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The Paradoxical Non-Necessity of the Axioms of Physics

The Paradoxical Non-Necessity of the Axioms of Physics

L. Edgar Otto  March 31, 2013

I present here two plates with decimal and alphabetical notations for the underlying information intelligibly containing the concepts of holographic and fractal descriptions of super symmetries.

If you look into the details you can make may conclusions for a new and unified discussion and interpretations of the physics..

In this sense the idea of structures as concrete in an absolute vacuum is itself a quasi-reality of principles or physicality.  Much of it is all too obvious or hidden in  the study of abstract group ideas or especially in the general structure of  materials such as atoms.  Note the significant number of No and magnetism as a rare earth element., Z=60.  Note the surprising chiralities and different approaches to them in the idea of factoring.  Singularities, as a structural complexes or not, are not as simple as we now imagine.

Notice also the right angle twists that at any point on a holographic surface or central inversion of a fractal covering of a plane can be set up in an arbitrary quasi-labeling that is consistent, a sort of non-necessary invariant code in parallel to other notations.

Choice itself as an axiom is a quasi-freedom or fixed place of decisions.  Permutations and combinations are not always distinct.  In the beta 4  (Coxeter's notation) we deal with the 4 space analog to the corresponding symmetries of the analog to octahedra or in some number of these themselves as faces as in the 24 cell polytope.

If we color the corners of a cube, half of a square along a diagonal, we need six colors which leaves a ring of six other areas that could be colored as things exhibit three space translation and rotation stances.

Let the physicists at this level of what is the state of physical singularites be reminded of Dirac's idea of a monopole that drains the charge of the filled negative vacuum and apply it to higher symmetry.

Some workers, engineers, and theoreticians will not accept such ideas unless these come from established reputations or the authority of some institution like a university to which they dismiss alternative views for the sake it is not part of their interest as if to sustain a fiction of history and claim work for their own.  This is not just a scandal for science but for any greater progress in theory.  From this side of the void I am not annoyed as much as amused at the folly. Those with necessary emotional entanglements should not be in positions of judgement or ideas- that I suggest as a matter of debate is how we can judge the science and the scientists.


April 1, 2013  adding a general photo of the "Trans-Coxeter (that is 24 quasic dimension) plane or brane for the sake of the color count of paradoxically discrete objects.  This is not an April Fool's post as with Jesters blog today- but I must admit that sometimes the standard theories by all our young an old Einstein's and their TOEs seem pretty much to me a joke of which I doubt they understand- at least the sensible idea of the limits of a unified theory or the old one when it comes to the importance of foundational structures and the frame of these rotations--- not to mention combined helices or the lack of them is not the deepest explanation of mass, and so on...  On the other hand the NOVA sho and I will get the periodic table app shows just how much of our technology from silicon to the rare earth elements has progressed.

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Terra Haute (Journey through New Flatland II)

Terra Haute  (Journey through New Flatland II)

L. Edgar Otto  30 March, 2013   8:08:52 PM

Into Wilder Strawberry Fields & Ball Lightning

*Nebulus had explore a wide span of the universe and came to the birth of light and time as if somewhere between what he saw in the white noise or his dreams, the last of flatland of universes like shadows or parallel worlds.  He came to the hot region between the Sea of Socrates and the Platonic Ocean in the hotter regions of the Planck Constellation or Continent - but it was near the largest thing in view in all the world- a very great empty void.

*At some distance he heard their conversation, the learned from each land true to its perceptions and rule of law and laws as they debated why this object came to be.  He felt they had to see his view or abandon their weaves, braids, knots, and tapestry of their string theories.  For as old as the days when the sky hot and cold but blurry, its seas and lands named after philosophers, through the age of regions Heisenberg, Einstein, Lawrence, Curie  Planck and all the sainted other on the clearly timeline and map, scientists, this third level at the awakening of light seemed an end.

*For all the God named particles, the seeking of copper or god for sure copper as if energy some alchemy of lead to gold, at the bottoms nothing seemed to go beyond and there many mysteries now clearer were not resolved.  Hawking in his whisper said of strings we prove no God or he catches what concerns in the heart of many, the mind of God.  More than Hoyle and Asimov who dabbled on the side with science fiction- inquirers oft wax Biblical.

*Nebulus arm wrestled in the land of Motil, and all who see the flatland dimensions ten, eleven, twelve... How can we see the world as atoms of but six curled dimensions even if as the climate in the land of Vuyk is a freer realm where the multiverse can breath, each one as if a different size raspberry?  How can these separate things that are the same of many yet one trend of folding be connected and visible in the symmetry breaking if not for his own views?

*For if there is some lightning ball like structure in the void, in the vacuum dimensionless and scaleless its level- not that the universe began with one big bang says Hoyle, but a lot of little ones, the quasars.  What then does it matter in the overall design if the universe itself a particle?  Nebulus tried to understand their symmetry breaking compactifaction yet had to ask... why not one big void of these six (and yes missing the punch and slice, line and circle of the remote two other dimensions or in the flesh at the 27 one more, by Eddington!, in the ghostly mirrors 28- as well as many little curly ones?

*It seems to follow, if we follow the white noise rabbit up from or down some rabbit hole that we in our four space universe leave there the hidden seven, such higher symmetry also a mirror- that is in there we would see the four and here ponder the phenomena of hidden seven.  These broken dimensions of information may in a higher dream be exchanged and along with the vanishing grin of the quantum Cheshire cat move on to higher spectra or higher dreams of things beyond- if not some idea of God then certainly the ground for universal mind that inside our brain we find its seat of wisdom, knowing, feeling, confluences of emotion and space, of the cosmic and the organic code we only now find so close the same design.

