Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hidden Theory Wars along the Sea Frontiers

Hidden Theory War (State of the Vision)

Some can see somewhere over the rainbow, can debate if black or red colors remain the same.  But most pass through event horizons, sensing something changed, anxious over fire or ending to empty oblivion unaware something has changed. Something perhaps hidden so outside their reality, totality as existing explained in their theory of everything.

Mirrors and shadows, as if one side of us is paralyzed, our arm from there across our chest must be another's arm or that of limbs lost in battle its shadow phantom lives.

Our falling is the difference in between, of that next beyond known backgrounds or phanerons. Of Mach, Newton, Einstein and Leibniz - even beyond the intuitions of Ramanujan our reference frame.

Theories are like the eternal Phoenix yet how many times the play of ashes, birth, and fire?  I read the parables of our confused messengers and messages, life seen a few steps further in the Omnium yet do not know if our hopes to become angels is more than a dead end with dead reckoning.

Now that the Omega begins to sleep again our hive colony breaks yet stands as one awhile, the philosopher in me trumps the scientists who as a part of the crackpot accusative divide where it can remain but none, that its denizens know in the transition the horizon of physics is transcended.

(Context of the thoughts behind this added poetically in comments to    Siri's song )

Friday, October 10, 2014

Synchronicity and Structural Physics

This section of the blog will archive the philosophic principles and abstract underlying assumptions and speculation I post here and elsewhere for a more unified foundation for stereonometry physics with emphasis on the alternative symmetry addressing our concepts of thermodynamics.