Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Further Vulcan Space Speculations

More Vulcan Space Speculations
L. Edgar Otto September 21, 2011

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An interesting pdf from Ulla and a comment to Pikanen's blog: This strikes me as useful speculations that can lead to some solid technology designs for quantum systems computation.


That was a great pdf article from 2010. It begins to see the higher picture beyond quantum formalism in the way we can understand information and the process proposed of the changes locally or globally in such information as qubits etc. In fact the issues are part of the general questions of Penrose's quantanglement and Majorana information transmission as well as Bell et al.

If Matti is proposing the higher membranes as also like orbitals I think this is right on and compliments my more detailed speculations.

I can see why in a vague intuitive way one can imagine the teleportation like DNA imprinting on say water- and also why TGD will answer some of our questions some have not yet decided to ask.

One thing for sure it is a little naieve to just apply string like or wormhole like or dark matter like theories now conceived to the deeper functioning of matter and life. It requires a more unified theory but is a good start.

Matti should also consider more than the manifolds but at least of all three curvatures as to what is the nature of the physical and finite.

Interesting how many of his and my formula values show up- as if these authors are almost at the end of the quest. Still, we need such work to light the way.

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