*So too with our nuclei and atoms, the lowly particle for all its cloudy will-o-wisps and falls or reach to memories, one small mote or particle itself spews out its mediators composed this side of heaven with the mechanism of hidden dimensions.  String theory and such alternative physics, the finite or the endless whole, rise or fall together logically.

*Nebulus felt as some report a sense of satisfaction at least with the issues of religious things as if he over time had his near death or life experience.  For awhile as most likely this level of the journey would not satisfy his longing for the hidden answers- nothing phased him, no fear of unknowns, no petty flow of how his fellows believed or lived, all their own message of cherishing in the mainstream, or those with but one life who wasted it, not even death always around his shoulder and moving evidently closer though pointless its measure in measureless time- such a view of the universe not only puts a soul in deep perspective- this at last a worthy view as some suggest we should see our small blueberry marble or hold the greatest thing some distant visitor from the stars- this puts us into the Good, we then know it so in our awakening.  We praise as well what we can build, stand or fly at will, our childhood toys the chemistry sets, and magnets, telescopes and microscopes and mirrors, fill the world with aluminum pots and pans, warships, the plows not abandoning the idea that we are obsolete in our need for war.

*If the endless universe is newsworthy, then certainly so are we and our story.  While I crave new things to see and read on my journey I still mourn the loss of seeing the plot to come as much as with those I have shared with our songs.

* * * * *

Friday, March 29, 2013

Terra Haute (Journey through New Flatland I)

Terra Haute  (Journey through New Flatland I)

L. Edgar Otto  [project begun: 29 March, 2013]

 *i Encounter

*1  Nebulus moved over the endless flat plane as if a cloud until he encountered another being that had two eyes and two hand sitting meditating in the center of all things.

2  "Hello, I am Nebulus and who are you?"  "Me? You can call me the center of the world."

3   "But the world has no center or the center is everywhere at any place."

4   "So it would seem, if we must probe the mystery, one that by the way is as real as your state of mind.  Or that you think your journey walks in a straight line that from some higher view could close on itself again."

5  "Middle One,  will you teach me your middle way that I can follow and learn from you?"

6  "You have felt out of time if that can be measured and are drawn to me or we meet in the infinity by chance, but if you fall or rise to greater things in the emptiness, that change is your own journey as is your thinking for yourself."

8  "What is the world and why is it here and not- if I can find the words, not rather here at all?"

9  "I will talk to you awhile as best I can, yet I am but an echo before beginnings and after ends. We may not meet again on this one and only plane if you awaken then make your journey.  You and I are still one shared space that from each our view something does not fit into our visions,  The world stands firm not matter what we say about it or if we miss each other's point as all things already crystallize and decay."

*ii Far from Equilibrium

*1 Nebulus moved far from the Center of the World to collect his thoughts.  Center One was beyond all horizons as his journey began and he began to fall.  But he kept his feet firmly on the endless plane. He began to divide it into checks that took on the colors of the four windows or winds.

2 How strange it seems that I have feet and hands.  I can see the up and down, the right and left of things, the forward and behind. These seem to be decided by me and not the world as though I were still outside it.  These feet balance and too the sprouting of five toes, but their soles are still made of clouds and tides like the world itself fades into an ever distant mystery.  I cannot tell if I move or the world does, or which may spin, nor if we expand or shrink or stay the same- in some background of it all these still try to turn me in some direction of the winds.

3  Nebuli then decided he could skate with some effort as the grid of squares seem to change and patterns repeat their colors again.  He sat down, put his finger cloud cloaked thru the plane and brought it out again.  So, a new place to explore, to begin a journey, he thought.  Whereupon he put his head thru it and looked around at the sky filled with one of the four colors.

4 He tried it over each four of them together and these seemed to point to some relation of the colors of the wind.  When he put his head into this square doing this learning to shrink down to such a level- or the same thing expand his vision once passing thru this many faceted spacious honeycomb of planes he found the combinations of dragons, turtles, tigers and the Phoenix that fixed his compass in such worlds.  The he put his finger thru one of them.  But his world in this flight path of the journey was no long just flat land. I think I understand and have discovered three space.  He shouted to himself with new comprehension, quite pleased with himself and the sense of the beauty of it all.

*iii Log and Journal for His Ship of Thoughts, Organized

*1  There are 24 ways to color the surface of a cube with the four colors that seem to sufficiently fill all space.  These can be turned and return again over all of them arbitrary if I keep the one ideal beginning, its element set standard over all transitive identity.

2  If we view the cube from the inside then the same 24 colors are mirrored on the surface of the cube, thus there are 48 squares to see thru a center of inversion.

3  Yet with a center we can imagine again a higher space, a crystal, an analog to a cube called tesseract of dimensions and rotations four and the 8 cubes that make its faces as if cut and unfolded are each distinct in higher colors and cover the world in possible ways by mirror pairs.

4  Since I am still firmly standing on the endless plane and pretty much a center for it within indeffinite horizons. Here it takes eight or sixteen colors, seven then the one for seven all have the same withiness and the eight is the mirror image from outside to the others contained.

*5 We can separate four of them to make a row while the other four make a ring.  An anchor ring if these meeting or separated to which in the evenness of four dimensions makes thru them when connected a hole- but the space thru that hole is really outside the cube ring.

*6 In such dividing and compacting of the tesseract the center is drawn into one world again where its center is not doubled but a place of singularity, a face of zero.

