Monday, October 31, 2011

Pinwheel Patterns (Pn24) and Quasic Mass

Pinwheel Patterns (Pn24) and Quasic Mass

L. Edgar Otto
October 31, 2011

We can learn a lot from the patterns that arise in the braid source ordering of cells (branes) in the quasic grid. The illustration is an informal example of all six of the faces of the 4 color rigid rotations of the cube that follow in the notation, quite picked randomly, x y z -x -y -z repeating over the 24 cells.

We note that the pentad pattern in the quasic order from zero deviates and returns to make a different, non-pseudo? code realization. We might consider further a shadow world where each of the 4 colors can be interchanged indistinguishably with each other. Quasic braids are thus equivalent to applying or by default the group symmetries and functions.

Note the quasic diagonals and the color of cells, note also the symmetry across the main diagonal of the read or initial cells.

Intelligibly we notice that the squaring of cells may make a gel like expanison across other intergers than powers of two which reduce... 121 242 121 spread out over a 8x8 centered conway-like field for 16 initial squares.

It occurs to me there can be in a sense different meanings of mass when applied to say what happens in neutrino flavor change states as there are different degrees or a sort of sub-generational spaces. This I style quasized mass or inertia but is but a way nature distinguishes the usual unitary mass concept. But it cannot directly come from but one particle as a grounding (if that particle is creative) even if to some extent the process is reasonable. Quasic motion as pinwheels seems to only apply to physicality explicitly. Dark matter should be considered in this context as well if in any sense we regard it as matter- also if the matter is of an other sub-class then could not some clear variations on our fundamental constants like c have a possible but intelligible to some hole, Multi-machian, existence?

The origin of mass could be different because of these quasic pattern influences as well the distinguishing of gravity ideas as variable to the quasic field expression.

In the "tacking" of three color permutations yet shifting a hidden fourth, the overall patterns extended across the quasic field (as if a three space torus or equator of 4 of the 6 four color patterns in a directed flux- we can have a boost or generation change upward to the power of the binary base- and the process may exclude one of the four colors in this higher extension of the pattern.

* * * *

(I had some trouble making a clear paint graph of some of this so of the many possible ways of exact solutions to the color encoding I may have not made the transitions clear as to what is natural or quasic ordering of sets of them. But it is a suggestion of the spirit of it. Note 48 covers 3 quadrants of the quasic grid.
In some ways I was trying to also move groups of 8 of them either horizontally or vertically. I hope there is not an serious error in my colorings- I will double check things later. Perhaps, find a good numbering to list possible patterns. But in the labeling errors the main diagonal as symmetrical by many views stands out as the repeated patterns in this double modular double quadratic reciprocity plane arithmetic.)

This was perhaps due to end of the month running out of supplies or the flirtatious but distant lady next door while I was trying to write, roommate hallucinating with some legal incense like substance call out my name while my nap, or politics as it seems to affect those around me...Anyway, as Lubos discussed we reached the seven billion humans mark. (A subject I thought about discussing too.) Now, is such a world sustainable? Can we ignore the reference frame of our old ideas of capitalism (still even with less false scarcity we can only support ten or twelve billions). Government strikes me as legal lies and false science and vanished as to what I expected in the world- perhaps that is a good thing if we do believe the best government is the least government. Still, in the business of survival we should look again at any propaganda that impedes science and distracts it, if we believe that all of us can have high honest and moral standards.

Where do the steeples point? To the heavens or to each other? If there is a within and without as in the experience of our dreams, what of the more open and third view that things in the arrow of time and braids and diamonds of stars point to something totally new?

* * * *

We add new code at the end and beginning of the totality of organization... Certainly the patterns apply in that quasics apply to the gene expression patterns.

Consciousness like unto a density or bonding strength, the 6 then the 8 and so on... Still, I have not cleared up the feeling that the quasic field is the consciousness or contains it somehow...

* * *

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pinwheel Braids and Quasic Patterns

Pinwheel Braids and Quasic Patterns
L. Edgar Otto October 30, 2011

I find it remarkable that more intelligible models of space do not exist in the literature, things like the slow dawning on us that certain ideas of vector products are not very foundational as conventions to describe three space. (as in the link to Matti from Ulla above). My surprise is that I can contribute and that comes with much disappointment that our search for science concepts seems so slow- and yet in principle as in philosophy we may be only at the beginning of long enquiry.

The question has bothered me since my discovery of the quasic 4 dimension chessgame cerca 63 as to how to read the direction of motion between the cells. It worked that I set the order parallel- but this needs not be the case. In fact it is a certain ambiguity and freedom that some systems can be mirrored "perpendicular" so to speak as if complex numbers. But should we not expect this when not only for a quasic cell orthogon complex, a model of 16 hypercubes made of them and so on in four space that at a point in such space we cannot distinguish, in the consideration of the continuity of it all, the directions of time. If we do then we have the general idea of directions of space as if privileged by the quantum theory as in twistors and gravity and collapsing to classical state concepts.

But in the numbering or ordering of a sub-grid of quasic space (the four space of a matrix like 4 x 4 elements or cells is divided into 4 2x2 spaces for the second generation of things (By the way herein I make the fine distinction as to what is flavor and what is generation and the working together of such foundational mechanisms). It follows of course that in a sense the idea of tachyonics is as unclear and not forbidden in the remote view as well as say that we cannot in the relativistic view imagine all events not seen relative to different reference frames.)

The sub sets of binary powers of patterns I call pinwheel (for the windmill patterns are not as general- and these amount to various permutations and the various ways we can organize quasic space by several of these as if a quantized braid, actually quasized, patterns of cells and the variation of matrix maths in patterns.)

It is clear from the start that in the 4 x 4 hyperspace quasic grid or matrix there can be braid-like or quasic-like paradoxical reading of the patterns as to what in the rotations are the inside or outside of things. The former holds one of the four axes fixed and permutes the other three coordinates, the latter does the same for the 24 such coordinates- in a sense we could call these pinwheel cyclic and triality and the later pinwheel quasics and quaternity.

If we increase the generation analogously to three even the cyclic patterns alternate between the magic square sums of the 4D orthogons independent or not from one ordering of patterns. This itself exchanges the within and without of things.

Let us also take note of the quasic coordinate binary notation for we can imagine a hypercube in a hypercube (or more properly a hypercube and its imaginary mirror where the inside and outside of the reading and order is reversed- such that this difference physically kicks in at least in four space and can do so globally that we do find the idea of quantum phases leading to preferred axial directions as part of the picture. In this case we imagine the binary being one digit, or in quaternions two digits, or in octonions four digits as we set a description of the space.

In which case at the octonions we may need a 5 or 4.5 dimensional view such that we can resolve the apparent disconnect between the even and odd numbers under consideration that nevertheless pinpoint the bases of counting. This is why I sometimes divide a quasic cell diagonally- much as Carrol did in his sortisies. And this reminds me I was going to call this post more formally:

Counterchange of the Saltire

But for most people I notice when they fly or wear the union jack such asymmetry can be ignored and they sometimes fly it upside down.

BTW I did some arithmetic on this but it was hard to see at night and I just summarized the concept instead of the explicit patterns. Still, it is an interesting combintorical concept for me that of four color patterns and the rotocenters, we have thirty six of them (not including the permutations) that form a calyptic cube set of six. Sometimes space and numbers seem so coincidental, and we should explore these further for some ideas on higher spaces and higher physics notions of symmetry.

* * *


several orders of magnitude simpler, hmmmmm if that is an advantage.

At last, a surprisingly recent paper on a simpler way and more advanced way to view the plane (as I have posted all along- the quasic plane) and it is much simpler and more general than the link supplied above by Ulla on things like Clifford space.

Now that some theorists realize there can be combinations of what seems complete physics- to ask as you did the difference in physics a and physics p, it is high time we brought it all together.

The PeSla

* * *

I hope someone out there shares the clarity I have come to find lately in our fundamental notions of physics- and I hope that I no longer work alone for in the end the first ones to explore a new land (sometimes by shipwreck on some island with no food before the boars and the colony) cannot be but a Crusoe getting his island on and silent so long speaking perfect Portuguese if he is ever rescued- and if he hopes to build something sea worthy- its a long way to swim by yourself, Mr. Christian...

I should also remark that in the successive changes of three events it is the same thing as the consideration of such events as a totality- only we should recognize the overall unity of the structures beyond the quantum reasoning for such emphases only (save perhaps a better concept of the discrete Fourier transforms for the inside and outside symmetries. Clifford ideas as well as TGD to recognize where there are possible mirror inverses and so on of the whole framework). And keep in mind the vertices that are defined as triality ones in the information. But nothing is to be taken as too rigid a view nor too loose if we are to get a better picture of a unified physicality.

