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The Social Consequences of Abstraction for Systems Only of Departed Quantities

The Social Consequences of Abstraction for Systems Only of Departed Quantities

L. Edgar Otto   31 March, 2012

If the foundations of reality is ultimately unknowable as to the mechanism (or say reasoning for proof by a steep exploration of enquiry one way or the other) and we continue it because it works, what happens if we reach a point in the limits of experiments or theories that they no longer work?  Can a model of say God, and New Scientist has a discussion series on that today, of which He is in a sense real and a part of reality but outside the abilities of science just as it seems the string theory is the ultimate limit of this program of practical technology and equally unprovable positions from the most general level.  Can we really hold that the issues of a Deity is inborn in us as the article suggests, or that religion will outlive science as a social phenomenon?

When did science die and who dares say it directly without noting, as those with a tendency to be mad men, by a mad man?  Do we in fact keep philosophy at a distance from our practical work as surely as some only on Sunday ponder the ultimate's and he consequences of living here and now as well as in some vague otherworldly hereafter.  Who is to mourn for someone departed long after a generation forgets ans cannot relate to plaques in the park benches they sit on for them? For a social life is a relative things and only a local personal immediate thing that may defy our pointless and common existence as a society as well as unique individuals.

If there are coherent connections between us on some higher level of symmetry, as if the recent article halfway to the beginning the amount of matter in a volume of space is a constant, and the subtle contiguity of sound is the key to some organization of what it left, evidence of things substantial in what we cannot see and call the dark, then the general health of our species on all levels is subject to the millions of years of developing sensitivity and intuitions and like chemistry in a pond of tadpoles so many will die that the few thrive, or like the egg case of the wolf spider in which the mother must open it, these aggressive spiders, traveling without a web on the mother, if she is lost, then within the egg unlike the struggle for the strongest that few emerge from the eggcases the offspring can open on their own, all of the wolf spiders starve and are limited in size until the are left with a solid ball of them.  What model might these metaphors suggest for our sea of humanity? What hidden things if we abandon technology as well as the moral evaluation of it, or if we loose ourselves in it, will it have for the unseen effects, the very survival as we open our egg case of ignorance and learn to hunt and fly?

I am merely suggesting we need a something a little more comprehensive than the endless debates and warfare between those pro technology and those who work against it- but this logic is intuitively beyond wealth and compromise even when the expediency of it as we impose or consume our neighbors seems justified, so too the rationalization of those without some purpose or commitments to a well run system if it can be so,  if at bottom the internal faith in what the world is and not what it may be, is that it is unknowable and immeasurable and uncertain outside our small realm.

Even if not true the climate that may have the contradiction that sooner or later it goes off some scale, directly or indirectly- the higher path integrals perhaps- and given enough relative lifetime or circumstances or people placed into a position of ruthlessness, the system cannot hold.

While we think the ingredients for life came at some beginning so to seed the surface and water them with the comets, the arising of sentience, cephalization, is not a simple focusing of tissues into an organ of command nor the coup that some take by occupying the centers of communications and leadership, the nature of what sentience is goes much deeper than that as ubiquitous and universal, perhaps a constant in the hyper-volumes of this world.

But I am feeling a little mortal today, reminded time goes short viewed from the outside, we are born, we die and there is nothing in between even into the infinity that may be there to say what was an event- or there is potentially everything.  Well, I tried, and the universities, and a few people that were the exception there tried, and we failed so far to break thru the egg case of our time, but damn I tried and I will do so until science and the trapped scientists hoping for a symmetrical place in the hierarchy, starve in all our poetic glory- but life cannot give up, nor can losses not bedevil us as they make us less than our dreams.  Forgive then if I must falsify my childhood heroes and faiths for that is the name of some philosophy of science- but I know that is not the last word on the story.  While I am here I am proud even in the pointless signals in the dark of words to have been there at some new creation.

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Odocells, Abstract Rest Energy, and Scale Expansion

Odocells, Abstract Rest Energy, and Scale Expansion

L. Edgar Otto 31 March, 2012

That which is not an initiator or terminator as an event as continuity can be of indefinite scale in Cantor's sense. But a distance between these ends of or are the center of events as an abstract motion dynamically expanding or contracting in a quasic plane preserves the intelligible logic of the Lorentz plane group. In that these are different in the mathematics as to a vertical direction it is a small leap in the reduced symbolism to represent these as concise but non generalized Feynman diagrams. While a useful method of measure and calculation provided in physical space the normal kinetic energy is modified by relativity or ignored- for as in the analogy to the particle physics of the nucleus we imagine particles that do not "recognize" different levels of what is velocity or what is acceleration, This too intelligibly follows from the general quasifinite coherence of general space design as if part of several layers of distinct scale.

As Santayana observed that mans achievement in architecture was the taking of the Euclidean plane as one imagines on say the surface of a pond was standing it on edge. So too the vertical aspects of the mathematics of physics as a meld between the quantum and the relativity is to take the four space where it is a vertical direction and reducing it to the symbolism of the Feynman diagram.

Let us recall that in this situation, where we rotate the diagram ninety degrees, the symmetry of the phase is conserved but the nature of the descriptions or interpretations is about different modes of things like forces and particle decay. Let us not forget that the preserving of the conservation of energy depends on a concept that does not allow the idea of half of something and as the influences of the complex plane beyond the shear orthogonality is also intelligible to the general workings of a unified theory. In this sense the rest mass as energy seems a gain where particles collide or the space of different natural volumes greater than the events of the sum of its initiator and terminator parts.

Furthermore, in terms of angles where in a sense all motion can be seen abstractly as circular or parts of a circle, somewhere in the absolute sense the dynamics are the same thing meeting in the idea of what is quasifinite contiguity.

My first general idea was that the projection of the hypercube into space suggested those differences analogous to many things like the nucleus of a body cell, a solar system, an atom, or even the wombs and flowers of organic things. My first impression was this was like a very God like description as usual with first impressions. It is one of the few things I named in my naivety after myself but not for personal reasons as much as the name means in the German, rich. A rich and replete systems theory. I keep this part of the terminology also because of the name in the Sci Fi show of Odo which means shape shifter.

The question then in physical space- Feynman was wrong to say so many of the processors were wrong and not developed, this a symptom of a push toward a novel fancy of a new philosophy or sense ones one position is personal and right, so to the quips often mentioned that an irrelevant theory is not even wrong. In particular I find the electrons as a compromise that do not fall into the positive and very small, but not infinitesimal nucleus (rather it is a singularity complex at an abstract idea of a centering or local point as if a reference of rest as a default where all infinitesimal points can be said to at least form a sea of indefinite singularities)-
that things are vastly different on the small scale, the scale of high energies or at some idea of absolute zero have no intelligible scaling factors, due to the compromise of the uncertainty principle perhaps between the spaces of events.

If Feynman means the most advanced model of an atom is the electron cloud this seems a theoretical error of limitations as well as an intuitive error lost in the same level of symmetry and self absorbed conservation laws in a containment surface between the very great and very small.
In a sense the brain is also a model like this in structure where in the middle scales the outward and the core are about the same balances of forces and scales.

If so then we can say that such a model will see the world as a model of itself or we can say because these have deep pattern connections a brain can see those of the universe intelligibly.

As far as the string theories go we could quite imagine a triplication of them as to the foundations for such ideas, that is beyond the geometrical approaches of five abstract theories themselves seeking unification into higher brane theories. But to do this by any particular view of a string theory and then to apply it to the physical case is can lead to clever but hardly complete speculations and limits both our thought experiments and possibly the design presuppositions of our experiments although as philosophy these cases may be resolved of such initial paradoxes and in the old search for an Aether or the bending of starlight around the sun.

But spin, even along a linear direction, is not fundamental in itself as a description of physics while part of the picture- nor can we base things on mere symmetry breaking and building without a more relaxed freer context of the quasi-contiguous. In this view we have only begun to understand the context of the model of things we imagine as the nucleus and we should strive for more radical views rather than sit on our laurels of what is essential the fads of the last and violent century. We should be content, in the name of a false geometry, to merely show our analogies to these higher realms, including our string theory pretensions, that they are the logical result and complete as descriptions to quantum theory. Even early on we see particles that decay into two or three others and what is needed from this hint and others like it is the greater context of our arithmetic and topology than our imperfect idea of symmetry seems to be the wanted grounding for our desire to make our worldview safe and familiar. The only mystery in the quantum world is that the alternative ideas have their place in the physics of things- but if we think eventually all of physics reduces to the quantum theory we face, as did the string theorists for awhile, a dead end in careers of the only game in town.

