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Visualizing Tesseract Constellations

Visualizing Tesseract Constellations

Figure 1. is the coloring in four colors of the 8 cubes or 24 faces of the hypercube. If we imagine going through such an object the faces, 4 of them in cycle, will appear to rotate 90 degrees as if describing a finite helix. This is true also if we make a circle around the center of this torus of 4 cubes. These I designate with the 24 letters times two aspects for 48 labels. We can represent them as the three axes times the i, 1, -i, -1 right angle rotations. Let us not also that the same coloring of the six faces of a cube into 24 regions applies inside this figure for 7 of the cubes and the outside eighth cube is the inverse of these.

Figure 2. is the statement that we can slice the hypercube in the 1 4 6 4 1 arrangement, as if a simplex. But in 4D so condensed into three space as with other physical effects of this way nature views higher space, we find the six more of a staggered hexagon as we do with organic carbon compounds.

Figure 3 & 4. Represent the idea if we color two "quasi-iota points or strings" that is, if two nodes are of the same color we make the edges the same color in a loose statement of charge attraction or repelling grounding and exclusions. In this case we find if all nodes are different between two colors no iota stings exist as such, or that if we have the eight of each color we can arrange them as if a cube within a cube thus with 24 iota strings 12 describing a cube the maximal number per color.

Figure 5 & 6. here we see that the coloring of the edges and nodes of the hypercube of two color constellation may be symmetric in patterns or may be asymmetric. This property of higher spaces should be held in mind when considering symmetry and energy questions in inversion depth of dimensions or over hyper-surfaces.

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I note today Leo V's post on ball lightning- this metaphor reminds me of my consideration in 64 of such intuitive structures. For the very concept of condensed space as in Fig. 1 is the structure or compass of a free ball lightening. Only I do not think the metaphor strong enough (although these are intelligible theories too) to pin down concretely the physics if we use such vague notions and terms as "zero point energy" or "Big Bang cosmology" But it would be worth looking at the physics proposed for the accessing of energy via the vague "black hole" concept, at least experimentally. But in all such theories and devices I have encountered the only thing they seem to generate is hope and investors. Then again it may be there is some other way other than the very slow to go beyond the break even point of hot fusion (using lasers as proposed in '72 in Titusville to contain "things beyond the leaking Torus magnetic bottle.") But where would the wisdom and fun in the physics be if we could not express our speculations and react emotionally to them and how others see them? The right angle formulation as in figure 1. is a time mechanism concept also. If there is zero point energy as so described by bloggers here (or something like the Higgs field Leo suggests can be tapped) it certainly cannot be grounded in a finite world any more than the Higgs particle- we do not derive from such metaphorical fields the most foundational and infinite source of energy, at least in a routine fashion- gamma bursts are a byproduct and not the creator of the low metal stars- the structure of creative entities like the ball lightning or "tesseractions" of black holes are and on as Leo suggests and TGD knows there are levels of membranes- and perhaps as of my post of yesterday, super-wormholes.

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Footnote: In the coloring of the nodes or points of the hypercube by some number of colors we need not assume these numbers are equal but can allow for a range of possibilities (in fact this can be extended to the computation of the probabilites thus represent entropy of an ensemble of the nodes as sub-cubes in a sky (Himmel) of the constellations.

In my color notation of six colors we find red yellow green and blue used in the tesseract of four colors above- so it is that orange and violet are excluded which is the letter "I" in the notation. So if we label the connections of the faces of the hypercube with the bicolor notations (each node ambigously orange or violet) we have the permutations in the rotations around or translations thru the axes in this three space representation. CIK IKC KCI BIM IMB MBI IDJ DJI JID and the reverse labels. Also we may think of these as the points of an octahedron or faces and the 12 edges of a cube, so labels in sets of four for the 24 orientations.

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At 1:43 AM, Blogger Ulla said...

I dislike your way to post your comments only, on your blog.