* * * * *

A stray thought caught my eye- Xe and F 54 and 9 in the periodic table (which is still much confused as to the groups and period names)- and as structure we note on this first discovered unexpected compound in 62 or so- that it is square planar- and that the xenon hexafloride is on the xyz axes (not a hexagon). Now what do these structures and numbers suggest to you?

* * *

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Quantum Cats Contemplating Knot Theory

Quantum Cats Contemplating Knot Theory L. Edgar Otto Oct.29, 2011

Leo Vuyk has an interesting post today. His work touches on things unseen that are there are are creative in spirit, especially the concepts of black holes. In his search the idea of knots are here applied- I do not know to what extent he is influenced by the work of others in spirit or methods that are solid about these things, such as my coincidental use of this topic, and the influence of Kea.

(I had nothing new in mind today, just rather normal dreams this week wondering how I did these post without a direct connection to dreaming and the disruptive weirdness of their usual functions- I wonder if these new neurological views of scanned dreaming can catch such an internal content or just such surface dreams? In any case one was where I was at the open mike and put on the spot I had to complete some verses of the song long worked on- it kicked ass- now if I can only recall some more of the details.)

(I had some thoughts on the mystery of government, in the bipartisan compromises and struggles we are screwed over by the private sector party or the public one.)

I see Lubos is railing against Cold Fusion with the usual and sometimes deserved attacks on personalities. Let us not lose sight that the phenomenon is real- that is if we believe the quantum theory that shows it possible even if not an energy gain.

(I have had this bacteria and the insect article and issue on my mind- the stress article in the sci mags that creatures fear to be eaten so even the presence of others, smaller or larger, that can do so is a stress. Also, in the gap between generations would this apply to if a tribe maintains its strong genes or if they too pass the worse ones to but one of the daughters. Say good banking or alcoholism. Well life and death on many scales seems a balance of coming into existence and falling from it. It is unlikely that our offspring are totally like us and that sometimes the alloy is stronger or weaker than the parents.)

So with Leo, the post concludes as to if here is the beginning of a mini black hole. But I immediately see that much more is involved here, for it takes systems of knots quasically and physically to describe and shore up the physics- you see it is a very brave thing to see this stuff in the raw encounter but that is so hard to understand the significance or show the sanity if any of it to others. So let us start with the combining of such knots- and the algebra of doing so. I note also that if these were strings they have from the knot an open end. Again, it is only on our reduced familiar level that if we cut a literal sting we still have two strings but each with two ends- so no single quarks (perhaps monopoles either) yet that may not be the case- to start with the open end of a string may be subject to much higher concepts than the ideal at infinity that seems to fill all of space.

Now do such knots apply as in the intimate organic models of ourselves- certainly the gender difference is profound and not to be ignored- more errors in the male chromosome passed on and so on, more problems with the maternal mitochondria. Is beauty a perfection of symmetry or to some point slight asymmetry is better? The left or right division again in the small and great of organisms? And what wisdom is it that our right and left brains can connect resonating molecularity when there is not direct nerve links as we expect needed (see recent sci mag articles)?

* * * *

Another comment posted to Fernando (which I feel is relevant to the creative idea, black holes, light speed, knots and all that):


If that clear but speculative paper states the facts of things, and perhaps from another alternate universe some particles enter ours as if a miniwarp neutrino a little earlier than our space time would hold as constant and that encountered in the experiment duplicating such early conditions, then I ask you:

“Is there a mini warp drive physics inside the mini warp drive physics and one inside that and so on?”.

This is the case if we allow such things yet under one unified theory as a possibility. So from my view the speculation can overreach as well as our probes as science.

That said, while some of us have long lived in the new physics essentially of higher spaces (ProfChuck there is a great new breath of physics and it needs not be unexpected), Let us be thankful the physicists have support for their work and give us a reality check.

The PeSla

The Russian pdf is an interesting paper- yet the concepts do not quite explicitly reach the true foundations of theory in my opinion while there is some sense of the issues involved. Not the least of which is trying to make sense of knots or speeds in space and mass made out of nothingness.

* * * *

Friday, October 28, 2011

Why Neutrinos Change Flavor

Spectrality in Higher Physics
Why Neutrinos Change Flavor &

L. Edgar Otto October 28, 2011

*a - An open (spectral) string excludes magenta.

*b - A closed string includes magenta.

*c - An open-closed string (Iota) *d - thus mixed magenta's

*e - The reduction of topological genus to points or 3-spheres does not necessarily reduce color information.

*f - One might relate this to charge, charge build-up and chirality among many vague interpretations.

*g - Mixed (pseudo-) or excluded magenta's may contain a field dynamics of their own.

*h - The division as if by 0 dynamically in the patterns of sparce matrices may intelligibly contain the sets and classes of patterns of reduce physicality even if the background colors are logically excluded.

*i - Phase and momenta phenomena do not necessarily match without consideration of emergent properties of such backgrounds in the paradox of correspondence and uncertainties.

*j - The choice of UV and other models over this uncertainty is an unresolved spectrality in in the current state of physics.

*k - Strings with an ambiguous open end may superimpose but not mix magenta's- but this allows for decay and binding of particles.

*l - Analogs to higher branes and general quasic plane exist, and can be observed or not by objects with relative higher acceleration.

*m - Two sentient beings may have such ESP-like mimicking superposition and nearly at a distance. (Love can bond over explicit obstacles.)

*n - The ideas might also apply to general economics.

*o - A totality of an organism's lifespan specter involves pruning of connections of trees at both color ends of a lifespan in the mind developmentally. (see article on New Scientist on autism). Yet, both closed loops persist over (Omnium) time.

*p - The interchange of two struts of five, self supporting rods, two ways reflects knot crossovers of 4 and 5 of them and the intimately related 3 and 4 quasic collections of 3+1 sparse matrix 0's (ie 27 and 36)- Consider the difference in these quasic regions or matrices between the 2 + 2 and 3 + 1 formalism at say 5^n code spaces.

* * *

Why Neutrinos Change Flavors: (The PeSla)

The discovery of neutrinos changing flavors show it the consequence of the quasic view of organizing space.

*In the quasic space is quasi-continuous (on the scale of neutrinos the teleomnometry approaches the uncertainty of directionality as if a pure continuum).

*Thus in the ordering intrinsic to directed quasic global tachyonic states, the future-past directions are uncertain.

*The mechanism of braiding theory defines the general (teleomnium) triality states hierarchical and in concert to the space backgrounds.

*Something should define the mass difference and probability of such states - the general 3+ laws of them, and the energy-entropy of what is actually a flow or directed ordering against virtual mirrors (dark matter?). But in any case computations along these lines are intelligible or intelligibly closer so.

*On the neutral or grounding level or levels all such states are equal and coherent as a unique preference,(privilege) which allows chiral structures as relations to intelligibly function on any intelligible level.

*And this can be the source or cause of local deviations from the coherent organism (as in cancer, and the differentiation of organs).

*Here the quasic field coordinates can be treated as information bits in a generational context as if braided singularities (iotas). Now, why is this mixing defeated in Nova's?

*Perhaps, this can be answered by matter-dark matter effects where regional differences quasically vary, which as with all hidden physics brings us back to a generalization of dark and normal fluid dynamics.

* * *

The Quasi-Omnium
(The PeSla)

To the extent the quasic universe is completely describing physicality the reason for existing is uncertain, and to the extent some completely describe the uncertainty the physicality seems certain.

*1 The principle of generational neutrino shift as a crossover by a braid for 3 crossover knots (and the global mirror of this) requires a beginning in quasic 4-space and so on...

*2 The unique actual and trend of reading a species or individual specific genetic encoding sets global quasic systems uniqueness which may or may not persist beyond actual changes of teleomnic states of the cosmos (if this can be defined meaningfully on this level anymore than the question of one or many universes be so defined).

*3 Mechanisms describing gains in mass or other such quasi-continuous values across the omnium have quasic generational analogs where they qualitatively emerge and progress in relation to other quasic states (and all other quasic states in the sense that such singularities exist but the total space does not have to say what it is and all else is what it is not, metaphysically.)

*4 Some uncertain holographic systems (quasi-holographic) may intelligibly focus to more unique patterns (as in the idea of quantum collapse relatively.)

*5 A small focusing resonating between similar system parallel in similarities may (at some dimensional threshold) make large changes over creative fields- including the replication of successive systems in organisms.

*6 Braids may be implemented as if fractal path systems, thus parallel strings over the general field and these quasi-continuous.

*7 A prefered number in structures, say linearly 4D from a systems star (or possibly galactic core) or proton is at least three.

*8 To be in the universe from God's-eye view or within that view (while we can reasonably be sure these concepts and models satisfy our physical need to understand, by general default of possible and most general of designs) is the same description - satisfying because on some level we understand it.