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Coming on I see a discussion on Lubos post and find it the same old stance without substance, is he a clone of past and inadequate ideas? Maybe it is in his blood, maybe one can tell a crank from what he judges as other cranks- or maybe like Feynman he can call someone wrong- or worse a Moron. Science, especially in the theories of compactification is not his science.

Well, I noticed with qualified if statements he addressed two commenters with moron and imbecile. Darth Vader is but a dream, and the dark side perhaps finds Feynman as the father of this horsehockey and claims for it- alas a very high grade of horsehockey as they said about Fuller. Seriously man, even without formal education this post on the 35 years and gauge theories and so on reads to me like a lot of near miss nonsense- oh it touches some issues and even makes some interesting links and speculation (not sure if these are original with the humble correspondent). It is a general theory perhaps not even wrong, but Sheldon in this Comical sit com you are not an Einstein, in fact not even a Feynman. It is high time we moved on from the Cabbalistic ideas of God when it comes to dimensions, flat or curved and so on. Part my complaint or rant here is the paradoxes and expedience of our last century's time of war, bedfellows, and the given to the activists the keys to entertainment and education, let alone the role of banks- but the age of such physics is over and I blame the universities who will loose their fake prestige and influence in defense of power and not a worthy theory as true science. No wonder the fundamentalist distrust science- especially if all is politically relativism as even Feynman said was the wrong conclusion from the theory by other philosophers (a philosopher who disagrees with your own is to make yours appear enhanced all the more as science?) This is true especially when one takes a stand as if they really know the deep mechanism behind ideas of physics and how it relates to math- Feynman you see stated our ignorance through history on what physics is in this respect. Now it is good Penrose made his disagreements known in a preface for the Easy Pieces book and it is good Penrose, one of his ideas most like close to the various conceptions of Hawking, that Lubos mentions this. But can he tolerate disagreements? And is the idea, as if anyone could not grasp the concepts or have already that well just to make an effort to popularize or be an entertaining teacher I guess, did state the higher relations between the Majorana concepts- in its inadequacy chiral fashion. I would imagine that if I attended such a conference I most likely would be bored as I have expected much more from the world- and underestimated the appearances of those who are deluded into thinking they are experts and superior in race and region, and in the humble field of science. The society in the end gets the morons it deserves.

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Lubos article I refer to .

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The Two Physics at the Dawn of Mathematical Models

The Two Physics at the Dawn of Mathematical Models

L. Edgar Otto
30 March, 2012

In retrospect Feynman's popular book Three Easy Pieces (and Six Not so Easy Pieces) reads to me more like a philosophic stance rather dated yet influential in its time. I expected more even as a work for the general public. If physics is to be unified, the search for a mechanism, it will not be done by his foundations, philosophy, alone. Do we do the physics in the ways we do because it works while perhaps even in principle we do not know the how of it, the underlying mechanism? In particular what is gravity and mass and why in stable but great differences the measures mess on scales.

As abstraction in his sense the laws of nature are at a distance even from within concerning symmetries. Where I have used the term it presents a concrete idea of abstraction, the why beyond our seemingly chance fortune that mathematics does work for the physics.

We have a gods-eye view as we change from one philosophic and intuitive flavor of the day to the other and should not assume no layer is there as more foundational, in the new physics our world can be a little wider as should be the experience and encounter with the world as science.

He mentions, at the beginning, a publication by Galileo called the two physics- that of motion inspired by the motion of planets in the sky, and the discovery of the effects of scaling intrinsic to nature. At this beginning, what became Newtonian and then Einstein's ideas of relativity, we see the split also where we can take a godseye view of atoms as from the outside and thus a reduction to the spherical. We have the earlier and fundamental debate as to what is atoms and what a physics of a unified, perhaps Platonic view as Feynman observed the Greek idea of perfection such as for the circle, as well its symmetry. He ends one part with the cleaver reversal mentioning a perfect building with small statues with an error of one so we do not offend the God, says in in reverse that nature as made by the godlike laws perhaps has its errors so man would not be jealous of his perfection.

So, as usual with those who dare to think and contemplate a balance in things in the asymmetry and broken symmetry of things we have competing ideas akin to monotheism as a sort of theory of everything of the God or gods. From one view, a consumate experimentalist he was aside, this leads to intuitive theories which may or may not correspond to the trivial results of our remote viewing of possible structures inside the atoms. How influential was he in the idea of quarks as partons? These things now said obsolete but in the spirit of the seeking thus true in principle.

Now it is cleaver in his explanations that of the three geometries, Euclidean and non-Euclidean, he uses the examples without mentioning the technical terms- little bugs crawling on such surfaces- one in particular for the hyperbolic space the very idea in this discussion of intrinsic curvature as a disc with a direction of sensing heat, the Escher like drawings inside the hot plate.

These representations of manifolds, and he does touch on the next dimension all part of the world, stand or fall together and in some senses can meld into each other like shifting neutrinos. Now he himself wrote that Einstein's view was a needed modification of Newton and suggests that Einstein needs some unknown further modification. So why do we wonder, for what reason do we cry things like Einstein, it always Einstein the he was wrong?

The reduction to Feynman diagrams can and is applied to some degree universally, it foreshadows the observation of the different directions of the quasic plane- but it is an inadequate tool to reach the depths of a more general span of the ideas of physics. Its monotheism does not explain the flatness of the world anymore than the tilings of Islamic art can see directly and explain- even if in the conflict between these fundamentalist the charge of polytheism for the Christian mystics seems tenably justified.

It is on a crude scale observed that symmetry in faces will get the most response for contests of beauty- but sometimes the anomalies, the subtle asymmetric differences in the lover carry the unique attractions. In any case they have to be very pronounced to be noticeable above a certain threshold. But I do not by that the initial conditions loaded the dice and set the ball rolling for but one handed DNA in the life processes or its evolution any more than I see no reason at the structural level, as in some formulations or as Rowlands points out in nilpotent Dirac foundations, that it is not a question or clue that other levels, like particles, can speak for a world where the asymmetric state is the norm.

Are we to defend the string theories as a theory of mechanism of which we do not know the laws provided we understand some things about scale, things moreover to which we can intervene to access energy in ways that hardly make much difference to the ongoing processes in the sun, that this is a virtual abstract theory that seems to work but is hardly abstractly concrete for the scope of which it claims.

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Omnium as Foundational Unity in the Three Physics

Omnium as Foundational Unity in the Three Physics

L. Edgar Otto 30 March, 2012

Between the natural continuous model as a ground for a unified theory, our stances toward theories of everything, and those of the discrete view, is the quasic physics of the quasifinite or questions of energy transfer and origins on local and extended levels as things default to those levels of unique reality as physics are questions of quasi-contiguity.

Each of the physics can be a total view and so developed but they have intuitions of the style of patterns and equations and dynamics of processes where they meet. Particles for example, like neutrinos, are not contained by any one system to totally resolve the understanding- they do not know what physics is their grounding so to speak- nor do they "know" what ill defined thing like dimensions they are in.

The standard physics can be enhanced on the levels where the physics meet, what by color compression metaphor we may consider one of the fundamental stances to a general grid which if we are free to apply all possible generalizations of landscapes and worlds the quantum, relativistic, and quasic physics can fall out of the theory and be intelligibly arranged. By relativistic I include continuity based ideas that would include the earlier Newtonian and Euclidean dynamics. Between the first two we have an intuition that they could be one physics so together, as in our thoughts we also may have non-conservation of only two things but a conservation or tendency toward of it three things.

The first two views are the traditional dialectics that apply to many philosophical patterns and how we see intelligible design, of which each in their unity and grounding, each in its inversion of what is freely chance indeterminate and what is clock work determined as inherently absolute, can be summarized from the similar bizarre theories of Dirac and the quantum-relativity of Eddington's fundamental theory. But both are limited to the methods of the two physics.