*7 Sometimes, when we try to color maps of curves of islands or lands, high or low, hot or cold, we in our journey without a plan need a fifth wind.

*8 When I try to measure the volumes of a space reaching  eight dimensions what seems that difference of a sphere of the same dimension placed in it although curved fills all the volume as if a cube of lines or curves the same.

*9  I know this is but the first step for a longer journey Nebuli noted in the margin. I wonder if the world will tell us something new or in its telling something save for me that cannot be beyond the all there is as not,  he continued as a mental note to himself.

* * * *

Some Information Oriented Quasic Plates:  March 30, 2013 12:06 PM

Quasifractals (Quasigroup Superfractals - Qsfcm)

Quasifractals   (Quasigroup Superfractals -  Qsfcm)

L. Edgar Otto   Friday, 29 March, 2013

*There exist a Hilbert-like fractal that is within the same dimension despite the trans-virial aspects and the covering virially reduced of all the points as if in the next lower dimension is visited twice (as in a flangelation state of four space into three).

The manifold possibilities of this are more than three, saddle, plane, and sphere... and as subgroup symmetries are more than Euclidean embeddings of the non Euclidean of only seven reduced projections.

*The flatland of this quasicontinuum as information (from the beginning the reality of such and application of information can seem thin as a mathematical physics) being in reference Euclidean and multibrane extends to indefinite higher dimensions including the magic square matrices of binary higher orders.  This is the flatness problem of cosmology with deeper resolution than inflation and big bang theories.

*By viriality we understand the duplication of bits of informational coordinate space that at each entity, the Higgs-like properties of any particle in this sense can be doubled and mapped to fractal spaces as in the patterns of a complex plane.  It factors in an intelligible and prime integer number theory manner.

*No group is necessarily physically significant and present in such space with respect to its subgroups.

*Binary informational flatness unifies the description of all binary bases as a quasic pattern and position- thus the octonion follows naturally from the quaternion and there is nothing left out of the foundational algebra in the total design save by lesser considerations.  From the informational view a particle carries both the bits of two places and eight places to describe the totality of numbers and directions, and scalars, of a manifold.

* * * * * * *

05:15:43 PM

Note:  Ulla posted a link on facebook from MIT which is highly relevant, time symmetry breaking as a dual pathway... the synchronicity of my posts narrows.  I also considered this a them for an essay to enter as a sort of new versions of Abbot's Flatland as it is a new take on higher dimensions and symmetry.

*When we rotate (rigidly or of wider quasic information span) an orthogon by its group (the distinction made as what can be quasifinitely interpreted as inside or outside an horizon) we can and usually do regard a path of shifting change in the number of bits changing in gray code coordinates over a quasic space as a sequence of so many linear (orthogonal edge) successive abstract motions of the change of one bit or corners to return to the same identity state.

*Such sequences in totality may double or combine beginning with duality(viriality) and not necessarily open or closed as complete (thus relatively holographic) systems.

*Such path properties may combine paths of distinct field (quason) objects as if superfractals as fractals of themselves implied.

*In our life (deep brain core) review of fog and shadow event experiences, real or subjective places or time at singularity of existing, the superfractal open or closed sequences may reorganize, close, or expand our perception of time, perhaps concretely re-experience.  Such learning (neoteric or archetypal) can be interpreted  or fixed as if a higher conscious choice decision or intention that may adjust to its own tachyonic-like (in multiplicity) encoding- as with a photon as a singularity distinct but interrelating with the flatness of multibrane flatland, relatively.  This apples to the inflation idea as an explanation of the uniformity of the cosmic background as well the mirror question as to why in an ideal and crystalline like model as quasic space we find in the world differences.  The state of the omnium more dynamic and ongoing than our previous speculations.

* * * * * * * *

This, on the hypercube and its subcell level, can be very clearly drawn with the binary coordinates as the nature of principles involved.  Beyond this we indeed can imagine higher such fractal like space in the wide realm of number theory and so on...

* * *

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Past as Fog or Ghost

The Past as Fog or Ghost

L. Edgar Otto   Thursday, 28 March, 2013

Sometimes I causally discovery and find great pleasure in simple ordinary new inventions, more like arts and crafts as we make use of things around us, find new principles and patterns overlooked or forgotten along a path of general development in moving time like history, of theory and technology.

If space is the medium in which we organize the world especially as children, then memory with its touching our emotion organizes the simplicity behind our expanding world of time and space.

In this mental space of subjective time and moving patterns we change the reels of fading movies on some silver screen, we fade into it forever or leap out from it, casually chew the salty popcorn, taste the lipstick of a young lover, guess the color of the candy in the dark or as the lights are turned on once dimmed as the curtains fell, the masks of comedy and tragedy brighten in the carved arches, the amaranth columns from other distant lands and earlier times.

Somewhere we still dwell in the past as if it a frozen photo.
But in viewing back toward it to where we cannot view forward- that wide potential of animation not felt in which perhaps we fly in our fetal dreams, those rooms and people in it are half ghosts if known and felt clearly, or we pass thru them that cannot see or feel us, doubt our existence. Yet in the main if we look at all, and if we try to measure some interval as larger or smaller- I mean many more years have flown by since then than the slow clock and walled reality that held us together, struggled against its creeping fall from focus- such time and space can be a fog on which our lifeboat in the quiet horizon sees no directions, cannot guide with wasted effort the up or down, the vanished tides, the chill of morning after a sleepless night where clouds fill our lungs, our lovers warmth no longer a blanket against the dew.

