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Tangible Shadows

Tangible Shadows
L. Edgar Otto September 15, 2011

Perhaps we need not invoke a remote super-symmetry in order to understand what is concrete in our concept of mass and what is hidden in the depths of span of higher dimensional shadows.

This principle of the rim (my flangelation word which I still use and is as good as any for now) is perhaps the human centered claim that in visualizing dimensions and having to compress them down- this is how nature sees things and in the tangible background will effect the physics from the higher space. But of course these shadow polytope ideas of dimensions that could exist in a higher cloud of things beyond our perception may be the case- or we can imagine it the case and usually keep that idea in the back of our minds for the fundamental foundations of our theories. The truth may be that nature and is changes and phenomena may be somewhere between the beauty of shadows where things can be more symmetric and not so in our familiar space, or vise versa, and this idea of tangible flangelation. In general we have to reach a point, in the shadows and in what we can hold physically near them as if to actually touch to some degree of focus their ball and stick like skeletons- this difference in the clouds as well as observed in organic forms that use the symmetry could be the source of such structural and energetic physics. In this world we then have quasi-symmetry conditions (that is quasi-symmetry and asymmetry in relation to tangible and minimum energy or quantization possibilities.)

As far as the new topology is concerned (for the goal of the atom smasher is perhaps to understand the skeleton under the particles as much as the types and interactions of the particles themselves) this amounts to the application of mathematics as a quasi-reality on par with the physicality or at least a quasi-illusion. There are many such theories that claim for example that time is an illusion, or some other way to be on some side of the mirror of shadows that other things are illusions such as matter itself. Such questions may ask, and this is not necessarily a question that would survive a higher generalization that does not dismiss it as a notion, "What is the ultimate underlying stuff of the universe and can we know it? Would it really matter if it were say- clown noses?"

But what is that question but a notion like because of the properties lost and those that remain into black holes (of which some can suggest we live in one like in a higher dimensional bubble, the universe itself) the information, the quantum information in particular, that can come back (evaporate out?) as anything. Can we then know after all what is the underlying substance of the general universe? It is not forbidden by quantum theory for example to say that cold fusion is possible and will not cause neutron radiation as with fission- but what of the energy in and out and such differences- and the question of the tangible or not gain of such a process of the energy out compared to that primed in?

If such fusion is possible, and resolved from our idea of false vacua as forces as well as clearing up the role of what in the quantum realm we call zero point energy, and that we do adjust our ideas of the calculus to better reflect the physics, then perhaps we can better relate to the physics and sciences in general of nature.

Hans sent me an article on the nanotechnology level where we make our artifacts and thus what is objectively in effect artificial in our normal view of the laws of nature or of God and so on... that these devices on the micro level may determine our perception of the world, even control it, as well as say chance evolved chemical hormones. But if the artificial is divorced from the natural too far can we so understand the ultimate stuff that our human emotions and consciousness is made of? It is not that we have runny clown noses as much as beneath the masks something is unique yet universal and centered there by which we try to communicate to others and in the mirror with our happy and tragic clown faces.

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So, my coloring of the edges of the hypercube in four colors (in the six space the orange and violet or my letter "I" would be missing or implied that the permutations then describe the motions and orientation of axes) this ball and stick figure can be misleading or fail to fully communicate the depth of the idea. This coloring is really a simplified notation as if we can see through objects- but for the cube of twelve edges itself of four colors the whole surface of the cube is colored. So too the edges of the condensed or flanged hypercube. It is thus a complete and regular solid of 32 cells and these are the 5-cell four dimension simplex analogs of a three space tetrahedron. I do not know if such an idea of higher space objects already exist in the literature. The idea here was to place such objects of four colors in an array where they to not touch the other colors.

On the other hand we can imagine a color cube representation such that we have only these four colors diagonally each the same in the opposite 8 corners. This would give the 24 possibilities (and in a sense there are geometric transformations where the inversion symmetries turns out to be the same as the mirror symmetries- in a sense I almost feel this represents some aspects of what happens with charge.) Yet we can with flanged ball and stick cube (a square within a square) represent an analog to these higher shadow symmetries in two space that we have what appears different laws of what is the negative and positive of the outside or all other things part of the lattice symmetry. One that seems to be a mirror dual but in effect from some view depending on if there is the higher or lower dimension slice that these are the same as the 8 cube corner coloration- but such a cube with the inside of the 5-cell one of the four colors hidden and three exposed on the six triangles as if two tetrahedra face to face, the colors of these faces are skew in the order of the reading of three objects. The result of all this is that we get the full 480 values needed for particle and other equations from the physics of the geometry seen as the "anticube" or octahedral-tetrahedral lattice view.