To maintain otherwise is to develop into one of the physical views. We may say that there are no superluminal neutrinos but not explain why. The three physics, the Triality of it, is the beginning of still higher concepts.

Moreover, I speak here on a greatly reduced level, a flangelation or condensation of the concept of raw space full or absolutely empty- there is no concept really of distance clearly defined in the first place let alone general properties of actions at a distance or locally developed by ideas of continuity alone- that insofar as symmetry is concerned we reach the possible within an entity or organism, cosmology or particle, of the quason or rather the 240 monster group of which it too can be seen as a finite or infinite in extent formulation of this analogous division of group theories. The quason from the quasic standpoint is the four dimensional chess-game as a reductionism in all its representations and thus seems the boundary of our familiar quantum and classical world. Higher dimensions and symmetries should make explicit to what level they evoke higher dimensional generalizations that is intelligible chess-games and not just the faery or vague but intuitive concept of observed properties of fields.

Actually in our fundamental particles there are 24 forms, so too in the DNA codons, of which we can answer why there can be two or three groupings of quarks up to four space for the four way arrangement of six places in a grid of types of vectors, mixed, co-variant, contra-variant and so on as these are part of an intelligible system.

A general foundation under the foundation as we apply ideas like entropy to the omnium grid arrangements of abstract space, each grid can be a standard reference and place where all changes can be resolved into intelligible coordinate systems and what seems non-linear and irrational number paths into the dimensionless sea of singularity everywhere.

This method to focus or point out a uniqueness on the surface to volume insight of Riemann should consider the principle of things arranged on surfaces of lossy color skin effects and the halving and duplication of the real part of what itself is an ongoing paradox in the structure of reality as we presently understand it, thus to ground some of the ideas of quantum theory and Phoenix fourth and greater physics less than the Omnium, deeper than the quantum claim to the discrete or integral and its fine measure to great significant decimal digits, or as if absolute to the scale of string theory, or the intelligible connection by Dirac and Eddington of the corresponding values of the macro and micro forces in aggregate - and the limiting of unification in either of the two physics formulation to contain say the wave-particle or wave and matrix methods as overviews of to appear in a closed system only as a total description of the totality.

From one view we could maintain that certain constants do vary such as the light speed or gravitational constant, or even that they vary outside of a seemingly complete model of which no such variation is observable or immediately over the omnium influential, or is always so from remote ends and beginnings. This is legitimate and tenable as far as it goes in one style of development of a physics. The Machian idea of a background, one of four known, is perhaps one of the deeper ideas we need to solve as general grounding of what is the large and middle scale uniqueness of the arrows of being in the symmetry and asymmetry potential in some any point of space or time. Newton, Leibniz and Einstein have their positions on such a background, the global remote and local immediate general background of the idea of the Omnium is after all, even as borderline metaphysics, a super-background to them in all their applications and defaults to our unique reality of our variegated experience.

The background is not necessarily the physics but in contiguous places where the unique has the possibility of an ongoing grounding the landscape and the grid maps may be the same and connect. This sort of thing of confusing or not explicitly arranging the theoretical patterns show up as anomaly or mysteries or surprises in observations that would lead to speculations such as the idea of dark matter, something more than what this means as a logical example of comprehending higher intuitions, as a frontier issue in our day anyway. But I am not just addressing the issue of the day- the seeds for omnium theory are now over half a century old and thought to address several issues and predict several anomalies before hand.

So at present most of the confusions is not between the elusive unity of the quantum and classical (& relativistic) physics but between those and the quasic physics as models.

The pattern of which Kea deduced is that in some models and physical systems abstract geometry and algebra act or condense to a center with properties of which we ground even things like how to show the difference in the energy and mass measures of conversions- not simply some complex division as a measure of the constancy of light. She too sees this what I have called the singularity complex as related to the frontiers of number theory, the 24 in this case with all its varied meanings in context of a developing theory that intuits or perceives the omnium as intelligible physics.

Physical models can be compared to children on a playground exploring their world. In the computation of angles we merrily go round and roundabout the carousel - for we long when our world seen but a lonely limited island to ride one for the illusion of translation, of motion as our minds fly in spirals like hawk with one eye or rids the thermals with the wind of thought and change.

Or as in Pitkanen, the wormholes and higher layers of membranes and space, a clinging to the quantum view where there is no center as such abstractly save matter perhaps and other fields so implied- a mix some see as much a conservation of our accepted scientific terms as of what they see as outside the reality given us as science. These have a hyperbolic quality, like two children on a spinning thing tossing a ball between them- in the disc the paths look curved but parallel, an Escher drawing personified. What was that called on the playground, I forget, I only know we played for hours there and were annoyed that it took so much effort to build up speed and that it ran down- yet we found rest in the motion and how to keep it going satisfactory enough for awhile.

What can I say to those who believe in the magic between minds other than my sister and I would stare or then close our eyes playing a picture a number game sent and received to each other- eventually I saw her bright red apples as tease beyond the scope of the first ten numbers- we did not know better that this could not be done. Oh it faded as we grew, and in the playground of human interactions and conditions there are always the bullies, and the runners to no place annoying those safe in their daydreams in isolation, and the nosy or lookers on, bystanders, and the truly crazy or crazy for cash that they mutiny against teachers who do not admit when they do not know how to live and think beyond a certain formula or clique of conventions. Is it but a social style full of pep talk arbitrary slogans for scaffoling of meanings for the general good or our fears of uncertainties facing unknowns? I mean what is the spectrum of autism that it increases along with the cost of medicine and insurance and the self constituency of the voting drugged?

Of which I am not making a political statement for we cannot cure as we should what part of things is misunderstood as disease- but we do not necessarily have to do anything within the security of our ignorance as the storms grow or things fall apart despite us and our expectations.

I am raising a question as all such questions on the frontier. Of all the models of physics this one comes closer to that pattern of what is our brain structure and minds. So again we come to the idea that what we are and were we are is what we see, and what we see in a general physics we have not yet sufficiently explored, and either as virtual or in the flesh what we see is what we can influence or create from the nothingness or imagine we can. The intuitive errors of medicine are such that there can be insufficient information for a diagnosis as with any intelligible outcomes of logic in the lossy and species specific patterns of disease for this is the possibility of life and health as well as we apply our theories and technologies.

But given all such potentials in the physical and chemical aspects of our reality we are faced upon awareness of problems and anomalies, even with solutions of the day, from some lesser stance as our minds sort and mixes the interfaces of ideas, of symmetries and metaphors and energetic values, of contained change, which is no different in the end if we were to change so to go down any quasi-unique parallel path of potential worlds in a limitless but limiting sea of all of us should we be that successful and survive the steady air conditioning of the world, heat to elsewhere, the ground of searches of our intuition- for what does it matter in despair and in hope what shall we do?

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Variegated Logical Variations of The Quasic Grid

Forgive the typos in the illustration as between computers I cannot correct them and well I know too many big words anyway I cannot spell or trust the spell checkers. I still refuse to spell enquire with an I but had to settle for color due to its use in programming. This post so some extent imagines challenges and replies to the thesis as if a debate of thought experiements- but not for the arguments sake- for the slight variations we might find that influence the parameters of reading the DNA, perhaps our dreams.

Variegated Logical Variations of The Quasic Grid

(Chance and Quasifinite Default Dynamics)
L. Edgar Otto29 March, 2012

In this scenario of a two party game based on the central or standard logic of the board, or in a particular representation with regular or even random restraints external or internal by encounters of different states of a system, that two parties may interact in vastly more complicated ways if the logic also is changing. But it cannot change beyond intelligibility and be said connected or similar systems within some analogical layer of influences where the players remotely are not in a dependent game or alternative ordering. This may be a way to challenge the idea of a logical game based on these principles or a way where randomness is involved to shore up the meaning of that core world view.

In this consideration although the application of some standard matrix methods to project and compute successive or series lengths into the indefinite continuity of a space is not a waste of effort nor hopeless journey nor a limitation of self looping or soliton persistence- this sort of restriction can be without general justification.

It as a physical or subjective chess game- in one sense we are the physical of our components that have a substance intelligible to as if it were a metaphysical substance- we are and are not part of our expression of codes of similarity and redundancy in our genes- this counters the idea that the mind is the whole thing that may choose some ideal of disdaining the our being as also bodies. This as quasifinite enhances the value of our quasi-unique individual physicality.