We cannot tell, our small lamp, the power lost a the spit from the tall lighthouse, no fog horns more than a warning from everywhere in the cosmic latte or peeking moon behind the clouds, if the reflected eyes are other beings or sea monsters stalking us in stealth, or frozen to hide from us, trying to see if we are a threat or danger.

At some later dream, we the navigators, the bouncing ball sing along on the screen during intermission know that there is endless time out far from the shores where life began... the calm points of inaccessibility in the ice, in the windless eye of a Sargasso sea, or deep into the thirsty desert no running cheetah can find oasis nor of shade, save the lizards deep in the ground at the height of day or delayed its blood of seasons seek awhile the incubation of sunlight.

As wise men bring gifts, and the stars tell us of prophesy and lead us to mark or celebrate a great event, a sent the clocks before and after... we ourselves become a solitary star again at birth or twilight before drowned in the dawn or light the prophet as a guiding star we one among the spinning belt of stars in stars in real time, our clock the Milky Way.

Our hearts and souls at any building of our cathedrals given time enough or in frenzy bury it or burn it down for hope is half alive and despair the certainty of ground, outside our shell as if it a wall or boundary we think nothing can know our secrets - that for some if we dare look we are such ghostly forms made of fog, or decaying great old forests fossilized with its spoor of marsh gas from peat bogs.

I hold the child of my child, such joy in the surprising discovery in the simple common things, the evidence of love, the natural flow, the true tally mark of days in the world or higher mind that we do not always fear for them when they are lost in the fog or that our day though still we row is now far from them as my child too bonds with the passenger he carries to foggy and ghostly places beyond half afraid for them, but half welcoming them to the world to take their chances, their right and privacy, their work and life of their own.  The obligations to reality does not let up but in return the universe remains there for us.

Our lineages looking back or forward too is but half of mirrors as we find ourselves and each other in the fog or still long for would be lovers and those moved forever on, cling to but echos of their light, the wake of their awakening in the stardust or beyond, these set free ghosts of chains of time and empty space and untamed light.

* * * *

I was wondering, considering synchronicity of my postings high lately, where this particular theme may have come from. I posted before seeing this of course so the patterns may be simply universal- unless my mind connects somehow to such articles perhaps before hand.  I used the Astronomy Picture of the Day photos for a long time that inspired many of my (now lost great book of poems)  but this is not the case that the reading of these articles is inspiring my poetry.  The deeper possible consequences of our mind-brains as singularity...  I came across this after the posting which spoke of some interest in the NDE topic as scientific after all- but though I return from time to time to this theme it is with the wider learning and discoveries in mind- it is as frontier as science or not as consciousness itself as a question, and in our time not clearly something decidable- still it points to wider possible areas of which we may seriously explore or at least explain.

* * * * Thoughts watching a video posted by fellow blogger on the forthcoming Planck map-  and again an article on the age of Saturn's rings... it was on the idea of inflation and Guth's solution to start it again after inflation-

Of course this bit of math is not the total picture, neither is the big bang.  It is like the suggestion how cosmic rays are accelerated, it is after all the intrinsic source amplification from complex space.  Now, Lubos and many will have little to do with these Intuitionist ideas that serve as a complimentary alternative to which vibrations, even of strings is not the theory of everything as foundational.  Quantum Mysticism is as much a case if we do not connect theory to the world or do so with a narrow idea of what is proof.  If you do not long for more and in a philosophic sense are not satisfied with this so called obvious- well, discovery takes longer than any proof like evidence- so as new science it is unlikely.

Oh, it occurs to me because of the spectrum and the issues of gay marriage between the states that this can be a profile picture for it instead of the pink equality.  But as to who throws the boquette or catches it, well nature in her freedom has a nonnecessary need for such a proposition.

* * * 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Depth Perception and Quasi-determinism in the Projective Brane

Depth Perception and Quasi-determinism in the Projective Brane

L. Edgar Otto  27 March, 2013

We imagine then the quasic brane as containing a Hilbert fractal path to which in depth information such as photons is received and registered in the order and position of cells along the path.  It is conceivable some such path or confluences of them could be interpreted as absolutely unique and logical of all possible patterns made concrete- that is what of randomness is adsorbed into an over-code of presumed direction and symmetry.

Given possible wider choices of a multiplicity of unique patterns it is not clear that in the descent into depth that this necessarily suggests there is only a foundational ground in the sea of such singularities of abstract emptiness as indeterminism that ends physics at some level of uncertainty.
At singularity nature in her own time jumps and paths does not necessarily distinguish its relative differences of depth and span.  But can we by reading the plane alone find intelligible patterns in the rains from the depths over what appears random giving us in finer detail and less focus of the vague generalities by which like the camera obscura our window may depend on the ratio of apature and intensity of light?

At that limit the light becomes invisible to itself to which like an energy contained in a grid as if a visible black hole we may not be able to see or touch save by reason what lies beyond the limits of that atmosphere or horizon despite in a sense the complexity and information is everywhere uniform with a view of but one unique universe of a higher order.  As light energy or dark windows of indeterminate boundaries the lensing by pixel plane or apature pinholes interference at this grounding level of even a single photon the ensemble in the depth has wider levels of focal points so may be used to magnify or scale this sort of information we gather by light or even by particles in space trajectories.