Some decades ago I visited an crystallographer in the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee with a suggestion I manufacture models of crystals like their wooden ones made in Germany no longer. "We don't want ball and stick models." he said and I replied these would be solid models- the wooden ones the department laments are worn down and some of them lost or stolen- maybe the need to touch. Despite the abstraction and grasping of the concepts many chemists do feel comfort in having a model of some sort on their desk to hold in their hands." He replied that the angles would be way too difficult to get correctly so did not believe we could do it. But we were not as advanced then in the computer visualization of such models and the programming- and we still have not resolved the philosophic and practical nature of touch in the virtual world.

I found it interesting also last night to take the unfolding of a cubes to see what happens if we think of the third color as central.

I also made a set of such cubes of which there is of course 15 where the flat hexagonal sliced them into two regions to "see inside the whistle or double face to face tetrahedral 5-cell 4 simplex" (not sure why I wanted to name it that but it has stuck for awhile as already we are into too many confusing technical names).

Of course in the case of a normal cube with this 4 coloring we imagine making a circuit around four of the faces. In which case we do not have a situation where the next cube projected out assumes a negative value to the world and the others within- but this is true in a sense in the flanged or tangible cube representation. Otherwise we would only have spin contained and no concept of translation in the geometry at all physically. Still we can imagine in a normal cube up into the three space cloud or shadow we do make a translation between two opposite faces- in which case we in effect have a vibration between two (iotas? pre-iotas?) objects as if flattened a square into an edge and not the space cycle of the roots of i as right angles. Need we extend from this two space principle the multiple pi rotations we need in the development of the identity states of string theory and say quaternions?

Furthermore, we can see a deeper answer to the question of cloning from the first division of the egg of mammals wherein after 2^5 it cannot be done to make 32 individuals as the embryo is now one entity. That vaguely suggest the 5th dimension is somehow involved tangibly. Yet it should be clear by now we are not simply talking about a binary power analog to continuous or finite five space- rather we are talking about alternative structures and mirror symmetries such as the 32 5-cell "quasipolytope". From here we should find a rather complex development of flanged bilateral and other creatures into integration and differentiation of cells.

In general the question of a diagonal as in a matrix - does it contain information equal to the boundary or is there information gained or lost- or do some things such as time exist only in one place or the other as somehow a quasi-illusion? It is clear to me that the differences in say the semi-regular and vertical polygons must from a fundamental relationship of numbers and physical properties (as if nature herself wants to hold things in her slippery hands not content with the thorny prickly feel of the ball and stick one fractal or string only cosmology.)

As such it is clear that the matrix involving the information between the totality and the main diagonal represents not only abstract multiplication of things but an abstract division of things (a difference not simply one of multiple addition or subtraction but a fundamental process of geometrical change in nature).

This in terms of the creativity and the differences or focusing of light as if in a lens, and beyond the idea of objects from higher space such as hyperspheres and cones entering or leaving our flat local brane space (well it seem clear to me also that the axiom involved with the whistles is that three branes may intersect in a line just as an edge in four space has well, rather three half planes with half the square root of two the apparent real distance measure.) This extends the two branes intersect at a point axiom of higher space a bit. So it is that at a point in the plane (just as we sum 32 and 30 in the numbers involved in the counting of polytope nodes to equal twice 31, the 2 to make 64 the unit generators of a binomial expansion as if the orthogon a simplex). That such a plane or membrane can be seen as a lens with creative singularity points that relates to what we imagine as the underlying substance and the perception illusions of the mix of what we sum up as holographic or intersecting fractal path differentiations and integrations of what is not quite in the tangible things of this world all shadow as a singularity. For those who want to dream a little and it lead to some concrete ideas- imagine then the slice or membrane as if an indefinite and flat dark hole like plane.

