Saturday, July 28, 2012

Entropy, Chirality, and Scientific Enquiry

Entropy, Chirality, and Scientific Enquiry

L. Edgar Otto    Saturday, 28 July, 2012

Those who have followed my contemplations will not be surprised at recent science Daily articles that suggest that chirality can form from the chaos of regular lattices.

This adds a psychological element to consciousness in the idea of what is singularity and connectivity and thus relates to the drama and the immersion into entertainment and dreams of those who work to evolve a direction or handedness of sentient interpretations of truth and lies.

If we regard a muon as a singularity, in Rowlands sense, it apparently has its own system of multiple connectivity. In this sense we rigidly distinguish the various parts of the vacuum that physical functions inhabit from what is or is not the existence of the various geometrical systems of connectivity.  For in this space is it not rigidly a necessity, other than that this principle is obvious in the arising of mutated systems with bias from the unbiased stance of uncharacterized nature at the place where foundationally symmetry meets the initial states of asymmetry.

From either side we may regard the system as a hierarchy of continuity (such as neutronium as an element akin to carbon in the periodic structure to some level) or as arising from a totally digital view.  Either analog or digital the other  is implied and is quite outside the necessary reality of singularities or boundaries as rigidly occurring and defined or in a sense part of an overt isolated or covert connected system.

* * * * * * *

ScienceDaily articles from a couple of days ago  I feel highly relevant to our discussion and in a more general view our blogger theoreticians should take theses foundational views much more seriously.

I am away for awhile having finally grasped the webpage and internet bigger \picture and have some plans for better templates and graphics, perhaps networks.  After all the idea of connectivity, mentally and socially also, is the question of the role of truth and consciousness as much as mathematical physics as is if some stance on evolving drama.  Those who have entered my dreams, and awakened finding it sound and not despairing at the self image of theirs as shallow- if you can wade through the political lies any better than I can please let me know-  but on the intuitive foundations there are scavengers and scavengers that take from them.  I will be off line mostly-  I may not even vote after all-

But if these blog offerings go into but another part of the vacuum or are part of a great connection of potential beings- the connectivity is not as simple as some seem to think the world is, and the connectivity is not the drama and the sentience.  Isolation or false agendas do not stay static as our virtual or real links endure, grow, or rot and die.  You loss my young Einsteins of a very strange new generation.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Symmetry and Asymmetry across the Existence Spectrum ( 0:iff:1 )

Symmetry and Asymmetry across the Existence Spectrum ( 0:iff:1 )

L. Edgar Otto 25 July, 2012

Simple quasic abstract motion, a given action, in an implied corner (quadrant...) over the span of a contained but limitless perceptibly expanding space of the abstract coordinates of a region of the dimensions in question, the tone of a hierarchy of hues (of actual natural sequence or of false discrete order) adding a dimension of existence as asymmetry is equivalent to the symmetry over the projective span and internal structure at a clear creative singularity of the quasic plane so mirrored.

This grounds the general mechanisms of turns and twists, of phases under the groups and dimensions of a general topology, yet these laws are implied unto the small and greater layers of existing as a super existing super spectrum of the quasic plane that equates the source and sink of such spectral (energetic) differences between several averaged layers of the implied complexity of symmetry between group and natural dimensional regions.

Where there is existence asymmetry there is resistance and mass which in the implied unified physicality is a potential but not necessarily actual or perceived higher purpose or minimum solution as a theory of identity elements and unity of paths. This mutual implied interplay between the symmetric and the asymmetric can convert the abstract idea of space and time into gravitation and matter in a way that is more general abstract than the rigid schemes of standard theories within the intelligible compass we so understand by mathematics or observe them.

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Dana's Colors

Dana Sterzinger in Eau Claire, WI  photo from studio in Banbury Place

The inspiration for this concept comes from my encounter with a painting by Dana. Art as vision speaks a thousand words and who is to say what is implied in the mystery or the viewer with interpretation is a true reflection of that place where science meets art ?

From my centered heart it seems one can smoothly gaze into the heart or the mind of another on an artistic level and this is true of abstraction be it art or science that where existence makes sense in our day of progressive history some report, usually before the fact of a new style of grounding where art, in the established tradition as fact before the experience, is a reflection of our most advanced science or its issues of our day.

Science without such insight and intuition is nothing and art that reduces to scattered pigments or mechanical processes may not capture the human element while in the living, in our generation's day, so cementing subtle spirit over our shared history, discovery and time - art cannot be constrained by such overt wisdom of science nor the reality of our mysteries of existing be but here and now empty, the dreamland far away.

I suggest, therefore, at the seeming end of this golden age of particle physics and cosmology, the still unsolved issues of symmetry and vital motion awakens and are addressed here, at least from my own balance of dreams and grounding, light seen otherwise invisible in reflections.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What Hath God (the Particle) Wrought

What Hath God (the Particle) Wrought

L. Edgar Otto    Monday, 23 July, 2012

I find it clear that there are strong views, rather confused as to the certainty of fact or faith in foundations, as to the so called discovery or verification of the Higgs and its mechanism. Philosophically, this is a continuation of the creative patterns of the open prospects and closed scope of man's imagination. The circle of books is said to be the basis of our beliefs (culture), morals, and dreams. But this has it dark interpretation- as world without traditions, all higher concerns relative so pointless to apply some value to, and in the end the dreams of a robot or mad tremors of a grounding in chance and chaos.

The game of science is not a lottery or a struggle only where the commitment to a faith or method is at risk from the evidence of the day, there is resistance of course if the last generation does not vanish from the fray that the new with blind innocence chases the utmost refinement, room at the bottom of scale and the depth of probing the universe in which we imagine an absolute nothingness impossible and ever far away. New ideas, new media and the message and the nature of the aether's and carriers of signals, at first seem like items of worship to which these too become replaced as if an idol like all left empty patterns of our once living room to grow now petrified wood.

In the theory game apparently much depends on the bluff as much as the deal, even in an honest game- we reach too far sometimes in the bet, unjustified risks or fear of the risk taking- we exceed the intuition some of us can all a sense beyond the ordinary physical, beyond the depths of what seems to be nature dealing a new hand improbably and far beyond coincidence. So some it seems have claimed the pot, and some have folded out of the game and it is not clear if higher laws or gods know the hidden hands, if in a real sense those hands are so known before shown, only if something higher calls us then the suite and sequence is known, is actual in the moving record, and even then chance and weights and measures are full of jokers wild.

I sense that theories that are too simple, and simply seen, are not welcome to the dialog- also those that have a certain formality by their complexity but not complex beyond a certain point of the powers and endowments of the age. In the larval world of such discourse I find it most odd, even beyond wise people thinking they can win the game by calling each other crackpot- that in so many directions of a growing complexity in the landscape of say topology to one they are more disoriented than expert jugglers of a higher vision that is real that the simple bureaucratic mind in its veto cannot understand.

It is however difficult naturally on the frontiers to learn to distinguish the real and the false dream even with awareness of the problem. The spirit or its pretensions or its distant instinct can exist yet be off the bell curve in either direction. The extremes are at once a matter of humility as well a social and individual sense of pride or shame.

Certainty the landscape is vast for strings and for the idea of complex spaces in the projections beyond the current scope of physics that begins to feel at home with that level of numbers and rules for the limitations of a representational design- these the still somewhat mysterious questions of the projective plane and (quasically) going beyond it to swim in the new space not just keep our feet on the bottoms. How is it that Jester and Lubos, and Pitkanen can speak so much of the same sort of compactification space and conclude if the Higgs is needed or not or if there is a verification and one that would have come on any scale given the chance and intelligibility of physics. What are the abstract points in the theory that grounds such complex space if from my view each themselves can be a singularity in its widest sense- how much larger then is that of which physics cannot see and desires to bury its head by the sand reckoner's in a very wide count but finite sand?