Thus an intuitive error may also exist that we feel certain of claims of such restrictions or if we impose them as if the real theory of things that we must doubt also in error their existence.

In a unified or total theory we cannot exclude parts of the core philosophy methods without the risk of only seeing part of the game blindly where in the wider variations between entities and with the rest of the world, all that is the not player or players, the fuzzy mirror in the no place which in non-necessity be false substance or real barriers to higher levels of generalization too soon or to false openness a reverse of sorts to the wasting time by looking outward (the self in relation to others is not a simple two game proposition as if even though central the mind seen in terms of the central muon metaphysics of the weak force (that is as central).

Interestingly, in the two articles about a grid like structure that says the brain is not just organized as a tangle or as random trees (although as in neural network theory the nerve count does suggest a hierarchy of holographic ideas) but in a grid like overall third dimension. Moreover, the other article shows how in the surface regions of the brain there is a sort of holographic region that intelligibly copies the internal structures. Now memory in that we could tie it on some level with some molecular structures, especially if these are carriers of the mediators- as in the protein example shows deeper variations in the grid code reading. Note the case where a man had his brain smashed to the skull and hollow with fluid but nevertheless did not know this till later in life and his IQ said to be at least 50 yet the brain what compacting and volume it had seemed to function.

In this sense, as in the alternative way to unfold shapes origami like on the micro-level with certain laser stimuli (colors? frequencies?) to the other ideas of volume printing and expansion into space, the interplay in the vertical and horizontal direction of a brain (also complexly mirrored) system acts in the model of a quasifinite surface and core singularity system that integrates intelligibly with the messages to the other systems of the body intelligibly.

With these things in mind one can in general make an inverse of the random noise and the clear location of things by the reversal in the direction of that past noise source if there is a source that contains such information- this is where errors of meaning meets those of signal degradation. These metaphysical inverses are legitimate to do as much as the artifacts of say the complex plane and methods are so for they relate to a diffuse general question of existing, a quasifinite understanding of contiguity between the continuous and the discrete and the resilience to change over a wide range of temperature as to the quasi-coherence of the defaults of the totality.

Thus even as intermittent results of experiments they are not necessarily abstract. Moreover, models of what we may or may not think we know about the state of entropy and its direction before our present can be likewise quasi deducted and this include what role we may think is there for the creative aspect at least to magnetism and thermodynamic symmetry of say black holes.

* * * * * * *

Intuition and Error Correction Codes

Intuition and Error Correction Codes
L. Edgar Otto 29 March, 2012

Perhaps it is not the idea of some sort of consciousness that we need to make the machines more human-like or friendly, but that we need to ask if they need a subconscious.

It is clear that our work and thinking can proceed to evolve or deteriorate as in illness on deeper levels than our immediate awareness and the some role seems there in the interpretations and processes of dreams, aware of it or not. The same is true for errors of what is after all the basic definition of intuition- aware of things but not knowing how we know them.

Clearly, in such abstract spaces memory is part of the picture. In this lossy color pixel simple model of a wider field for machine computation, that is the higher symmetries between the idea of physical and logical statements of languages and metalanguages, the issue of heat generated in the abstract motion or computation in the recovery of memory is involved. It is not what we at first blush feel it as simple as it seems nor out of reach physically and mentally in some sort of vague mysticism or despair of theory and imagination.

The access to memories if they are established in physical or virtual places, coordinates, or contexts can come in such reflections from an overview that is perhaps our immediate experience in time and space translation, a sense of history that is not merely to be asserted as either a dynamic process or as an observation. For learning, in a sense a form of memory or of having-containing as well as doing-making, is the application in a quasi-finite and tenuously existing higher symmetry state so quasi-contained is a relative application of the idea of mirrors and changes of sign or abstract spin and the inversion of observation from above or below some abstract space of collective or local individuality.

In this sense the quasic idea of similarity and congruence of scale, invariance of chirality, uniqueness there only in some comparison absolute or relative to other unique states or being, has to go on to even higher generalizations of symmetry. An intuitive model, idea, or even concept may in a sense have the freedom or a range of certainty that may be only quasi-complete as a principle. Moreover, the actual relationships in such abstract space or systems where other view or states are incomplete may act and exist independently in terms of a Phoenix idea of what is energy or any inertia idea like mass or gravity, and the overall idea of a quasi-ultimate generalization I call the Omnium (in itself containing the idea of the sum total or miscellaneous collections.) Dark matter ideas seem to fit this logic of non-necessity.

In the Omnium, therefore, we raise the question of entropy in the form of simulations (those who see the universe as a computer or program) or in the idea of conjugate meaning and information of which these can seem to be adjusted to be the same as some gray like group or flatness or horizons of the changes of spins and sign or of directions.

In a sense this idea by Shannon as an alternative view allows the transmission of signals over the fact of noise that does not enhance but relatively introduces limits of errors. It skirts around the quasic question of what is abstract redundancy or even of the ignoring of the level of analogies where the information is superfluous (to evoke familiar words here) and explains why certain patterns persist and are there beyond the averaging across certain equiprobable partitions. To that end we add the physical idea of viriality at the foundations in the sense "people only hear half of what comes to their ears and if listening to the radio where the sounds of letters are not distinguished as voiced, fill in and understand the information and meaning in the signal message."

Over this, as the the world seems quasically (as well as quantumly and relativistically or classical in intelligibility) we can imagine the fractal like paths over the halving or doubling in at least four space as a path that minimizes the lossy lost of pixels by guessing the most likely or closest element in that abstract space to choose and fill in the blanks. My conjecture or question is to ask if for example in the png can we totally eliminate the lossy scale, the hyeresist in current flow as in say transformers, or in effect correct to do so. That is to say at some quasifinite center or context can these things be a natural and more define correction to a general thermodynamic and mathematical topological structure?

These refined thoughts came today from a rather mundane experience, hoping rather to define the general purpose of what I will call the superduper domains of web design so that there is a certain poetic mood to the content that I may pass on at least the initial vision to others to carry on. But such writing is not something I have posted and probably will not. I find it very odd that but a couple of months ago my desires were for pens, colored pens, and paper but have not used them much lately- the poetic and intuitive in line typing and writing is so much faster on the computer once one understands how it works off-line. Of course it is fortunate some of my virtual artistic statements (if you can call that made on line art of which I have my doubts) are there for its own internal reference in side storage. The down side, as the invention of words and concepts show in this blog where one consequence is my output without more effort has doubled, that off line the saving and naming of files and experiments and the search for errors of information and meaning (say in the copy past I left out part of a closing or opening tag) is that I can occasionally go too fast for the private and invented language much more complex than the complexity here.

With computers as in the struggle to put down into words and symbols that convey meaning at least in a terse and concentrated form of a poem one can continue to work as if directly close to those processes deep in our awareness and intuitions, close to what we might style as an idea of the subconscious and yet intelligible unto our own range not lost as if a magical appeal to say automatic writing- for even then the physical symbols written faster than meets the eye by some distant awareness in the abstract space repeats the raw symbols and their meaning. This is true even if we have scribbles as complex as Chinese (philosophers have you argued about the Chinese box idea with such quasifinite structures of symbols?)

* * * * *
Illustration: Product of the USA, behind the Phoenix is the Gold for rebirth of manufacturing and rebuilding of our rusty bridges- and yes, Peace I added as Columba in the right lower edge of the photograph. Sometimes strange perspectives catch my eye.

These two bloggers I come across signing in have what I feel are relevant and similar things to say along these foundational lines related to the theme of this post:

Lubos "the ancients seem to have thought things interact when they touch" The Machian issue of mass and his defense of the string theories at least are aware of these things perhaps he should make more explicit in his intuition. (but can we as this as a question of totality, as if the perfection implicit in the old idea of symmetry? Must all matrices balance as some zero place in the manifolds and echos of physical structures and processes?

Plato I can understand why some have felt in my own case mine was a Platonic view or just a point of view- this is a most excellent posting and yet I disagree that Coxeter or Penrose was Platonic either in the higher sense- after all deduction or induction is now outside the idea if abduction if in physics it is shown that something like "beam me up Scotty" is real, which it is in these ideas of what is abstractly local or non-local. This blog has most excellent content and I wonder more just who is the soul behind it.