Ideas are like stars and we sometimes enter into a creative cluster.

Maybe, with spacetime or with a configuration space in mind, a quasic generational state of star masses go nova.

Imagine, for those who see the higher reaches of hyperbolic geometry into the linear (of which the Minkowski values of 4 or 5 is the above knot description) directionality leaving a ring as a core-less galaxy (and rings quasically and quasi-finite in description also) so to remarkably find one ring seen thru the other of at least two such creative regions so splitting from a virtual unitary pattern.

The Quasi-Omnium addresses the generalization of space in that at each point or singularity the whole can be contained- and in that each point is contained and so on- including the non-linear virtual mirrors where in the reality something in the physicality of say, light itself exists.

Thus the totality is the question of quasic organization including how we organize or see the cells as each the totality of a brane or branes, of the fourth law to be proposed of thermodynamics here which includes moderated (teleomnic) tachyon concepts.

So the question is of uniqueness in a sense much deeper than what is the free or determined state of all universes, greater than our familiar quantum concepts, and involves that part of flux or flow or what is absolute or fixed- and the reasonable extension into totalities, at least conceptually.

If the dark matter like ideas can have physical effects, and these on some level or to some extent are creative but "clumpy" then the entropy concepts involved as if the totality of a brane or universe does explain a lot and shows vast areas where we are not aware of what is the nature of some of our most intimate physics of our home planet which may be dangers or opportunities we have not yet imagined.

If we are to understand the great complexity of the universe and map it in the flow of time as space as a scientific and quasic field (God is so far beyond these questions yet the circumference and orign of he circle is beyond anywhere.), if we are to admit radical ends and beginnings and the idea of tachyons as physical beyond the manifolds of groups and geometry of spaces, then quasicity seems to contain these concepts and connects various models. In a way we justify our little island of concerns together for that is the uniqueness, in spacious present time anyway.

* * *

I think to grasp this picture one has to review what I mean by the quasic space and its view of coordinate motions and generational differences. But one thing seems a little sure to me, if the universe can be put into intelligible matrices or models, that if the neutrinos change flavors this is evidence of tachyon effects in the universe.

* * * *

Lubos papers on R-partity violation and dark matter and super symmetry are rather complicated and closer to my idea of the general idea of parity and so on- are superpartners of neutrinos needed? Maybe our theories need to lose a little weigh in some respects. That such things would be unstable is interesting, but I think it takes a more foundational theory to streamline the systems, such as this one. Anyway, I went home and came back to post some further thoughts but I will do it as a photo: The Omnic Depth and Span of the Quasic Brane(s) (in my own terminology):

* * * *

New info on a question from long ago on the mystery of amoebas and somewhere in these blogs, the line's error balanced or dying out in one branch from splitting daughters- but the whole balanced line can die out.
Bacteria in particular raise good questions for models of symmetry and asymmetry.

Does this organic model form an example or underlying principle of R violation- and to what extend over an averaged balanced as in the comment above lifetime (of a brane system, quasically) remain stable (that is the question of proton longevity)?

* * *

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Goethe, Newton and D-Brane Spectrality

Goethe, Newton and D-Brane Spectrality
L. Edgar Otto October 27, 2011

Lubos has a post on this today, D-branes. It states there are no alternatives involving the strings,(that is there is this question of non linear spaces that may or may not connect to the total topology)Of course in stings with ends or with loops- or whatever idea quantum gravity and so on we may interpret from all this- there are braided strings and iota point-string rays and so many things beyond the standard theory in mathematics and so on. But of the two great "geniuses" Goethe and Newton we have the physical and chemical color addition of pigments or of light- we should understand open and closed color wheels and spectrum from that great debate between the romantic artist more analog with digital real pigments, and the scientist with his waves as real but a more digital focusing (as if the omnipresent quantum collapse into classical models) of exacting experiment. What do the current particle physicists theoreticians not see from this great debate at the dawn of our modern science?

I did not do much thinking yesterday, but considering the division into 36 of the RCW color wheel I did download the list of pigments.

Now, at some real point- as if the universe where life is possible among the needle in the haystack of entropy Penrose makes as a metaphor, if such a pointing to such a real pigment of God's imagination is real as such the transcendental chances of finding it are infinitely against. This goes for such an origin for a universe as much as the likely hood we see even one atom. (Well that was my courious thought on the way to the coffee shop this morning.)

So, of the sparse matrices where the zeros are- the 36 in Kea's paper, perhaps they do have some relation to structure that influences such ideas as hidden symmetries, guages and so on of which theorists have only a vauge hint there s something there and it is a consistent system. Here the art and the science walk hand in hand to make breakthroughs- aim high- Ahh, Pitkanen did we not discuss 9 jets a bit? For me, of course why should strings have no or two ends when we put them into a consistent theory?

* * *

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Friomnium - The Cosmological Element - Kea Cubes

Friomnium, The Cosmological Element, and Kea Cubes

L. Edgar Otto October 26, 2011

I have made another leap of sorts in comprehension of the physics after still a deeper reading of Rowlands and of one of Kea, first papers listed on braids applied to fermions with her comments on the standard theory. There are so many parallels between my own and all these views yet they reach out a little into different directions- sort of a cosmological element that privileges things happening in descriptions of particles and interactions. I agree with both of them, quite independently, that the E8xE8 makes the most sense of all such theories.

So I just tried to translate things a little into my various puzzle notations, including the colors and methods of music. I also want to answer more this idea of spectrality in terms of open and closed particle and math systems- so again this is a freely exploring informal posting. This in relation to pi/12 and all that. The Friomnium is a term where in the cosmological element our theories share some ideas but specifically I toy with the idea of her conception and use of the sphere or spheres in such a cosmology- and would ask her take on superluminal neutrinos in a world where light seems to slow down. The sphere as such, and the reservations I have for the Poincare theorem, I come to from the general higher dimensional and symmetry ideas and her philosophic quote by pascal taken literally.

With this theme in mind, and wonder just what is original in a sense with any of us other than those who do not see these things as simple as they now seem to me and they are original in their stance of perspective on the new physics- or is it in a way the same old physics, I post links to a blog I follow. Our creativity always is going back to the drawing board but our wisdom is forever young.

sparse matrices

"In separate conversations with Hou and with Foreman-Mackey, I found myself discouraging each of them from looking into serious sparse methods for Gaussian processes. Both students are potentially matrix-inversion-limited (or determinant-computation-limited). We could definitely benefit from having matrix respresentations (even if it means approximations) that have sparse inverses (or analytic inverses). But going there is (at this point) a research project in sparse methods, not an astronomy project. So I am going to hold off until we really need it. That said, there is a huge literature now of very promising techniques."


"Seminars filled my research time today. At lunch, Sergei Dubovsky (NYU) talked about conjectures for the fundamental action of strings in string theory. He gave a tiny bit of motivation for why 26 dimensions is the preferred dimensionality of spacetime in string theory. Apparently the 26 dimensions are expected to be 25 spacelike and one timelike, which seems odd to me, but causality is a bitch (as they say). Causality featured prominently in his talk, because he is experimenting with different causal structures for the dynamics on the worldsheet of the fundamental string."

* * *
More on the Spectre and Spectral Theme:

"Mental-Time-Travel in Birds" defined from a subjective perspective, but
Let us recall that as creatures of the air Birds see with 4 primaries and we see with three- thus their color space is three dimensional. But as Pinker pointed out we can distinguish or think and orient things in three dimensions. I believe we can also, after getting used to such restricted geometry of 4 space, see or think in even higher space- some of us more successful than others.

I wonder then if we started with 4 primaries in our relaxed uniform color space as if the whole shifted as this problem I raise in spectrality, a cosmological element which is quite close to the idea of an innate flux or flow in physics as well the focus of zeros in a matrix unto the diagonals or its pseudofunctors-scalars as we impose upon the lattice planes group symmetries, that we would more easily see these things- or as in the careful work that evolves of Kea (That would be a good model if I ever wrote a formal scientific paper), from that view in flight would not the narrow standard world of three dimensions (that of course what the clouds reduce to from higher spaces to three by Rowlands where for some reason the octonions have a problem when they break in that Diracian formalism as incomplete) be such that those have not learned to see a little further beyond what to those who can becomes so obviously trivial. In a sense then the birds see into 4 space.

The turtles have 5 primaries but I do not see them as seeing what we may infer to extend into five space as a pure space of natural dimensions- so too the evidence of the reasoning behind a lot of our maths of equations beyond the 5th degree etc.