The terms used by these physicist, who offer as if to publish or perish for the sake of the future game and its evolving, of some degree of relative complicated work under some idea of an umbrella that serves for the simplicity- at least to convince the lay of the need for the research and its cost and its promises, seem to approach a higher view here and there of which few may evaluate even among the experts- one cannot say off hand any theory along the way, or offering by a fellow human, will be a wasted effort and wasted career to abandon in their shame. What then will be the future as well as the state of our vision? I refuse to think that our generation, held back so long by the steep learning curve of the effort and distance from the deepest foundations at least in philosophy will forever abandon the spirit of the quest, the life force that we should recognize as much a part of us as our sentience this desire to enquire.

Are we in a new perhaps rude awakening or are we willing to give in to the cold so as to fall asleep, to say in the cosmology and this so called swan song of particle physics that this golden age, maybe the only one, has passed?

But somewhere on the coast far from the explosion of conquest and civilization as the dark age again falls upon us, a few lonely monks continue work to save what they can of civilization, and yes perhaps to enjoy illustrating what is their link to being alive or perhaps for God's work or the hope there is more that is something like it to what we ourselves may yet become.

Or accepting life to some point, we all part Anabaptist's looking for some certainty, tradition, in the constant technological change, make good jelly, raise barns together, get the descent down Bourbon Street out of our systems as we fatten the pig at the festival of Mardi Gras in the carefree but dangerous age before the hurricane, before the earth bled so much oil, before or levy failed as it seems to inevitably do until we reach again the carbon pure drinking water of the delta. The music of the spheres can be a twilight march or it can be the escape into the soundtrack of the jazz.

To the explorers to come, do not despair of the quest or the roadblock of self doubt and over done or empty pages, outlandish outfits, common metal coins, that the world and more is within your reach and is perhaps the highest of life work, as it is challenging still the mundane, for which the human spirit aspires. To command the forces of the destroyer you must also create and ride the quasar steps and half mourn we and others if failed stars for that is what stands out that gives our enterprise noble value.

* * * * *

Some number play involving 89...



* * *

As complicated as the topology (pre-quantum) is we can see it as rather sterile and abstract to which it does not necessarily connect to the concrete or the process cement of physicality. It seems to do so but it can be empty in the sense of moving the same meaningless objects around in a room as if to make a difference in the cleaning it up. This too the rote of counting or the shifting of matrices as if we expect to glimpse what the transformations may touch and actually teach us.

As this blog has progressed I have tried to bring home from my isolated and independent views questions on the foundations. I apologize with excuse as I am not trained in the methods for entering the dialog with fellow bloggers before I knew how they were trained in and using the terms by which as written and of what I said it must be confusing at the best and unintelligible at the worst. As with the ambiguous mood and spirit of a poem that focuses many meanings my system also strives to have, or imagine it has, meaning there if we but seek it and after unique or random journeying hope to obtain the wisdom I plant within.

Kahler, compactification? I watch the theories form as if so many weeds in the prairie and yes they have beautiful flowers. Yes, these are not always the Prairie in a Can that the style of flowers reflect the wide openness not corrupted from the narrow path and original dream. Life, itself should not be described as if only meaningless objects moved from place to place in a limited room. While such theories are beautiful and have a fine mathematical physics development we can still ask if it is art.

But of the mysteries of numbers themselves there is more to consider, perhaps a wider role for the transcendentals in the Ramanujan like relations of pi and phi and Euler et al. As with the hidden we can imagine wider worlds and generalizations and feel somewhat assured that the invention of a compass is not needed to guide us, nor the clocks, as we find our direction leaving a rope behind us strait behind our wagon leaving tracks in the mud and grasses, long enduring our footprints, just a jumble there but full of forgetfulness, as we dare to cross some great divide.


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Husk, Mask, and Proximity

Husk, Mask, and Proximity

L. Edgar Otto    22 July, 2012

Potentially, on the highest level of quasic generalization, each quason contains all the general information of every other on many levels.  This is as if each point or center of a space location singularity obeys diffuse but logically intelligible coordinates and abstract motion.

But in actuality, the expression of colors in the extended trail of some awareness of focus as a loop or open totality
the proximity, including hidden levels of laws of process, direction, and symmetry apply in the weight  between two trails in a compass of encountering or of its potential engagement of multifocusing as joint paradox and influence, there are masks of privacy or disconnection around what may be or seem the core as but a physical or material husk, or as if a nothingness between the trails in question.

In a three way mechanics two linear units may vibrate up and down in the vacuum as the core while a third unit is the description of a loop which surrounds and moves over the masked husk as if the figure 8 orbit as a loop, as a Whitehead knot or link between these trail descriptions which in a higher sense of proximity space is one abstract motion if the subjective system, awareness, can so juggle the objects in tandem and concert of its extended yet private sentience aware of the flexibility or not in this map of 2 plus one division or alternatively as unified three space.

In the relative flatland of the spacious now of a trail system singularity as an organic compass of existing over some limitless or potentially limited interval, these considerations in a sense a super-foundational level of physics, and in the sense that at the Euclidean or Pythagorean lower or lowest level of dimensional structure or representation,  Fermat's Last Theorem operates, proof or not of such structures applied as elementary or in a wide span of complexity, on the even side of the triangle value so as to be hidden in matters like such infinite descent leading to a bottomless direction of refinement such that on the foundational level of physics the laws of virility (Rowlands) apply in the halving and doubling involved in kinetic and potential values that describe physics of motion and other schemes like the idea of abstract or literal twists and spins of particles and the logic on some statistical level of intelligible merging and decay.

The proximity therefore is a subtle defining on the various shockwave observation of what is the general annihilation or creation from the general space to which the compass of physical laws as a reduction and science is a change of form but is masked as if a creative force of space save perhaps what in the state of a total reality is the uniqueness and highest form of actuality in this persistent unity of phenomena.  The quasifinite in this view also relates on many hierarichal levels to the real or apparent quasi continuous.

* * * * * * *

From a philosophy of consciousness view, the intuitions heretofore on the ability to influence the physical world by extrasensory things, or ideas of intention as an interaction with others, has proven an unreliable exploration but only in the sense that such ideas of subjectivity may operate on a lower level to which, as suspected beyond color theory in the levels of quantum logic and interpretations (see Ramsburger) it seems that such a closed or lesser system of imagination amounts to an isolated world of fantasy that does not connect to the concrete reality- it is the theme of science fiction wherein some species withdraw into themselves and are masked from the concerns of the universe and are not clear this is a transcendence or marginalization and delusion from the reality of the universe or the organic view of minds connected and interacting as physics.

If such a relation can exist, and exist clearly and uniquely in the general reality of space and time, husk and mask to resolve somehow within a particular span of the subspace, it clearly has to be an abstraction in the super foundational structure of reality that beyond the ideas of husk and mask and proximity the subjective (or the reality of something like time travel or micro time travel as a general creative influence) cannot abandon the influence and influencing of the physical reality, nor that disconnected from the non necessity of a viable existence of a collective or individual universal mind.