Of course knowing the ordering of drawn patterns and such principles of new physics would help in our tangible interpretations and programmed processes we need in order to program these instruments to find the order.  The essential question, physically as well as subjectively, is what is the proof of a unique state and if we have limits of a change of state beyond the coherence of a system - certainly the values may not safely go but a little beyond doubling - can we know if in an otherwise deterministic pattern if something like a star will unravel or explode spontaneously.  It is known that in the chaoscience a healthy runner may fall from heart attack or diseases may arise even by those not exposed to smoke or toxins.

We begin as if the projective brane is naturally but two dimensions (and these can be oriented by windmill shifting cycles or echoed positions of symmetry) to start with 00 and then the 01 as x or 10 as y or 11 xy together in the abstract and gray quasic motions.  This extended to three space as well and likely with more complexity in the idea rather than a simplification found in four space further simplified in five or greater for such fractal like curves.  Yet it is not clear if in the range of such paths of motion that in free empty space these confluences of paths are not deficient to count the concrete and virtual shadows as an intelligible code- in that respect in the familiar world we can be reasonably sure of a grounding for such statistical methods and topological vacuum focusing as if absolutely and foundationally a causation like we imagine the abstract pressure of false vacuum forces.  Once the light or mass may materialize it dynamically persists over the Omnium in its sums or products of confluences and directed differences in both the idea of projective brane depth and span, here nature is diffusely quasi-distributive in its laws as algebra to which to add one is the deeper paradox if that is a conceptual unit of singularity.

Would a different arrangement or gray encoding give us different results, corresponding or not to other physically set up detection systems such as with the Ice Cube neutrino array?  In a sense nature may be able to see and judge the rain of such particles in some unity only seen partially as we in the three of nine dimensions of coordinate knight paths in four space.

* * * * * *
Tonight I see these two bloggers I follow have relevant things to my post from nowhere:

A    and   B   Its been awhile since I have read the blogs of these most excellent authors.

Transfinite Complexity (Transplexity - Xfcx)

Transfinite Complexity (Transplexity - Xfcx)

L. Edgar Otto     27 March, 2013 12:11:42 AM

In the main against the dissolution's in the world we take our chances as if our paths of life that must vanish to grow, transcend to other things (in the metaphor or theory anyway), each moment the vanishing of our coherent past into the coherent future at the empty or infinitely dense existential now, so too our learning matching the dynamic creative universe, the empty instant of singularities unfolding from the absolute, has quasi-connected sub-intervals of confluences in hierarchy wherein things that break can be bound again.

In the bulging swells this year of time the snake moves to digest is crushed and paralyzed prey a spacious symmetry we but see superimposed illusions of the dimensions, so too the complex plane and sphere imagined of hyper numbers and beyond we break or bond our hearts too as so we feel and learn to feel, life sensate as much as complimentary rational.  Bounded stronger in our minds, living longer, some merging of the chromosomes not that different from the plants and close to the chimpanzee our genes stronger work together.

The sketch that works tho simplified, traces of particles in motion, graphs, Feynman's notes that house what cannot be seen with flesh but felt thru mirrors and time- in the greater scheme and spirit of things Kepler constructs the stellations, the great icosahedron and its brothers,  the quarter shift of the compound 14th semi-regular polyhedron also is a sketch of great grand Platonic things into the next dimension... But there three golden rings can be interlaced and hold together all three independently, no two held by one of Bromanian knot-like rings that need the three together necessarily- nor so the last of how we think in the simple logic of diagnosis what as the last of physics laws,  said conserved of momentum and energy.

Nature then in dimensions has its early viking runes of threes in threes we blinded in the twilight like the heroic Odin. Nine the number, thrice blind.  But in the eyes of some Asgard or Olympia the imagined as if once real gods, echos in the stones, the hollow giants now but empty shells we who fish comb the endless beach collect them along with wave washed anchor rings of stone- that is, far from equilibrium the grains of time like sand keep its limits of the smallest size.  And the giants now have no smaller local name, the monoliths left speak of a more primitive tribe, these like Roman ruins and layered pyramids decay and all broken forces begin as equal, independent the totality its entropy as one.

So, as if we can know the results of a theory, we speculate the sun will not blow up as the flavors change in its neutrinos.  Yet suns persist in the mainstream of weights and measures ever focused, gravity in tug of war within the hearts of stars with electric fields.  Their flavors do not necessarily shift as directions differentiate their generational values for these break apart and repair that what at the absolute is most ultimate is balanced with that in the chaos is most broken- that the dimensionless values both Dirac and Eddington thought to ponder.

The rays of dust accelerate at their own pace somewhere between the perpetual motion of light and immovable place, the quasi-broken principle is the key in this balances transfinite yet quasifinite unity of sky and dust, of the state of space and matter as well of complexity in the codes of the cosmos and of living things.  The scale of it all meet at some central place of which it is intelligible to ask things in the wide fixed and changing atmosphere of our minds. As if a spacious singularity this double shock front of time allows that of what is ghost to be the reference frame to that of mind.  Who knows then if these things that seem like distinct forms of consciousness cannot one day be interchanged?

So down the legs of SUSYQ flows the generational sketch and unfolding of space and time, or this compressed into some form of diagonals imagined lines and meaningful matrices or more some hidden truth in diagonalization after all should we at least understand better these projective magic branes.  This  as the highest achievement of the path of physics, the sum total, the omnium we gathered and worshiped as surely as the sun, the atom bomb.