* * * * *

Also in Science Daily an article on levels of DNA and on an other surprising effect concerning colors and electrons- both as unexpected, both relevant to today's post's view synchronously.

* * * * * * * *

This I posted on facebook for my son Sebastian and his thought on programming some three dimensional games. It is the old two player three dimensional chessgame (of which I recall there may be some different choices of arranging the pieces and the numbers represent points through a point or edge or face. In four space we can have in this sense a new class of pieces I called unicorns- but the whole game can be played in any dimension on a flat plane. Let us note that we have a fourfold set of 64 cells and link this to the thoughts of reading the redundant codons. It will simply not due, especially with the idea of absolute fractal patterns, to simply rotate things to determine directions in time or space by our usual matrix methods of mapping spheres and map projection systems if we are to understand these subtle skin effects on the shell level. I thought at first such arrangements, we almost have them in place and are intuitively explicitly aware of them by the quasic ordering of things, could undermine the economy as so developed so far- but I get the sense that it would do more than this, undermine our view and state of everything to make that concern trivial. The technology will eventually stumble upon all this anyway.

It strikes me after a little more reflection on a walk near the river that in a sense the two science links could be see as experimental confirmation of some of the ideas the alternative physicists have offered including the higher complexity of layers and so on, especially my subtle quasic view. For the second on I wonder if this is not in its own right a departure deeper than Newton in that perhaps here we can link the frequency to a more continuous range for defining colors, quantum notions aside. Are we not amazed at the several layers found so far that interact so as to read the gene code- something intelligible but not as simple as a stance to which the code itself is the ongoing expression as well as the design structure in vitro or as if viewed from outside as some still do thinking no meaning is there unless the molecules are arranged in a certain way or perhaps in context they have no meaning (the protein thing, I mean it is significant and can lead to levels of understanding diseases we have not clearly imagined, perhaps delayed effects.) But it was a good project to try to measure at independent material points the explanations by probabilities as that is part of it all- and yet is there a good explanation yet for protein conformality in general systems? Perhaps we can stir the imagination of lovers who with their offspring can decide possible conflicts of coding, perhaps we can predict certain stages that may arise in our minds and how serious or benign something is for us to wait until intervention.

Speaking of which here are A and B ;two more relevant Science Daily articles: (and one I forgot from yestday involving linking of molecular forces not here linked) How exciting, how beautiful!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Several Dialects of Nerdese & the Search for Uniform Color Space Extensions (.uni)

The Several Dialects of Nerdese & the Search for Uniform Color Space Extensions (.uni)

L. Edgar Otto 28 March, 2012

Perhaps we are not interested in the marketing of programs to find a uniform quasi-finite color space- or it will be a long time before the intuitive ideal of a computer, a machine that can have some responsibility for its reasonable intelligence in effect as intelligent- one that speaks a universal language in the depths of the patterns that program it - or of course we lean toward serious doubts and assume such patterns not possible. What we have works but despite the bells and whistles seems primitive, and is hardly a wide compass of our tools at the more foundational level.

My finding of the png concept, of the language of Objective C in that realm, of the paint program with a feature I could use in the saving of color pallets not on my vista but one that I could control the design back when more than a few gif images would crash the computer memory as surely as a typo beyond the limits of the maximum range of the drawing- and yet this feature shows up even in the invariance of scale beyond some programmed limiting edge where on cannot work beyond the drawing in abstract but potential space upon the zooming. In any case Microsoft will not include this traditional program in the next incarnation of what amounts in all the languages a toll booth on development rationed out to consumers of which it ultimately is a dependency on a dialect of a developing language well learn in updates or in competition between systems unless the access fails or is consumed by others in the test as long as some of the money is influential on the real world of the manufacturing of real projects- not just dreams and services.

But I must say the way png predicts the fifth color is cleaver and must seem very advanced in the compression of color- and ultimately of space- In color theory as an analog to electromagnetic we may have the ability to influence and design actual space and matter structures- png replacing gif lacks fundamental quasicity. But all the toll booths and keys to access, easements, are not there intentionally- for on many further developed drawing programs a change of language at the core would be to economically undermine what some people work for and what some have paid for.

Nevertheless, the general trend toward new progress and ways to do things simpler at a push of a button gets around the limitations of our foundational knowledge albeit it slowly but these were not predicted and has made the learning curve for progress in the sciences more costly than it should have been.

In many ways we are limited if we use the tried and true methods of say, map projections and matrices- an issue that comes up in virtual media at a time when the publication of the Britannica and presumably paper in general is too costly for the average man as we no longer need a print in color to decorate our walls, nor for those few who regarded the dusty volumes on the shelf as symbolic of there ostentation, wealth above others. In the virtual world perhaps ideas are not as ultimately perishable as on the paper pages even if these can vanish a the push of a button. Such is the theoretical error of trying to put all things into some preconceived range of what we imagine in our limited way is a solid ground of continuity- again, intuitive errors without foundational depth beyond its legitimate range.

The spammers of this world are bottom feeders that would not be there if there were no targets or acknowledgement of virtual wealth- we could expect them there in the great food chain as an annoying presence. But for the more liberal and casual dressed large bubble corporations this approach is not effective in the end either... the hippie like element that appeals to more human friendly interfaces. The way to sign in for the benefit of a log book at a fine restaurant only to the pretensions of real experience the patrons may have but not the message received to change the environs and methods. the ambiance of the diner and its host and servers. These intuit the solid sense that Gaea is a living Earth as a being and she is sometimes annoyed with we bacteria that consumes her minerals, treats her like a piece of dirt with a heart of stone, an idol we worship as if woman's intuition is the guide to which only the heroes tied on the mast can hear them without themselves becoming stone.

Gaea gets to hot or cold and it is blamed on its children, the carbon less absorbed by the counter green house of the sea, the coral vanishing and her love becoming an ice age cold or a thirsty desert. Yet Science Daily reports today that the reason the coral is vanishing is that, to paraphrase, our goddess has caught a virus and is fighting off her herpes.

* * * * *

After Before and Before After

After Before and Before After

L. Edgar Otto 28 March, 2012

The Design as the Leader of human intuitions and activities does act as if the intelligible ultimate concern- the gray god where all groups are gray and yet there are no gray groups.

In this world it is the ground of balances and equal opportunities and some beginning. In this Lockean enquirer of Liberty how we relate and react to natures symmetry and balances, Nature who often if left alone heals herself in balances, in the isolated shells of systems of an organic totality within a certain range the effect explains remission.

Yet in our imperfect science we often interfere with the balance until there is no cure and no return save as Nature does the besetting in its time to new beginnings, or the vanishing as if in effect the healers in the name of alleviating pain, of the body and the colors of the mind, balance in the sickened soul existence and nonexistence. The correction of the gears of tides on several levels not only wear but in their break, weight and vibration, leave shards that fall into the smaller gears that the depths of organic unity locks or flys off unseen by the whole until things fall apart or take off into broken directions each its own goal of independence and intelligible design.

Much of disease is the abrupt shift between the left and right of things before the flat fish can upright itself again, before the hawk unlike the owl spirals in its own flight to some object scurrying on the forest floor. Here the slash left hand if offends thee cut off of the swords man, or the poison apples in trials and chance of chemistry, or the fire eaters and the lights and creams that shave the bearded lady, these too are part of the mass and energy contained in intuitive philosophy.

While it is not justified to double or halve things on a deeper foundational level than the foundations of physics, there are nevertheless in the ongoing arrow of life and living to which the return if off the faces of the dice, there are effects by the mathematics enraptured by thought experiments of inversion. For if we can define a sea of colors we can also define a totality of their inverses in the finite and infinite world and this effect is real to us as we move or tack against the wind to find a reasonable path and make sense or set the order. There can be symmetries beyond the colors of which we can only imagine but never see to them as colors are to gray and yet they have effects on our uniqueness and of the uniqueness of events.