Thus, as far as proof dogmatically go- we can use the terms cosmomnioum, ontomnium, and teleomnium as in the three traditional ways to "prove the existence of God" as a matter of philosophy of course. I use the word Friomnium more in the dynamic sense of these pseudo-tachyonic connections and concerns with changes in our constants or attempts to measure what is just out of reach of our unique perceptions yet are physical- much as Kea understands but goes beyond what sort of matrices may "add" to have physical effects. But in the combination's of particles and so on some seem not to understand such things beyond this level where things seem physically complete, even if we imagine some future range of even higher particles of which it is not uncertain we can say they meet somehow- nor can we expect beyond the 25, 26, 27 and so on of that theory to feel the certainty that supersymmetric partners are necessary and in fact are a superfluous way to explore and state things I Kea early sees and states. She also addresses the issue of what are the limits of a piece of string (or iota ray or point etc in my terms) as if a quasi-quantum discrete thing of which she too thinks that surreals may apply. I was not aware Fourier transforms could be used as discrete ones but this may say a lot for a wider view of heat transfer and how we relate these more general ideas to complex space.

I am still not clear on exactly how all these theories can be interpreted as mass or gravity (well the Machian view can make sense on some level but it is not all) and for some who assert these as facts it somehow can get lost in the context of a less than total theory- apparently, as the alternative bloggers now seem even in the more mystical parts of things (and Rowlands), like Kepler we have a falsifiable theory that is thus scientific by some standards in his music of the spheres, the stacking also of the polyhedra. Strings alone, and even the vague brane dimension is falsified. But how far can this go- Einstein's correspondence on this is instructive? Perhaps quantum-gravity is not a clear approach.

In any case, the Friomnium, that is what is circumference in general and what is the center in any dimension- does require some appeal in physicality to the reduction of what amounts to the tori or even extended the 24 cell and Leech lattices as the reference for a more narrow view of space and groups. If we see an electron as if a little sphere, or space as a vortex in many regions as did Descartes or Poe, we certainly in the quasic view imagine these as of any genus or tori less dogmatically.
Of course of my series Omnium, Plutomnium, Teleomnium I am not suggesting Friomnium has such a status as a philosophical continuum but it is as if one and a total theory in its range of things- certainly such ideas, even if focused and reduced in information yet that done closer or more correctly to the physics of things, have a role at least to the extent the universe in general has its indefinite lifespan.

There is a common sense of things also as physicality- where we can say that the 6th roots even if as two laminated 3 spaces (not as pseudo complex mirrors necessarily) can also show the implied third one (much as we have three layers of planets, inner outer and tertiary, a dimensional problem in naming and the idea of their mass differences close to some universal history of those solar systems possible- but do these spheres in the hyper-music as all music patterns with some nil centering). By this we see that the problem as discrete information as concrete has to jump to the 8 dimensions to begin with.

Yet the six are useful in many ways and are a natural part of triality quite besides the assertion of a unified string theory. In this sense I imagine something the Kea dice in operations of color matching or rigid rotations of the group applied to the 24 of the hypercube or on the cube itself where a distinction can be made that relate to my calyptic cubes of the 36 faces where in the quasi-idempotence of the fact of concrete stuff somewhere or in some mental time travel space at least, we find the 36 zeros of her 6 matrices as the 36 faces of 6 calyptic cubes all involving connections between flat triangular vertex objects.

Here to my application of the Conway matrices and their generalization- and the distinction as to what is hidden (calyptic) or not. But in all these variegated cubes I cannot conclude or formulate some theory and measure of dark fluid (save the application of natural fluids to physics is complicated but hardly adequate and may not address the weights or amounts of the cosmological filaments or elements involved with dark matter- energy and so on if we need define this at all- save that such supersymmetry is after all outside our current endowment of knowing and perception or learning for the masses.

* * * *

I note also on this blog this comes up which relates to Pitkanen in the sense of how hyperbolic trig might apply, and other ideas where we may look at the foundations from various angles or branes and planes and pi and probability and all. A way to extend into that side of the geometries something like measure- note also my illustration of yesterday with the early proposed symbols connecting e and pi as a hint this too on my mind- and motives I associate with Kea. Interesting that such things are the topics of discussion now. But the sea is so full of all those working toward the frontiers of the general areas. I note also in Kea's link a companion in Philosophy and Physics in which he discusses the 2/9 factor of which he too imagines an inversion for me as if 4.5 dimensions.

Oh, the Kea cube in itself would make a rather esoteric Rubiks like cube that further shores up the idea of others and Rowlands as that connects to the fractional third charges if we want to see charge that way. I note Kea has a clear idea of the connection between chirality and charges closer to my own conceptions and of which some seem to ignore on the duality level- this does not mean we ignore things like it only takes two twists of braids to explain the 24,25, 26,27, 28 (depending on better insights of dimensionality) or so particles as a core nil potent duality- and this does not forbid triple modes of particle interaction as if it has to go thru binary steps where from some natural dimension the vertex if not vectors as such apply to the associahedra. Theory is like a mine field as we explore including those who step on one and are afraid to move off.

* * * * *

Note: In the flag order in my recent post The Crucible of Stars the Pesla Phoenix Council flag has an order of stripes more general than that but suggestive of the cubing of Keas small w and -w notations, the reason for this sequence as purely artistic was meant to be suggestive of this combinotorics so it is in a sense hidden from what colors we see. Readjustment of the stripes at least in the example given did not result in one artistically pleasing to me, perhaps too symmetrical.

Of the cycles of twelve notes I listed on the page the 24 notes of the major and minor cycle as a possible further consideration of such combinations- and interestingly we can have a major, augmented, minor, diminished sequence of things but that breaks into two cycles. My first impression of Keas numbering or my color-tones was that of playing the c or 0 minor seventh- of which that may show why our music naming is not as clearly logical as it can be, in three tones anyway.

* * *

Not sure why I posted it but I did after two responses to a posted question in my e mail notification of the discussions:


Of course it can mean a great deal that such things are imaginary and as mysteriously outside the question of causality.

Now, the sun will not blow up if the neutrinos have some mass and change flavors. Nevertheless, this is how they blow up is it not? I mean light from the center of a star takes billions of years if that is the medium so to come out (neutrinos then not in sinc with the value of h either as we imagine it) but the neutrinos escape rapidly.

So, part of it is how we handle exponential values, real and imaginary, say to define radioactive decay or even hyperbolic trig spaces. Some say this decay rate can vary. Some say we can imagine over a more integrated view of time a value like light slowing down (or if we insist on this causal world also speeding up in a more concrete sense things gaining mass, cosmic rays for example).

One might say that if light is slowing down the neutrinos would appear faster than light in the causal world- an alternative presumption of doubt in the judgment of a theory. A sort of relativity on steroids. But we already know the problem of a photon in a field is not just that of the equivalence principle as it is affected by and affects the gravitational field while apparently string theory as complicated as it is does not explain mass, even ad hoc in value.

But if the world is discrete in so many ways, then this result of faster than light neutrinos would also have is limitations as a discrete phenomenon as would presumably quantum gravity - so what persists as invariant, including dimensionless constants and perhaps some changes over time and causality for them, both c and h can in a higher sense remain assumed invariant.

Nature renormalizes herself in these matters whether we have to invent some concept of something like asymptotic freedom as a principle or perspective to do it.

The PeSla

* * * * *

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Conan's Blimps and Fringe Theories

Conan's Blimps and Fringe Theories L. Edgar Otto October 25, 2011

Einstein talked physics as if one on one conversation, so some say he gave us a philosophy more than physics as dogma. This flurry of new words and post comes from reading one sentence which seemed strong enough to threaten the intelligibility of others and my general model. That sentence is "Color is not explained by relativity." But in light of new knowledge this "Phoenix Anomaly" crops up in the science and the philosophy. Color is not determined by frequency. But I thought a continuous view of the spectrum could be had by adjustments in the gravitation field via general relativity. This may still be the key truth which for some reason the sentence did not make clear. Nevertheless, this is an essential problem in the physics if only to solve and speculate upon.

Philosophy, in the sense of the duality of mind and matter, does not escape this anomaly in what I call the Phoenix physics (for want of another name and it has to be called something) this bird from a leftover Lutheran set of symbols seemed to me appropriate for the issue of energy as the focus and 5 or greater physics as destruction and rebirth. This post was not from a dream- but consider the light and colors in dreams, so as to have us reconsider again the nature of consciousness. A third view (I casually called "Spectrality" seems to me this morning to help resolve this and the physics issue a little.) This trinity of ideas holds spectrality as a third leg with the arithmetical and topological ideas of ordinality and cardinality.