In this view the nature of struggle and war behind the scenes and in stealth, that and on our present level a preservation of the core ways of life and its liberty to choose just how precious or not for how long its persistence beyond an average positive security in the main, a cloak of time really of which it is not clear such measure has set and intrinsic value other than the analog to the faith of what is as if there is nothing more in physics or the spirit of the mind, will again be a matter of governmental concern to which even an individual may influence the health of the whole or may be hidden from those who do not understand the physics.  In a sense we go beyond the simple ideas of justice as to what is good or evil for the many and the one and in a real but hidden sense we have a new level to change and focus the diversity and evolution of the world to its intelligible design.

* * * * *

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Heart of the Matter ( TransDark Nuclei )

Heart of the Matter (Techtons and Ostracons Broken from the Symmetric TransDark Nucleus or

The Psephon Cardiaon in the Dinocosmon Quasic Atom)

L. Edgar Otto    Saturday

I am obviously at a loss for good words, so I resort to the tradition of what Greek roots are left for some working ones to express the new ideas without ambiguity...

From the proposal of Pitkanen we hold the Fibonacci numbers as a prime focus in the p-adic regime to have special significance for the measure and physical pattern of particles and from my quason view of the electromagnetic numerology of an atom.

The count asks the question 89 is the important number (my illustration is fanciful, a phi or tau banknote as a unit of money where the change is made according to the Fibonacci numbers, that is there are notes of 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89... but can there be 144 such credits and more?) Perhaps this mirrored (Omnion?) in the general sense of such mirroring to make a reverse effect along that sequence of phi and unity fractions.

The essential idea here is that we are on a different level that what is proposed as the relationship and electron values in the mirroring by dark matter atoms. Yes, in this assumed ten dimensional (at least) string flatland there can be an interpretation of an abstract nuclear core or kernel but this is not simply the mirror as a dark matter atom. It is super dark so to speak, a pebble, the heart and this Higgs like a mechanism that grounds the idea of the material. It could be thought of organically as the stem or the soul of our brain and mind.

This adds a very subtle wrinkle on the progression to higher generalization where interdimensional and intergroup connections as potential are enhanced even beyond the idea of a multiverse in the span and depth of physics that the concept of perception and consciousness seems to add to the complexity.

To some extent this is the special singularity complex that is the core of general stereonometry as if for the particles in a higher abstract space we for the sake of the count find the 24 cell like object of which for particles I styled the Keaon. But this has a special and analogous role as super symmetry along the lines of Sheppard's insights rather than just the emphasis on the standard theory.

Let us say then that 136 is a limit to the atomic number in our usual space but by the quason considerations we may observe as concrete only the 120 elements in that reduction of the quasic and Eddington like grid or brane. Clearly the information of the count involves some abstract form of the 16 neutral ones a dimension down on the matrix diagonal. The 8 time like of the Monster group phenomenology is added to the 240 for 248. As for Eddington's 137 approximately we note in the count we find the ratio of 15 and 16 things in the consideration of finite number symmetry just as Shepherd understood was the problem and mystery to solve and on the level of things in our near dimensions or experienced space before we move on to speculations.

But if such numbers are indeed p-adic related (and in the simple intelligible count we see that in an array of black and white coloring of squares in the quasic grid we find four that alternate and two that the colors stay the same (that is one or the other for say 5 in the up and down, that is the generalization of the grid not to be too restricted to the idea of even and odd numbers, also this applies to the topology of dimensions and groups.) So, in our very abstract and very complicated familiar space can 144 be a structure for an atom?

Let us note that this is 24 more than the qm 136 and in this keaon or techton we can imagine a triality in the further expanding of the complexity of space as an analog to ocher, umber, and very appropriately amber termination sequences that reduce or expand the gene like cosmic code.

These by the way are the grounding for most variations and universal structures in which we design our linguistic alphabets. Is this 24 in a sense the four dimensional polytope, self dual, to which it acts as a scaffoling for the actual numbers of charges and so in the next supersymmetry Higgs like mechanism we have the number patterns and group patterns that have paths as if in the abstract lattices between the nuclei as well as between atoms (and to speculate to store vaster forms of information than what seems possible in chemistry or nerve structures alone in so little space). Yet, can we imagine more than this general omnic structre for the foundations of physics and it somehow be a real possibility, somewhere, and some when?

Is not the fusion of atoms, mediated by the existence and all that is not (Rowlands) metaphysical muon, intelligible even if we cannot see the direct evidence of the superdark nucleus even if we crash these together they being flat and part of our quasifinite state of the universe of non-necessity?

Perhaps Dinons, as in dinosaur, in the sense of "wonderful" as much in our translation of the term as "terrible". But without better communications with my blogspot collogues there seems to be no end to the project at hand, nor the wonderful things and work to do carefully bored and counting particle tracks in the clouds and carbon melting dry ice, or the excitement in discovering ourselves and things ever new as there is so much work yet that can be done, perhaps the work needed is to evolve our imaginations or bring them down to our living earth.

I have tried many times to leap to the idea of some equivalent of the 24 in the quasic grid- perhaps the 1024 holds by analogy to make the 384, but there is still a lot to learn beyond the realization that three space was not as simple as I thought it to be at first... Physics is a steep learning curve where it is still without the hills and valley's one feels in existence or essence effort or no movement beyond a certain ability to find the same or different states over some horizon.

* * * * *

Friday, July 20, 2012

What Immortal Hand or Eye

What Immortal Hand or Eye

L. Edgar Otto   Friday, 20 July, 2012

The state of our soul, the duplication and halving of our sentient totality and understanding is new as well as ancient in the frames, the Word as creative or its process as Logos, that in the path of escape from the paradox of theory or psyche dreams, while it stands on the grains of nothingness that is the unity of the world as nous.

Yet if we are to see there the Good, so too in our laps of what is in our pragmatic and not necessarily precious life beyond changes, lifespan, or evaluation, in the symmetry of the wormhole and stringy snakes as in the metaphor of old, these light bringers who no longer can speak at the entrance of the tunnel banished Adam and Eve into their garden of effort and mortality, thus the navels and the struggle.  I find it hard not to imagine some souls can be described as possessed in their engagement with the world for what is really not new but new to me on this level of comprehension.

But what are the eyes of the Gargoyles into which our theories cannot see or may never see or touch but a whisper of a human to himself to question the grounds of his arrogance?  Inside the old man and his riddle of the cane is the young man and all material idols, even of a man, to which we make images and imagine great wars of Apocalypse at the end times nothing more than but a faceless dust.

In hope the literal rebirth at least, the healing for a species, the desire led to the light and not the hidden symmetries of night, that this world and our own moment is unique once only yet always, a take of the vaccination, of the lichens on volcanic rock that folds and cracks the chilled shrinking of space and time - so that it matters for the day and for the expediency of the fight, for liberty as a good if imperfect state, direction to which I imagine the Good gives us no false dawn of hope.  Let us not demean our dreams nor read too far into the promise of directions... what are these images we entertain ourselves with in the paint and pigment, inks and gathering around the lightning and the fireplace but a little girl whispering into the fallen statues ear- subtitle without worlds:  "All glory is fleeting, my Vladimir..."

And while the elders cry out in rage against the fading light do we not hear the sparrow taking flight or fallen from its nest cry out that we may suffer unto our children?

* * * * *

The trouble with the party line some hold as a stance in scientific method against metaphysics, is that this area is dismissed but not very well defined, that is they cannot distinguish what is truly a metaphysical concept and one that is a foundational ground of being as concrete abstraction.  Where can we draw this line of difference intelligibly?

I had some extensive comments on Pitkanen's blogspot on this shockwave issue and here consider within such a non flat singularity do the string wormholes so ineract- would Lubos in his way not be doing string physics as applied to these also new physics refernce frames? I do not see Ullas comments either- so if you see this your take on it TGD wise would be most interesting.