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From the Popular Sci Mags today:

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Compare to this- which all amounts to the confusion of fundamental philosophic views on the influences of mechanism, teleology, and chance...

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"The fact that the system generally doesn't devolve into chaos might mean that embryos have developed additional mechanisms that we don't know about. It would be interesting to know what those mechanisms are," Wieschaus said. again, the new ideas applied as metals as tangible and perceptive (and ultimately what contains, frees or guides replication mechanisms) such as the waves of calcium models in the next link above.

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Still a little vague here, as usual with the frontiers of linguistics and psychology, let us ask this question about what we hold as the narrative we relate to of our systems of physics and cosmology.

* * *

This was an especially relevant constellation of science thought, observations, and research that for me seems to come closer to a more creative and unified view of the cosmos- and in each separate area the sciences are achieving thing alive and well.

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Social Gravity (Rereading the US Constitution):

Generation of Vipers then the Generation of Sheep
by L. Edgar Otto on Wednesday, September 14, 2011 at 2:40pm

I reread the US constitution the other day. Its language was straightforward and simple yet it is very clear to me how far we are from what we were asked to defend. Your generation does not realize what rights you have lost and what responsibility you have in our guaranteed republican government.

So much of it concerns finances- yet in that area as with many others it presents contradictions on just what are our shared laws. It is clear to me that for those powers not enumerated these revert to the people. A new and better and developing form of our government of equal weight and opportunity can be seen as legal and not forbidden under the constitution. To the State and Federal Courts it is quite possible to form a new spring of the people's courts to defend those sections of national and state statutes that have become locked into a do nothing congress and ineffective executive caught between last era's ideologies.

If it is all about money then it is clear that any entity that passes on to the people the inability to repay debts as sovereign in the government is a violation of the ideals of the constitution as to the good faith and credit of the united states and the states severally- and the error is the fault and responsibility of the governing. For me those people who have violated my rights to even personal and intellectual property and made it so in some cases I could not pay back those who helped me beyond the entanglement with the state- a peoples court would certainly do what the elected officials and bureaucrats would not do- namely the right thing to defend the guarantees of good weight within our economic community and for such parasites on the public wealth a just compensation, public censure, or punishment could be done by a respectful people's court as an alternative to false due process.

It is clear also that for one state to forbid suing by other states without permission of the other fifty, questions the very sovereignty of the people as well the federal union. That state is Virginia which in effect has legally armed herself and declared war illegally on the rest of our people. Such independence has resulted in kidnapping of the children especially for those marriages from foreign cultures against the rights of uniform relations between the states. Also, by birthright, it is clear that there is no appeal for our veterans to sue as a veteran the federal government- but it should be a crime to lie to the people to keep an army that would otherwise not be there save when the praise is there to fulfill the acts of war beyond the calling up of our militia which after all were needed for natural disasters. A crime if in the youthful ignorance of this generation with mockery of their ideals for defense and the state once set in the system of service are denied ever more the promises to them and the proven social benefits of previous generations from those wars.

I tend to believe that the requirement to return to the poll tax in effect is a desire of the more conservative of our parties, that and right to work laws against collective bargaining- paradoxically by the public sector who in general do not take seriously or even have read the statutes of our state. In my case I will need an ID, considered if free not a tax- but I have already paid for an ID and may not be able to vote so it is worse than a tax. It is the taking away of rights (and both parties are guilty)- perhaps they do not want to maintain the post office if they could change that who cannot seem to deliver mail unless I prove identity since we have moved more into a national security state.

This generation does not know what power it has still- no matter what side of an issue a voter is on - I suspect the state is only all to aware of it. So do you want a republican form of government and one that matters and is worth keeping if we can especially if certain treaties in history are but scraps of paper is the law of the land?

But between nations what is this ideal that hopes to emulate rather than imitate our social example?

PRO REPUBLICA L. Edgar Otto (having served honorably and feels like a second class citizen, receives no help but impediments from the Veteran's administration for decades). It is not constitutional to have the same jurisdiction tell you different things nor that those elected are not to represent all the people. The American experiment is not a dead end unless you allow it to be- for in theory you are the deciders of how we live together in one jurisdiction.

What if they held an election that was very far from what the social community decided to the extent that a new spring of government and faith in our system was a real awakening of a world safe for authentic enquiry?

* * *

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