It is a paradox still in the halls of justice as to which direction or group can be expressed in the privilege of dominance and if it can persist in balance. But as we wonder that organic things can work in the world the designs of magical beings we so find them of colors beneath the surface and of the interpretation of deeper dreams, these gray gods among us whom we hope and hold in our hands and have faith in the respect of their purposes and professions they are not indifferent to we lesser monkeys. That they would know what they are talking about if we could only understand them.

* * * * *

Yagi Directional Amplification and the Skin Effect

Yagi Directional Amplification and the Skin Effect

L. Edgar Otto 27 March, 2012

In childhood we find certain fears and intuitions as we try to make sense of the world. Some things, attitudes that are the fore runners of a scientific or philosophical stance begin with taking or applying thought to some level of the technical world a generation of children finds itself born in.

One achievement around my preteen hood was the making of antennas although my interest stayed close to the magic of the foundations of electronics. In such beginning vision is the seed for the development of our scientific progress as well the seeds of dawning epiphanies at that place were the magic meets the concrete world and our views split as surely as our drive to express, at first vaguely outward, our sexual natures that can override embarrassments and fears. It is perhaps this general observation that is the refuge of our generation of nerds where the science makes the experience of our isolation and shyness obsolete in the grounding of our prime and mature being. Of course along the way there are obstacles as with any reaching out to engage true love for anything worth the risk and the sense of an immortality to which we suspend disbelief that our efforts or prospects are worthwhile.

The measure of a theory may depend on the persistence of this core mood to which things remembered are amplified and modified in their amplification on the surface of our cat whisker elements- it is magic at first, a voice coming out from a box, the confusing message that shifts the idea of radio waves from metaphysics to a concept that is a tangible reality. I mean it was of foundational interest but how the question of a tree falling in a forest and no one there to hear it does it make a sound while of interest in itself did not seem as important as the study of the effects of waves themselves. But for me it was even more magic that one could hear things in the airwaves in a crystal hum or radio that seemed to require no energy to carry it to me from something like an internal battery.

Of course back then the fascination with magnets, that too a story told about the young Einstein, for me was equal to those first experiments with the electric field. For looking back a still deeper magic was that antennas could be made from the magnetic loop view or the grounded wire- and unless one is interested in the harnessing of power, a small change directing a greater change as a given in itself, this sort of physics was more magical and fundamental than even the free capture of music by a few wires. In this debate as to the foundations we also find the thought that we can harness more from the magic, a romance really that in the electricity is frog jumping legs that somehow define life- with a battery- or in our day the thought that a system can be closed without grounding yet because of that tap this grounding of magical free energy. More magical still is that when we get down to it, pass the show of voodoo, past the realization we raised from the dead are not just zombies, that any system contained without grounding is not necessarily a false method to which progress in understanding it is hampered and dismissed by our fear of ghosts and need for resolution that rather than a spaceship of immortality in our body left that the dead will by burial remain certain and dead.

So too our awakening in the depths of magical new physics can be seen to transcend the issues of what is science and what is magic to a world of complexity that in the end for our immediate future gives us better clues how to evaluate the world and develop what potentials we have, and to show as if the question of uncertain and vague ethics, how to live together as we remain unique yet share the world as to what in the flesh or in the unheard sound and light unseen we can know what is real and what we should truly fear in all things we now strive to distinguish as magic or as science.

The Earth is as much a receiver as a transmitter of energy, of the sense of change and mysteries in this world. Like the wire elements of the Yagi antenna we shorten things a few percent due to effects of measure of wave flow in acceleration, and as the surface to the volume has its porous shielding we match in the fabrication of metal rods the mathematics taking note of the "skin effect". The Earth, its crust unto some higher dimensional concept of spin and symmetry and the covering of it by cultures and people and perhaps in effect a higher collective thought- close to the same radius to which we far and long away cannot easily adjust to isolation in the directionless and bottomless immensity as we default into the centering of our own time that mercifully does not impede its own progress and should not be the only subject of our consciousness of our living - this speck of dust, this small island of perpetual storms and echos of lightning strikes fading around the world, its charged layers, its cycles of sending into the aether so fast that the message like made of brick radiates with nowhere else to go before the signs and field reverses, oscillates, collapses, jumps by some trick of a spinning armature, this Earth too in time has its skin effect.

Like our own shells of differentiation and integration of tissue still so much no simple mystery, our insulation and barrier to our unity as an organism has other layers where we find the motion of things intelligibly concrete and magically related beyond the observed centered touch of measureless distance in the hierarchy of skin effects where errors of unity as well as too limited intuitions can be systemic somewhere between our ideas of our environmental position or our programmed unique individual and species specific inheritance. But in these sub-shells as we find finer and finer resolution there is a deeper level of magic, the room at the bottom as Wilson suggested with is limited vision or as things even on this scale fit together with classical geometric laws as Fuller in his childhood pondered by touch through is imperfect eyesight.

There are feats of memory that burden the memory and there are ways it must stand out and define its direction of the probing into the skin what is in relief or what is the valleys as if we hold things symmetrical in algebraic sums. But these are not as fundamental as the foundations behind the philosophy in which we given this miracle of the world pay so much to achieve so little until the balances reach some point of no return and our system striving for unity cannot hold together nor any longer be healed as it is not addressed at the foundations of what is at any level of complexity the undreamed of yet sound of simple solutions. Yet on some levels such energy is boundless and limitless to which as rare an individual is nature insures by the profound waste of so many of them. This does not have to be the law of how we live, nor the fears to which we must insure against in our living.

Nature in her blind experiments, her sense of the coincidence and luck of events, cannot be the only moral compass to which science should approach nature- nor as we influence by faith or culture or elixirs the fragile but resilient minds of children to which we teach half truths in hope and shield them, let them fall aside because the reality of this earth and its doomsayer models of the whole of us will cost them the very model and reaction to the world as we so try to mold and lead their minds- such ideas lead me to think we are very far from understanding how our minds develop and certainly not by some initial patterns made of nerves and dust.

Santa Claus and our Daddies personify the gods that know if we are good or bad we children seen but not heard, like the sensible image of an all knowing God. But God can seem distant and only notices us our humbled conscience so as to punish us in the gateway found in our dreams with different plans should we dare get his attention, bargain for rewards for our sacrifice and promises, our sensibility that life can be lived better among us, that we understand the threat of hell fire and thus, when faced with the end or of crisis having not prepared beforehand for what we cannot help afterward, we touch the light and it burns us or for some lost to the connection with life and the world they try to regain it by burning themselves and throwing what there achievements and efforts away or like the bacteria steal from others without even the respect for the enemy as human or the limbs and fruit of trees. In our age, the age of Radar - I mean we could see in the oscilloscopes our neighbors at their baths or cursing on their porches, an academic experiment not at all for the humor of hearing beyond the first glance of another s secrets revealed that mesmerizes us mysteriously as if to find ourselves.

My Dad, the radioman, also a modern god who in his wires and tubes and batteries, the technological engineer as a model of our time, the scientist who really could see us. His arms stronger than the distant gods and the fears of magic. I outgrew them, but even then I knew my Dad was also flesh and had his trials and falling to which I hoped such things would not befall me, my resolve to do better, to not let my children dwell in some implied fear. I knew thing that there are greater gods than the superstitious shallow spirits, and other souls we eventually find and if lucky yet lonely we so become in our creative selves- Not to say anything about the great mystery of the Creator, but even then there are things science could not withstand if challenged somewhere between such a possible greater being and my Dad the lesser god. I suppose I should not have forgotten this in my day and in my reign of fatherhood being once a child myself. But I cannot quite put into words today clearly what I mean. But with the authority should come honor, and with the freedom the responsibility, and with the awakening compassion and wisdom that we walk the Earth in light and not as stones.

But it is not my intention to review and relive all such deeper realizations of how life works anymore than the shallow desire to record where no one can hear all of life's events on the run in it, nor dream of distant places I will never see- but I will not treat you as children, still, I would not disturb your sleep nor demean at what level or time it takes that you walk upright nor will I look too deeply into your private dreams. The state will whither if it does not understand a deeper level of its fears and needs for vigilance as some false prophets have suggested who gave up in the name of reason the ground of reason. Know you not we can be in the same space with the same dreams yet miss each others points?