Alternative titles for this post I considered also: Spectrum and Spectre or The Cloak-Ramsberger Quasi-scalar Hierarchy

The page in the illustration touches on the consciousness aspect- and for the second alternative title on what amounts to gender concepts if applied to physical laws or social laws. The title Conan's Blimps and Fringe Theories is suggestive of the barbarian and the series Fringe of completing parallel universes where one uses the blimps in their technology. Genders may be different, maybe even the physical structures and processes are a part of universal law at least at the interface of cleavage and copulation- but we simply cannot have a complete and unified physics without the contributions of women in the research. Blimps thought more like a gentleness or curvaceous feminine stereotype or archetype. Of course what is sexy, as newscientist points out, if the hourglass figure is more pronounced so is the intelligence- and that in itself is sexy. But I am striving to show there is more involved than say hormones- yet, it is an open possibility again that computers can have gender personalities- in fact we can still debate if they can conscious or truly have a core to become so- a singularity that in the end depends on access to memories. For one can still imagine colors in dreams but not if one has never seen color to have a teleonomic memory of it.

It is at this point that the general ideas of muons, fermions as open systems that imply the non-existence with them and so will bond with each other, and so will justify in matter the aggregation of particles. So too our aggregation and hidden breaths of time and what implied arrows of memory and direction it moves on. I note here also that in a logical reference ground as ambiguity causation or when the idea is not necessarily abandoned in some physical models for this spectrality issue even unto the questions of conservation of energy.

Where Does Physics Go after the Unification?
was another title considered. For in the general models, the gravitation balanced with the electromagnetic in the collapsing of stars, or the weak force that is an extension of which these relate (I feel more intimately than a complex number concept of pseudo-scalars) to existence and non-existence, all else that is not a muon (Rowlands). You see in Einsteins method there is a mirror of sorts in his paradox of engagement as dogma or not that by the conversation or dialog one on one to others, that is all else not Einstein. On some level of our normal living- including global conflicts and disasters or the building of great structures and machines- Einstein tried to hold on the bucking bronco of a ray or photon of light, on such a spectrum of color one may see forever what is not of our greater self or one may find states of fall through the gravitational lens as if an Einstein condensate.

So, two key ideas on this paper to go- Ramsberger in the Quantum physics article in that Philosophy series that came with Brittanica stated that first there is nothingness or the place of anhilliation of raw invisible energy of sorts, then visible light, the colorand with the usual trend of things the next level was Extrasensory. (By Cloak I mean the more Conan approach of such interpretations, as skeptical, as materialist, and no pun intended in that his daughter married a professor and one of my mentors Cloak whose work inspired that of Richard Dawkins). If this systems is accepted in new light we should probably add layers to the hierarchy for clarity (but not arbitrarily as did Parcelus and he zodiac and body parts). Extrasensory if it exists as such is a step above the sentient in the topology of things. Particles in some sense are pointlike and without intrinsic motion would be non-existant- and light may in some senses be a string. Now is color yet above the curves or vibrations of line-like stings? Is such a color derived from say the fermion muon like properties and what is seen on which side of some mirror?

But this brings me to the original simple concepts that started the page. How do we generalize the statement on Frio's post of Pascal and God the center everywhere and circumference of a sphere nowhere- and do so in four and more space?

You see, the powerful redefinition of the calculus aside as a hemisphere, domes, we can have more than the idea that two banes (or even two with their mirrors and weak and gravitational charges and so on of Lisa or also the Ekpyrotic alternative to inflation as a model) in four space intersect at a point. Clearly 2 - 2 = 0 but also 3+1 = 4 that is one can take out an appendix (as the usual down to earth illustration goes) of someone without going through the skin. That is a line or curve can intersect a volume of space at a point.

Now these points can be of different singularities or symmetrical varieties in far as the masculine punch or feminine slice quasic abstract motion vectors go. And we can consider the mirrors of this four fold dialectic. f g e h as functions. You see, if a worm in string theory four space eats all the volume of an apple and then the skin then as much volume of the apple again (and skin is a very thick term here and maybe 6 fold larger) then a worm could eat all of both volumes at once in the abstract space leaving the point it entered and began to eat the normal apple from within.

Now, consider these sorts of algebras and topologies- all somewhere a valid model if in a sense conceivable yet not in the sense of those with relatively dysfunctional or at least different brains, but not all such models complete. In such general models the nature of a spectrum of color or other phenomena such as causation, will have some relation to that which takes time as in relativity. The center as if the poles of the spinning earth being aging faster than at the circumference as one possibility that is complete as an observation. Yet, as in the case of the transfer of mass or momentum in black holes and between stars and in sufficiently complex molecules of life- we an have this jump of a spectrality nature as well as the jump or wormhole like quantum nature as if knots or braids played upon a lattice reference where things can appear as an action at a distance no matter what the rigid perpendicular that conserves in the adjacent dimensions the phase.

That light may slow down over universal and Omnic space and time changes does not undermine relativity but generalizes it more. It is a reasonable cosmology to examine from that view just as we can say that perhaps it is the expansion of the universe itself that independently of relativity and frequency as energy factors changes the color and hidden color even the reverse as to creating massive cosmic rays and so on. But without such reverse mirrors would we be able to see and measure any meaningful differences in the stuff we call the masses of particles? The more mass the less space and so on?

* * * *

More interesting posts from Lubos:

Lubos about Eternal Inflation (which shows the current depth of the frontiers of cosmology and string theory and
speculates on how long it will take physics to resolve this...)

Lubos about How to Tell People there is No Higgs - but I disagree with this and his missing post from awhile back that it shows scientists in a bad light and not in the glory of it all even if a few outsiders now should be seen to speak with authority on these physics matters. Why does the song run in my mind "I gave looked at clouds from Both sides Now"?

* * * *

Oh, welcome to the drawing board- but there is no point in erasing things at the end of the lecture. What is our best description and most general one of Space- well, not configuration or Hilbert, phase momentum, Hyperbolic- De Sitter or not, It is really not too far to resolve this to the next level provided we think more originally and are not too dependent on previous incarnations of math and theory. If as Lubos says certain things cannot be resolved (for now) what is the point of looking for them where they assert some view of cosmology, independent and local as physics or not? Now perhaps some of our alternative theories of physics and philosophy do seem to "screw around with string theory by matrices and the like" and basing so much on one say lepton metaphysical principle colors the whole are we not in the beginning of mystery again here before new dogma? For now it is a little more clear to me such resolutions are part of how we perceive things in our heads too as well as taking things intellectually even if we do not like some answers. But by this I do not mean we are back to a simple subjectivity again- nor that does is my red your red returns as a model philosophic question. Even with the open systems of leptons and mirrors that are neutral and do not change if reversed or if our systems are unimaginably closed have we done enough understand the levels of the specters and the spectrum issue. At least in the models we know- subtlety different or speaking the same things at ground- we should know enough to include what models we have when they work together- holographic or fractal like on their own does not add to unity or completeness where from my view some of this is obvious and possible.

I have warmed up some to the Big Bang sitcom but for the human relations as with any of the usual dramatic situations possible in a new local color- I did not particularly like the three player chessboard save the snake and the old lady which became a more general piece on promotion- and in real life such triangles and square based games are very difficult to play not to mention three player alliances for example in general- but I do not see how to convey an intelligible game to a general audience would be possible short of a serious star wars like drama with new ideas as the physics and the logic if not the acceptance of tachyonic but intelligible effects (of which the show does not resolve these easily, even with Well's time machine from the movie). Logic can be suspect for both sides of an issue.

Now, this in after the return to caution on the experiment for neutrino velocities which avoids the general questions here of this post at a wider view of points in space and time as if we hide the higher symmetries from ourselves. After all the experiment to the limits of observation proved to the Greeks stars did not move.

links to

Well, looks like some progress is being made even if there may be no deep local or cosmological connections as some say- or even those when total theories were considered out of step, as Einstein's later efforts were.

* * * * *

Monday, October 24, 2011

Goldilocks & the Triality Bears

Goldilocks & the Triality Bears
L. Edgar Otto (the Pe Sla) October 24, 2011

Here is something for the general science interest:

*The realization that on the quantum (discrete) scale the world is quite a different place - the idea of uncertainty and the Planck unit, a value that has to be of a certain ration, the Goldilocks (too hot, too cold, just right) principle that has to be in a balance favorable to life that determines rates of Hydrogen to Helium fusion and presumably the "distance" from the big bang (still, one can argue at this point that in some sense we also have a role in the universe- global warming for example might not be scientifically tied to human activity but it is a intelligible theory from this general anthropocentric consideration. But such speculations may not be in principle easy to dismiss as not plausible while only all to easy to do so where on this level of understanding it does not matter anyway. But for those of us born in the atomic age, quantum ideas are not really so alien or unfamiliar.

*I can imagine an alternative of effects that would balance the time flow - really the general issue of which manifolds of space seem to adjust time as flat or curved and so on- the logic of such geometries will stand or fall together. This I call the Anti-goldilockss principle or the Triality of Bears since in fact the bears are comfortable in different temperatures.