Now, it is clear that the universities and the for profit ones in the USA for the investors put so many into debt slavery in the name of equal access and opportunity, this plays havoc with such opportunities and credit for new graduates finding work.  Our veterans, as usual, are no exception for in the system of the moment it is not easy to use the GI bill.  Now, where is my GI bill I have fought for all my life... Of course there is no way they can pay for it if they fulfilled their obligations.  So how can the new generation manage when it is worse than the state cannot afford it to the point many generations will owe for these excesses not just a state of empty coffers?  The state is doing for education for the general civilian population what it has lied to and forbidden the cannon fodder to expect.

* * * * *

Breakthrough in Shockwave Singularities

Breakthrough in Shockwave Singularities

L. Edgar Otto 

Facebook status this morning:  This is an important breakthrough (not quite general enough) which is a good method to confirm the new physics of our fellow bloggers- this I discussed recently (before knowing about this research and article) on my blogspot under metaphysics, I predict this is NOBLE prize material but all is not related to just this reference frame explanation in matters of our distinguishing of new singularities of which the logic of Higgs is also in this direction of theory depth. Of course there are multi-shock waves in our advanced Omnium systems.
And my next one: The problem with our design of information systems (and the social network issues) is that we do not understand the complexity of organic forms in the physics that connects us as we react to the universe from our isolated views formed by the shock waves of our creative love... even then wisdom and reality is much more complicated than the restrictions of process, of time and place, of mass to which Love, like our universe cannot be said to be ultimately open or closed save in hierarchies that ground it all as our soul thoughts leak like the idea of gravity in string theory into each others hearts and paths- we still have a lot to learn about Love.

* * * * *

This leads me to consider even a wider view (after all it is limited even if heading in the right direction of generalization- but I have not seen the work only that it seems in line with my elementary intuitions and design concepts) the question of the consciousness metaphor where all creative singularities (which can be flat from quasic principles but not necessarily) may mirror in the design all possible paths of choices in the super and multiverse like space... the issue of one or more distinct levels or planes that goes beyond both the reductionist statistical grounding (Otto-Motil logic) and the issue of distinguishing the many and one thing as if a higher reference frame- that is the idea of gravity as leaky as loops between branes or dimensions seems to have some intelligible grounding (including what makes things distinct or is the cement of unique states and trails that endure for some indefinite timespan) as a concept where these "regular singularities" are thought to be composed of something supersymmetric and very much the string theory phenomenology.

Now, it is the idea of quasic information, asked as a problem of consciousness or not, metaphysics or not, that shows the wider variety of the consistency and coherence of the general theory (of indefinite depth and span in extent) as far as raw and intelligible design is concerned, that is there is more freedom in the application of laws irreducible or containing hidden symmetry (or Pitkanen ideas of action etc or such particles related to basic number concepts- all of us alternative bloggers have seen such singularities or a combination of these regular and irregular creative particles including dark like ideas, black holes and worm holes, futile or fertile depth in the algebra, my quasons and quasars...even the variety of Higgs in this what seems real as grounded in a quasi finite universe.)

Given the distinguishing of the structure of the real as if the cosmic censor that avoids the flat or the transition across zero and negative levels and this a generalization of possible universes, if further generalized as consciousness or just physical structure is there a "leaking" or higher connections possible among them?

* * * * *

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The God for Sure Particle

Transgalatomic Metaphysics ( The God for Sure Particle)

L. Edgar Otto 19 July, 2012

The question then, given the idea that there is a consciousness that is an irreducible in reality, that at some place after all things are understood and enumerated, as if an ideal singularity, in the connectedness as a physical or a metaphysical and subjective theory as the mystical proposition that all things are connected necessarily, that the wider description of reality of this general consciousness is like a point focusing, a moment in the one and only center of history as the ultimate, a Higgs like superduper symmetric mechanism of which where both the physics and the metaphysics are equivalent and therein an eternal reduction that explains the age old and personal awakening of the question as to why there is diversity in our experienced nature, that at that unique center we have a concept of God of which it is not clear we understand on such a level as to what of his nature or his paradox of the seeming history or lifespan of the reality, of being and universe and God or gods.

For endless repeating in the vastness of infinity of the same, of all possibilities and variations, does not matter on the ultimate level as to if there is one or many, nor that it manifests as real or illusion... the same on a lesser scale of the god-like terms evoked for the Higgs particle and mechanism. From this general view that even in the multiverse in depth of all possible yet layered quasifinite descriptions that a sentient being, somewhat at a distance from the map, the view, and limited to the quasi unique landscape to which his vision of his self and soul or at least the spirit of it tends to color along with the naming of all things, that this seems very much evidence for the reality of the Deity insofar as we awaken further to understand, see Him. He does not need, in the influence of intellect, to be engaged so as to increase the metaphysically thermodynamic disorder by a Maxwell's view nor be disconnected with hidden influences that the world is. But the idea of consciousness as intelligent is a wider and more beautiful interconnection potentially in processes of design.

In the apparent directionality of a cement or concrete world that distinguishes time at least while the living, by the exacting laws of spirit or physics, in a general and non necessary sense we not only have bridges between each other and whatever in the infinite choices sequences of similarity materialized or implied, over all the layered hierarchy of the endless or cycling landscape or sub landscapes, but the sense of the Deity, not necessarily along the fertile lines of the theology of the people of the Book, that the spiritual life is as real as anything including the ability to choose and thus to some extent create, what exists or does not exist.

But it should not be reduced to some idea of lesser than what it is or more than all things unfolding once and forever, unique and of common animal purposes, or social purposes, each to their level of understanding in words and numbers, or in faith that can see the beauty and the greater beauty of life, of the enhancement in the experience of the value thus as in war of its sacrifice for some existential hell of it or noble cause or for others, that in the awakening we may find and discover the nature of love. That in the awakened and aware endures for it is life and respects others and all life.

In effect I would say I am closer than the detractors or the clever explainers of my challenge to take side on the philosophychat forum to argue for the existence of a Deity along with those of wider vision in their physics - what more is there? Or does this question also mean a closed universe to enquiry? I feel like the astronomer who notices the meteor making a blemish on the perfect moon and this upset it says something about the perfection of God's design...when first our eyes opened with telescopes at the dawn of this analytic alphanumeric age- but is that not the timeless challenge, God or godless particle analogs, or wherever there appears some anomaly in our perfect theories as we get around them and their genius attractors and find greater progress in our enlightenment and theory?

* * * * *

By transgalatomic I mean reference to the theories of galatomic who raised the idea of a consciousness based source of the development and creation of entities in the world on many levels and in successive stages from the micro to macro worlds and with a directionality of time (of which we could not agree on which was the initial view of scale as to the past or future). While his ideas questioned the Planck levels and if the spiritual entity (ecotoms) survived or not a big bang situation these seem more acceptable after the Higgs data as questions theoreticians dare to face. The "trans-" refers to the endless levels in levels of singularity in my quasic system, fractal like, if in such a regime of universes each is also a center of a consciousness in relative isolation which certainly adds to the complexity of the general vision of the nature of space.

What is the Higgs concept if not the higher uncertainty or faith, or general possibilities of nonnecessity that we ask of it in the experimental flesh, does it exist or not?

* * * * * * *

In that each is unique yet part of the higher picture where all may relate in come intelligible combination, in space and time, in what is shared and given in life, is it any wonder that humans have an intuition that poetically suggests in the bonding the idea of love and a soul mate?