Now we gaze deeper into the past, high and low energies the colors of such spectra tho her ankle might be ultra green, we drawing our equations in the sand with rule and compasses imagine as if the graphic pencils of a child all the colors, subtle grains from uniform, paint the crystal colors in the caves and mountains of the moon thru the interference patterns of silicon lenses of our telescopes, both bottoms up or top down our saloons or taverns full of bubbles our beer bars. The binge more than churches or grocery stores, the commons where need for each other finds a living-room.
These saloons of the elixir of knowledge bought up by the brewers to control the price, sometimes nothing more in their metaphysical rap more than the street facing store front.

Somewhere in the background the twins (Naughtons) play their grand pianos with hints they share something of their minds while the arts go begging tho the music sweet.  It takes sometimes a full orchestra or learning to play again in subways and on the streets. Writing a song from that long incubating in the mysterious mix as if we do it in a moment before we learn we can.

We drink of the cosmic rain to awaken us from the slumber of perfect webs or standing into danger, taking foregranted our sleeping without the need of dreams.  Time and size and power synced these pass thru us or shift our codes too close to the developing, the mutation, the incurable cancer as if the lonely cell sees only its own terrain of a new third of space.  Life learns by brute force in chance, its remissions.

The nine spheres, earth centered relative its firmament, in the heart within horizons and atmospheres, its generators of magnets flux and pole shifts and reversals, its brain of molten and iron crystals we could think as more types of forces to imagine in the teleon heart the three becomes eighteen so these expand. The eight corners of the world unfold these twenty-seven, six times six times six... the numerology is hauntingly intelligible.  Our search for her TOE's is not without consequence, conflict, and emotion.

Would you judge the path of your own work as if aware of it at the moment and into some greater totality or of another's heartfelt work...only you can report the truth of your states of vision (the world hears although there is no signal,stone record, nor sound), but after struggle more than sleep the judgement of the spirit of some finality of dreams more than a trend of progress or careful results justly in efforts proud, is that you wake up to feel the sunrise or morn the sunset tho never totally dark while solitary is the first of evening stars- beyond the truth and beauty, beyond knowing right or wrong, a return to the unspoken and unwritten gaze in respite outside a race that all can intuitively know- this is how you know such truth that you judge your let there be light and know it is good.

Let us not get so fallen from our fellows that we forget to hear the whispers of the stars so believe that does not exist.

* * * * * * *

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Trepidation and SUSY's Sleek Long Gams

Trepidation and SUSY's Sleek Long Gams

L. Edgar Otto   26 March, 2013

The damsel dancing, playing beach blanket bingo gyres and vibrates knocks the would be dremels down with an aimed shake and twist.  But in the end it is about relationships, bonds, the thin curtain of polka dot bikinis in the romantic noir, the commentary narrative as if we read the thoughts of private eyes from a simpler time.

She is only mimicking the rebellion of youth after a great war when innocence is safe and spoils of victory with expectations abound.  Yet in the end her bling is silver for in her dervish dance she dares the tunnels, balances on the board, bends her knees or stands upright, rides the waves.  Does she mourn the loss of her lover for her journey to the sky, she a time lord to where lovers cannot fly?

What long and slender, streamlined as sand passes thru an hourglass her long legs, from the source past knees to ankles.  Guido looks at what he can, thinking there is always a deeper base in the game, which way to the beach? he asks, as he puffs up his biceps, throws dust in the weaklings eyes, sending out a complimentary message that can get thru her sunscreen sent, judge her colors.

Nets and funnels and cellos, it does not matter in the contrast if the navel is covered by the old fashion swimsuit nor even one for sport just painted on, nor if all of the face in public, lovers private or a trophy of power shown off by the influential signaling superior man's arm. Susy takes on the housework and child bearing, her cravings for clothes and high heels as much a body epic culture gathering she as the deeper definition of the gods pass it on.

But she is That Girl too, how wide and free seeing the skyscrapers of New York, fearless Wonder Woman she may become breaking thru glass ceilings, to save the busy nerds who run the world, and tobacco stained old men, entrenched who climbed the corporate ladder - she can move like the gyroscope moving abruptly at right angles for a whim window shopping past city blocks.  From her view she can do physics too.  After all the knee bone is connected to the shin bone, and the shin bone to the ankle bone. 

What comes after that in her top of the world and moving mountains or with that oceanic feeling that her secure heart and intuition can make her faint and lose herself awhile if in the dance as she reaches out in the rhythm of life and blush to find her curly TOE's?

* * * * *

One can wonder if this silver fox would be taken seriously to say perhaps  Fermi was wrong like many in their narrow mysticism of the eleven sphere, that earth as terra firma, the center not used to only seas say Einstein was wrong.
We can name elements after such significant saints, from the planets beyond Uranus, thru those theoreticians, then the collider men and engineers, until finally we just use the numbers in the long learning beginning with Madam Currie for that anomaly on the horizon of physics in Lord Kelvin's time, a crack, a trepidation wobble we see in the higher energy of the dust or great voids in the early sky.  Thru the ancient alchemist dream of turning lead into Technetium.

We can plot the muon rain in the ice cubes, the earth itself a shield of half the sky, count the hotspots, plot the data that we may just reach given enough and total time.  Still thinking perhaps this all too concrete Boltzmann and Brownian maze of a concrete solid yet hollow ball is all about what is left to show how she eats the raspberry universes with hints and tease by magnetism, attractions and repulsions our at home in our standard physics model, its half truths of monopoles.  But when momentum ghosts resolve in pairs does one neutrino vanish into such a black hole that eats it?  In what ether sea is the velocity of light not violated went photons are given off moving thru the higher waters?

