binary powers it is clear that in our search for manifolds and whatever groups are needed to embed them into some dimension including abstract extra dimensions for something like string motion or some sort of cycling back to points through the ten dimensions, we should not be so much concerned with the six dimensions of things for an integratable theory but at least the eight- yes the bi-octonion and one can imagine informationally the 16 as if a sort of mirror complex spaced. A little bit of intelligibility in a theory can command quite a bit of the applications as unintelligible. We should treat such lesser sporadic groups from the other side of applying theory where these will prove but a subset to the higher steppingstone and not the equality to be unified of several string theories despite the number of people and computer time needed to make the calculations up from the bottom of our physics reasoning. Nature of course is not top down or bottom up in her existence- but does a dance and balance of both. On the micro level, and in the observations of Dirac and Eddington this connection at least in the face of our universe as a cube of a hypercube, cosmology can be part of the description of the physics- otherwise something is lacking in the theory.

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Of course (even in the back of my mind I can imagine an ultimate chaos and indeterminacy beyond such statistics if these are solved.

Clearly, the fractal filling of planes would be differentiable too in such a setting as you consider (so in what sense are these terms to be compared and generalized?)

In my post today I use the lattice of Coxeter as planes or membranes and these form a cycle of five (or ten) as the duality projects from one level to another. These are very hard thoughts to grasp and keep a model in my head and digest it and evaluate it. But all is flatness here.

So, beyond Hamiltonian and phase space and so on, is there some restrictions (none of these things vanish by the way to hide the paradoxes of nature) on your idea of membranes and can your wormholes loop as if a three and greater model of Riemanns excluding the zero and negative in one axis while it is still a soloton of motion in itself or out to the world.

So the question I asked of space expansion relates to the one of these other notions in the topic context of my last comments here.

iota is a ray like idea, a scaless omnium if we want to connect it to cosmology. In my notation ironically I used Greek iota and nu (and chi eventually) as roman numbers for the cube notation. Vaguely I imagine (as the conformal idea of complex numbers involved I certainly have assumed without the questioning as some like Rowlands suggest cautiously) is that of four of the eight cubes- the electric and magnetic flow of things.


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I find it amazing how so many topics and terms are taken up or thought a cleaver new idea by some of the bloggers who may have modestly worked long on them or may have thought they were too radical for their time. If we sit back and watch the evolution of these awakening ideas it is quite a show. It is not necessarily that between disputes of theorists that they have borrowed from each other without documentation - let us recall the violets in the field saying about non-euclidean geometry discovered- or perhaps that age of different and independent systems of classifying crystals. Still, as we get a big picture we may find that we cannot compare such notions simultaneously or as a concrete measure-

(after all the second tower hit was the first to fall - sorry I cannot get emotional about this but things were much worse for all anything in this world matters for me at the time- thank you American dream- other than noticing no air craft in the sky and birds either something must have freaked them out- I did not hear about 911 for three days lost on the street and unjustly away from my kids by the fundamentalist southern baptist Christians and others... and more... I lived and walked those New York streets too. National Security states are Bullshit as well the love your diverse other faiths gone to far from a just or righteous anger.) We have not lost our innocence nor even forgetfulness as generations and time go by- we have lost the security of living our petty lives with shallow dreams to what we can all be.

Flopping roommate drunken friends threatening again, very hot day when the develop a craving for pizza at the hottest part and I stuck in the kitchen and then they leave the oven on (they must have lost a lot of brain cells). Saw part of King Kong today where the ape climbs the twin trade towers- reminded of the idea that in the Japanese consciousness it is said Godzilla represents the subconscious fear of the atom bomb. Sometimes, if the flies are ignorant and attack the sleeping bear they get his attention and he will expend vast amounts of energy to swat them. If these retards continue to interrupt my sleep I fear, after leaving to avoid conflict and they following me with almost prison like insanity, well I am not afraid to fight and they shall inherit the sum of all other affronts to my life, work, and family. But I blame the state more for these threats to themselves and the community who are rather stupid more than crazy. No one seems to care anyway.

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