*Yet we should recall things like temperature are not the same measure as heat and there is the phenomenon of latent fusion. This usually means although two flames together are still one temperature, if you want more bang for the buck you need more physical stuff compressed (hopefully in my rash speculation in my last post - something like this prevents a small amount of Hydrogen with higher space controls from becoming a more general weapon. Otherwise, we might create matter ultimately and we do experience the uncertainty in imagining a small creative force say in the LHC could make a black hole that would eat the earth.)

*In my less than 5D periodic table, elements 119 and 120, as if structural shadows, may be the mirror that ameliorates this role via a sort of "anti-uncertainty."

*Clearly, with any amount of uncertainty and time variation at all, impossible if not flat geometric structures may exist over a certain anti-golden spacetime path, hence a driving difference where physicality and its effects as we know it and try to measure it and capture it in parts of formulas, persists with physical and hidden or implied structural changes and global dimensionless constants.

The Crucible of Stars (Neutrino Shape Shifting and Hot Fusion)

The Crucible of Stars ( Neutrino Shape Shifting and Hot Fusion ) L. Edgar Otto October 24, 2011

With the new data on neutrinos and that muons can be uses as a catalyst for fusion, and that we understand a little better the nature of dimensions and symmetries and the apparently hidden nature of energy and mass, and the hints in many places of an ordering or asymmetry where numbers apply at the ends of braids and strings for some reason we imagine needing a theory to show why there is more matter than anti-matter in the universe, I speculated that the following links could be closely related leading to not only faster processes but clear control of the process.

I came today with not much consciously in mind to post so do regard this as a pure speculation - but is it not a worthy one to explore technically?

I also note Lubos has an interesting post on compression and information. That was perhaps the one stray idea on my walk here- that in the Riven code of base 25 the symbols (see earlier posts) have to be represented by 9 distinct symbols in a 5 x 5 grid with a possible symbol for a zero. Now this corresponds to my Sea Dice game which is much like the Conway matrix of 25 elements which if distinct involve then letters or faces of colored cubes (and their inverses excluding the main diagonal) and this game I came upon while thinking about Hessian polytopes but the connection is not as clear as it was to my calyptic cubes. Yet this certainly involved triality.

From the knot ideas I imagine a knot of three crossings has to be embedded in at least a four dimensional matrix. Now information is a powerful word with great confusions like is the word dimension. We can for example imagine information as a physical situation, or even systems that act as if they are physical such as the interpretation of warped space acting like a force on some material object. In the algebraic topology of things in a further generalization these ideas carry over with greater balances and orderings of symmetry.

But Lubos cites Shannon and entropy as the idea of information (and certainly we have a lot to learn about things like we only hear half of what is said and most things probabilistically occur in the first few letters or the brain can fill in some distinctions in the sound of words even with the am radio not clearly making say p or b, voiced or unvoiced.) When I use the word I mean more like how assembly codes might apply to some structure but I use it also in the abstract such as the use of labels or colors.

But I did have the thought that to claim a new class of knots (quasic) which at this point may already be there in the literature as I continue to grasp the new complexity of topology (and yes find new simplicities). There is a ghostly idea of information in such a supersymmetrical world perhaps somewhere in between and as we push the envelope of structure it is not clear, as usual, if the total theory is balanced and closed- so to even locally we may or may not regard the ends of strings or braids so with the ideal points to infinity as projections. So the question is the nature of physical information for a system, and if the meaning of that information conveys something of the context of an intelligible theory and not necessarily more.

But what of Shannon's insight that meaning and information are conjugate If there is in a sense more or what seems more in a wider theory of the universe as a quasic knot of many dimensions- if we compress information do we release some sort of magic in the crucible, some sort of dreams ro cognition? (but this speculation goes too far at this point other than to show that there could be more general consequences than given in the entropy formulas when at this point we cannot tell if such raw but brilliant information is magical or not in the thinking or writing of a position.) At the surreal ends of knots and braids it is not clear that things will always be duplicated in the manner many seem to do with applying complex number spaces, at least for a set group or dimension. What happens at such a conception beginning with quadraphonic music of which we take any musical scale to interpret by laws or random notes what is the beautiful and meaningful in context, the question of order in the system- indeed if there is not a given asymmetry of matter and not matter in the first place, is a general question of what defines information- in a world perhaps a little more anthropocentric seeming because of universal laws of neutral and dynamic meanings- that is we understand it at least intuitively. Does the order beyond surreals correspond to the order we find unclear in complex locality? While there can be the identity of some ideas of complex spaces and others such as quantum fields or configuration spaces at what point if ever does the information make a decisive turn and case?

But let us not forget the contribution of Shannon, that in the fuzzy world of noise in transmissions he found a different way ignoring them and defining things less continuously and more digitally that worked to transmit signals much as some of our finite methods of calculation do work to model vast areas of science and mathematics.

So, it may be a matter of taste if there are gray groups to expand or seem to generalize things when it all can be reduced to a few concrete colors and symmetries. But is there in the higher spaces, say in the Hilbert space of shifting fractal paths, some clear rules for a gray code? It is these very common sense concepts albeit them rather esoteric to our normal ways of living and thinking that cause many to imagine that these things are not important or deep enough to challenge the established powers of the new physics- the claim in particular that if it goes against such progress it is a return to old eras of naive and magical thinking of which sometimes as Penrose sees the past and the future may be the same in the remote considerations of what we can really see from our present state of entropy.

I am indebted also for Kea's post today in which she mentions the dipoles that connects then in my mind to the Dihedron (two faces without volume) of Coxeter.

* * * *

Ms Frio see the Capitol Dome post has a post today - really, from some view it is not clear the universe is spherical and even finite- it has been a long time since the Euclidean view and a flat universe is popular again. The truth is it is both and a little more otherwise the various models would not make sense when we emphasize them. What is a higher knot as so defined but spheres running thru Euclidean planes? And this does not forbid our models like the Whitehead knots or all the wormholes and so on.

"Nature is an infinite sphere of which the center is everywhere and the circumference nowhere," wrote Pascal. Which comes as a generalization of Agustine (I think, one of the school men) saying "God is the center of a circle whose center is everywhere and circumference is nowhere."

And Poe, I am not sure his view was one of a spherical universe as such- His is said to be more of a Buddhist like idea which the cosmologists were considering fit uncannily for awhile- more like many little bangs or spheres from some such mystical or inductive geometry from a point.

Now I am not sure what publication means by the bloggers as in Gibbs on peer review today- but in the long range truth of things it hardly matters. BTW Ms Frio, not so sure the half sphere or dome impresses me much anymore- but out blogger ladies are very sexy :-)!

* * * *

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Candles, Puzzles, and Crystals

Candles, Puzzles, and Crystals
L. Edgar Otto October 23, 2011
Sometimes, going back through an old notebook, the usual uncertainties with time, maybe an objective accessment with such distance. Some things not forgotten if the are seen after all within their time- that is then even in retrospect. Or some memories may indeed be blended and requrie archelogy or deep thought to sort them out. Here is one of my study of lattices and other geometrical shapes in 3D- made of marshmallows and toothpicks or spagghetti dipped in wax (as part of one of our first candle companies in Milwaukee.

I made a little progress on the idea of quasic knots. If a matrix can be seen as a knot and that can be broken into related matrix sets of the contained elements- then knots with crossovers can also be so broken in a generational manner- so there are more such linear knots and maybe there are more analogs in still higher spaces.

It may require an expansion of the idea of crossovers as simply plus or minus to the degree of such information is transited over a path.

As such linear knots are to be made in 4space of three crossovers but five crossovers need 64 + 16 areas for the normal crossover classifications (that is the trivial first idea of "quasic knots". The question of the positive roots of 1 that are not unity (as the problem of measurement in physics) suggests to me that such an idea of hypernumbers can also apply to the squaring in balance as positive that in effect one might say this is a sort of negative probability or entropy and so on.

In any case there is good reason to understand these dimensionless values as well the potential if not the reality of new states of matter, the universe, and the influence of dimensions evolving. The universe as a general quasic knot. The fourth of things is like the ends of some knots and only that is in that quadrant and can be opened or closed as well as the literal braid notation. So too the idea of new particles of a higher qualitative class. But this potential is not clearly realized necessarily over the Omnium. 128 (a rather p-adic number and an important one for the observed relation to particle values that was not 136- and that in the 3+1 formulation we observe 7 x 7 crossovers = 48 + 1 = 49 for all the dimensional structure that implies) or 136 may quasically add or subtract the 8 involved for some intelligible numerology. Thus a quadratic quadrapole double dialectic we observe in such general omnic space.