Metaphysical Foundations in Depth and Span

Metaphysical Foundations in Depth and Span
(On the Plateau Level of Energetic or Phoenix Physics on the Way to the Total Theory)

L. Edgar Otto 19 July, 2012

Given a wider view of symmetry and dimensions we can take what some say are metaphysical interpretations of our era of physics and generalize the concepts. By this I mean to consider the purely metaphysical, a magical geometry as perhaps a good specific nuance of the term. If nothing else it allows a focus on physic proper itself where metaphysics is useful or needed if our age of abstraction such as with the philosophy's of mathematics is to become familiar and explicit as if the concrete in a wider analysis.

A watched pot (of liquid Helium) does not boil is offered as evidence of an extrasensory or conscious influence on physical effects or as a description equivalent in the quantum theory to those purely of a formal mathematical nature. In the wider view if the foundations of the physics is of a wider topology then we should expect an extension of this idea of consciousness as also a many fold interactive equivalent description. This shows that our ideas of consciousness also go beyond some current or standard theory a foundations. Where physics applies logically as in a computerized chess game there is a directionality or actuality as cement to which our involvement of awareness is less rigid than the obvious flow of the strategy and tactics as if programmed in a machine.

But is it teleological a given- that is do all things exist in that the pattern say was in the Mind of God in a fluid and nonnecessary concept of numbers in which our concrete reality seems to be somewhere between being and non being much as in the ideas of complex number space and their abstract extension to rotations in the wider string landscape?

But the source or occasion of these thought come from simple concepts of counting and parity by which I will simply state the formalism where it can give us a wider view of things like parity or the approach we have that concerns our grounding ideas of what are numbers.

We imagine then a sequence of binary, and the wild cards and these may be intelligibly arranged into patterns in space. They can be colorized. The entire system can contain general stereonometry of information which if generalized seems to obey our ideas on random numbers. In the computation of such numbers as if to lay the ground for universal Turing machine computation then clearly the simple linear substitution suggests a wider interaction of a multiplicity of such machines as equivalent but an open question as to what is possible and computable as if a unity of a total theory. Many such questions are deeper than we have shown in the foundations of our math and physics.

I will enumerate some possibilities and discuss the physical and metaphysical interpretations including these symbols in space structures and algebra structures and with the idea of color where it applies to higher operations of the next level of symmetry. The wild card is not necessarily the idea of a grey group element.

1. ***********************************



2. 01010101010101010101010101

3. 0*1 0*1 0*1 0*1 0*1 0*1 0*1 0*1

4. (a random set of these in an independent sequence)

5. (a fractal like pattern in pattern by substitution of elements such as in the Fibonacci patterns.)

and so on... (then find and use patterns in the quasic abstract motion functions in notation and physicality)

The idea of a quasifinite lifespan including that imagined of the entirety of the cosmos itself that reaches some center plane or focus or of a particle in its relative persistence (in the irreducible or eternal aspects of a particle the correspondence of such is like mass to gravity relationship that grounds their being intelligibly and generally in organic and existential persistence) is a higher concept that admits the hierarchy of "teleoscoping" loops of structure and information with nonnecessary singularity resolutions unto and indefinite general theory. A totality in the ultimate reduction may be defined in this central focus and movable scale vanishing place- so too our ideas of social or political, constitutional law. But in the wild cards the possibilities of the design of the cosmos beyond the poetic myth of a Diracian see of negativity is the equivalent quasifinite and general concept of the singularity in singularities complex to which we can analyze as a particle or range of particles or not in whatever coherent level we can show their subdivision or none. Do such particles with respect to an empty background while described as atomic on that level of quasi existence behave explicitly by design or chance as molecular between the reality or illusion of their quasic selves as they cement the concrete world of the omnium.

Note: these sorts of metaphysics may apply to our concepts of the Deity.

* * *

Footnote:  Although our approaches are or seem different I agree today with the assessment by Pitkanen as to the influence of totalitarian upbringing on our styles of physics in that analysis for comments on Lubos.  I suppose it is a matter of choice- right or left if one can change a social or political law and make it in a sense retroactive- laws forbidden in our constitution of liberty and balanced power and rights.  But are such laws a necessity like those of physical laws seem to be (although both my be cognitively predictable in general patterns)?  Neither side wants people to think for themselves or to start a business without the help from the all powerful state and its mandates or the investment by the corporate money venture private sector.  What happens when we have a new brainwashed generation (X is not the reality and not the physics Lubos) we find the mandates such as declared extreme of our basic religious freedom) is the mechanical monkey see monkey do adapt to the captors and surrender your will unto power) is either the self destruction of the business or work project of the artist or for those pushed into a corner the appeal to arms, to fight in a world where no laws have any secure and moral foundation.  Perhaps the nonnecessity of this world will enable the idea of Liberty to flourish once more- perhaps we find our souls again...
* * * * *  This Christ is a measure or indicator of this center in the greater time , BC AD and so on, as if a thermodynamic symmetry breaking of higher physics made flesh- shows the power too of our theological contributions to the debate.  There should be no religious test for the office of theoretician in the sciences.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Higgly Wiggly (the SUSY Dilation Concept)

Higgly Wiggly (the SUSY Dilation Concept)

L. Edgar Otto 17 July, 2012

From some view the universe seems a complete steady state or uniform in the concept of expansion. If it is represented as a Riemann sphere or plane this seems to exhaust the symmetry operations and gives us a solid ground of reality and a relation of irreducibility in our levels that seem multiple of planes in cycles of duality. In such a view it is easy to have the total theory so reduced that the idea of super symmetry or even higher dimensions are illusions and our physics does not progress since the 30's.

In particular, see Lubos recent posting of a video describing these current idea of continuous symmetry that involve the complex numbers. I see in Gibbs a guest reviewed as to intensive questioning of the nature of expansion- this as you have seen is a paradox and one of my concerns too. Dilatation is not technically expansion although in partial solutions to the coherence of general space structures. This, and the current mathematical physics under it, can appear so and can be concrete in the sense that the hierarchy of Euclidean honeycombs (be it a spherical or planar representation) has a natural up or down directionality a the simplest of 5 and ten fold shell structure (multi plane structure) including the symmetry ideas expanded in to the idea of shadows or mirror that is not simply the idea of inversion even up to octonions.

It is interesting that we imagine wobble of say muons or a single electron as evidence for other or parallel universes. We tend to treat these embedded shell systems as if they require a direction and a mystery of the dimensionless value differences as if requiring ultimately separate time and space (even unified in the spacetime sense) wiggle room. This idea is useful but not the general case. In the brane of one universe but multi layered and multi dimensional there is no preferred direction of the duality between honeycomb layers and in a sense a higher wiggle room will explain why flavors may shift or remain somewhat stable in the generations and number of neutral or mirror particles available ot stable structures.

This idea, where an organism is a quason would suggest that our lives are indeed a rising and falling dialectic that in the main is a limited lifespan and limited perspectives of contraction or expansion. But against this is still the idea of stem cells on the micro level, the nano bubbles and their physical processes that as with all things that do not mess with the drive for reproduction can reset the game quasifinitely. Obviously, higher ideas of the new supersymmetric physics of our age in our general statements of design of the universe has undergone a leap of our comprehension and wisdom. Even the unity, even if that a sense of grounding in mystery, of our tribal idea of Gods (the Islamic and Hebrew one the extremes of this idea of a grounding and complete universe in relative space) is not as wide as the concept of our being, universe, or Deity one or many fold, heretofore.