And Matti has no time, how hard we ever wish he had. He is the Emperor. I know of nobody that work so hard.


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There is no time?

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I desired that the readers if any would go to Matti's original postings- the point was not to read our commentary as much as the original contribution. I am not so sure we need to duplicate or mirror things that much.

Time is like solving problems as the entropy slows down- the more you solve the faster it goes and the closer you get to the answer.

I am not sure that link you threw at me again is technically cold fusion- and in any case if there are free electrons as the catalyst of these kinks in the field possibilities these involve geometry of structures such as the truncated octahedron.

I understand it will take a lot of work to catch up to me from where I was 20 years ago. But why will you not see the beauty in these ideas applying to carbon chemistry and the genetics?

It is not about dependence on the emotional aspect for the hard and raw objective science- there is no need to be in each others heads short of canine or love bonding or a role of healer. In my world I am described as an inoffensive centrist democracy in the nation state game, But I can see the empire in a grain of sand.

I will now post this for my own personal reference as my intention was not to promote the blog.

Must the mare maid find the love of another to gain her own soul?

The PeSla

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Maybe I now know where the Lithium should have gone :-)~

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"I was the sole emperor of a grain of sand but conquered a might beach. My castles endured rough waves and storms - with a sea gull's jawbone I reached to the moon..."

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  1. Or you can ride on a beam of light...

    to Mattis blog and read the answer there.

    Li is used in batteries too. Why?

  2. Ulla,

    Actually that was a very deep and good question in our selective perceptions of the coincidental good I come today with a little better understanding of some of the things in my own system. I will post Tangible Shadows next- Would Einstein riding the light literally have a place to sit anymore than angels walking on clouds?

    Others on the blogs begin to see the touch part of geometry, the "feeling" of momentum as trying to tell us something about the geometry as defined as touch and sight. Now, what am I to make of the mystery or insight behind your question as I am not clear on how the energy goes?

    Are we talking about clouds and shadows or the independent electron flow in lattices and wires- perhaps some relation to the superconductive? Otherwise electrons are just exchanged between atoms. Of course the idea of wormholes and tunnels and so on in TGD is also a question of the tangible. But, we should not think that shadows, a sort of dark matter or symmetry, is mysterious and far away from the concrete interplay of light and touch dimensions- for part of the understanding would be missing in any system claiming some degree of totality or unity-

    "Something is there we know it is all there is, but we do not know what it is" says Hawking along with "we have reached near the end where we know everything there is to in physics."


  3. http://matpitka.blogspot.com/2011/09/could-tgd-be-integrable-theory.html

    Since I did not have that many readers or much dialog I have not linked every time to this TGD blog and it has been awhile since I did as I think it pretty well known by now among us.

    I should make it easier for people to navigate if they have a desire to do so rather than keep an obstacle path where it is unlikely they will follow in the cue. The ideas are hard enough to follow- still, this is maybe a matter of historical interest for obscure researchers as to the times and development and more than the published documetation of the people and notions. That is what I try to adhere to that there is something logical and intelligible if one might want to do the archeology. I have been doing the blog long enough now to actually see where I myself have deeper connections or independently found ideas as if from a higher view I could criticism or point out the similarity of systems of others- a self learning and awakening as slow as that may be.

    The PeSla

  4. OK, accepted. I disliked your habit to only review your own comments and not the answers. This gives a wrong picture.

    A friend dreamt how it would to ride on the beam of light, and light is just energy without mass, as y noticed. What if also y was massless? Light would disappear, and you would be superstrong. I thought of that extatic feeling.

    Living matter is governed by the shadows, or dark nucleons and fractal electrons seen in conglamorations of many hydrogen atoms, as water, ammonium, methane... This makes living matter be an intermediate matter, and this is a reason why life is based on water and carbon, AND gain consciousness (from the dark interference). So in living world there are a lot of shadows.

    An electron is also many times shown only with the interference to the dark, no eg. mass. Just a 1-D point (theoretic).