* * * * *

Not Worth a Continental

Not Worth a Continental
L. Edgar Otto 26 March, 2012

Where money as a working value is not respected as invariant for all, a standard, and made of paper easy to counterfeit, the case with internet money should be by general authority and the several nations like the continental violation under penalty of death, so written on the currency.

In the matter of the actual product, being after the lost of revolutionary or rebel jurisdictions, the counterfeit should not be more valuable than the government issue, nor if of more value should it bear the marks of a government. The symbols of a state being a product itself of currency.

The state shall not regulate the material standard so as to melt species after the fact of issue, nor should the varieties of patterns and methods of countering copies not be straightforward in its protected simplicity.

Within a state or between states the scams of fraud on all levels will be subject to degrees of punishment higher for those who operate and organize such scams. Between nations such transactions without letters of Marquis in the time of war will be considered an act of war to which as the seas of cyberspace are free so to the pursuit of the spirit of law breakers beyond jurisdictions.

While the trade routes are to remain free, the nations may interfere with those who manage the flow but with the due respect to the existing but not the maintenance of income status as with property and eminent domain in the real world.

The content shall not be curbed without the consensus of the communities in context, nor laws applied in retrospect, nor the free publication contained without access to all parties, nor punishments done covertly in stealth by conscious actions, the right of social communication including the education of children and the public for real etiquette, sane sense of the reality of real words as ultimately of no value, and civil discourse shall be interpreted liberally in matters of trade and speech policies.

There is the right not to hear, to defend a jurisdiction under attack and pursue trespassers in due process and expediency of the moment within a range outside the passage of public easement. Individuals are not defined by the state as a total philosophy of enquiring nor do they have a collective responsibility for the states of mind of others and direct welfare of the mentality of victimization or reparations for the imagined licenses and libels. Justice should not be a matter of diagnosis of merely argumentative debate. but the moral spirit of the laws, and revenge is a right to which no laws may apply before the fact and actions.

Bailments and pot luck have no place in the real or virtual redistribution of possessions save in the sound mind transfer in systems of the general right to found families. Those who make professional decisions should speak in the merits achieved and not appear what they are not for the idea of a profession is not a value only in the rank itself.

Exceptions should be made for those who are making enquiry and learning as to the limited use of academic property- but not as a privilege of wealth far above the cost to the general public, nor too far can we allow exceptions that prevent the able from competing with the entitlements of special groups such as the disabled. In that situation the influence of them should be contained and not helping them should be a high crime that limits their wealth and independence from the disability industry.

Matters of landlords and foreclosure shall not be the law of a state and executive enforces of such laws will be liable for doing it. Nor can a bank profit from the homestead of work put into a possession real or virtual for the sake of the economy. A lost item shall be left where it is as a matter of honor and sentimental properties have tenfold the value of mere objects held by the landlords for auction.

The non use of rations of materials, energy, credit if caused by the arbitrary mechanisms of the state shall be retroactively resolved as living is an ongoing injury without such justice if it is long delayed. By such a defaulting on the ability to be part of a community the state shall compensate those of which an individual, to individual has so defaulted because of the inaction of the state and in the case of war related relatives, or for certain public safety and hazardous work, should be protected from the general funds. No veterans status nor the establishment of states or jurisdictions, no immigration laws, nor access to technologies, a moral brain drain, shall be valid if it is an act of establishing a constituency- nor will laws against nature be tolerated as a collective imposition and propaganda in the name of the whole- without understanding of the roles of life and love no false propaganda will be beaten into the people.

Insurance as a tool of regulation, or as the policy and philosophy of the economic private banking sector, shall not be of more power or wealth than the representatives of a state and its executives and judicial modes. The industry should have its checks and balances where in a rational system the free marketplace is not longer anything but a gamble on one hand or a protection racket on the other when the process is taken left or right to its logical extremes.

* * * * *

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dramatic Irony - The Expected and Unexpected Voices of Intuition

Dramatic Irony -
The Expected and Unexpected Voices of Intuition

L. Edgar Otto
27 March, 2012

Another issue or foundational question of our process of intuition is the sensitivity and comprehension of our ongoing encounters of experience- that beneath our tanglements of what is real or not real as our enquiry system as scientific transcends its inherent certainties and doubts.

In the differences of what can be extended to the whole from a small piece of it, the metric that extended can show the extent and model of the whole- a puzzle piece that can so predict all the other missing pieces or from all those pieces so as to define the missing one- not necessarily a symmetric situation or even a relationship of certainty or uncertainty.

We work in what we know, sometimes aware of implication and sometimes only aware of the measure of our ignorance in retrospect- that often said what the quantum theory measures. Still, in reflection progressing past this sea of events and intuition we find it also a measure of our wisdom.

For example, in the lossy use of color, close to the logic of computers on the internet, I have made do with the simple paint program- it too a model in that logic and mathematics of the finite systems of color to which in the great work and from the fine pixels the long field to paint beneath the grid such as greater than a photograph, the surrealistic point by point painting finer than the mountains and valleys of the material of the canvass. Such high definition in oil is something a photograph cannot capture. It is where our subjective meets the objective and we see with our minds.

So, despite the interesting effects discovered in the directions of gain or loss of color information as to scaling a picture and the information invariant to scale or in theory regained, I read but one line of a text to which I still struggle to pay attention to such an intelligible but arbitrary experimental language. It describes the png extension as one not lossy. I immediately abandon what I was intending to learn and go back to red eyed drawing with fresh interest and find ways to have the browsers see things. One small clue to the puzzle of which in my casual search and study, poetic moods, I explore but without one such clue or experience and the recognition that it may be significant my contemplations may as well remain in a fog, albeit for most people this is a secure fog and for those who work in an area they should approach some uncertain area of human experiences, such as the running of a state, formally and seriously as if it was alive and real.

The important difference to see here is the error of scaling, the Newtonian relativity of the rates between the volume and the area that these do not correspond to the numbers of players in a game one on one to the numbers of dimensions. In the quasic world, which after all is the problem of tanglement and superimposition, transparent or lossy, the deeper level of how we define similarity and identity of objects and entities real and virtual. In a sense this is raised on a thoughtful level as the traditional issues of the n-body problem or for proofs of the n-color theorems for crude examples. To some extent we see the difference as a lossyness as a form of decoherence explained or in itself inline or the accumulation of errors externally as thermodynamics in our arrows of intuitive interpretations.

Intuition speaks symbolically, yet it speaks, an it breaks or binds or shares the space as simple and real as the embedding of boxes in boxes on a quasically viewed or even linear idea of a brane or a window in a computer page- and that is a rather simple model we did not expect nor the drama of its charm as novel at first and new at least of the foundations to which we have evolved to enquire and be alert to our surroundings.

What has seen a lesser science, for example the evidence of the disdain by some physicist for the psychological theories, may begin at the foundations to have some clue as to how these work and which of the models have sane substance. For one thing in our day it should soon come to pass, we aware of it or not, that what does not address the foundational is not physics rather than such a direction for a career thought to be a dead end not worth the exploring.

Let us answer for example the role of several entities or voice when some people for whatever reason find broken and distant parts of their mind overwhelmed or not developed to, or injured from inside (viruses) or trauma outside... or even the natural development of arbitrary organic systems, that broken identity and symmetries occur in the hearing of the voices (not so much the characters in an imagined play seeing a reality in the reality but remaining fanciful to others dissociation assumed in their minds and unexpected coherence even that as evidence of the lack of what we intuitively imagine as a similarity in other minds, that the numbers of split personalities (of which in one lady on the street who had very little pattern recognition in the sense that what she was told as the identity of someone she believed- for some reason her child personality felt at ease with me and always recognized me when we traded our shift of seats in the public library) that she, and apparently women in general are different as to the number of such personalities they are reported to be able to contain- that is half the number of the cases in known males. Why should there be this difference from and indifferent view of gender equality unless the issue is as reality one beyond this social nurturing and nature one?

In even the three dimensional chess game there are only half the cells for the motion of the pieces (and in three space there are no major new pieces as we find first in four space abstract motions.) That is as a two player game where incidentally what is negative is just a matter of congruence such that from one perspective something can overlap something else- this showing that while our ideas of negativity work and complex number space in a plane are intelligible, in a two player game we should expect in the filling of a vacuum defining antiparticles that they can be seen as positive and negative in sign yet this is not as fundamental and in a sense the signs while not strictly positive do not matter. In the four-space game, for these very subtle technical reasons we find in a two player game a fourth of the board and so on.