* * * *

Calligraphy and Catalysts (Handwriting Analysis)

Calligraphy and Catalysts (Handwriting Analysis) L. Edgar Otto October 23, 2011

To start with, the blog links and posts on Penrose in the attacks on his character and theory show a lack of understanding of how reason and physics compete at the frontier of theory - this shows to me not only a lack of imagination, but of that higher syntheses of innovation in the sciences to which our inventions must deal with and transcend. Is this because of positions in a global theory one holds, or is it that our core problems in understanding physics as geometry is now limited and lacking?

True, we can feel our reasoning sound at the foundations if we base it on say group theory and point out that connection underlying some mathematical method or interpretation as a physical phenomenon. We can also have a general view where to the extent this is true we are all pretty much saying the same things in any approach, at least as far as the invention of a theory. It is not enough, for example, to develop a theory of knots and the like based only on restatement into say the group theory of rigid rotations or twists of geometrical objects or abstract algebraic ones- nor where these ideas are applied in the new physics can the older physics see where there is a great and insightful advantage in the methods of applying them- as if ideas of Kea et al cut through the Gordian Knots and more will see through the problems of physics as if an X-ray vision.

But I can see, that for some one would have to learn from early on to be able to sort out the world of knots, and if the theory ever was complete (but it certainly applies on some level- maybe not enough to save M theory as envisioned) we would find knots easy to see and trivially interesting as if a fixed and simple reasoning. So we see that on the surface few can acknowledge the innovation as other than a surface phenomenon they resist in probing to new depths and higher symmetries that really apply to our cosmology.

I include an illustration in this post of some first impressions 101 on the knot and braid issues. I might have chosen separate titles for this post- originally meant to be on the thoughts behind the taking script writing out of the public schools in the USA. A linguistic post perhaps so far beyond the alphanumberic age - that is the news said we had a choice of teaching script or print or computers and for most of the states it is the script that has to go. But I looked a little deeper from the linguistic view as to what all this could mean.

For one thing I imagined an illustration of an ape that begs for finger paints sometimes more than food- and their work is usually like rays from a sunrise- but for some reason it seems to me as if in their branching and reaching of sentience they hypothesize the fan vaulting as at least a decoration of cathedrals free from the compression of space, that ziggurat of the said first and universal language so many became confused of tongues and branched out only to be culled at some point, before our cathedrals as if spaceships and maps of the heavens found flying buttresses.

Let is keep in mind Steve Jobs who was inspired by a course in calligraphy and made an innovation with computers that presented better type. His direction seems to be more toward the touchscreen in organizing information on the web. In this sense it is a more analog like approach as if the infinity of curves is greater than the infinity of linear thinking on a plane or screen. But it deals with the digital also.

I myself have books of my early poems in hand print at a time when it was not popular and I adopted from my friends but in the interest only in readability. I had standard and fancy scripts in cursive- sometimes at the cost of slowing down the gains in speed of writing as well. I did not like doing script at first in the grade school- but after all one should, at the fulcrum of this computer age and how we compute things, sort out the discrete and the continuous as far as it goes into the physics. I wonder in fact if the difference in Greek cursive and Roman styles of the more rune like variety for say the Arab script that can act as a shorthand be an advantage in seeing the world. For that matter the tables of knots of so many crossovers seems to me on a higher (whole word)level of so many Chinese ideographs- so it is the view of the physics and not the variations on language that may be historically encumbered or fossilize leaps in technology and scientific thinking. I wonder also if my flexibility in the use of writing has contributed to my own balanced views of the physics. In any case, if we are to print we can go to the extreme of staccato black letters too or some flow so far between the units of keeping intuitively on a page between the all important spaces of silence. For as we learn to enjoy the continuous swirls symmetrical and of indefinite time on the page, this much we should at least teach- hand and eye coordination (in the brain) we also learn to fill in the blanks. Perhaps to fill in the spectrum of things caught between the general relativistic and the quantization of ink and light and color.

In TGD Diary today and interesting reference to 9 jets- well of course we can extend triality in space this way and more than that- as some of the bloggers have here long known- and for those who do not give credit for such work- shame on you, you are late for the race and cannot yet find but the suggestion of innovation for what you think is your invention but all your own. We admit defeat when we take the language of our invaders- or we blend the scripts and print at the beginning where some civilizations merge, fresh after the loss of writing only put into stained glass windows after some plague, we the illiterate find a stronger alloy. Why else would, as in a random drawing of scribbles as if knots or Chinese, hidden from awareness of our writing as if it seems automatic, that in review of the "words" or letters patterns repeat with remarkable frequency. Surely there is something to the description of cosmology beyond just the gathering of such continuous or discrete and handed branes ( that is the gravity and weak branes of Lisa ) than the probability of finding a graviton so that we can say closer to the gravitonic 4D brane in five space we are not as likely to find one- a sort of unification of the physics at a distance of remote cosmologies that assumes such a unification.

How hard it was for the doctors to write prescriptions clearly; how artful the graffiti, symbols signed for collectors of the popular in our culture. How so difficult for the computer to simulate such a human signature- and in the development strive to return to a simple pen and paper that we can draw directly on line or speak without errors. Technology can come back around again as if the closure of a knot- but note: not all are so closed as the spectrum within it is not for only in the possibility of closure do we find the magenta of linkages and rainbows. Yet, these jumps and twists are very good now in that part of geometry we throw to the distance or near some local phenomenon- dynamically hidden or not. After all, one might conclude that the probability of not finding say a graviton is in a sense the measure of mass- or look for the mass elsewhere for that for most who do not see more deeply into the program of the ancient Greeks for making these hidden things of the world unmasked- that there is nothing grounded there.

* * *

Note: In braiding Triality in the 3 space 6 unique crossings require 9 colors- this I intuitively feel related to the 3 or 9 jet interpretations today mentioned. In fact here we discern the variations to include 25, 26, or 27 cells in the mix.

I did a little on the quasic notation and the 4 crossover knot was my favorite to put into a more orthogonal artistic arrangement- the 5 crossover of course is like five of the granny knot. But my label notation is not as clear other than the concepts of what goes on here as one of several languages- that needs work- as well as to what more is needed to the concept of what is equivalent in quasic space to that of the configuration space of crossovers. Something is still there conceptually but it comes down to actual hard work of computation (and by hand).

As in the illustration a note as to an unsolved problem in general and in string theory and presumably in all the super-symmetric M like theories- that of the photon affecting the field and the photon being affected by the field (gravitation shifts the spectrum also in GR and for most questions of frequency and color it is really not too far in algebraic and geometrical terms from a classical view). In the projective style topologies knots seem to have the +++-- or ---++ ordered crossovers so as to distinguish these knots and to relate this to the sequences of five when we can set the order for a physics object or where we cannot clearly as into the reading of the braid order.) TGD for example points out the nearly Pythagorean point as to the mouths of wormholes as a sort of zero or balanced condition and how it (quasically) may relate to the continuum of duality values and our ideas of exponentiation and hyperbolic cases in general (or the clear and simple formulas of Rio Frio which rationally we have to resolve the whole and the transcendental spectrum to understand how we mean such unification in such a dynamic cosmology.)

But can the dimensions, and matter, and universe so evolve as some say, and we sort out the natural mirrors and ambiguity? I find it hard to imagine wormholes or mini-black holes possibly still around near the so called "big bang" and while they are not forbidden how rare must they be in the here and now that they can exist?

Forgive me if I have left anyone out not knowing them perhaps- The idea of a charged brane is a little outside my cognition but the idea of Rowlands as to the philosophy of existence and non-existence involving the weak brane muons is instructive as far as such a low dimensional transfinite M theory goes. But at least the surreal number ideas seem to me to be related to a higher view of it all when we specify some range or position as if a zero point framework on which we need the mathematics that still can be seen or not by those in one of the main philosophic traditions.

For me I know again that pure information notation (to assign a symbol to what is generally meant by the conveying of signals or information- this is a hard term and not quite the same as Kea uses it applied to pure physics, I imagine) is what is needed for a beginning to clear up our understanding and presentations better- that is how I filled in the colors to a lot of outlines of physics from a more geometry and dispense with the other maths ways to do it that for long ignored the geometry, especially of Conway and the great Coxeter.

* * * *

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Occam's Razor & Matrix Methods of the New Physics

Occam's Razor & Matrix Methods of the New Physics

L. Edgar Otto (the Pe Sla) October 22, 2011

So I add to the view of at least planes, branes, that these are also knot like objects with rules that from some defining view of a structure seems to describe impossible objects.

