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Queen's Knight to King's Bishop Three

Queen's Knight to King's Bishop Three L. Edgar Otto September 24, 2011

This title occurred to me for a science fiction story- in the tradition of doing so as did Fred Hoyle- or perhaps the new sit com "The Big Bang". I do this because it seems that such popularizations do convey something of the paradigms of physics. But first I must show the science part of it all, the math. Yet, it is clear that the recent discussions on the neutrino issue and data open up to a wider view that can contain fresh material and foundations for such speculative literature better than the usual fare. I roughly envision the time traveler of variable intellect from room to room playing a chess game of sorts with the space. In such a space it is not clear that once we divide the transfinite number of rooms into two that we can fit as many guests in- that is what prevents us from doing this all at once.

So in speculation and in the evaluation of the new data we have raises some interesting new questions- well, maybe resurrected some old ones- consider the Baconian theme in a story I read once in 63 where someone sits on a rock and describes the scene changing- the flora and fauna evolving before him but he is caught in the same room like location.

We find our minds seem to work like this also as well the recursion and iterations within the pattern space of our genes and that adaptable space our brain use to store the deeper phenomenon of memory and attach it to feelings and words- perhaps tell a story. When the connections fade it is much clearer that it is not simply a recollection as much as the being there in that place still in that time.

But the higher space can be a higher dimension to which some may opt out from the normal three space and materiality. This in a sense undermines the causality or the karma as in the thoughts of such religious balance. Do some in the desire determined or not who opt out face punishment, a new track and higher one to race upon, maybe to become like the angels in theory? Or is there a vanishing to this natural reaction and desire that ground the impetus for life and learning that for me the path is so found unique and sentient - and all the issues that raises?

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What these authors and others have failed to see despite the brilliance of the insights is that this 26 (or 27 or 28 depending on the inclusion of centers) is a pattern that goes across all dimensions and the so called sub-spaces need not be zero. But from a more general view as this is a vague property of numbers too, as in my "Borg" theory- "resistance is futile" or it seems just as well to be irrelevant.

The next level of such group considerations would of course be 81. It is not enough to show there are no "ghost like fields" or particles less than this Pythagorean grounding multi-brane three space centering to show if these are physical. And for the lack of your concerns of asymmetry of it all such static systems only seem to move at any speed. This is why these sort of brane theories like string ones have not pinned down the essential idea of mass or gravity.

Each sub-region of the space has he pattern also and so on...

The PeSla

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Part of the origin of these ideas was the n-dimensional case idea of the Conway Matrix and the crude attempt for a better notation which in the end I had to choose a coordinate system beginning in the center of orthogonal structures in quasic space (that is the upper left hand corner) which follows somewhat the very principle Kea refers to in her quotation I commented upon. It is very odd that so often I find citing in papers recent and rather old that come so close but have not begun to understand the quasic idea. I must believe we are past the post modern era and that in general we all are seeking and expect some sort of concrete general design for an intelligible universe.

So here is the extension into other multibrane spaces with a center in the triangular number sequence of an orthogon to an echo of the 24 dimensional shape. I then decided despite the advantages of the A-O the P-Z then the civil war cipher then numbers with a degree sign- that a sort of quasi grid or cell epsilon-delta idea of a string-point compromise could be a notation of two parts (however, it slows me down to shift the letters from what is clear in what space and as to what I have committed to memory. But the notation will improve- I show this crude draft as it is on the way of casual discovery and may convey the more complicated ideas of how we may see dimensions in such sub-sub-spaces.

I note of course in the heading illustration that there is no move from the initial position so described but a few moves could make it possible- and so from a gender or symmetry view as the Knights can make a circuit on the natural board as to the parity these land one (changing color not the same color as with the bishops) to give an idea of the higher hidden symmetries in abstract motion involved in the plane- of which it is not clear how many can be coincident or intersect with regard to what center singularity.) I also suggest from this ED notation that only at a certain level of complexity do we begin to see the role of the tenfold higher spaces that can be mapped onto the 600 cell and 120 cell polytopes of four space. Again, from what I can tell the views of space seem less rich than geometers seem to understand and on the other hand some things are not all that hopelessly complicated.
If the knight can so move (a mirror to the orthogonal queens move) why not in a sense that numbers do this- including the decimal in the computation of frequencies and length having perhaps a form, almost cyclic and independent in nature regardless of where the decimal is.

Green Bay 3-0 in the games I watched (and the Superbowl last year). Maybe just a jump over some Knight path in a hyper cell as the games are harder with some of the options limited or excluded than the full game itself of chess. Or the idea of applying the icosahedral solids to the DNA in 67 independently- I mean about as strange as falling into an adjacent cell where say you fumble the ball or make a chess blunder not quite the self you are used to when you look into the mirror- all these the question again of uniqueness between spaces of wider order- and if not quite all things possible in a somewhat limited universe we cannot doubt that some ways to see the world can be radically different from a design reality- who is to say that my creative artistic roommate is not the sane one from the future or is that also my awareness of him and proximity. Well, I am trying to teach him how to be middle class and what in new physics shows his art beyond both its modernism and post modern senses. You know, take your eyes away for a minute and the other side winds up scoring a few points, so it seems.

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