At the ankle, flat and true angles right, a mirror to which fission and fusion meet at stability, the center at Silver, awaits the world in its knee jerk reactions or down on its knees.  In the cloudburst can come surprises although we may yet not see them, we lazy lizards soaking up the sun, wondering why the cosmic rays accelerate when it is built into them as surely as the spectrum shifts its violets are blue and SUSY's rosy lips are raspberry red.

* * * * * 
The next post called Transplexity (Transfinite Complexity) XfCom, will concern the general principle as it relates to our biological mechanism and concrete mental coherence.

Great science daily article today 3-26 13 8:33 on emotions... 

Parenthetical Phi and Bogus Pi (metaglossa2)

Parenthetical Phi and Bogus Pi  (me

L. Edgar Otto   24 March, 2013  09:10:31 PM

170x10(128)  when the difference in excluded values or all included in an interval by quadratic symmetry approach the transcendental and irrational values, pi and phi when under the Pythagorean transformation.

Where the axiom of choice and the ultimate hypothesis of the continuum is to be thought provable or not provable always or decided uniquely one way at super singularity the interpretation Platonic or Atomically vanishes thus in Metalanguage dependent as if a spirit on primes can be taken in ideological subjective perspective and is hardly a Metaglossa of a unified reality as possible physics within all of the creative aspects of structured vacuum as space.

While some debate the physics or philosophy of this paradoxical structure, professional shamans or on rats in a maze behaviorists reward or pain as doing or conquest by stimulus, threats or response... a social or ideological methodology in the guise of science, we all come close to the great pattern, structure of the world.  There may be no necessary foundations or ground that replicated identical things at the singularity if many-fold are replicated or either privileged or distinguishable  unique in there being or history to which in the stance of one universe we prove it the real or that all possible ones of different values exist so to add to the result of our default being and observations.

The minor differences after some mirror of higher purpose potential or to be worked creatively are neither absolutely determined nor totally random as the teleology falls out from our exploding values of equations and their laws of symmetric conservation save at some focus in an interval.  The anomalies are at once all important and worth little in that we understand or read the cosmic code of this world.

This is not to say in a quasifinite universe of concrete default no higher ultimate singularity or infinity exists as the quasi source and ground for a dynamic and differentiating evolving universe or things like life within it, evidently its hidden confluences in the main positive, part of a greater if intermittent unity, that is in the materialization of universe we find commensurable and receptive values between ongoing differences that return or forever diverge, the universe evidently in a state of the intelligible.

Ideas of dark matter can be imagined as not the source of the universes accelerated expansion as much as the results beyond some horizon of more complex structures and the burst of light.  If we can see before this horizon we might think of an interval to the next lower level of the nothingness as a sea of inflation- but this could be conceptional and not the case at all of actual universes- inflation ideas vanish along with the appealing explanation for why in general the background of space and its after glow is so uniform.

* * * * *

25 March, 2013   08:53:51 PM

Footnote: this post comes just before a couple of others, note date.  I wanted also to emphasize somewhere the contrast in stances of total theories- some more toward Dirac and some more corpuscular and Platonic such as Eddington's Uranoid of his Fundamental Theorem.  In particular his quantum relativity over a totality field counts the particles (or dual pairs say as protons or electrons) to the exact very large number which includes a factor of 2^136.  Now beyond this as if a Super-Uranoid we should now ask in the multiverse concept if this number itself should be taken to a higher integer supersymmetry factoring of which Eddington's is a reduction analogous to his array of 120 + 16 of a matrix like diagonal.

We can of course ask if the ensemble is complete or what natural low dimensional environs actually exist as to the count over a total universe space and even if these are symmetrical in balance and if in the duality of halving and duplication as a quasivirtual mirroring and condensing that these dynamic integers are so contable intelligibly... and can we say necessarily in such possible higher space of symmetries that the Aleph transfinity is the same even when we count the powers to sub-parts (say even or odd is the same as all such integers) or in this heady realm we may find a certain quasixfinite realm of numbers.

Omnium distance and weights concern more the horizon or aura, the atmosphere and not the quasifinite not distinguished folding or enfolding of these anomalous counts of dynamic quason (that is uranoid like and total) with the idea of a flow or time and thus creative as a force I dub Teleon.

* * * * * * *
When it rains it pours--- a third article I just read on science daily applies:   new observations on double strand breaking of DNA and say Alzheimers -- with Neoteric or learning by such structures as part of the bpicture, maybe.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Footnote to Metaglossa 2 post

Footnote to Metaglossa 2 post
* * *    Lubos posted a comment following this one that suggests the article on variable light speed is "Pure Crackpottery!"  but the two articles on science daily com does seem to synchronously support my slightly delayed post, the third part which explains, along with some recent comments to Gibb's blog the wider sense of things- but let us recall Lubos put me in a level beyond or of higher crackpottery. LOL  his remark to Pitkanen on the axiom of choice is vintage old school physics as of on a level of that sort of biased ideology.  Anyway I hope his brilliant mind will eventually come around to contribute rather than just report.  The debate here is clearly foundational as to all of our alternative approaches to the new physics.  the two articles are one on (higher level) variations in light speed and one on the internal lasing leaving so called hollow atoms.  If you look closely at my drawings in the metaglossa series you will see both of these effects explained (for example a wider horizon or grounding of lightning ball Vuykian conceptions) which I have not posted but shown the relation between such unfolding and infolding of the abstract structural count of these empty vacuum ideas (although I had no considerations that there could be an actual experiment here or perhaps a source of some sort of energy- but egad! perhaps in a sense we can access or see into our heads on the dream level on such horizons afterall tho would that leave empty the data?