It is naive and dramatic for maintaining our experiences internalized and our world view to have expected that we would have a third power of cells with two players- and in general the mere doubling or halving of things is not necessarily justified in our models where it is obvious the world could be made by n-player quasifinite games. This too is a subtle and dramatic error of intuition and one that undermines a scientific theory as falsification for its loosyness in the contiguity at the center of continuity will find decoherence where things touch as well in that higher symmetry, especially for deeper principles of thermodynamics yet to be developed past string theory, we find new physics and ways to do things in the world- perhaps ways to better insure our own mental and physical health.

For those of a certain sense of living religion or philosophy, this sort of theory as to what is the conscious and intellect in our experience of life, we could see it as closer as a verification to such concepts in a Deity explained in a way that we find at least a higher reality in understanding what we are- as the atheist Fred Hoyle said: "If God is real then He is a part of reality." But Fred also said that the big bang universe would be unworthy of a God that or how is it that man can design or model a universe more beautiful than what some say is His? While such ideas are reduced to ultimate simplicity they are ultimately the most complex we know beyond our ideas of meaning of which we are but remotely aware of in our living and its task of learning or formally awakening to some Ultimate Concern and some coherent way that we can live in peace together.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Incredible but Intelligible Intuitive Enquiring Systems

Incredible but Intelligible Intuitive Enquiring Systems L. Edgar Otto Spring MMXII

Today I address bizarre and standard theories with the limits of perceptions of our intelligible intuitions as credible where remote cosmic theories are intimate to our psychology. I am posting this in real time except for the illustration as I am doing the vast majority of work off line, but some general things in the posts of blogs I follow give me the feeling that some are still in the bottleneck of new physics as limitations and that again I have outgrown a medium for thesis- then again, where is there such a place in the real world or in the virtual ones. I also did not post a political commentary as I find too many confusions and paradox to talk about something I am still working on in the back of my mind and which does affect those around me in relation to the state and to work and the next level of ideas and scams of virtual money I call Not Worth a Continental I need some distance from the ideas to post them- and to what reactions in this political world may be misunderstood.

I saw in the wee hours of the morning, a little chilly after the warm spell, Van Impe, at least the last few words while channel surfing for weather. His statement was that when Christ returns and in his small step on the world (one small step for Immanuel? it creates a lighting split east and west and separates the earth north and south. In this conception of the geometry, like the intuitive error or paradoxical results of a metaphysical attraction people find entertaining and credible and thus understand of the inversions of normal three space into its centers. Needless to say each sect needs its distinctions to attract followers. But it raises a general issue in my mind of the equivalent of lines and circles in that what in the cosmology we imagine as the Axis of Evil we can imagine as the Equator of Evil.

Yet the standard theories have their counterpart, see Lubos today with his explanation of the balancing, and a more unified and symmetrical view of equations that tends to support the idea of (limited) terms like Hamiltonians as energy and thus in the static world we may find the unity of wave and matrix ideas- certainly a concern one has to be sensitive to for scale and so on if one dabbles in string theory. How do we involve ourselves with things in a remote philosophy or cosmology save by debates at the core for statistical, mechanistic, or an enquiring analysis as if there is a purpose and some foundational meaning beneath that?

The are of course, from the quantum formalism, the concerns of the lower dimensions, the influences of three space, the vague analogies to depth generalizations of the reductionist simple diagrams disregarding solving the looping complexities of Feynman. This intermediate world of mathematical descriptions within a standard theory is worth the exploration if we keep in mind the psychological and the geometrical structures of patterns in our universe. In a deep sense, as some have said, the understanding of the concept of Trinity, of space, of quark triplets and so on does seem to have an effect including how much credibility we characterize in nature concerning what is bizarre from some paradoxical but more unifying view by those who achieve awareness.

In what I have called "quabics", that is the Oeconomic or family as if a division of the Godhead as a conception returns to me as that behind my own intuitions and the bizarre intelligibility of intuition as if a hidden influence, but surely and influence. For I built the godhead from the simple to those more complex, and if one accepts the forth and fifth levels at least what might this do to the creation and analysis of the foundations of our physics?

From the other side of the dialectic, the more dominant finite views (in my opinion) of Pitkanen I see no new analysis but the continued appealing to our higher understanding of new theories- this too a limitation.

Yet it is not only these two breakthrough blogger theoreticians that has reached a bottleneck. The real occasion of my taking a time for this post was the casual reading on Science Daily that just above the eyes the sensitivity and number of true friends we have on a social page like facebook is a measure of such things. But from the physics level the idea of the influence of lasers in the early formation of galaxies and the unexpected intensity of the magnetic fields and thus the analogous scaling to local experiments that simulate them (perhaps we can find better teleological predictors of computer simulation as a method) that while the idea of magnetism is not clearly understood (monopoles for example) that is the last in the standard physical realm of things there to explain the return to ideas of thermodynamics between the large and very small and the mechanism or medium in which as it is all there is left we think we may explain the transfer of momenta from the black holes. Clearly our psychologies can grow to understand better the next level of physics if not the next level of our social civilization.


I add my comment today on the TGD post of Pitkanen as it is relevant and on my mind:

I looked up the 1973 Kahler, Morse and wonder if it is indeed a subset that distinguishing manifolds is an incorporation or subset of TGD - the issue is not clearly shown to me or I cannot see it explicitly.
I do understand, in a vague way such a simple topology in rather abstract descriptive but vague terms is in that sense incorporated in quasics or higher systems...susy,p-adics, surreal and so on.

Now to start with you could mean the fourth root, or some partition root and almost certainly mean the Mersenne root for example.

This is compatible with the idea exploding or expanding a central point in an abstract space.

Now, can we prove or disprove, well we can understand the Riemann hypothesis in a better context and one that of course relates to such things as Poincare conjectures and so on but relative only to what we may consider a local space. One has to include more than complex analysis here for that is already a subset of the topology if the world is reasonable at all.

We in effect consider composite grounds also at the fundamental level in the height of generalization of which you speak.

As I have shown lately, at the loss of general readership it seems, these are issues of a more general idea beyond the distinctions of the subjective and objective- of consciousness and the physical world.

Zero and Infinity within themselves as poles each can be distinguished in fluid ideas so too the relations as a subtle difference between them. Can a zero point be relative and yet be a constant value to some manifold?

Our view of space has is so intimate with our physics of our brains and its evolving we have different approaches and each can claim a unity of sorts- but the infinite to one can be the nothing to another. The science magazines have breakthrough technologies lately where with simulation rather than issues of chance or limitations of mechanism a abstract idea like our intuitions on scales of Planck constants apply but not to the standard irreducible concept of a minimum distance or duration- to arrive at such an area or volume is to assert some form of the division by twos at first as the Riemann hypothesis.

Apparently, what is lacking in the theories is the scope and span of imagination not the endless chasing of theories that only utilize partial concepts of our brain and seemingly mind structures.

Crossing over to a deeper and higher generalization is not an endless task of the languages of mathematics- it is a common language written in the universal one of organic chemistry in the flesh. Even beyond string theory without knowing how we know why we need to make more rigorous the third thermodynamic law.

I started with reinventing the wheel of philosophy and eventually grew past the forums and so on- now I feel I have grown past the blogging. If you desire we can continue on new domains as our work hopefully progresses further.


* * * * *

If this cannot be done then how have we seen some of the higher physics? I mean as one human to another in a world where deep connections, seen or hidden between people are very important- let not our scientific philosophy with our without passion and compassion turn us into Stone Buddhas... Let us not buy or sell in the Idols of the Intuitive Marketplace.

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Oh, just saw this article:you know Buckyballfoldings well his three space world of 4D effects only houses 92 of the elements still let no one now say that his work in geometry was horsehockey but rather high grade horsehockey, anymore. Now, does it not seem that the spacings and foldings, holographically and compressions to points and so on not describe what should have been dynamically intuitive to someone before now? And yes, it certainly can apply to shell structures and heat. Of course Fullers guru was the great but long considered out of the mainstream H.S.M.Coxeter which was mine and I think Conway's guru too.

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