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Rowlands and Otto On Foundational Unified Gene Codes

Rowlands and Otto On Foundational Unified Gene Codes L. Edgar Otto September 6, 2011

As with other possibilities of how the geometry of dimensions in relation to physics is to be generalized and unified- Peter Rowlands et al suggest the "nature code" and I the quasic code. From the first terse communication (now some months ago and since I have had to slowly go into the depth of his book in stages and feel the first impressions justified, especially in the particle theory) in praise of his book I wondered why his emphasis was on he 20 and mine the 24 codons that code the amino acids. From a geometric view these are aspects of one system of the geometry of space and time and physical applications of the hinted at unified theories.

*1 - The genetic code is quasi-plastic, diverse in expression, under this umbrella of a unified physics and geometrical interpretations.

*2 - The number of codons up to 2^6 divides the logical space (and its sense of direction as an open or closed system unto infinity) fractally and holographically such that divisions expressed may merge or duplicate at terminators and initiator points in the overall polyhedral-polytopal count of elements- in particular these naturally arise on the least dimensionally complicated brane or last face of 6 of the cube that contains these condensed shadows or things moving in them in relation to shadows. This is also, from the inductive stance the ratio of charge induction.

*3 - The charges are important as systemic induction in the molecular structures as from an iota's point the ray can be a star as if an electrostatic field or a loop as if a magnetic field- but these systems are mutable as quasi-plastic ones.

*4 - Just as the Diracian quaternion system establishes the 120 group as 32 x 32 elements and thus we expect some multiple of 20 for the reading- this quantized aspects of distinct and privileged parts of the quasi-local field is also quasized into sets of four, sixteen of the 64, intelligibly. This issue of the nature of vectors in a system also akin to that of Eddington's uranoid as in his Fundamental Theory- as a good complement to Dirac.

*5 - Part of the intuitive motive for this line of research was inspired by the director of research at UNC (who now passed on long ago with Alzheimer's but whom I dedicated my last unpublished book to for her help when our family was on the street and giving us $100 said it was for "research" I was doing. She was especially interested in my application to the color patterns of the skin of salamanders and the relation to new systematic theories of which I said at the time was a sort of unitary field theory.)

*6 - The emphasis between dimensions as a principle and the dodecahedral and 5-cell symmetries being the 24 of a rigid cube or the 4-space analog of the octahedron is the idea of such condensing here (which I suppose compacting as in string theory may relate in a quasi-plastic manner depending on how we view the continuities or the centers of things) Essentially the polarization (the ideas of Rowlands weak force focus aside insofar as the chirality goes) is the information of the quasic quadrants as well the arrangement of certain elements in other theory grounds as say determinants. The essential idea here is that the orthogons are on some level of complexity embedded in the simpler simplexes of which the cube of course fits the complexity of the icosahedral symmetry. (It would be interesting to see if after all we can have analogs to this symmetry beyond 4 space in some sense or show why with a firmer foundation than we now have in our old and limited physics).

*7 - One interesting consequence of these age old pattern views is the acceptance of the Platonic ideas of the Metatron Cube as appears in Rowlands book and has a sort of mystical or New Age following in which many paint intuitive ideas. For such people the fascination of philosophers with such solids, and recently of the physicists with the playing of quasi-regular tesselations of five fold tiles, we find this stella-octanga deep in the heart of possible interpretations of structures.
In particular edge to edge of tetrahedra shows 27 sub octanga of which these degenerate again to the one metatron of condensed 3 and 4 space shadows and to the idea of chains of such tetrahedra edge to edge and thus chirally face to face. In fact if in the depth tunnel we find a loop back to the world and not the open infinite parts in concrete reality or as imaginary time (this model does in a sense explain at least the shadow points in the cube as open or time like dimensions 4) then the debate as to if on the micro-level the Lorentz group consideration falls then the argument on this is mere assertion and not a logical argument as unification. Such assertions seem to me the vague, popular, and new age ones that has assumed the guise of an expert and exact science.

*8 - While this logically evolving set of notions on this creativity stance for enquiry blog continues to reach new levels (which of course surprises me as well) I would think that a 5 x 5 x 5 system would better focus the count of such things while the 4 x 4 x 4 is useful in the application of the 32 + 32 code expression, but this is just a guess for the odd number of things for an exact centering in digital drawing as the source of the intuition. While in presentation of a theory we do not show we are surprised and have doubts as that will impede somewhat the transmission of the notions I must keep in mind those things to which I myself am not aware to be surprised or not about- that is we cannot just assume that in one system of the reading of nature and her cosmic code expression even full compass of a practical theory that it is the proven only code. There are many more foundational things to think about here in the very wide and optimism inspiring new physics. For one thing it is clear that some issues as to what is the depth or surface of the effects of molecules and catalysts on an organic system may find more scientific grounding.

*9 - The distinctions for a certain code element or amino acid and so on (of which this double code space system explains some things heretofore mystery as the reconstitution of a deleted chromosome from the cell fluid context or the growth of some shapes even if the DNA code is missing) as to what dimension their influence feels and level it is in- is of course quasi-plastic. But in a world of pragmatic physicality and reasonable concepts of multiverse and non local duplications and of superpositions, is this not true of the Nonnecessity in general of a universe of the widest general theory?

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