This issue came up in the 60's in the form of the question of the distance of the quasars as near or far, even as a return from a geodesic from beyond our view. So too the issue of how far away the gamma burst in our day, and other concepts that should appeal to foundational philosophy such as in an "expanding universe" as the stars (when the age of the universe or their evolution is made reasonable) we have the idea that the universe has a sort of reference of simultaneity as if an absolute after all or some center or axis in the totality as a reference frame ideal or illusion.

Do we not want to speculate on what is the imaginary time outside of light cones- or how real is the cement of something like the change of rate of c or other constants that may not directly or only in the default average keep a balanced state. For can things not expand together and it not be observable directly in the influences of higher physical properties we may infer into some reduced thus standard theory. Now the main viewpoints, of sensation and a Platonic ideal in a unified physics theory would by definition be a unified philosophy of science and epistemology would it not? Beauty of a theory also has depths to which we in our existing may respond to on even higher levels than what seems the ultimate in the hypercolor of abstractions.

The color matrix above is a sketch involving information contained in the abstract quasic motions and coordinates in binary (zero, one, and various wild cards) of several colors in the hierarchy and of possibilities of their arrangement into these causal or casual trails in loops or open sequences where the concept of multiplication and addition meet as one ground of the logic of operations.

* * * * * * *

Comment to Lubos:   Interesting metaphor but the standard model is more like sleeping with a girl that is underage in every possible way... that or on the other end of the time scale reaching the menopause of theory all is a little chaos in the premature Higgsterectomy...  

The simple model in the video a few of his posts back should ask what happens when the Riemann sphere intersects and passes through the plane (brane) representation.  Perhaps ultimately, as if the distance from the plane is at infinity (or some constant Zeno like) the universe can be seen as steady overall again but for the real and working world these questions of the singularity of the Null polytope should not be dismissed.  The nature of what is hyperbolic or elliptical, may inverse as the sphere slices at a disc in a higher symmetrical or nonnecessary directional view in that higher symmetry representation.

Let us also imagine the scale of things, dimension free, is that of gazing into a depth involving the golden proportion (illustration to be posted later) where at each level in the ambiguity of null direction the arrangement of the number of objects as a similar or identical set is congruently equivalent in scale.

From a creative philosophy of science view we are outside the bell curve in matters of expertise and native intelligence of which these mathematical ideas suggest a leap by which we as social and individual reach a higher state of awareness and consciousness to which those who merely question the nature of personal choice and identity, of who has the merit or not in such a closed but intelligible lesser system- appear to those passed to the next state of wisdom as petty larva fighting over some claim to superiority or facts to which it is not even comical to those who would do original and fundamental foundational research and theory.  Part of the consequences of such work is to better understand our subjective nature and its great new possibilities as well as those facts of existence we have to accept as limitation of the real.  I vaguely call this in my mythology, that is the sensitive to the poetic view, the fifth level, Spheredream, integration of the soul or self over time... and then?

If there is a reason and there is concrete evidence of the limit of action along the holographic and unitary view of the Higgs as to why it had to exist (what are tensors really in the context of singularities, what grounds the reality of the particles distinguished in the context and the context?) it cannot be simply seen from a partial view of the vertex methods and that give the span of a wider picture in the cement of detail, nor can say the inclusion of a distinct metal like Al in concrete not result in a greater concept of volume with its real air bubbles so as to make vast objects appear heavy but are rather light weight in the landscape.  Again it is not argument from a unified (sphere like one God pantheism) that is at issue but how we limit the range of the topology even with the balance of absolute random chance beyond the implied limits of the bell curve of that which relates to the constancy, changes, and mathematical operations of light and other things to which we outline with our ideas of vectors as if to build it up from one unique vertext to infinity of which we know is the interchange of zero and infinity as a point on at least the simple model of Riemanns sphere.
* * * * *

Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy Trails to You  ( until we meet again if we do )

L. Edgar Otto 16 July, 2012

*Two trails may intersect into a larger trail.

*A trail may naturally divide in its arithmetical mirrors given sufficient information in the resolving or suspended ordering.

*A trail my undergo such transformations if the context of the trail changes the grounding of its dimensions of abstract motion.

*A trail as a loop may undergo chance mutation variations and spontaneously relate error correction arithmetic.

*Two trails may pass through each other without interaction.

*A trail (dimmer) may split or compress the field it surrounds. Or make analogies to different levels of its complexity of information in reduction or transcendence.

*This can be seen as an action, or a directed action, as well as a state of being.

*An aggregate of trails acting independently may orient in different directions which have no external influence nor internal influence necessarily as to the coherence of the trail and field system.

*Trails may become tangled without touching in reference to each other as if a boundary irreducible knotting in the field.

*The topology of one sided figures applies but is lesser than the general logic of the unified field.

* * * * *

Poetic Terms earlier this morning evoked from seeing the term "Higgsteria" in internet commentary... (some from a bygone era of questionable taste yet of my childhood social environment):

Higgments of Imagination

Higgroes and Higgininnies



Higgs in a Blanket

Higgston Contraction




* * * * *

The pentagonal and pentagram illustrations come from an observation that the 5-cell (tetrahedron with a fifth center point) I use for a research symbol (alternatively the star in a pentagon so to describe this graph) can be seen as a fifth of the totality.   That is an abstract two dimension flat space projected into an abstract three dimensional space- of which here we can imagine from two D to 4D with the 5 fold symmetry.
When we imagine from three knowns the fourth one, say the hight by corresponding triangles, this is a relationship of the means and extremes- yet in a sense we can say given 4 knowns the fifth one is implied, provided we distinguish and do not take foregranted the information or lose it in the context of the field.
Let me add also that this supposed one of 240 nodes in the quason does seem to have the general properties of these higgs-like objects as far as how we view the symmetry operations as the unknowns in sight but not of reachable touch as this sense of a new physics as if a super symmetry.
It is here that we exceed the simple idea of rotation of a Riemann sphere or Lorentz invariance in a hyperbolic cone in the z direction and go beyond the ideas of Complex number spaces and of the  resolution into ideas of partial views such as twistors and so on... the key is also how we treat the information insofar as the totality of such signals may transmit information over some interval of absolute idea distance.  It should be obvious also that we have to explore these concepts in higher spaces to gain further reduction in how these apply to physical structures.  Clearly in the atom quason the kernels are doubled in the series 1 2 8 18 is it not clear that the 14 and 14 left over are outside the Otto-Conway matrix and thus in a sense are part of not only a shielded but higher dimensional perspective?
BTW there is more than one way to fill two space with these 5 fold objects if we keep the idea of color in mind- it certainly applies to material configurations of this nonnecessary field privileging of central focus.  We tend to think that once we have established a field in which we need not consider things unseen beyond the boundaries so do not understand there is more than one way to fill a space.  When we isolate from a flat plane a point and all its connections so as to find a spherical space (as in Lubos today discussing the complex numbers and the Riemann sphere rotations) we do not simply get an isolated region necessarily nor by inversions do we stay always on one side of some dark mirror- although he seems to see that in a sense all geometries do stand logically together in abstract theory considerations.)  Is it me or do our great bloogers seem to be now on a raised bar of the debates and discussion?
* * * *

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Kahler Molecular Multiverse Creative Chirality

Kahler Molecular Multiverse Creative Chirality

L. Edgar Otto    Sunday, 15 July, 2012

At the foundation of all the quaternity (M^4, of 240) of the topology between atoms described as interchange of tetracubes, the triple interchange is unique and rare as if isolated from the double interchanges of connections in Conway's Somap.