* * * * *

Metaglossa Topology, Teleons as Dynamic Quasons

Metaglossa Topology  (Teleons as Dynamic Quasons)

L. Edgar Otto     25 March, 2013

While it may not yet be clear what happens at the remote regional focus of space of a super-singularity we certainly can imagine a more conventional picture of space over an interval of time and a topology with weights influential but excluded as if not an abstract distance over a lifetime.  This parenthetical breath still seen as absolute vanishing or the containment of all that stands firm against all else as the focus of perception thus an ultimate reality.

At this level of complexity we may not regard the existence of a fifth force independent and higher as a natural dimension implied as a concrete equivalent realm as in the lower dimensions.  These, like with some idea of count and ratio of symmetry breaking are metaglossic and teleological more from the idea of a continuous field than corpuscular...the metaphor the game of chess where the board maps the field in various ways and the pieces the matter.

So I give a more familiar vision looking down at the lesser perspective of where geometry and mathematics develop in the three and four space as if these are the terra firma of our experience of complexity and imagination, the feeling that of natural dimensions these are more physical than metaphysically abstract so in a sense unreal.  Indeed, from a vision looking down the textbooks rarely probe even the third dimension in its development such as harmonic spheres and conformal under deformation build within these low dimensional views- once mastered the mathematics can be a disappointment and certainly not as powerful as we imagined for the trunk over the roots and branches of say our calculus to so describe what we want from the world.

The influence for the theme of this post was my desire to find still a new and wider path outside and beyond my own states of developing theory- perhaps synchronize as well as understand parallel ideas I see in the driving work of others.  As with the raw art of beginnings this is not crystallized from my intuitions into a more fixed understanding and formality, I try to draw or sketch in a free and new but careful way as if I take the natural flow of accelerating ideas to more guide them.  Also because as wonderful as it seems my encounter with a smart phone is not going well so I just shut it down...I need the power supply for my expertise that I go beyond the whispers of a crystal radio to learn the steps of more fundamental arts- to know the values in electronic circuitry.

(Oh, if I had only shown more interest in the engineering mode as a youth when the marvelous parts were replete around me that now have vanished into the metaphysical magic back then of voices thru the air, hidden messages in the shortwave radio, the sputnik and telstar and so on...) 
The steps and branching of what to do first before something else when the branches and doled out tutorials are tangled by someones design- some missing simple step, some stance of mastery like my own clinging to paint- we are victims of our own and others creative designs- on top of that and who knows what denizens live in our dreadlocks, technology a dandruff that will rain out to leave us bald... I had two devices fail or short, that slow decay of hardware- it is hard to keep things in the flesh, yet we need the sunshine even when our braincells talk intensely to each other we can feel bad and down- life is more than that, and hopefully more than when in the great expanding sphere between them our lifetimes fade in or out of those around us.

You see, the thought that the old television shows have come back to me from my youth as if the light should I have met it from some other planet is a now from then, I mean the old episodes of I Love Lucy may still be around somewhere in space even if we cannot catch them from our home-world. The idea of once made a transit we can go back with such information thru time is premature to the ultimate physics needed for the unification of our world.

Symmetry is an existential teleological game, the pieces moving free in a board as if a field, that in that way or philosophy it can play itself beyond the lower dimensions.  Information, embedded in information and so on... expands in jumps and flows and sub-routines. The wildcards, the zeros and ones expand with abstract weights between them and as we see but have not resolved in the mainstream of current physics, the higher idea of information is Metaglossical in structure in that it is quasi-universally conserved- this is not simply some theory of an identity element or reference frame of metalinguistic finite entities bounded.

At the empty core of singularities these convex but differently intelligible structures of the vacuum, nothingness the creative drive or force by omnium distance and weight persists- the belief in the interval as if the metaphor and model is of life forms can be as hard yet tenable as the belief in some ultimate being or ultimate emptiness- for the unfolding or folding, thus the abstract multiplication of these abstract entities at some distinct difference of half boundaries or of subsets of them as if two lives intersect, the boundless circumference of each or the ensemble of them move on by accident or destiny the flow or fall in time.

I remain enough of a poet to cite the Ancient Mariner where when the wedding guest ask what made the vanished ship move in a calm sea- the Mariner replied that wind opens up before and closes in behind... I see such the answer we seek if it is answer enough of such informational structures if dynamic, the compression of space before and so I envision the unfolding in depths toward some center or in the cosmic string like line that the description is there as to how these super-singularity structures in singularities work.  And myth as it seems it is no more strange than our other myths of attempts to description, modeling a theory of everything.
A beach ball on a waves simply makes circles, not surfs as if a skipping stone so too the surface of bobbin particles in a vibrating quantum sea.  But what can move in punch can move in slice and separate as well as blend, independently the goal and the receptor... a place in the cracks and cleavage that some find melt together, some find vanishing past gifts, some a little light with messages exchanged- of course this takes the vitality of youthful vagueness as well the comfort and position, love not just mechanical yet done in weightless space where we can fly as well in our dreams.  Not just the superposition of wild card points changes the game but along with them the count of edges, and so on.

* * * * * * *
12:02 PM   This morning the exploration into a different depth of topology which seems at a raw beginning in isolation the need for new terms with new ideas- feels a little more concrete and sound.  I mean, this may be the usual view for all I know- but a living thing is sensitive to its internal and external environs at the general MT or metaglossy quasi-horizon boundaries on the level of , well, Teleons.  Of this I have some terse notes and will post a third part later.

* * *