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Systemic Teleoscoping

Systemic Teleoscoping L. Edgar Otto September 22, 2011 Enter Another Autumn

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L. Edgar Otto
Our hearts like the universe can be open or closed as we get trapped into our own self or fall into the trap of the call of the others... Life is a sane balance- in cosmology I am forever Tycho Brae- I mean who can tell if the earth moves around the sun or the sun the earth when you get right down to it?

I had little to post and did hardly anything last night- I did consider a little the underlying general sense of things, with perhaps the cosmology in view, by what I am assuming if we exchange one color for another in a jack of six or eight colors. So early this morning I wrote some of these general thoughts down which are so foundational to the general systems that they are questions it may have not occurred to anyone to need to ask as some sort of axiomatic foundations.

Forgive the term teleoscoping as it first arose in the study of classification of musical themes and the DNA code at an epiphany of insight in 74 of which I recorded the exact time as I worked it out on the steps of the philosophy building waiting to see my friend back from the Vietnam war and now in ethics class.

I do not know if I conveyed the general system and its caveats to describe physical systems as a branch of such quasi-applications of general theory. I think it automatically includes certain observations and issues in relation to how we think of the relation to our general cosmology. For example the dialectic between entropy consuming entities and those producing like stars- a structural explanation. But as I come here today I see this article: and is one of the few blogs I feel very solidly scientific that commands respect- this seems to me certainly worth investigation as with other proposals by this scientist I have read from time to time. This strikes me as intelligible questions for an intelligible systems structural approach that can be seen in itself or in a more general physics. But I mention this just because of all the things I may encounter reading usually after posting that we find a certain synchronicity of the things I already written. If I find before hand some comment I am also likely to post it because the effort of what I type would be repeated so I do for the better reason of shared dialog with others and the universe even at a distance or just implied. As always the professors of several departments pass each other in the hallways or elevators and rarely know their work is in similar areas. The article's author astutely begins to question the very Bayesian methods of which I also try to make sense of in the way we analyze data and include in the paper proper here:

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Systemic Teleoscoping:

*What happens with color label substitution from a self-looping at nodes and the branching at quasi-system views?

*To exchange so many colors, say red and black, (as I am sure there is a vast literature on this sort of group permutations and so on approach) may have significant as well as irrelevant privileging effects, qualitatively or quantitatively as continuous or discrete, color mixing or averaging or none of the above.

*To exchange red for black of 8 colors in a 3D color system (the jack stone with an indeterminate singularity or simply connected centers) is to relate to the general system a 4D+ directionality. But this physicality may become in space or time a 3D system and still react to the influences contiguous or near other natural dimensions.

*This centering view (as if the assumption of the Big Bang cosmology) allows the expansion of all branching possibilities enumerated but limited by the applied formulas in the dimensions of the or describing the connections.

*Looping, with its independent or isolated contained virtual or physical systems is also a result of the condensing or even the seeming compactification of practicalities.

*Once higher dimensional systems form such a precipitation if loops (as practicalities or forces or distinctions of substances) these may accept or eject other inter-dimensional systems or parts of them and eh isolate mult-dimensional loops may super-expand as if there are influences of super-teleoscoping systems.

*The general notion of this systemic teleoscoping space also can make analogous higher (or lower) systems to some grounding level to which its forms, parts and processes are quasi-coincident as a general quasi-teleoscoping description.

*Color, in a sense, involves at leas teleoscoping planes or (mem-)brains as well as those seeming qualitative effects of consciousness.

*The counter to this systemic (really here quasi-systemic when you take in to account what we decide are holographic or fractal boundary effects including our ideas of conservation laws isolated or not) is not necessarily complete by the physics of indeterminacy co-existent with the accompanying quasi-degrees of freedom.

*We seem to be able to generate this systemic theory to our simpler ideas of questions that arise from notions and relations as of the many-world or multiverse relations to the general cosmology.

* * * *
Bruce Duensing just posted this interesting link to some papers. Now the more reductionist emphasis is good to explore whatever the probabilities or possibilities of things in our existence. I have seen some of these theories before in relation to grounding things say on electromagnetism alone. But I have to ask from the most general view on unidentified phenomena- "But is the Plasma shown to be a Psi-plasma especially as some sensing or awareness in my metaphysics does involve light speed."

* * *

Generally the frontiers of topology takes years to find applications in the real world and as such is always a theoretical investment. What do we think of this paper the authors ask? Well, I am sure that there are many things in it of great utility to physics if we decode the symbols and notions and it seems a rather advanced use of our brains- but for me in this case it is clear that it may take years before such topology enquires and systems catch up to quasic and omnic ideas although I see that the systems do begin to recognize things like Kea's approach or ideas like the Branes as orbitals as in TGD theory- but the insights as to the tenfold symmetry is as old as Klein at least in our finite or quasi-finite considerations. Is this ultimately not the taking serious of the great Coxeter, and yes, trying to go beyond him at a time after such ideas were not so taken? In any case the status of 8 seems missing from the notions of this paper.

What of the idea of a super symmetry involving the new ideas of super relativity's? Well, at least as an historical note you can find these things already in my post- we do not know really, even if our lives are dihedrons with no volume, how at the balance of structures and geometry in ideas of planes of infinity and nothingness we have been influenced by or have influenced others. Even the idea of a meme does not have clear scientific substance in the face of the wider new physics.

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