This makes a trinity as a natural bridge between the change of complexity of the states outside the standard theory as an elaboration at the time-like abstract motion of stems (thus stem cell directionality) and is the complimentary interplay between the three aspects of manifolds Kahler described in their higher quasi-symmetry interchange equivalence in that it resolves again to more linear or Newtonian phenomenology.

Partial integrable fields (thus the symmetry issues of entropy) so actualized into three space to respond or modify the  organic field (magnetic body to use TGD terms) behaves more like a general molecular relationship than simply a focused atomic focused origin that may be reset in relation to the creative time-like flow as a quasifinite compass of the reality (not illusion) of causality.

Relate this to the one form of cholestrerol of 256 carbon chiral centers that is recognized by the body...

* * * * *

The illustration from a bed of flowers, here turned horizontal, had a rare one where the heart of the flower itself spawned other stems in doubled explosions.

* * *

Footnote:  I should have made it more explicit that these tri-trails as a node among the whole span of nodes in a configuration as any one emphasized between dark and light objects may constitute some form of the Higgs-like or some similar particle concept process, or method including the monad as in the ideas of the three rings that hold together each two dimensional, see Lacan, or any two would fall apart.  Alternatively, the trails or loops do ground the mechanism of which we tend to interpret in physics as a source of mass, gravity, and so on  with this 120 of the 240 eight dimensional sphere close packing concept with a little freedom of nonnecessity if our definitions are not so rigid it limits the scope of the truth in a general theory.

Moreover it makes processes and properties expected in the actual influences and combinations of the elements in the periodic table as to how these may be utilized in organic systems or for physical chemistry in general as it does have a quantum level  of physics to consider that is part of the intelligibility.  These across the shell number and core kernels too in various symmetrical or near symmetrical relations such as Ca and P...  Ir and Cm  Zr and so on... the key is the 6x6 Otto-Conway formalism across all patterns, transitive.  The issues of the twistor approach or considerations of scalar or other neutral particles have to be seen in the light of this elegant and naturally simple quasic structure.

* * * * *

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Holding Pattern Torus Trails for Kahler M theories

Extremes and Integration Beyond the Holding Pattern Torus Trails for Kahler M theories

L. Edgar Otto    14 July, 2012

Compactification is intelligible in its own phenomenology and in itself. It is obvious that the definitions involved may be examined in the light of my and others more foundational considerations of numbers.  The theory is close to other similar theories which hint at a wider span of math and physics and a wider unification of the wisdom we have achieved.

Is this not, at least from the experimental verification a discovery worthy of such theoretical heights of human thought regardless of the specific details of the measure or processes of a discovered particle- and yes these can be wrong in the details- but if such particles are confirmed and we desire the claims for Nobel work would not the type of particles suggested by the methodology of some of our blogger not be as worthy of such a prize?  In the moral spirit of it does it matter if the calculations by Lubos seem off target and he thinks the prize should go to others who may have predicted some such material value?  Is it not possible although I cannot see clearly the relation to the general space of the p-adic that Pitkanen so made the prediction and in a way that could one day be sustained and not refuted?

And my quasons,  I mean the compactification idea is complimentary to my condensing (not as in the condensate of early mathematical physics centered around Einstein) so today's theme is needed to explain the isolation of possibilities in color space (that deals also with absolutes and singularities) in the trail loops in the kernel and higher dimensional relationships of at least the first level of 120 atomic elements. (would it be so absurd to extend this idea to the ten and 14 shell levels once we have such higher color space?)  Surely whatever the higher Higglets are these speak for a process for a whole new view of symmetry.  It is as if to understand in four space as if we have six arms and then abstract again to structures even if beyond the idea of ten broken or compacted dimensions we cannot extend in the physical that we would have more arms so to speak when ten exhausted the general theory of those possible dimensions.

* * * * *
From the viewpoint of quaternity the three (six hands with mirrors and dark symmetry) make a trinity of the three manifolds.  (as I said the concept these apply only to even spaces is not the most foundational distinction to expand the concepts)  This is a symbol for a local biker Christian club also with the 777 for symbols.  In what sense are we to regard these color loops as always symmetric.  Surely the Otto-Conway matrices extended applies here.

* * * * *

The Cloverleaf Round'a'bout Loop Path Chromatic Beltway

The Cloverleaf Round'a'bout Loop Path Chromatic Beltway

(Circles of Wisdom)

L. Edgar Otto Friday, 13 July, 2012 22:27:19 CST

We are set in an indefinite loop to which our paths seem free and are free to change and expand against all other loops or belts, the "Trails" to which all other paths seem determined from our perspective, real or imagined like the spectrum of broken colors in the twilight or morning belt of Venus in the sky. In this quasifinite, quasicontinuous state of space we can consider from some centered perspective outside the trail that our lives are open and closed and seemingly isolated from the extreme perspective of absolutes of the sensed transcendence or the end and even these as the grounding of our lives we dread as the nothingness. To live fully the authentic life is also to experience and thus deal from some direction or stance the existentialist idea of abandonment.

In that we, with a more positive philosophy in the nihilism, can build once the false and chaotic colors are seen as if from a contemplation at a distance an ethical reality from within on which we have the responsibility in our freedom to so choose what at bottom amounts to the attempt to envision what we may imagine as an other's pallet or path on the ideal shared or current state of their chromatic equator. But for the possibility of a total theory the social connection depends on the fact of our isolation and individuality first in our life paths, its empathy's, its sacrifice, its meaningful sharing.

For those in a world without innate or legal ethical boundaries even with the rationalization of maximizing greed or that no greatest leader can decided ultimately for us, it is with such an indifferent logic that these souls should have no room to exist and should be punished if the law itself is to be from all the perspectives, from all the causes and so on, to hold itself as human in its application. We cannot abandon what is already in isolation and confinement nor redeem in some hope of growth or rebirth. This stance comes up periodically when the people or state have had enough and yet those who think as if the world their right and God given view wonder at our descent from the ideal of some civilization, that is, wonder at why others do not see the world they do. Ethics takes an effort to make it a just and truth judged phenomenon of value in the world. Ethics should be close to our ideas of life and its possibilities.

* * * * *

I am not sure how my trail of enquiry may read to others if there is something shared in the colors, in my take on the logic and paradoxes. I know only that as I learn, read the history of philosophy I have emphasized as important some foundational issues that someone first brought to the dialog and issues that remain debatable and not resolved. So one can see what position or stance at the time I have fancied to invent or endorse. The grounding itself speaks of the concrete, or rather the cement of Hume... and so on. Or indeterminacy as part of the philosophy of science in the modern view, of the particle physics as those primary physics complimentary but indiscernible... of the term abduction but with the numerical meet in that if we prove some theory, such as the Goldbach conjecture, is not refutable then this amounts to a proof of the conjecture. So for now let me just choose a general term as I have already stated I felt the need for: "Duction". I still need to paint between the lines and choose the colors and numbers to which I may have a more general and coherent pallet that can go down, or into the depths and span transcend any trail.

We who so philosophize are promiscuous like the stellar orbits in a global cluster, only it is the wayward unpredictable orbits of galaxies that have rather intricate structures, not just the similarity and proximity, bonding as causes, of stars. In encounters between souls the expanse or extent of such structures, the encompassing of its trails around and attracting other trails- as if for a paradox of identity in the merging- if the greater system is so old and vast, or powerful, or set the agenda by the control of communications, the media (although Wittgenstein can be wrong about there being no hidden aspects of consciousness or some direction needed or not toward the issue of the logic or reality of the infinitesimal) These galaxies merely consume the lesser ones, so many beginnings made by nature for the one that stands out and carries the colors and the world, that can sing the song of nature and perhaps in the multiplicity that appears to those with lesser delusions, the song of God in the music of the heart and the spheres.