Scientific American book club promotes two new books- A new one by Pinker (who I find makes a great contribution to how we see and order three space thus beyond) and Lisa Randall where she too has a 4 or 5 dimensional theory of the bulk of things between two 4D branes in a small box describing her own theory. But how does this compare to a more abstract and less particle physics oriented model of the universe where the banes clash periodically. For that matter Penrose has a book there too which has such a cycle where he says what we think of as the big bang is really in the future for another cycle of a big bang. (I would have expected this from his general comments on entropy.)

This is what I was trying to express to Pitkanen in a comment- that these four and five dimensional theories are the beginning of descriptions for higher spaces as perhaps most of what we need to know of a unified theory of physics. Few seem to make this leap smoothly- and with the vague notions where string and even M theory is not just a stepping stone- nor the clarity of the matrix and other combinations of things as in Kea's applications of which if the physics were not so important I would go a little deeper into the philosophy of it (as this Occam's Razor post hints of even if this is a problem of how we do science in the first place.)

It is a small conceptual step from 3 + 1 where it applies to space and 6 + 2, but in the arrangement of inferred and superimposed things, or doubled things, these are the fault lines of all such numbers that in a sense slice through some arbitrary unity of elements in a matrix- one that may ultimately be a "pataphysics", that ultimately vague other things may exist but are not necessarily relevant to what we are asking of uniqueness and the algebra of what seems physicality if not necessity.

So we can arrange elements in a matrix, as if these were various interconnected links or knots- we can use topological methods- but in the free invariant tangling we have not always imposed a logic of ordering such fields as in the Karnaugh maps by our theory or by stumbling on a matrix-brane that is itself a measure of itself as a probable state and grounding for other theories depending on such probabilities and variations of them.

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Fizzics Slepton

Fizzics Slepton L. Edgar Otto October 20, 2011 has a YouTube up by Don Lincoln whom I have mentioned from time to time on this blog and whom I had have several dialogs and debates with on the

My thought today was to continue the survey of what knots- but I had some basic new ideas on how some of the topology would apply to what is the physicality of mass.

*1 Dark Matter is Uncrumpled Knots in that physical in the vacuum.

*2 Fluid concepts and the turbulence's involved, including that of recursive tori, is the faerie ground for the concept of strict faerie fields. It assumes that there is no direct observation of SUSY possible, nor a relation in scales to Dark Energy.

*3 A star in a sense is a crumpled knot. We imagine an exploding star as becoming uncrumpled- and the same general mechanisms apply to black hole like creative objects.

*4 Topologically, we can imagine an expanding point or condensing to a point from expanding space as the same concept. But we cannot describe the physics of space only by levels of dimensions or by the idea of ideal points at infinity. Nor can we subdivide the intuitions of the reverse where such infinities become finite spheres when the inversion and concept of inside is appealed to.

*5 An algebraic representation of a knot reduces to a number- but this is a reduction that has to be better defined, say as class or set, complex, and so on. Also these can in a sense be prime into higher informational based space but this does not explain things outside the compass of inversions of elliptic and hyperbolic models.

*6 The question remains given these principles over a quasic dimension and dimension plus one field as to how to distinguish the right and left from a simple knot if these are intrinsically distinguishable at least at a certain level of complexity of directions and cells making a knot. This over generational-like concepts of space and particles extends the invariance of unknots to physical and half-physical (that is the adsorption into a black hole) levels of pair production- or as the case may be the observed values of one sided and one handed intrinsically oriented knots.

*7 Again, exponential values in formuli are equivalent to line or point singularity values from some higher perspective- asymptotic freedom as if unbounded but trapped as if an inversion or multiplicative inverse in a shifting scaleless super-field.

*8 Since distance itself is not clearly defined it cannot be used as the sole preserved or invariant concept for topology- nor the invariance of knots the only way to imagine analogs of things like knots in higher space.

* * * *

So, last night I heard the guest speak on this show and it was rather dramatic. I think this shows what can happen when we do not have a better vision of the physics. If either side of these conspiracy ideas are true- someone should be arrested. Also it takes away from those phenomena which are authentic yet only approached by "sacred geometry." Now, because of vaccines say Hep C the population is curbed and it can lead to Lew Gerick disease- lime disease for example cured by forms of silver compounds- (Thing is I talked with a lady yesterday who says she had lime disease but cured herself with colloidal silver so was surprised at the show for the last I heard such a substance only made some people develop gray skin tones.)

Anyway, I have noticed certain aspects of tuning beyond the tempered scale and am not sure it is a return to more traditional ratios. But I did not make a big deal that it resonated with our body centers and psychological sense of well being- for that matter to claim that water itself is alive seems to me even a cruder example of a faerie field than that analogy to the Higgs.

* * * *

Comment on Matti's blog today to Owen after this introduction posted now here-

Given the reality of the big bang and a way to orient time and to sort out what is natural order or not in the various spaces such as the complex ones and so on- this would be an interesting paradigm shift from an experiment. But is it deep physics for it is not clear that the big bang or even inflationary cosmology is the given.
So the earth sky article lists the great problems to be so solved as the idea of higher dimensions dawns on us and we whisper they so evolve in our minds (if not a four dimensional precipitation out of the foundations already). How can we not see that the rays from some observation in the particle physics could speak for that problem of explaining a Higgs that can obviously be observed by the return to the lesser scales of dimensions, that this is a problem of higher topology of such dimensional even Fizzy structures? Why assume in a world with indeterminate time direction (or space direction, even the pair problem on higher levels, etc) that all reactions take time and this time cannot be different on general scales- and not just limited to our narrow view of what we think relates to physical matter or for that matter what variation needed or not for some view of what frequency is and what we have naturally evolved to see or react to. That for example in my quote from the pseudo-sacred geometry view here (likewise a limited but hopeful paradigm) that some frequencies do in fact regenerate tissues- the lower ones actually as a medical fact but the cause is not the frequency but the general dynamic view of an Omnic universe well beyond our simple ideas of what is continuous and how then to explain the finite:


I saw your comments on earth sky. I have imagined all along, and not necessarily from some cosmic origin, that dimensions as such dynamically unfold and evolve.

The information in a 2D "plane" of sorts- such as a brane can be seen as of any dimension. Scale, plus the assumption of a fixed zero or relatively negative influence- would speak of a new physics of higher symmetries- both of the holographic and the fractal natures.

In which case, beyond quantum of the square roots of an area there is not reason to expect evidence of gravitational waves observable even at the lowest dimensions. Did the universe start from some sort of string? Is the totality of dimensions not in a sense present over all of dynamic time?

Parton ideas are part of the picture and in more ways than just the combination's as if quarks and we cannot simplify things without losing the context of the information for part of the picture of physics unification.

The praise in that article- I think there is a long way to go to grasp the new physics- and much of it in one part of it or another we of these blogs have discussed all along. To say it involves projective geometry- or even the hyperbolic aspects puts our understanding at the turn of the last century- or worse as the other commenter into some vague idea of electromagnetic's over the universe.

All of this will be simple and clear if we understand just how we apply coordinates in what is the reality of space and dimensions, that coordinates are homogeneous does not solve their set or class views but seems to reduce things to a rather partonic view of a logically limited totality.

The PeSla

* * * *

Of course it is not clear that as our new paradigms emerge and the new speculations at the university that those responsible for such work are expanding in their grasp of dimensions as evolving or are simply loosing the dimensions as if a neutron core a blue star has taken away save some outline- and that paradoxically crystalline, as if mass transfer like momentum and black holes needs have a physical path or time between such companion stars. Apparently the only constant is the resistance or delay of the solid and complete publication of ideas, a relative invariant that depends on the apparent lifetime of the rebirth or decay of funding.

* * * *

More is added to my post below on the Survey of Knots. When I can have the time and place to write I will post a formal theory as a separate post Quasic Notation for a Better Classification of Knots.

* * *

Taking a hiatus as if we are talking to the air, instead of assuming no one reads or that there is someone needed or worthy of dialog- as I have said periodically and my blogger on intangible materiality posted today - I too feel the need to do it yet it usually leads to a breakthrough and mine is not for the same reasons. So too long on line again as I have to wait for a ride to move some small things, checking the awaited mail, I had a thought to post to TGD diary again-


3 or 4 jets or dimensions?

Why just octaves or half octaves?

Why not some other factor like 1/3 and so on?

Anyway, an octave according to what of the possible scales (spectrum)?

512 + 16 = 528 maybe those strange whole number ration scales have some physics value after all. After all 192 was Plato's sacred number applied to music.

Anyway, when I asked about 2^137 I was thinking about such a mixture of levels of p-adic number systems but I did not think to ask to divide it all by half.

All this new particle zoo seems to me a little daunting- not very elegant and parton like- yet if there are three quarks in a proton why not three decay modes as a possible structure- or better a fourth hidden. After all you asked if matter could be 4 dimensional after all and I do think that the first step in understanding higher symmetries.

The PeSla

* * * *