Perhaps some knowledge will give us a better and more modern reason of how we can or perhaps should live together.

* * * *

Saturday, 14 July, 2012

Our bonds in that they share a higher purpose or space need not be in a state in which our varied souls that influence and engage each other in the real world (as opposed to that reflected or actually hidden) such that we consume each other or loose the coherence of ourselves, or by virtual of no place to dissipate, decohere, grow without more than the fundamental expanse and grounding of nature also admit the possibility we reach a state where it is self creating that some system by default becomes too big and will without reason, fail.

The bonds of love are at least as complex in its philosophy as what is mutually real or dark in the idea of substance of the concrete, of its efforts and matter. To solve this creative science and philosophy thus is to make progress in the deeper understanding of the greater or lesser than the irreducibility of consciousness and its definition in a system that we understand as well experience the certainty and colors of love- individuals within it take time as if an old growth forest and we plant again the acorns to form the trees, in denial or hope the wildfires or emerald ash bore beetles do not move their fronts of weather too far throughout the whole, too little or taxing the lukewarm boundaries of our immune systems.

Yet this can also apply to the paradoxes and glory of war of which we do not know what is fair (as said of love and its total purpose noble or ignoble) or not in the expediency of survival. The soul is not made for sacrifice to the state or as infertile worker bees that give their lives with their stings. Such a nature born intelligibly to their hidden genes cannot be redeemed, convinced a generation should be bred for such a sacrifice and ritual to give the great show its healing balm and placebo effect in the superstitious name of real or false devils to which the less than awakened kneel unto.

Those who have stumbled, self healers as physicians, those in the womb but collateral damage from the undecipherable scribble of the healers and turnkey social workers without the hard work of learning what is known so to dispense the drugs... what is left of their trail of colors but here and there a nova of light leaving some broken branch closer to gray from the storms and in a tailspin with the monkey on their back as they flee or reach out for the comfort of balanced dreams? - In this world sooner or later without our own awakening of understanding of cures and ways they will fade and opt out of a place where in our state there is no room for them and in its stance the state (made of creatively sterile individuals who hide behind some trail as if a shell thinking it safe and not scarred or vulnerable) imagines it is inheritor of the foundational process of nature.

We can build the great prisons as a deterrence in the main, but in the doing so in some place it will confine only ghosts.

* * * * *

Friday, July 13, 2012

Entropy and Communication

Entropy and Communication

(Failing Infrastructure of Bridges across the River of Time and the Flat Force of Creation, Clarity and Maintence of Quasifinite Identity)

L. Edgar Otto 12 July, 2012 23:25:34

Before the foggy cloud of the post alphanumeric age descended on the earth as it is wont to do near the river the trees at first minimized to pages were organized into books. So too our lifetimes of stories and of scripts, of exploration or being lost down some path or trail known or unknown until halted by an avalanche that holds, as did the alabaster over the carved rocks of the pyramids, mountain tops together.

The creative writer early one can question where his story is to end, where it is to begin, between what parentheses to offer as a timeless and transcendent perfection. Later on this issue becomes a prime concern as light fades, as with titles and the idea of a page an artifact all too often we jettison the preface, and we grow impatient with or crave the abstract notes, for the sake of time and the amount of information, as a trail of random walks or encounters as we heed or disobey the signposts, doubt the one way arrows, cut through the bob wire out from or into those who mark the world a grid of them and so define a prison of their own.

I feel the way some read a novel, unless in the enjoyment along the way the ending does not spoil the sense of mystery or these can be any general plot that thrills only as long as their memories, as of the moments of their life, remain short range where what is much beyond that can be pushed awhile into forgetfulness. I do not get along it seems with those who would read the last page to see if they will like the book before hand. I carefully narrow my all perceiving eyes or cover the last few paragraphs that the ending will remain for me a surprise. Yet, this too speaks of what is accomplished as a one time experience only while it is obvious that some art, as in love, can be enjoyed over and over again.

There are some works of art that speak out even when the familiar world grows old in its intensity or is lost to the elements so crumbles, or is stolen only to suspect some deep regret of our own greedy thoughts or sense of luckiness for those who are worthy of our own wealth or we who do not want to auction what is treasure for some they made in long work and building our casual waste, our garbage. These are rare works, as rare as our sensitivity to the deeper and the new, to the soul and higher dreams, that we do not need to communicate that lost in the saying or unheard in the churning echos of space, sand from our spiral one life of our shells certain bonds between us- certainly not those bonds that exist beyond time and in our dreams.

There are more dreams than there are all the clever ways we use words to describe them, and to confuse them- path, trace, perhaps to use in the simple truth a trail and the myth or actuality at some beginning or rebirth a trail blazing... Her still picture made of light and not ink that stains my fingers as I imagine for her a sonnet- the blank page and book full of her freckles like stars- God, I love freckles- as if beyond a motion picture, or a still sun that cannot move to sunrise or sunset yet moves, a seagull in a storm in flight, what is it that her picture communicates that I notice it and can be surprised and startled a thousand times as if I know I could never grow tired of her beauty.

What beyond ourselves in this shared bond, and what more than the substance and drive of life- the S, the entropy defeated by love- and both these earthly concepts more than we have seen before or thought we did in bygone eras- such life and love solid yet awakening anew and it does so in an instant that cannot return to the nothingness again?

* * * * *

As in Walden to appear to wax transcendental, all other paths are fates but we live timeless on our own.  No word for such a future other than as the native Americans of old point forward for the future, backward for the past, and up for the present.  The ancient pagan gods are not dead in their naming the days- only we have grown a bit beyond that concept yet still keep a relation in the hidden and overt depths of weights and balances.  We cannot just hear the sounds in the cycle of the seasons and the night as one prolonged presence- but the entire symphony is our span of consciousness.

Now each node of the present, each choice, we can change, past and present- for that in the changing as if micro time travel is what may keep the motion of this world distinguished and alive while the living.  But in the changing and in that we sentient things share a sense of color if not the exact colors or experiences if not the same imperceptible uniform point of experience in the multiple similarity- well, what would we change to the greatest depth if we have a choice to change our general fates?  I mean, the greater ones that trump some that seem profound but are comic really to the indifferent universe or half caring gods or parents, could that purpose at least in the direction while alive not bring us all to the same new prospects of beginnings as well as back to some end?  If this were not a small infinitesimal division of physics as the soul of the universe hardly to be likely found by some universal mind, would it not be the great sea of singularity and paradox to which we with some breath imagine the minimum of the great scope of God?

There are more analogies in the geometric truth than my postings here have yet dared dream and there are many directions, formal or symbolic, worthy to follow if we can take the time away from life- if that can be subtracted in any real sense, and from our fellows without a loss of our shallow roots come storm- for those who toil in the forests to lay the wire contain the cattle so remove a tree- would you make love to me in such weightless space?  And you who command the chain saw so well could it go into the desert of Arizona and cut dead and petrified wood?   The hyper-entropy of this world as we live is everlasting and we are the ones who use and limit the clockwork of time, set deadlines and holidays, acknowledge shifting events as the oxbows and sandbars shift by the river of time.  Entropy is quasifinite and nonnecessary as ultimately in some description hard to express and more foundational than sound, so is the idea of our struggle with decay and death.  But this, to a scientist must seem so unexpected to our intuitions.

* * * * *